Season 28: Episode 1 - I Should've Been A Boy Scout
Posted on Feb 12, 2016 11:00pm

Eleven teams of Internet celebrities faced a massive mariachi band, fiery bulls, and a brain-stumping puzzle in Mexico City. Dancers Dana & Matt took the first win of the season, while beauty guru Blair and her father Scott floundered – but were saved by an unexpected non-elimination.

A MESSAGE FROM PHIL As each team waited at home, their cell phones rang with a video message from Phil, who was waiting in Mexico City. He told them to grab their bags, make their way to the nearest airport, and then find him in Mexico. As teams stared in disbelief, Phil gave his sendoff: “Good luck, travel safe, GO!” Nearly everyone jumped up, shrieking with excitement, and ran for their bags. The mood was more somber, however, in the house of Vine star Cole and his mother, Sheri, who said a tearful goodbye to their family. Everyone then bolted outside and into waiting taxis, and took off for their respective airports.

Headed to LAX were YouTube vloggers Tyler & Korey, dancers Dana & Matt, Clevver Media hosts Erin & Joslyn, Vine star Zach and his wife Rachel, and beauty guru Blair and her father Scott. Over in Alabama, a still-teary Cole headed to the airport with Sheri, while in Dallas, ultimate Frisbee stars Brodie & Kurt headed off, along with dating gamers Burnie & Ashley. In Atlanta, Instagram models Brittany & Jessica met up with Sheri & Cole on their layover. Cole joked, “To be woken up by two models, it was… usual.” Back in Los Angeles, teams met each other (and some fans) at the airport. Meanwhile in Dallas, Viner brothers Darius & Cameron met up with mother/daughter Marty & Hagan, and Marty explained how her flight attendant safety video went viral. Three separate planes then took off from Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta, all headed to Mexico City. There, Phil waited for them at the Monument of the Revolution.

The sun had set by the time the planes landed. Teams ran outside in one huge group, ultimate Frisbee star Brodie falling to the ground in the process. Everyone then jumped into taxis and headed off. Entertainment host Joslyn spoke Spanish to their driver, causing Erin to joke, “Gosh Joslyn, I’m kind of turned on right now.” Cole said they don’t have taxis in Alabama, adding, “But that’s what makes it fun, because we’re in a car right now, and we don’t know whose car we’re in!”

At the Monument of the Revolution – a large, white archway illuminated by blue lights and surrounded by multicolored fountains – models Brittany & Jessica arrived to find Phil waiting by the clue box. As they hugged him, Brodie & Kurt jumped ahead to rip the clue first. It was a Detour: Mariachi Madness or Great Bulls of Fire. In Mariachi Madness, teams had to walk amongst a 350-member mariachi band, and identify a musician who was only pretending to play. In Great Bulls of Fire, teams had to construct and decorate a wooden frame around a paper mache bull, which would then be covered in fireworks and set ablaze.

Brodie & Kurt chose Mariachi Madness, while Brittany & Jessica chose Great Bulls of Fire. The rest of the teams then evenly split the task, with Joslyn & Erin, Dana & Matt, Zach & Rachel, and Sheri & Cole choosing Mariachi Madness, while Marty & Hagan, Burnie & Ashley, Darius & Cameron, Tyler & Korey, and Scott & Blair chose Great Bulls of Fire. Chaos then ensued, with all eleven teams struggling to navigate the dark city streets. Brodie & Kurt were the first to locate Mariachi Madness in the Plaza Garibaldi, and began searching through the huge band for a member who wasn’t playing. Brodie quickly found a musician, and they ran with him up the street to the judge. But when they arrived, the man began playing a song, and the Frisbee players were rejected.
Brodie & Kurt headed back to the band, just as Clevver hosts Erin & Joslyn arrived and began searching. Dancers Dana & Matt arrived as well, Matt saying, “They’re all playing so loud, you can’t tell who’s playing.” Out on the street, Sheri & Cole approached a local man holding a guitar, thinking he was part of the task. He said no, so Cole asked if he could be a mariachi and play. Meanwhile, in a different plaza, married couple Zach & Rachel wandered around, looking for the band. After assuming the man they met was a real mariachi, and realizing they needed someone who was only pretending to play, Sheri & Cole continued their search.

Gamers Burnie & Ashley, and mother/daughter Marty & Hagan arrived at Great Bulls of Fire. They studied the example of a decorated bull and began constructing and tying together their wooden frames, Marty commenting on how detailed it was. Ashley said, “I saw a bunch of bulls get castrated once – that wasn’t fun.” YouTube stars Tyler & Korey then arrived, but the gamers were confident they could keep their lead. Scott & Blair also arrived and got started, Blair saying, “I should’ve been a boy scout!” Scott advised her to tie the frame like it was a hair tie.

Back on the street, Vine brothers Darius & Cameron and models Brittany & Jessica were still lost. At Mariachi Madness, Erin & Joslyn winced at the noise, Erin saying, “Bad time to be in the horns section.” But they soon found a musician. Brodie & Kurt found one immediately afterwards, and outran the girls to the judge. This time the Frisbee players were correct, and they ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make their way to the Cuevas de Teotihuacan. As the boys headed off to a taxi, the judge faked out Erin & Joslyn before presenting them with the clue as well. The girls screamed and hugged him, Joslyn saying, “He’s a joker!” Dancers Dana & Matt then found a musician, and got the clue in third place.

Mother/son Sheri & Cole finally arrived at the Plaza Garibaldi and began searching through the band, followed by married couple Zach & Rachel. Cole shrieked at the musicians, “Are you guys playing for real?!” Over at Great Bulls of Fire, teams continued constructing the frames of their bulls and tying on wheels. Darius & Cameron and Brittany & Jessica finally arrived, but Tyler & Korey had gained a noticeable lead on the other teams. Jessica grumbled, “This is a bunch of bull.”

At Cuevas de Teotihuacan, dancers Dana & Matt arrived first, but found only a closed gate and release times for the next morning. They pulled 7:30 a.m., followed by Brodie & Kurt and Erin & Joslyn. There was then only one more 7:30 spot available, the rest being 7:40 and 7:50. Meanwhile, Zach & Rachel and Sheri & Cole continued searching for musicians. Sheri & Cole found one first and got the clue in fourth place, followed soon after by the married couple. In their taxi, however, the mother and son said they hadn’t seen any other teams, and were unsure of their position.

Over at Great Bulls of Fire, teams continued putting together their frames. Brittany complained about the pressure, saying she was going to throw up. Jessica quipped, “Wouldn’t our agencies love that?” YouTube stars Tyler & Korey called over the judge first, causing gamer Burnie to say, “They tore through this one, didn’t they?” They were approved, and hauled their bull over to be loaded with fireworks. The judge then lit a fuse, and as mother/daughter Marty & Hagan got approved in second place, Tyler & Korey’s bull exploded in a whistling shower of orange sparks. They ripped the clue in sixth place. Marty & Hagan then lit up their bull as well, getting the clue seventh. Jessica said, “That lit a fire under my butt.” Gamers Burnie & Ashley asked to be judged, but one of their wheels didn’t spin properly, and they were rejected.

Sheri & Cole arrived at Cuevas de Teotihuacan believing they were in last place, and confusedly chose the final 7:30 a.m. release time. Sheri cheered, almost teary with relief. Zach & Rachel then arrived, and picked the first 7:40 release time. Back at the bulls, Burnie & Ashley were finally approved, and their bull was lit on fire. They got the clue in eighth place – just as one of their burning wheels flew off and rolled straight at them. Ashley shrieked as they jumped aside, adding, “That was awesome!” Father/daughter Scott & Blair finished next, followed by models Brittany & Jessica, and finally Viner brothers Darius & Cameron. At Cuevas de Teotihuacan, Tyler & Korey arrived and chose 7:40, followed by Marty & Hagan and Scott & Blair. That left Brittany & Jessica, Darius & Cameron, and Burnie & Ashley with 7:50.

The sun rose, and the first four teams – dancers Dana & Matt, Frisbee players Brodie & Kurt, entertainment hosts Erin & Joslyn, and mother/son Sheri & Cole – ran through the gate and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s ready to pick up the pieces?” Teams had to enter the cave of Teotihuacan and dig up thirteen pieces of a Teotihuacano mask, and then properly reassemble them. Kurt, Matt, Erin and Sheri opted for the task, and donned hardhats with headlamps. Making their way down a flight of stairs into the cave, Erin and Sheri both complained about claustrophobia. Underground, candles lit the way to the excavation site, where the puzzle pieces were buried. Each person chose a numbered site, and began to dig. Kurt was the first to find thirteen pieces, and after bagging them up in a satchel, he had to follow the sound of drums to the next location in the cave. The others followed suit.

At 7:40, the second group of teams – married couple Zach & Rachel, YouTube vloggers Tyler & Korey, mother/daughter Marty & Hagan, and father/daughter Scott & Blair – ripped the clue. Tyler, Zach, Scott and Marty opted for it. Back underground, Kurt and Sheri followed the drums, and arrived to find people dressed in traditional, multicolored outfits and feathered headdresses. The racers started assembling their pieces, placing them over top a mold of the mask. Kurt noticed his pieces were different colors, and suddenly wasn’t sure he’d found the right ones. Matt had the same concern. Kurt speculated they had to be the same color, and everyone agreed that was probably the case – the mask had to be either white or blue – which meant nobody had enough correct pieces.

Meanwhile, Erin found her pieces and ran off, listening for the drums. But as the second group of racers found their pieces and started after the drums as well, Erin continued to struggle. “I’m stuck in caves, and there’s no drums.” The third group of teams – Viner brothers Darius & Cameron, models Brittany & Jessica, and gamers Burnie & Ashley – ripped the clue, with Darius, Jessica and Burnie opting for it. Scott then appeared above ground listening for the drums, and as Blair said, “He’s kind of amazing, I’m not going to lie,” he began trying to open a nearby locked gate.

Back underground, dancer Matt had his mask nearly completed – but was stuck on one piece, which he realized was a duplicate. So he bagged up his pieces and started back to the excavation site. Marty then followed suit. As Erin finally heard the drums and headed in the right direction, Scott continued to wander around above ground – only now he’d dropped a bunch of his pieces, and had to search for them. Model Jessica also appeared above ground, listening for the drums. She then found a random pile of sand with a shovel, and began digging. On the sidelines, Brodie goaded her: “Shovel, yes! That’s why it’s there!” As Scott meandered around picking up his pieces, Jessica said, “Are you finding little drums on the ground?” Burnie then joined them, but he and Jessica soon realized they weren’t supposed to have come up the steps, and headed back below.

As Marty cut her hand and continued putting her pieces together with bloody fingers, Matt finished first and got the clue. He and Dana ripped it, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop – the Museo Soumaya. The dancers ran for a taxi as Tyler finished his mask and got approved. He and Korey took off in second place, confident they could beat Dana & Matt. Meanwhile, Scott continued to hunt for his scattered pieces. Blair noted that he hadn’t even started his puzzle, adding, “I’m so panicked.” Scott finally found his last piece and headed back underground.

Meanwhile, Zach finished the mask and got the clue in third place, but Kurt realized he had a missing piece, and returned to dig it up. Darius then got the clue fourth – a leap ahead, given his last-place start time. En route to the Pit Stop, Tyler & Korey made up ground on Dana & Matt, and finally passed them. The dancers then passed them back, and both teams geared up for a foot race. They arrived at the Museo Soumaya and leapt from their taxis – but the dancers hit the mat first. As Tyler & Korey rolled up on their heels, Dana said, “We’ve been fans of the Race for years and years.” They added that to be number one was a dream come true. Zach & Rachel then arrived in third place.

Back at the Roadblock, Burnie finished his mask fifth, followed by Kurt. Sheri and Erin, however, who’d both entered with the first group of teams, continued to struggle. Meanwhile, Viner brothers Darius & Cameron arrived at the mat fourth, happy to have vaulted into the top half of the pack. Back in the cave, Jessica got the clue seventh, followed by Marty. Having finally begun his puzzle, Scott said, “It’s depressing to see teams leave like that.” As Brodie & Kurt and Burnie & Ashley checked into the Pit Stop in fifth and sixth place respectively, Erin and Sheri still struggled. Sheri said, “That really sucks, doesn’t it? Weren’t we the first two down here?” Erin finally suggested taking the four-hour penalty, but Sheri wasn’t sure what to do.

Models Brittany & Jessica arrived at the mat seventh, followed closely by mother/daughter Marty & Hagan. Back at the Roadblock, claustrophobic Erin said, “This cave is starting to get to me.” She said she’d get her mask checked one more time, and if it wasn’t right, she’d take the penalty. As she pieced it together, she wondered, “Did I just get this?” And she did, in ninth place. She offered to help Sheri on her way out, but Sheri told her she needed to go. Erin gave Sheri a hug and kiss before leaving, saying, “I love you.” Scott finally came over and noticed that Sheri had a lot more pieces than he did – and realized he had to go dig up more. As the hosts ran for a taxi, Erin shouted back to Cole and Blair, “I love your parents!”

Back underground, Sheri realized she was missing one blue piece. She headed back to dig, muttering, “Cole, I’m so sorry.” Scott, meanwhile, grumbled about wasting forty minutes looking for his pieces. As Sheri finally found her last piece, Scott continued digging, saying, “This is for Blair. She doesn’t need to go home because of me.” Sheri finished her mask, and was approved in tenth place. As she and Cole ran for a taxi, Scott also finished and got the clue last. As Erin & Joslyn puttered along in a slow cab, Sheri & Cole came up from behind, Cole saying, “This taxi driver is killing it.” Erin grumbled that they weren’t even driving the speed limit – “Not that we’d know, because our cab driver’s speedometer is broken.” In last place, even Scott & Blair were hopeful, believing anything could happen. Erin continued to grumble, “We’re driving like we’re on a vacation, sightseeing.” Meanwhile, Cole joked, “Tenth is just first with a zero.”

But the mother/son weren’t even that. They stepped on the mat, and Phil informed them: “You’re not tenth… you’re ninth.” As they celebrated, Erin & Joslyn almost immediately joined them. Finally, Scott & Blair arrived… but Phil surprised them by saying it was a non-elimination leg. Blair fell to her knees in tears, but quickly recovered, saying, “Bring on that Speed Bump.” She added, “I’m just happy this isn’t the end. I just want to be able to go more places with my dad, and who knows if we’ll be able to do something like this again?”

Detour: Mariachi Madness or Great Bulls of Fire. In Mariachi Madness, teams had to walk amongst a 350-member mariachi band, and identify a musician who was only pretending to play. In Great Bulls of Fire, teams had to construct and decorate the frame around a paper mache bull, which would then be loaded with fireworks and set ablaze. Mariachi Madness – Brodie/Kurt, Erin/Joslyn, Dana/Matt, Sheri/Cole, Zach/Rachel Great Bulls of Fire – Tyler/Korey, Marty/Hagan, Burnie/Ashley, Brittany/Jessica, Scott/Blair, Darius/Cameron Roadblock: Teams had to unearth and reassemble thirteen pieces of a traditional Teotihuacano mask. Performed Roadblock: Matt, Tyler, Zach, Darius, Burnie, Kurt, Jessica, Marty, Erin, Sheri, Scott

Order of Finish
1. Dana & Matt 2. Tyler & Korey 3. Zach & Rachel 4. Darius & Cameron 5. Brodie & Kurt 6. Burnie & Ashley 7. Brittany & Jessica 8. Marty & Hagan 9. Sheri & Cole 10. Erin & Joslyn 11. Scott & Blair (non-elimination)