Season 28: Episode 2 - You Look Like Gollum
Posted on Feb 19, 2016 11:00pm

In Cartagena, Colombia, Tyler & Korey surged ahead of the pack. It was a leg-long race between Darius & Cameron and Marty & Hagan to avoid last place – which ultimately resulted in the brothers driving past the mother/daughter as the latter made the long run back to their taxi.

At the previous leg’s Pit Stop, beauty guru Blair was in tears after learning that she and her father Scott weren’t eliminated. She said that Scott worked a lot and she moved away from home early, so they never had much time together. Phil asked how they planned to catch up, and Blair responded by emptying her over-packed bag. Out came a hair dryer and a curling iron, which she offered to Phil. But he declined, saying, “I’ve got nothing left to curl.”

In the shadow of the Museo Soumaya, engaged dancers Dana & Matt ripped the clue in first place. It told them to fly to the walled city of Cartagena, Colombia, and make their way to the mud volcano of Totumo. Jumping in a taxi, Dana explained that they’ve been engaged for three and a half years, but haven’t set a wedding date. Matt said their careers are exploding, and they have to find a balance between that and their relationship. YouTube vloggers Tyler & Korey left a minute later. Tyler said teams would never guess how competitive they were based on their playful, goofy Internet content.” Korey said, “Leg one was love-fest, the non-elimination.” Tyler added, “Leg two, get rid of someone.”

Vine star Zach and his wife Rachel left third, Rachel admitting that she’s “somewhat selfishly” glad that they have a month without Zach’s phone, so they can talk more. Viner brothers Darius & Cameron left next. Cameron explained that he’s a member of Mensa, and they can both solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute. Darius added, “We look at the Amazing Race as the ultimate challenge to prove our aptitude.” Ultimate Frisbee players Brodie & Kurt left fifth, saying they were definitely placing in the top three this leg. Brodie added that they’ve had a lot of ups and downs after playing Frisbee together for ten years, and that gives them a leg-up on the other racers. Dating gamers Burnie & Ashley then left sixth.

At the airport, dancers Dana & Matt booked the first flight, which got into Cartagena at 8:59 a.m. Tyler & Korey quickly followed suit, but Darius & Cameron began wandering around the airport, unsure of where to go. Darius explained that he’s naturally laid-back, and being assertive is difficult for him. As the Vine brothers continued to wander, both Burnie & Ashley and Brodie & Kurt booked the 8:59 flight. Darius then stopped to take a selfie with a young fan, and models Brittany & Jessica and mother/daughter Marty & Hagan showed up. Marty said that as a flight attendant she had experience getting tickets and maneuvering through airports. Meanwhile, mother/son Sheri & Cole, Clevver Media hosts Erin & Joslyn, and father/daughter Scott & Blair left the mat. The latter knew they needed a few breaks, since they had a Speed Bump coming up.

Zach & Rachel then booked the second flight, landing at 9:37 a.m. Brittany & Jessica, Sheri & Cole, and Erin & Joslyn followed. Marty & Hagan then approached the counter and asked for tickets, followed by Scott & Blair. But despite getting to the counter second, the latter’s agent presented them with the last tickets on the 9:37 flight. That left Marty & Hagan landing at 10:00 a.m. Finally, Darius & Cameron stumbled onto a flight landing at 10:30 a.m.

In the balmy and humid city of Cartagena, Colombia, the first flight landed and Tyler & Korey, Brodie & Kurt, Dana & Matt, and Burnie & Ashley ran for taxis. They soon arrived at the mud volcano of Totumo, where Brodie & Kurt ripped the clue in first place. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s a hot mess?” Teams had to change into swimsuits, and enter the volcano. After submerging themselves head to toe in the mud, they had to search for an emerald under the surface and deliver it to an attendant on the nearby lakeshore. Brodie opted for the task, as did Dana in second place. As she hurried to change, Brodie ran up the slippery, muddy steps to the top of the volcano, and then climbed into a pit of gray mud. He submerged himself, and began swimming around, looking for an emerald. As Dana made her way up the stairs, Brodie found a satchel. The stone inside was green, so he headed back down. Dana then entered the pit and submerged herself in the mud, gagging.

Meanwhile, Brodie ran down to the lagoon and handed off his emerald to an attendant. She then directed him to the clue box sitting fifty yards out in the water. Back in the volcano, Dana found a satchel. Looking at the pink stone inside, she wondered if it was an emerald. She decided to go down and try it. Meanwhile, Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey arrived and ripped the clue, with Ashley and Korey opting for it. Out in the lagoon, Brodie described the terrain as “quicksand mud and an inch of water.” Since he couldn’t exactly walk or swim, he lay down, grabbed handfuls of mud, and pulled himself to the clue box. The attendants then laughed when he returned to shore, utterly exhausted. He and Kurt ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to the juice stand of Mello Farandula Jugos Naturales in Manzanillo del Mar.

As the boys ran for their taxi, Ashley and Korey submerged themselves in the mud. Down below, Dana turned her pink stone over to an attendant, but he said no, and she started back up the stairs. Ashley and Korey both found satchels, but Ashley’s stone was blue. As Dana re-entered the mud, Korey washed off an emerald. He started down the stairs, and Tyler was in stitches when he spotted his teammate covered in mud, saying he looked like “a gremlin coming out of the depths of the earth.” But Korey immediately slipped and dropped the emerald, which rolled down the hill. As he slunk down the muddy steps to retrieve it, Burnie called out: “You look like Gollum looking for the ring!” Meanwhile, Dana found another satchel and washed off the stone. It was an emerald, and she started down the stairs again. Ashley followed almost immediately, adding, “So much mud in my butt!” Korey finally gave up his search, and climbed the stairs to find another emerald.

Back at the airport, the second flight landed, and teams ran for taxis. Meanwhile, Korey found a second emerald, saying, “Maybe I don’t drop this one.” In the lagoon, Dana and Ashley had gotten their clues and were plodding back to shore. As he waited, Burnie joked, “I’m sure a lot of people are disappointed in the Roadblock – they could’ve seen me in a swimsuit, but no, they had to see Ashley.” The gamers and the dancers then headed back to their taxis as Korey started out to the clue box.

Mother/daughter Marty & Hagan then landed on the third flight – ten minutes late. As they grabbed a taxi, the fourth flight landed with Viner brothers Darius & Cameron, who said they wanted to see another team as fast as possible. On the road, Marty & Hagan begged their pokey driver to speed up, Hagan saying, “I’ve never known a car to go this slow.” But one vehicle after another passed them – including a moped. Meanwhile, the brothers remained optimistic as they sped along in their taxi, Cameron saying, “Hopefully we see the whites in their eyes as they cry in fear.” Back at Totumo, Zach & Rachel, Scott & Blair, and Erin & Joslyn ripped the clue, with Rachel, Blair and Joslyn opting for it. But Blair immediately ran into trouble: “Daddy! Do you have anything I can wear as a bathing suit that isn’t a thong?” Fortunately Rachel lent her some Spandex. As Joslyn, Rachel and Blair hurried up the steps of the volcano, Darius & Cameron continued to make up ground on Marty & Hagan.

At Mello Farandula Jugos Naturales, Brodie & Kurt arrived to find a group of men sitting at a table next to a natural juice stand. One of them handed over the clue, which was a Detour: Pop-Up or Parrilla. In Pop-Up, teams had to build a shelter on the beach using wooden poles, tarps and wire. When their shelter was approved, a local would drive a car beneath it, and hand over their next clue. In Parrilla, teams had to prepare three plates of fried fish, plantains and rice, and serve them to the locals. Brodie & Kurt chose Pop-Up. Back at the Roadblock, Joslyn, Rachel and Blair submerged themselves in the mud, Joslyn saying, “It’s like the best day spa ever!” At the juice stand, Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt, and Tyler & Korey all chose Pop-Up.

Brodie & Kurt arrived at the beach, where they found a hopping party with people playing soccer and dancing to thumping music. The boys discovered stations of half-built beach shelters, and realized they had to complete the second half. They began digging holes in the ground, and placing the support stakes. Back at the Roadblock, Sheri & Cole and Brittany & Jessica ripped the clue, with Cole and Brittany opting for it. Up in the volcano, Blair and Joslyn found satchels. When they climbed out of the mud, Erin, standing below, said, “This looks… kind of naughty.” As Cole reached the top of the steps, Scott shouted to Blair that her hair looked great, Erin adding, “You should do a video tutorial about it!” Joslyn and Blair both discovered emeralds in their satchels, but Rachel got a blue stone and had to go in again.

Brittany ran up the steps, asking Jessica, “How does my butt look?” Rachel then found an emerald. While Darius & Cameron continued to chase Marty & Hagan down the highway, Dana & Matt, Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey arrived on the beach and began building their shelters. They worked to dig holes deep enough for the support poles, and Burnie & Ashley also noticed that the forked pole tops all had to face parallel to the beach. Back at the Roadblock, Cole found an emerald, followed quickly by Brittany, while at Pop-Up, teams began placing their sticks overhead and securing them with wires.

At Totumo, Marty & Hagan arrived and ripped the clue. But before Hagan could enter the volcano, Darius & Cameron rolled up, having made up twenty minutes on the road. Hagan quickly submerged in the mud, with Cameron right behind her. At Pop-Up, teams laid black mesh tarps over the top of their shelters. But Dana’s patience was wearing thin as she began barking at Matt to pull the tarp over farther. She said, “I’m at a disadvantage with my height, and also my partner’s lack of communication!” Teams then began tying down the tarp with the wires. But while Ashley struggled to get anything done since she wasn’t tall enough, Tyler & Korey surged ahead. Dana & Matt then asked to be judged, but weren’t aware that all of their forked support poles were turned ninety degrees off, facing perpendicular to the beach rather than parallel. Brodie & Kurt were then rejected because their poles weren’t deep enough in the ground.
As the Frisbee boys began re-digging their holes, Tyler & Korey were judged and approved. A car rolled in under their shelter, and they celebrated beating Brodie & Kurt in a physical challenge. They ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop – the Plaza Bolivar. As Tyler & Korey ran for their taxi, the Frisbee boys were in shock. Brodie said, “Is this even possible?” Back at the Roadblock, Cameron found a satchel – and an emerald. As Hagan continued to search in the mud, Marty said, “I never thought we’d be at the bottom of the Race.” The boys left as Hagan continued to search. She finally found a satchel – but the stone was pink.

As Darius & Cameron sped to the juice stand, the second group of teams arrived there. Erin & Joslyn chose Parrilla, while Zach & Rachel and Sheri & Cole chose Pop-Up. Scott & Blair learned that they’d find their Speed Bump at the Detour. Jumping back in their taxi, Blair said, “The Vine brothers are incredibly scary to have behind us…. I don’t want to be in a foot race with that purple team, because I ain’t going to win it.” Zach & Rachel then ran onto the beach and chose a shelter site – but thought they were supposed to build a detached shelter next to the example, rather than adding onto it. As Sheri & Cole arrived, Brodie & Kurt finished re-digging their holes. Kurt said that when Tyler & Korey left, “I was more disappointed in ourselves, because we were the ones that let them do that. We kind of blew our first place lead.” This time, however, they were approved, and they ripped the clue in second place. Jumping in their taxi, Brodie shouted, “We should’ve grilled fish!”

Erin & Joslyn then arrived at Parrilla, and watched as the chefs scaled and gutted some snapper. They then studied the sample plate, which contained fried fish and plantains, rice, and sliced vegetables. As they got started, Erin revealed that as a child she had a traumatic experience with a fish getting caught in her bathing suit. Back at the Roadblock, Hagan completely submerged in the mud for several seconds, but still came up empty-handed. On the beach, Scott & Blair ripped the clue for the Speed Bump. They had to help the locals haul in a large fishing net, and then pick up the fish they’d caught. They ran to the shore and joined the line of locals pulling in the net. Blair shouted, “This is harder than CrossFit and Pilates together!”
Models Brittany & Jessica arrived at the juice stand and chose Parrilla. Finishing up their detached shelter, Rachel asked Zach if they’d built it in the right place. Zach said, “I’m not sure, but I think we’re fine.” While Sheri & Cole ensured that their support poles faced the right direction, Dana & Matt finally realized that that’s what their problem was. But when Matt tried to simply turn the poles in the ground, Dana insisted it was impossible, shouting, “You can’t turn it like this, you CAN’T!” She explained in interview that she has a fiery personality. “I’m not a gray-area kind of person – I’m really either a one or a ten. And Matt, whether he’s on fire or taking a nap, his personality is always a five.”

As gamers Burnie & Ashley got approved in third place, Brittany & Jessica arrived at Parrilla and began scaling fish. Joslyn then prepared to fry a fish, saying to it, “Please be good to me – I’ll be good to you,” before laying it in the boiling oil. At the Pit Stop, Tyler & Korey ran to the mat in first place, and Phil awarded them with a trip to St. Thomas. Korey asked, “Is this real life?” Meanwhile, back at the Roadblock, Hagan finally found an emerald, while at Pop-Up, Zach & Rachel realized they’d built their shelter in the wrong place. They then clumsily attempted to fold it up and carry it to the new location.

Over at the Speed Bump, Scott & Blair pulled in the fishing net. They then had to collect the fish, Blair screeching and squealing every time she picked one up. They were approved, and headed over to Parrilla. Viner brothers Darius & Cameron then arrived at the juice stand… but bypassed the men at the table and continued down the road, because they were looking for a clue box. Frisbee players Brodie & Kurt arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. Brodie said, “We thought this was our leg,” with Kurt adding, “Tyler & Korey, they’ve got tremendous grit, so we’ve got to make sure to do our thing and get out in front.” Burnie & Ashley then joined them on the mat in third.

Darius & Cameron arrived on the beach, and began wandering around looking for the clue. Joslyn and Blair soon filled them in, telling them they had to go back into town for it. The brothers ran for their taxi, grumbling, “This is so messed up.” Having fixed their poles, dancers Dana & Matt were approved in fourth place. While Zach & Rachel hurriedly rebuilt their shelter, Erin & Joslyn struggled to finish their fish. Joslyn said, “I’m going to do another fish, because the other one’s head came off.” As Jessica finished up some nicely fried fish, Brittany sliced her finger open, quipping, “I cut myself with a knife because I’m a genius.” Scott then went to place a fried fish on a plate – and dropped it on the ground.

Darius & Cameron made it back to the juice stand and found the clue. They chose Parrilla. Dana & Matt arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, but admitted they’d had a shaky partnership this leg. Dana said, “We came in fourth, so I guess we’re communicating, because I haven’t killed you.” Matt said they won the first leg, but that doesn’t mean anything. “It’s right back to square one.” Marty & Hagan finally arrived at the juice stand, ripped the clue, and chose Parrilla. But they then took off on foot for the beach, whereas every other team drove. A ways down the road they realized their mistake, but kept going. As Darius & Cameron arrived at Parrilla and began scaling their fish, Scott plated a fish that Blair said was raw. They asked to be judged, and sure enough, were rejected. Brittany & Jessica then presented crispy brown fish, and were approved. The judge gave them a table number, and after serving their three plates to the partygoers, they got the clue in fifth place. Erin & Joslyn followed closely in sixth.

After their long run, Marty & Hagan finally arrived on the beach. Darius said they beat the mother/daughter in the last challenge, and should do so again. For her part, Marty hoped they could catch up, saying, “This is a little more up our alley.” Zach & Rachel were then approved at Pop-Up in seventh place, followed by Sheri & Cole. At Parrilla, Scott pulled a well-fried fish out of the oil, saying he’d finally figured out how to cook them. He and Blair were approved in ninth place, which left Darius & Cameron and Marty & Hagan as the last two teams. The boys struggled as smoke got in their eyes and their fish fell apart. Marty & Hagan worked confidently, but were uneasy that they had no taxi.

Erin & Joslyn, Zach & Rachel, and Brittany & Jessica checked into the Pit Stop together in fifth, sixth and seventh place. Back at the beach, Marty & Hagan plated their fish and rice, but Darius & Cameron continued to struggle. Their fish was in twenty pieces, and they decided to start over. As Sheri & Cole arrived at the Pit Stop in eighth, Marty & Hagan were approved. They squealed and hugged the judge – but then had to begin the long run back to their taxi. Hagan shouted, “There’s no time to spare, Mama!”

Scott & Blair checked in to the Pit Stop ninth, happy to have survived the Speed Bump. The Viner brothers then pulled their plantains off the fire – and found them burned to a crisp. But they figured since their oil was so hot, the next ones should cook quickly. Meanwhile, Marty & Hagan continued to run, figuring they had another mile to go. Darius & Cameron’s next plantains were golden brown, and they presented their food to the judge. They were approved, and jumped in their taxi. Marty & Hagan continued into town, only now with the brothers bearing down on them. Darius & Cameron caught up, watching in shock as they drove straight past Marty & Hagan. The mother and daughter slowed to a walk, Hagan saying, “That mistake just cost us the Race.” Cameron added, “And that’s why it’s important to not give up when a team leaves.”

The brothers arrived at the Pit Stop in tenth place. Phil asked if the Race has been humbling, adding, “You guys are very book smart.” Cameron said, “Book smart doesn’t help with international flights.” They admitted that they underestimated the other teams, Cameron adding, “If what happened today happens again, we won’t play it the same way.” Meanwhile, Marty & Hagan were in tears in their taxi. When they finally arrived on the mat, Phil told them they were eliminated. Hagan said she had a lot left to give to the Race, and wasn’t ready to leave. Marty explained that Hagan just graduated from college, so the Race was one of the last mother-daughter things they’ll get to do for a while. “There’s nobody I would’ve wanted to do the Race with other than her.”


Roadblock: Teams had to enter a mud volcano, submerge themselves from head to toe, and then locate an emerald hidden beneath the surface. They then had to swim out into a nearby lagoon to retrieve their next clue. Performed Roadblock: Brodie, Ashley, Dana, Korey, Joslyn, Blair, Cole, Rachel, Brittany, Cameron, Hagan Detour: Pop-Up or Parrilla. In Pop-Up, teams had to complete the building of a beach shelter using poles, sticks and tarps. In Parrilla, they had to prepare fried fish, plantains and rice, and serve their plates to the locals. Pop-Up: Tyler/Korey, Brodie/Kurt, Burnie/Ashley, Dana/Matt, Zach/Rachel, Sheri/Cole Parrilla: Brittany/Jessica, Erin/Joslyn, Scott/Blair, Marty/Hagan, Darius/Cameron Speed Bump: Scott & Blair had to help the locals haul in a large fishing net, and then collect the catch from the beach.

Order of finish:

1. Tyler & Korey 2. Brodie & Kurt 3. Burnie & Ashley 4. Dana & Matt 5. Erin & Joslyn 6. Zach & Rachel 7. Brittany & Jessica 8. Sheri & Cole 9. Scott & Blair 10. Darius & Cameron 11. Marty & Hagan