The Amazing Race
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Season 28: Episode 3 - Bros Being Jocks
Posted on Feb 27, 2016 12:00am

Teams continued racing through Cartagena, Colombia. Brodie & Kurt nailed a target-hitting Detour and overtook first place from Tyler & Korey. After a misunderstanding by Darius at the Roadblock, he and Cameron once again fell to last place, and were eliminated.

YOU’RE SCARING HIM In a flashback to the previous leg, engaged dancers Dana & Matt ran through the airport in Mexico City. Dana wanted to make a decision quickly, whereas Matt wanted to explore all their options. Dana whined, “You’re going to overthink us to death…. What are you doing to us, babe? You are so stupid.” Matt said in interview that being chaotic isn’t helping them, and they have to learn to calm down.

YouTube vloggers Tyler & Korey ripped the clue first at 10:05 a.m. It told them to make their way on foot to Plaza San Diego. Korey explained that they’ve only ever been friends, although Tyler did have a crush on him in college. Tyler joked that he then actually met Korey, and changed his mind. Ultimate Frisbee players Brodie & Kurt left second, Brodie admitting that he’s constantly talking. In the Plaza San Diego, Tyler & Korey ripped the clue. It told them to make their way to the fort of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, and search the catacombs for their next clue. Brodie & Kurt then ripped the clue and ran for a taxi. Brodie waved his arms and shouted at a driver, prompting Kurt to say, “Brodie, you’re scaring him.”

CHECKPOINTS Dating gamers Burnie & Ashley left the mat third. Comparing the Race to a game, Burnie said, “In games, checkpoints are like save points. Here, checkpoints are how you get eliminated.” As Dana & Matt left fourth, Burnie & Ashley arrived at the Plaza and ripped the clue. At the imposing stone fortress of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, Tyler & Korey donned headlamps and entered the maze of claustrophobic underground tunnels. They finally found the clue, which was a Detour: Tickets or Tejo. In Tickets, teams had to ride a local bus, and persuade people to board and pay the fare of 1,800 pesos. Once they collected 20,000 pesos, they’d receive their next clue. In Tejo, teams had to toss three-pound metal discs at gunpowder-laden clay targets. Once they hit three of them, they’d receive their next clue.

Tyler & Korey chose Tejo. Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt arrived at the fortress and found the clue. They chose Tejo as well, catching up to the vloggers who were still looking for a taxi. Back at the Pit Start, Clevver Media hosts Erin & Joslyn left in fifth place, followed by married couple Zach & Rachel. Rachel admitted that because of his Vines, Zach is in the spotlight much more than she is, so the Race has given them time to be in the spotlight together. Models Brittany & Jessica left next, followed by mother/son Sheri & Cole, and father/daughter Scott & Blair.

IT’S THEIR WHOLE SHTICK! En route to the Detour, Tyler & Korey figured Tejo would be like the game Cornhole. Realizing they’d be competing against Ultimate Frisbee stars, Tyler said, “Their whole shtick is hitting targets – I didn’t even think of that!” In his taxi, Brodie added, “If we don’t do well at this, I’m going to probably be getting a lot of Twitter hate.” However, his and Kurt’s taxi veered off in a different direction from Tyler & Korey’s, and the Frisbee boys arrived at the Detour first. They each chose two discs, and after only a few practice throws, Kurt hit the target, which exploded like a firecracker.

Back at the Plaza San Diego, Zach & Rachel, Brittany & Jessica, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole and Scott & Blair all ripped the clue for the catacombs. At the fortress, gamers Burnie & Ashley made their way through the underground tunnels. They found the clue and chose Tejo. Dancers Dana & Matt then ran in and began searching. Dana said, “Ooh, I think I grabbed like, a rat.” When Matt urged her to hurry, she snapped, “Stop it, Matt. Don’t, ‘go go go’ me.” They found the clue and chose Tejo as well. Over at that challenge, Brodie & Kurt got the last two required hits. They ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to Calle San Juan de Diós, and search for the marked mochila vendor.

BROS, JOCKS AND AMPUTATION Tyler & Korey then arrived at Tejo. They jumped at the noise of the disc striking the target, but added, “Just a couple of dudes being bros, just a couple of bros being jocks.” Back at the Pit Start, Viner brothers Darius & Cameron left in last place, hoping to make a big comeback. At Tejo, Tyler & Korey got two of the three required hits, Tyler jumping and squealing at each noise. Korey said, “He doesn’t just jump – he jumps and screams for no reason.” Korey finally got the third hit, and they ripped the clue in second place.

Burnie & Ashley came through Tejo next, and soon got their first hit. At Plaza San Diego, Darius & Cameron ripped the clue for the fortress. Meanwhile, en route to the fortress, Clevver Media host Erin moaned, “Another cave – are you kidding me with this?” She added, “I am so claustrophobic.” In a flashback to the first leg, she struggled with being in a cave in Mexico City, muttering, “I really hate tight spaces.” Meanwhile, Zach & Rachel entered the catacombs, found the clue, and chose Tickets. Erin & Joslyn then entered, and Erin immediately said she felt lightheaded. Things got no better as they went deeper, and by the time they finally found the clue, she was struggling to breathe. Joslyn suggested Tickets, and Erin said, “Anything to get us out of here.” As they hurried from the cave, she added, “I’ll cut off my left arm if that’s what you want me to do.”

PUTTING ON A SHOW Models Brittany & Jessica then entered, found the clue, and chose Tejo. In the taxi, Erin said being down there was hell. “That was even worse than the cave, and that’s saying something.” She perked up, however, as she and Joslyn looked forward to smiling and laughing with locals. As Darius & Cameron headed to the fortress, Scott & Blair and Sheri & Cole arrived and ran inside. Another sufferer of claustrophobia, Sheri said, “I can’t believe I’ve had to go in a cave twice!” Both teams grabbed the clue, with Scott & Blair choosing Tickets while Sheri & Cole chose Tejo. Heading to the buses, Blair said, “I’ll put on a show. I’ll twerk, I don’t care.”

At Tejo, Burnie & Ashley got their last two hits and ripped the clue in third place. Dana & Matt then arrived, and began tossing – and Dana began snapping at Matt to leave her alone as he tried to give her tips. Over at Tickets, a row of buses sat along the road. Zach & Rachel arrived and met the supervisor, who told them they’d be bus attendants. Rachel explained that they had to get people on the bus, and then collect their fares until they had 20,000 pesos. They entered the bus and started off, ducking low-hanging tree branches while calling out to people on the street, trying to get them to board.

Brodie & Kurt then arrived at Calle San Juan de Diós, and found the marked vendor selling brightly-colored bags known as mochilas. They ripped the clue, and it was a Roadblock: “Who’s left holding the bag?” Teams had to choose a mochila, and then search among other vendors within a specified area of the city to find two more bags by the same designer. Kurt opted for the task. He grabbed a bag and spotted a tag inside, which said it was designed by Emelina. He soon found another marked vendor, where dozens of bags were laid out on the ground – but none matched the designer. He kept going, his Spanish skills coming into play as he asked for directions.

BESOS FOR PESOS! Back at Tejo, Dana & Matt got their three shots, and received the clue in fourth place. Darius & Cameron finally found the clue at the fortress, and chose Tejo. They hoped people chose Tickets, believing a lot of things could go wrong with it. Meanwhile, Erin & Joslyn arrived at the buses and took off, calling out to people to board. Erin shouted, “This is real life!” As they danced in the doorway, they said they had no idea where other teams were, but they were having a good time. Scott & Blair then arrived at Tickets and started off as well. At Tejo, a large group of men watched as Brittany & Jessica made several wide misses. Brittany grumbled, “Broke a nail on that one.” Back at the Roadblock, Kurt found his first of two bags. Tyler & Korey then arrived, and Tyler opted for the task. As Kurt conversed fluidly with the locals about directions, Tyler ran around aimlessly, wondering where to go.

At Tickets, Zach & Rachel crawled through the streets in the midst of rush hour traffic. But nobody seemed to want to board, even as Zach jumped off the bus to talk to them face-to-face. Rachel said, “I don’t think people trust us.” They finally found a man who said, “I saw your videos on YouTube – those are awesome, man!” After taking a selfie with him, Zach said, “We have fans in Colombia, that’s crazy!” Blair had a different method, offering kisses by shouting “Besos for pesos!” It seemed to work, as people began boarding the bus, one after the other, some with great enthusiasm. Blair admitted that she only blew kisses to people, Scott adding, “That’s as far as that needed to go.”

BAG SEARCH Back at Tejo, models Brittany & Jessica began getting the hang of it, making their second hit just as Sheri & Cole showed up. They then made their last hit and received the clue in fifth place. Sheri & Cole had some early luck, with Cole getting a hit on his first try. At the Roadblock, Burnie & Ashley ripped the clue, and Ashley opted for it. As Tyler struggled to find his first bag, Ashley made a match. Dana & Matt then arrived, and Dana began. Kurt also continued to search, still only having one of his two bags. Dana struggled to find a bag that matched, before spotting the designer’s name on the tag inside. Tyler finally found his first bag, and then Kurt found his second and headed back for the clue. Tyler then rather quickly found his second bag as well.

At Tejo, Cole made two more hits, and he and Sheri got the clue in sixth place. Kurt then turned over his three bags at the Roadblock, and got the clue. It said to make your way to the next Pit Stop, Baluarte de Santiago, on the old city wall. He and Brodie headed off on foot. Meanwhile, Tyler turned in his three bags, and he and Korey left as well. Brodie & Kurt then arrived at the Pit Stop, and Phil awarded them with a trip to Greece. Tyler & Korey ran up second. Tyler said he knew Korey would do well on the Race, and he just wanted to keep up. Korey joked that every time Tyler’s done the Roadblock they’ve come in second, but every time he’s done it, they’ve won.

A CFO MISCOUNT Back at Tejo, Darius & Cameron arrived, Cameron joking, “I play this on the weekends.” Darius told him to calibrate, and Cameron made the first shot. Over at Tickets, Zach & Rachel were having more luck gathering passengers, and were up to 11,000 pesos. Erin & Joslyn were also on a roll, Erin escorting a woman into her seat, saying, “All of these seats have been hand-washed.” She added, “I was so in the zone, I was selling this bus to people.” Joslyn agreed: “I feel like this is our calling.” Over on the “besos for pesos” bus, Scott joked that Blair was bringing in the money faster than he could count. At Tejo, Darius & Cameron struggled to get the stroke down, but eventually mastered it and made their last two shots. They got the clue in seventh place. In the taxi, Darius said, “We’re blazing through this – nice!”

Erin called the Tickets “one of the best experiences of my whole life.” She and Joslyn discovered they had more money than they needed, and headed back in a taxi to the starting point. Scott & Blair also had enough money. On their bus, Rachel counted the money and said they were good. They exited the bus and ran for a taxi. En route to the starting point, however, Zach realized that two bills Rachel thought were tens were actually ones – and they only had 14,000 of the 20,000 pesos. Rachel began to panic and apologize as they realized they had to start over. Zach said, “I knew that was too fast – it was too easy.” He added, “And you’re the CFO of our company?”

LET ME LIVE MY LIFE! Erin & Joslyn arrived back at the starting point. The supervisor counted their money, and they were approved in eighth place. Scott & Blair rolled up right behind them, and got the clue ninth. Zach & Rachel then arrived and jumped on another bus, knowing they were in last place. Over at the Roadblock, Ashley found her second bag, and headed back for the clue. Dana also looked for her second bag, stepping on the goods for sale under the disapproving look of the vendor. Ashley got the clue in third place, and she and Burnie ran for the Pit Stop. Dana headed back, complaining that she’d run three miles but couldn’t find her second bag. But when Matt gave some mild encouragement, she snapped, “Babe, don’t talk to me! Go back into your own world, let me live my life.”

As Burnie & Ashley checked into the Pit Stop, Dana finally found her second bag. Brittany & Jessica and Sheri & Cole then arrived together, and Jessica and Cole began the task. Dana got the clue, and she and Matt headed to the Pit Stop. Back on the bus, Zach & Rachel struggled to earn their remaining pesos. Zach said, “I’m starting to lose my voice here – this is really hard.” They finally finished and headed back to the starting point. Dana & Matt then arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, and had a little dance on the mat. They acknowledged that they had to communicate and work together better, not only for the Race but for their relationship as well.

BEING NICE Meanwhile, Cole and Jessica were working together, and had each found their first bag. They arrived at a vendor where Jessica quickly found her second one, but Cole came up empty-handed. Jessica decided to stay with him and help him, since they were ahead of other people. “If you’re not the last team, if you want to be nice, be nice.” They arrived back at the starting point and checked with the vendor there, but Cole still had no luck. He told Jessica to go on ahead, and she relented and got the clue in fifth place. Cole then continued to run around on his own. At Tickets, Zach & Rachel finally arrived back at the starting point. They turned over their money and got the clue in last place. As Cole found his third bag, Brittany & Jessica arrived at the Pit Stop fifth. There, they compared titles with the greeter, Miss Cartagena – the models had been Miss Iowa and Miss Florida.

As Sheri & Cole ripped the clue and headed to the Pit Stop in sixth place, Darius & Cameron arrived, along with Erin & Joslyn, who wondered how the brothers had gotten there so fast. But the girls quickly found the vendor with the clue, whereas the brothers began poking around at a different stand. Erin began the task as the brothers finally found the right vendor. Darius then began. As Sheri & Cole checked into the Pit Stop sixth, Erin wandered around, unable to find anyone who spoke English. She said, “This is where Joslyn’s Spanish would come in very handy.” Darius then found his first bag, matching the designer name of Adriana.

BAG SEARCH 2 – NIGHTTIME Scott & Blair arrived, and Scott began the task. He and Erin continued to wander the streets, having little luck. Zach & Rachel approached in their taxi, realizing the sun was going down, and they’d be doing the task in the dark. Scott and Erin then met up, and tried to figure out where they were on Erin’s map. As the sun set completely, Scott and Erin headed back out onto the street after stopping for directions. Darius also continued to wander, having never found his second bag. Scott and Erin arrived at a vendor where Erin had already been, and as Scott searched for a bag, Erin took off by herself. Scott finally found a match, but Erin was gone. As Zach & Rachel arrived, Erin came back and asked Scott for the map. He said no, arguing that she ran off without him. They reconciled, joining up again as Zach began the task.

Meanwhile, Darius continued to wander alone. Scott and Erin visited another vendor, where Erin found her first bag. Darius then found his second bag, and knew he had to find the last vendor with the clue. He figured she might be back where the task began. Erin then found her second bag, and Scott told her to go on ahead. As Zach found his first bag, Erin arrived back at the starting point and got the clue in seventh place. Scott then found his second bag, and headed back. Darius arrived back at the starting point, but thought that since his designer’s name was Adriana, he had to find someone by that name. So after standing mere feet from the vendor with the clue, he wandered off to find someone else.

ARE YOU ADRIANA? Darius went from one vendor to the next, looking for an Adriana. Zach also continued to wander. But Scott got the clue, and he and Blair ran off as Erin & Joslyn arrived at the Pit Stop in seventh place. Zach then found his second bag as Scott & Blair arrived at the Pit Stop eighth. Darius finally realized he might need to go back to the beginning. But Zach arrived back first, and he and Rachel ripped the clue in ninth place. Rachel knew that Darius had all his bags, and said, “If he gets his clue it’s a foot race, and I can’t win against him.” They ran up the street to where they heard music playing, believing it was the Pit Stop.

Darius arrived back at the beginning, asking the woman with the clue if she was Adriana. She said no, and so he kept wandering. Zach & Rachel then arrived in a small plaza and began looking for Phil. As Darius went back to the beginning of the task yet again, Zach & Rachel got directions and started for the Pit Stop. Darius then finally got the clue, and he and Cameron started off as well. It was a foot race to the mat as the two teams darted down different streets. But Zach & Rachel arrived first. Phil informed them that the last team to check in was behind them. They spun around to see Darius & Cameron running up. Phil told the brothers they were eliminated. Cameron got teary, saying “I couldn’t really run it with anybody else.” Darius concurred: “We’re the closest, I know him the best, and I know that he’s capable of doing amazing things.”

2803 ROUTE MARKERS Detour: Tickets or Tejo. In Tickets, teams had to ride a local bus, and persuade people to come aboard and pay a fare of 1,800 pesos. When they’d collected 20,000 pesos, they’d receive their next clue. In Tejo, teams had to toss three-pound metal discs at gunpowder-laden clay targets. Once they hit three of them, they’d receive their next clue.

Tickets: Erin/Joslyn, Scott/Blair, Zach/Rachel Tejo: Brodie/Kurt, Tyler/Korey, Burnie/Ashley, Dana/Matt, Brittany/Jessica, Sheri/Cole, Darius/Cameron

Roadblock: Teams had to select a bag called a mochila, and then search amongst street vendors for two more bags by the same designer.

Performed Roadblock: Kurt, Tyler, Ashley, Dana, Jessica, Cole, Erin, Scott, Zach, Darius

Order of Finish: 1. Brodie & Kurt 2. Tyler & Korey 3. Burnie & Ashley 4. Dana & Matt 5. Brittany & Jessica 6. Sheri & Cole 7. Erin & Joslyn 8. Scott & Blair 9. Zach & Rachel 10. Darius & Cameron