Season 28: Episode 5 - We're Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today
Posted on Mar 11, 2016 09:00pm

ERIN & JOSLYN ELIMINATED IN THE ALPS In Chamonix, France, teams ziplined, traversed icy cliffs, and paraglided. Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt once again took first and second place, but after uncertain weather conditions during the paraglide, media hosts Erin & Joslyn fell to last and were eliminated.

At the Pit Stop, teams found bags of winter gear waiting for them. Tyler shouted, “It’s Christmas!” as everyone pulled out boots, sunglasses, and thermal jackets and pants. Matt did the Running Man in his “Hammer pants,” while Brodie struggled to get into his clothing, commenting on how his butt was “sticking out there.”

Brodie & Kurt ripped the clue first at 10:46 a.m. It told them to search the nearby streets for a car with one of eight specified license plates, and then ride to the Les Grands Montets Gondola Station to find their next clue. The Frisbee boys headed off, knowing that Tyler & Korey were right on their heels. As Tyler & Korey left the mat, Brodie & Kurt found one of the cars. The vloggers then found a car as well, Tyler rattling off their first and second place finishes and saying they were due for another first.

Dancers Dana & Matt left third and soon found a car, followed by gamers Burnie & Ashley. Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt arrived at the gondola station and ripped the clue. It said they had to ascend nearly 11,000 feet in a gondola to the summit of Les Grandes Montes, near Mount Blanc, to retrieve their next clue. Brodie & Kurt ran to a group of mountain guides waiting nearby. One of the men threw his arms open and embraced Brodie, who shouted, “The chemistry is so real right now!” As Tyler & Korey arrived, the Frisbee boys picked up backpacks with baguettes strapped onto them, and headed to a gondola. Tyler & Korey immediately zeroed in on one of the guides, Korey joking, “When in France, find yourself a cute mountain guide.”

Burnie & Ashley and Dana & Matt then arrived and ran for the gondolas as well. But only two teams could ride in a gondola at once, so Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey got out ahead again. Waiting back at the station, Burnie showed off his baguette, which he’d folded in half to better secure to his backpack. He joked, “Look at that – pure nightmare. Never, ever happens to me, I swear.” Ashley joked back, “Excuses, excuses.” Up in the gondola, Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey remembered the cannibalism-themed mountain movie, Alive. They all joked that they’d eat Tyler first because he’d be tender and easy to cook. Brodie said, “I’d take like, five hours to cook.” Tyler countered, “Yeah, but there’s so much to eat!”

Back on the ground, mother/son Sheri & Cole arrived at the gondola station and ripped the clue in fifth place. Sheri said that so far Cole has been doing everything on the Race, and she was eager to show her family she could do things as well. Married couple Zach & Rachel then ripped the clue sixth. En route to the gondola station, father/daughter Scott & Blair passed a church, where Blair said she could get married. Scott quipped, “Get your boyfriends all squared up, you’ll be set.” He then added, “Or friends,” as Brodie popped up on screen. They arrived at the station in seventh place. Finally Erin & Joslyn arrived, Erin slipping and falling in the process. They said that although they wanted to move up in the pack, seeing the world was unreal. “The million dollars is just like the cherry on top for us.”

Zach & Rachel and Sheri & Cole began boarding the third gondola, but Rachel pointed out that Sheri & Cole didn’t have a mountain guide. They realized they never chose one, and had to return to the group at the clue box. As Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey approached the top of the mountain, they marveled at the white landscape, and joked about being four jocks. Korey added, “Just dudes being bros.” They reached the end of the line, and exited the gondola. There, they spotted the clue hanging on the side of a rocky crag, across from the platform on which they stood. They realized they’d have to zipline across to retrieve it. Korey and Kurt got harnessed up and Kurt started out first, hanging horizontally and upside down as he pulled himself across the line to the clue. Korey then headed out as Kurt grabbed the clue and came back.

The clue was a Detour: Dynamite or Campsite. In Dynamite, teams had to collect two bundles of dynamite (used for controlled explosions to prevent avalanches) and then traverse the mountainside to deliver the dynamite and their baguettes to a member of the ski patrol. When the dynamite was detonated, they’d receive their next clue. In Campsite, teams had to properly pitch a tent in the snow. Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey both chose Dynamite. The second gondola then arrived with Burnie & Ashley and Dana & Matt, and Ashley and Matt prepared to zipline for the clue. The front two teams collected their dynamite from boxes near the gondola station, Korey saying, “Let’s blow some stuff up.”

Matt and Ashley began pulling themselves across the gap. Matt got a clue and slid back, but on Ashley’s return trip, a huge gust of wind picked up, ripping the clue from her pocket and blowing it down the side of the mountain. So as Dana & Matt chose Dynamite, Ashley had to side across again for a second clue. She finally arrived back, and the gamers chose Campsite. Burnie explained that they wanted first place, and the best way to get it was to take a risk and choose the Detour that no other teams were doing. They started down to the campsite, Burnie adding, “We set up tents all the time.”

In the third gondola, Zach said, “Heights aren’t my favorite thing, and we’re going higher.” Blair suggested that he imagine he’d jump to the bottom, but it was really just Vine magic. Zach gave her a look, saying, “Yeah, that doesn’t help.” Up on the mountaintop, Brodie & Kurt began traversing a narrow path along a ridge to where a member of the ski patrol waited. Brodie explained that they were connected by a rope, “and we really struggled with that rope the entire time.” Brodie ordered Kurt to slow down – right before he tripped and fell headfirst into his teammate. Kurt shouted, “Dude, don’t push me off!” On a nearby platform, Dana & Matt looked for the dynamite, but realized they were in the wrong place. Dana suddenly said she felt sick, and she couldn’t breathe. “I’m having a major panic attack.” They headed back down the stairs, crossing paths with Tyler & Korey, who told them the dynamite was at the gondola station. Dana said, “I don’t know why we came up here. We’re so dumb.”

Over on the path, Tyler was nervous as he tried to walk. “I felt like I was going to die. It didn’t seem like a thing humans should be doing.” He continued to freak out as they walked along a narrow ledge with a steep drop on one side. At Campsite, Burnie & Ashley arrived and found the finished example of a tent, surrounded by a wall of snow. Burnie explained that the wall had to be about a meter high to protect the campsite from the wind. They got started, believing the task would be simple. Meanwhile, Zach & Rachel and Scott & Blair arrived at the zipline. Zach opted for it, but then had second thoughts when he realized what he had to do. In the fourth gondola, Erin & Joslyn repeatedly commented on how high they were going, which made Sheri & Cole nervous. Cole said, “From here it looks high, and white, and rocky, and dangerous, and scary, and terrifying. Sheri teared up behind her sunglasses, saying, “I don’t like this.”

Brodie & Kurt traversed the last of the slippery slope, and reached the ski patrol member. They delivered both the dynamite and their baguettes, and received the clue. It told them to drive to the Planpraz Gondola Station and search for their next clue. The man then tossed their dynamite off the edge of the mountain. It hit the slope below with a boom, sending a cascade of snow tumbling. Brodie shouted, “So awesome! This is what it’s all about!” Over at Campsite, Burnie & Ashley struggled to carve out a space in the snow for their tent. Burnie said, “Can you imagine doing this to survive when you’re fighting for your life?” They then began putting together the tent itself – but almost immediately broke one of the metal bars. Ashley asked what they were supposed to do, and Burnie said, “Okay, um… I don’t know.”

As Tyler & Korey neared the end of the path, Tyler complained about his glasses fogging up. They then reached the mountaintop and handed over their goods. Back at the beginning, Dana ordered Matt to slow down, saying, “I do not have six-foot, one-inch legs.” They reached the ledge with the drop-off on one side, and Dana said she was afraid. Already out on the cliff, Matt offered his hand, but Dana hesitated. She finally made her way out behind him, but again ordered him to stay close.

Back at the zipline, Zach and Scott made their way out to the clue, and both teams chose Dynamite. The fourth gondola then arrived, and Erin & Joslyn and Sheri & Cole exited. The latter were horrified to see the clue hanging on the other side of the gap. Cole said, “I don’t think I can do this.” Sheri strapped into the harness instead, saying, “I’m so scared.” Joslyn, on the other hand, was elated. “I’m so ready for this!” Sheri sounded close to panic as she lowered herself into the starting position on the edge of the cliff. As Joslyn zoomed out for the clue and began pulling herself back, Sheri started out as well – but stopped halfway through, crying, “God, help me – please help me! I’m so scared!” But as Cole cheered her on, she kept going and soon reached the clue. She said, “Cole’s already done so much, and I just felt that this was my time to take care of him. And I was just going to be a big girl and just do it.” As she arrived back, Cole said, “I wouldn’t have been able to do it. We would’ve been out.” They ripped the clue, but Sheri thought they should do Dynamite because it’d be faster. Cole realized that they’d be dangling off the side of the mountain, and wasn’t happy about it.

Over at Campsite, Burnie & Ashley finally got their tent together. But they then realized that the space they’d carved out in the snow was at least a foot too narrow. Burnie said, “That’s a nightmare.” At Dynamite, Dana & Matt finally reached the delivery point and got the clue in third place. Behind them, Zach & Rachel made their way along the cliff, Zach saying the view was incredible. “I’m not even afraid of heights anymore up here. This is breathtaking.” At the gondola station, Scott & Blair picked up their dynamite, and Blair assured her father that their baguettes were the “lunch” the clue specified they had to deliver. Erin & Joslyn then arrived, and Blair called out, “Make sure you get lunch, too!” Then she said, “Should I tell them just kidding?” But the damage had been done as the hosts began poking around inside the station for “lunch,” going so far as to dig through the trash as their guide looked on in bewilderment.

As Blair slipped on the cliff en route to the delivery point, Brodie & Kurt rode in their car to the next gondola station a few miles away. Brodie said, “We’re only doing freaky stuff today!” They arrived and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who feels the wind beneath their wings?” Teams had to tandem paraglide from 7,000 feet, and correctly answer a question about a yeti they spotted on the way down. Brodie opted for the task, chose an instructor, and started up in the gondola. Back at the end of the zipline, Sheri & Cole still hadn’t decided on a Detour. Cole pushed for Campsite, but Sheri figured that would take forever. As Erin & Joslyn continued looking for “lunch,” Cole finally agreed on Dynamite. Over at Campsite, Burnie & Ashley realized that nobody else had chosen that task. “Which could be a good thing or a bad thing.”

Erin & Joslyn finally figured out that their baguettes were “lunch.” At the Roadblock, Tyler & Korey ripped the clue in second place. Korey chose to do it, and started up in the gondola. Erin & Joslyn begin traversing the path to the delivery site, stumbling and falling along the way. Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole stood at the beginning as Cole began freaking out again. He said, “I’ll be crying a lot.” Sheri said, “I’ll be crying too, but we’ll be okay.” On the mountaintop at the Roadblock, Brodie prepared for his paraglide, amazed that they were about to run off the side of a mountain. Korey then arrived, equally enthused. Brodie reminded him to look for the yeti, and Korey said, “I once dated a yeti.” Brodie wondered how fast he’d be able to run in the deep snow. He took off, tied to his instructor who ran behind him. The wing filled with air and seemed ready to lift… but Brodie tripped and fell, face- planting in the snow as the wing collapsed to earth.

Korey said, “Oh man, this is what we need.” He began running down the mountain – and his launch was successful. As he soared away, Brodie grumbled, “Well, there goes first place. So frustrating.” Korey descended through the air, with mountains and trees spread out below. He spotted the yeti standing in a field, waving the French flag. Brodie then took off on his second attempt, and spotted the yeti as well. He shouted, “We’re flying! Oh my gosh!” Back at Campsite, Burnie & Ashley finally finished their tent. But the judge said their protective wall wasn’t high enough, so they set about piling on more snow. Over at Dynamite, Erin & Joslyn delivered their goods in sixth place, commenting on how handsome the ski patrol member was. They asked if he wanted to date Joslyn, but he said he was married. “Okay, we’ll stop flirting with you.”

Sheri & Cole continued making their way along the cliff, Sheri saying it was one of Cole’s biggest fears. She tried to be encouraging, saying that even if they went out, it was a big adventure. “Look at where we are.” But Cole said, “No, I don’t want to look.” At the end of the Roadblock, Kurt, Tyler and now Dana waited for their partners to come down. They spotted someone in the air high above, and Kurt began cheering for Brodie. But it was, in fact, Korey, who knew Tyler would be excited that they passed the Frisbee boys. As Korey got closer (and after a few 360- degree flips) he shouted to Tyler, “We’re number one!” As he touched down, Kurt grumbled, “How did Korey pass Brodie?” The judge asked what flag the yeti was flying, and Korey said the French flag. He then got the clue, which said to make your way to the next Pit Stop, a statue of Michel-Gabriel Paccard, the first man to climb Mount Blanc. Brodie then touched down in second place.

Back at Campsite, Burnie & Ashley finally finished building up their snow wall, and were approved. They got the clue in seventh place, and started back to the gondola station. Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole handed over their dynamite and baguettes in last place. They returned to the gondola, hoping to make up time. But then Burnie & Ashley arrived there as well. Sheri said they were last, but Burnie countered, “We’re last.” Everyone realized they were all fighting to stay in the Race. Sheri asked if they wanted to work together to get in front of people, but Burnie said, “I mean, we’re just going to be racing, right?”

At the Pit Stop, Tyler & Korey arrived in first place, and Phil awarded them with a trip to the Philippines. They were thrilled to have finally gotten ahead of Brodie & Kurt again. The Frisbee boys then arrived, and Brodie was gracious towards their rivals: “Korey & Tyler were behind us all day – they deserve it.” Tyler added in interview, “I’m not as intimidated by them anymore, because when it comes down to it, we can power through.” Korey added, “Continued domination is in our future.” Back at the Roadblock, Matt prepared to paraglide, explaining how before he became a professional dancer he was a competitive snowboarder. As Rachel watched in fourth place, Matt took off and began soaring down the mountain. He said, “I would’ve hated to have to go home before this leg right here.”

As Blair watched, Rachel began running down the mountain for her takeoff. But she tripped and fell, her wing crashing into the snow. Blair then realized she had a chance to get ahead. Erin & Joslyn ripped the clue in sixth place, and Erin opted for it. Riding up in the gondola, she informed her guide, “I’m a yeti hunter, really.” Matt then did some loops in the air, while on the ground Dana grumbled, “Come down, stop having fun. We’ve got stuff to do.” Burnie & Ashley ripped the clue seventh, followed by Sheri & Cole. Ashley and Sheri opted for it, Sheri telling Cole, “This is good that I’m doing this for you – you’d be scared.” Dana & Matt checked into the Pit Stop third, Matt saying it was amazing to come back to the mountains. All the non- participating members then watched as the next person came down, believing it to be Rachel. Burnie said, “I have a feeling it’s not Blair, because I think we could hear her.” Then came the noise as Blair screamed to Scott. Zach said, “What the heck? Where’s Rachel?” Blair touched down in fourth place, followed by Rachel in fifth.

Atop the mountain, Erin began to worry as she watched Ashley approach, knowing there was only one more team behind them. Sheri then arrived as well. All three women got harnessed up and prepared to take off… and all three then stood there, waiting for the wind to pick up. Finally, Ashley and her instructor began running. But Erin’s instructor was more discerning, saying, “Wait, it’s back wind.” And sure enough, Ashley’s wing began to deflate, and she fell in the snow. She trudged back to begin again, explaining that they were at the mercy of the wind. “If it was coming in one way, we just couldn’t take off.” Sheri and her instructor then took off running, and as Ashley and Erin watched, they soared into the air.

Erin then attempted to take off as well, but her steps were clumsy, and after only a short distance she fell. Before she’d even stood up, Ashley began running – but the wind died, and she stopped when the wing refused to take air. Erin said, “Thank God she couldn’t take off.” At the Pit Stop, Scott & Blair arrived fourth, and Phil wasted no time teasing Blair about who her favorite team was. But Blair played coy, asking Phil who his favorite team was. Phil said, “I love all of you equally,” to which Blair replied, “Well, I love all of you equally.” Zach & Rachel then arrived in fifth place.

On the ground, Burnie, Cole and Joslyn watched Sheri’s descent, but couldn’t tell who it was. Burnie figured it had to be Ashley or Erin. They then spotted Sheri’s red jacket, and Cole jumped for joy as his mother touched down in sixth place. Another paraglider then appeared far above. Burnie and Joslyn both called out for their partners… but it ended up being Ashley. She landed, and she and Burnie ran for their car. That left Joslyn standing alone, puzzled as to why Erin got passed by two teams. Atop the mountain, Erin tried once again – unsuccessfully – to get into the air. But on her next attempt, she finally took flight. She was in tears as she floated above the winter landscape, saying, “This is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.”

At the Pit Stop, Burnie & Ashley checked in in sixth place, having just edged out Sheri & Cole. Cole said he was proud of his mom, who’d been as scared as he was. “She really womaned-up to it more than I ever could have, so this is all her.” Erin finally landed, and she and Joslyn ran for their car. They arrived at the Pit Stop, and Phil told them they were eliminated. Erin said, “We’re both so blessed – blessed to be able to work together, blessed to be able to do what we do for our jobs, and really blessed to be on this Race.”


Detour: Dynamite or Campsite. In Dynamite, teams had to collect two bundles of dynamite, and traverse the side of the mountain to a waiting member of the ski patrol. After they handed over the dynamite and the baguettes they were already carrying, the ski patrol member would throw the dynamite, loosening snow to prevent future avalanches. In Campsite, teams had to pitch a tent and build a protective snow wall around it.

Dynamite: Brodie/Kurt, Tyler/Korey, Dana/Matt, Zach/Rachel, Scott/Blair, Erin/Joslyn, Sheri/Cole

Campsite: Burnie/Ashley

Roadblock: Teams had to paraglide off the side of the mountain, and on the way down spot a yeti flying the French flag. If they could correctly tell the judge which flag they’d seen, they’d receive their next clue.

Performed Roadblock: Korey, Brodie, Matt, Blair, Rachel, Sheri, Ashley, Erin

Order of finish:

1. Tyler & Korey
2. Brodie & Kurt
3. Dana & Matt
4. Scott & Blair
5. Zach & Rachel
6. Burnie & Ashley
7. Sheri & Cole
8. Erin & Joslyn