The Amazing Race
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Season 28: Episode 7 - Welcome to Bloody Fingers 101
Posted on Apr 8, 2016 08:00pm

It was another tough leg for former frontrunners Tyler & Korey, who fell to the back of the pack after switching Detours.  Scott and Korey both struggled at the Roadblock, leading to a frantic race to the Pit Stop.  But the vloggers ultimately edged out Scott & Blair, who were eliminated. 

At the Pit Stop outside of Yerevan, Armenia, mother/son Sheri & Cole arrived in last place, but learned they were still racing.  As they returned to their taxi, Cole said that because they weren’t eliminated, they could now make fun of Sheri for her turning her oil filter the wrong way at the Roadblock.  Sheri concurred, “I will never live this down.”  Frisbee players Brodie & Kurt then arrived at the train station, knowing all teams would be on the same train.  Phil explained that they’d be traveling north over the border into Georgia.  “And yes, they will be on a midnight train to Georgia.”  They’d find their next clue in the capital of Tbilisi, at the statue of St. George.
That night teams boarded the train, Kurt likening it to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters from Harry Potter.  Everyone piled into their sleeper cars, which were adorned with drapery, artwork and long, padded benches.  Zach apologized in advance to Rachel for his stinky feet, while Dana lay on her bench and said, “I feel like I’m in a coffin.”  Blair hung out with Brodie & Kurt, explaining that with long train rides there’s lots of time to get to know people.  Brodie said, “Blair is a super-cute girl.  We’ve talked about seeing each other outside the Race, so there is a little bit of a connection there.”  Blair agreed: “We’re definitely going to see what’s a possibility when we get home.”

Teams arrived early in the morning in Tbilisi, which was peppered with old stone churches and buildings set high on the hills.  Everyone jumped in taxis and headed to the St. George statue in Freedom Square.  Tyler & Korey explained that they’ve had both highs and lows on the Race, and were ready to get back to the front of the pack.  As Scott & Blair’s driver gave a hacking cough, Scott said, “We’ve got a little bit of pulmonary obstructive disease going on here.”  Brodie & Kurt arrived at the statue first, with Tyler & Korey right on their heels.  They ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to the Narikala Fortress, and then ride the gondola down to the river.  Once there, they had to continue to Jvari Monastery and search for their next clue.
Gamers Burnie & Ashley ripped the clue third, followed by dancers Dana & Matt, Sheri & Cole, and married couple Zach & Rachel.  Rachel explained that when people ask who wears the pants in their relationship, “We like to say that we both have a leg in, and we tend to run opposite ways.”  But she added that they know how to work well together, and that’s given them an advantage.  Scott & Blair then ripped the clue in last place.  High on a hill overlooking the city sat the Narikala Fortress.  Approaching it, Kurt explained that it doubled as a church, and was one of the oldest in the world.  They started up an extremely steep road, and spotted the gondolas out the window.  Tyler & Korey followed, Tyler blanching at the incline of the hill.  Korey was more positive, saying, “If teams had to run up this, we’ll make up time on them.”
At the top, Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey jumped in gondolas.  Meanwhile, Dana & Matt arrived at the bottom of the hill in their taxi.  They jumped out, spotted a sign for Narikala Fortress at the base of a long flight of steps, and began climbing.  Halfway up the hill, Scott & Blair’s taxi came head-on with another car, and was forced to stop.  The driver ordered them out, and they continued on foot.  Zach & Rachel then headed down in their gondola, Zach commenting on the city’s mixture of old and modern architecture.  Burnie & Ashley and Sheri & Cole followed.

At the bottom of the hill, Brodie & Kurt and Tyler & Korey got taxis to Jvari Monastery, the vloggers passing up the Frisbee boys as the latter confirmed directions.  Dana & Matt finally reached the top of the hill, followed by Scott & Blair.  Burnie & Ashley, Sheri & Cole and Zach & Rachel then arrived at the bottom and caught taxis.  At the partially crumbling Jvari Monastery, which sat atop another hill, Tyler & Korey arrived in first place and ripped the clue.  It was a Detour: Clean or String.  In Clean, teams had to wash out enormous, underground clay wine pots.  In String, they had to create a favorite local candy called Churchkhela, by making five strings of twenty hazelnuts.  They then had to dip the strings into a glaze, and hang them up to dry.  Tyler & Korey chose String, and jumped back in their taxi just as Brodie & Kurt arrived.  The Frisbee boys chose String as well, Brodie noting that there were only four stations available.  Zach & Rachel and Burnie & Ashley chose String, while Sheri & Cole chose Clean.  Then Dana & Matt and Scott & Blair both chose String.
Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt arrived in a small, fenced courtyard, and found hazelnuts and needles sitting on wooden tables.  They watched as the local candy-maker tied off the end of a string and threaded the needle through the nuts.  The boys got started, although Tyler feared stabbing himself.  In their taxi, Burnie said, “Let the record state that this is the first time Ashley has ever passed up wine.”  The back teams realized there were only four stations available, although Scott & Blair weren’t deterred, planning to watch and learn if they couldn’t start right away.  En route to Clean, Sheri joked, “I’m good at cleaning.  Please let this be mom skills.”

Back at String, Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt struggled to thread the nuts, stabbing themselves with the needles in the process.  Brodie roared like a caveman, causing the candy-maker to giggle, and irritating everyone else.  Tyler grumbled, “You’re driving me nuts,” before realizing his pun and crowing,  “You’re driving me NUTS!”  He added, “The trick is to not scream while you’re doing it.”  The back teams then piled in, but Zach & Rachel arrived first.  Brodie greeted them with, “Welcome to bloody fingers 101.”  Burnie & Ashley arrived next, claiming the last available spot.  When Dana & Matt and Scott & Blair showed up, they realized there was no more room, and left to switch Detours.  Dana muttered, “We are screwed – major, big time screwed.”  But after watching the dancers run off, Scott & Blair realized they’d be the next to start String after someone finished, so they decided to stay and wait.  En route to Clean, Dana & Matt questioned whether they’d made the right decision.
Sheri & Cole then arrived at Clean.  They found a grape vineyard, and a series of holes in the ground, which were actually the tops of the massive, submerged clay pots.  They donned hip-high rubber boots, and Cole then lowered himself down a ladder into a pot, the inside of which was coated with beige grime.  He began scooping the gunk into a small cup, saying, “There’s a lot more than I thought,” and adding, “Is this stuff edible?”  He passed the cup up to Sheri, who ran to dump it out.  Cole complained about how cold it was in the barrel – and Sheri realized she was wearing their only pair of rubber gloves.  She quickly handed them over to her son.

Back at String, teams continued to work and injure themselves.  Brodie said, “I stabbed myself until every nut has a little piece of my blood.”  Burnie joked that last leg he baked bread, and now he was making candy.  “I’ll have a full meal by the time I’m done with the Amazing Race.”  Zach was having better luck stringing the nuts, so he told Rachel to start cooking the glaze.  Tyler began that step as well, saying, “We’ve got a little bit of time until we can dip our nuts.”  Korey added, “We’ve been waiting to dip our nuts for seven legs.”  Once their glaze was ready, teams began coating the strings, figuring there was a trick to pulling them out neatly.  But while Zach & Rachel only dipped their strings once each, Tyler & Korey and Brodie & Kurt began glopping on extra glaze.
Out on the road, Dana & Matt were nervous that they couldn’t communicate with their cabbie, and figured they were just driving aimlessly.  When they discovered they had ten more minutes to go, Dana said, “This was suicide.”  She added that if she’d known the other Detour was twenty minutes away, they never would’ve left String.  At Clean, Cole continued scooping gunk out from the bottom of the wine pot and handing it up to Sheri.  But they worried about not seeing any other teams, and figured they were either killing it, or were in last place.  Back at the candy, Tyler & Korey began hanging up their rather lumpy strings.  Scott & Blair said they hated standing around, but at least they were learning.  Brodie & Kurt hung up their strings as well, and asked to be judged.  But two of the five were rejected.  Brodie agreed with the verdict, saying, “Those just look completely terrible.  I would never sell those.”  Tyler & Korey then got judged, but only one of theirs was approved.  Korey joked with the candy-maker, saying, “You’re going to eat these after we leave, I know you are.”

Out on the road, Dana said she wanted to scream.  She finally gave up on their ride, saying they should just go back to String.  They told their driver to turn around, Dana snapping, “What a disaster.  What a nightmare.”  Back at String, Tyler grumbled that it was impossible, but Zach & Rachel and Burnie & Ashley seemed more upbeat.  Zach hung up their last neatly-glazed string, and he and Rachel were approved.  They got the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the Rustaveli National Theater and search for their next clue.  Scott & Blair immediately jumped on their station as the couple left.  Burnie & Ashley were then approved as well, and got the clue second.  But Tyler & Korey complained about how much their hands hurt, and they still had four strings to go.  So they decided to switch Detours.  As they ran out, Scott & Blair realized they had a chance, while Brodie said, “I don’t know if that was a smart decision.”
On the streets of the village, Tyler & Korey ran into Dana & Matt, who’d just arrived back.  Korey asked them where the winery was, and Matt said they hadn’t even found a challenge yet.  The vloggers told them how difficult String was, and Dana replied, “Are you kidding me?  Back to the winery!”  The two teams jumped in taxis, and headed off together to Clean.  Meanwhile, at that challenge, Cole looked unsuccessfully for water to clean the pot – missing a large tank sitting on the back of a truck.  When he learned the winemaker had kids, he asked if he ever locked them in the pots for punishment.  He and Sheri then asked to be judged, and the man said it was good, but not enough.  Cole finally spotted the water and ran for it.

Back in town, Zach & Rachel arrived at the Rustaveli National Theater.  They ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who’s light on their feet?”  Teams would have to learn and perform a dance with the Georgian Ballet.  Zach opted for it, explaining that he tap-danced as a kid.  He put on a wild black wig, and then watched the demonstration.  But he was soon baffled by the speed of the steps and leg-crosses, saying, “I thought this was going to be like, easy – maybe a waltz or something.”  When the demonstration ended, however, he ran off with his instructor saying, “Let’s learn!”
At String, Blair made the syrup while Scott strung the hazelnuts.  Brodie & Kurt then finished their last strings, and were approved in third place.  Brodie figured the other teams were just getting to Clean, but could only hope that Scott & Blair survived the leg.  Over at Clean, Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt finally arrived.  Sheri & Cole were thrilled to see two teams behind them, Cole shouting, “We thought we were last!”  As the other teams put on their boots, Sheri & Cole were approved in fourth place.  At the theater, Burnie & Ashley arrived, and Ashley opted for the Roadblock.  As she watched the demonstration, Zach continued to practice.  He explained that after learning the steps, you had to learn hand motions as well.  “There were a lot of little details that were adding up.”  Ashley then began practicing.
Back at Clean, Dana and Tyler sprinted back and forth between their pots and the trough where they emptied their cups of gunk.  Tyler & Korey agreed it was better than making candy.  At String, Scott & Blair hung up their last nuts, and were approved in fifth place.  Meanwhile back at Clean, Matt said he was almost done, while Korey barked at Tyler to bring him water and brushes.  The dancers got judged, and were approved in sixth place.  Tyler & Korey were then judged as well, but were rejected.  As Dana & Matt ran for their taxi, Korey shouted for a clean brush and sponge.  He scrubbed the bottom of the cask, saying he didn’t know how to get the last bit of grime off.  Tyler said, “Sucks being in last place.”  But they finally finished, and were approved.

At the Roadblock, Zach and Ashley were still practicing when Brodie & Kurt arrived.  Kurt opted for the task, explaining that he’s salsa danced for over ten years, so he’s good at picking up choreography.  As Zach continued to fumble in practice, Ashley began to perform – but immediately flubbed her first attempt.  As Zach approached the room, Ashley jumped on stage again.  This time she got off to a clean start, and worked through the performance (with Zach practicing the moves as he watched.)  Burnie said, “I’m going to run out of breath before she does!”  Ashley finished strongly, and was approved.  She and Burnie ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit stop, the futuristic-looking Bridge of Peace in Rike Park.  They jumped in a taxi, Burnie saying, “I’m so glad I didn’t have to do that Roadblock!”
In another taxi, Scott & Blair high-fived, despite being towards the back of the pack.  Scott said, “We celebrate mediocrity because it turns out pretty well for us in the end, usually.”  Back at the Roadblock, Zach performed the dance, but was rejected.  Sheri & Cole then ripped the clue in fourth place, and Sheri excitedly chose to do it.  Kurt began his first performance, but soon messed up the footwork.  He headed back to the practice room, saying it was “one of the fastest dancing performances that I’ve seen on the Amazing Race, ever.”  Dana & Matt then arrived and ripped the clue fifth.  Dana opted for it, saying, “Let’s see if sixteen years of dance lessons paid off.”  Kurt then began again, but again messed up.  Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey arrived, and Korey began the Roadblock.  He put on one of the wild black wigs, saying, “Oh good, a wig.  Just what I wanted.”  Dana and Korey watched the demonstration, Dana saying the Race was the longest she’d ever gone without dancing.  Korey also felt confident that he’d be able to get through it quickly.

En route to the Pit Stop, Burnie & Ashley were excited to be in first place.  Their taxi arrived at a park, and Burnie said, “This looks like a great place for a Pit Stop.”  As they ran down the path, he added, “We have a lead – let’s not blow it.”  But when they couldn’t find Phil, they asked a woman if they were in Rike Park – and she said they were in Vake Park, in “quite another district.”  She wrote the name for them in Georgian, and they ran off grumbling, “That sucks.”  Back at the Roadblock, Zach performed the dance properly, and got the clue in second place.  Kurt then finished, and got the clue third.  Scott & Blair arrived, and Scott opted for the task.  He and Blair passed the Frisbee boys on their way out, and Brodie noticed that Scott seemed frazzled.  He reassured him that several teams were still there, and added in interview, “Obviously if Blair sticks around a little longer, I’m not going to be too upset about it.”  For her part, Blair was optimistic, saying of her father, “I’ve seen him dance at weddings, and he can groove.”  Dana then began dancing, and Matt said if she could get it, they’d make up a lot of ground on the other teams.  She did get it, and they ripped the clue in fourth place.
Near Rike Park, Burnie & Ashley and Zach & Rachel both descended upon the Bridge of Peace, the latter assuming they were in second place – but they got there first.  Phil told them they were team number one, and they squealed in shock.  He also awarded them with a trip to Turks and Caicos.  Burnie & Ashley soon joined them, Burnie saying it was tough to lose because of a bad cab ride.  Brodie & Kurt then arrived, followed by Dana & Matt.  Dana reaffirmed that she was happy to dance, “even with that hat on.”  Back at the Roadblock, Korey prepared to perform.  Tyler said, “Give me that Korey-ography!”  But when the music began, Korey danced – or rather stepped – at about one-quarter speed… and still flubbed the footwork. 

Sheri went next, and aced the dance.  She and Cole got the clue fifth, which left Tyler & Korey and Scott & Blair fighting to avoid elimination.  Blair said to Tyler, “And then there were two.”  Scott then made his first attempt, but explained that although he knew the steps, he’d never performed them at a fast tempo.  He messed up, and was rejected.  As Sheri & Cole arrived at the Pit Stop, Scott and Kory made their fourth and fifth attempts at the dance.  They were getting closer, however, and as Scott began his sixth attempt, Blair pulled on her backpack, saying, “I have so much confidence in this, I’m getting my bag on.”  She then picked up Scott’s bag, adding, “And my daddy’s bag on.”  Her confidence was well-placed, as Scott finished the dance and was approved.  He and Blair ran out the door – but Scott was also carrying a bag.
Korey began his next attempt, and seemed to be getting it.  Tyler picked up Korey’s bag – but when he went for his own, he couldn’t find it.  Scott & Blair found a taxi as Korey successfully finished the dance.  But Blair then noticed that Scott had a third bag.  He rushed back inside to return it as Tyler searched frantically.  They met up and passed it off, and then everyone jumped in taxis.  They took off through the streets, both teams confident that they could beat the other in a foot race.  Tyler & Korey soon passed up Scott & Blair, and Tyler gaped as their taxi began driving on the sidewalk.  They stopped at the bridge, and the vloggers sprinted past Scott & Blair’s taxi as it pulled up behind them.  Tyler & Korey reached the mat first, and in tears.  They hugged as Scott & Blair jogged up behind them.  Phil told Tyler & Korey that they’d made it through the leg by the skin of their teeth.  Korey said the dance was the hardest thing he’d ever done, and he didn’t want to let Tyler down.  He joked in interview, “I think I finally put the Korey in Korey-ography.”  Tyler countered, “I don’t think you did.  Someday I’m going to play that song, and you’re going to have like, war flashbacks.”  Phil then told Scott & Blair that they were eliminated.  Blair said that Scott was “the kindest, most amazing man in the world.  And I’m so lucky to have him as my dad.”  Scott addedAnchor, “Blair was more successful in her life at the age of fifteen than I was at the age of fifty….  You’ve got to be proud to have a daughter like that.”
Detour: Clean or String.  In Clean, teams had to clean large, underground wine casks.  In String, they had to thread five strings of twenty hazelnuts, and then properly dip them in a sugar glaze.
Clean:  Sheri/Cole, Dana/Matt, Tyler/Korey
String:  Zach/Rachel, Burnie/Ashley, Brodie/Kurt, Scott/Blair
Roadblock:  Teams had to learn and properly perform a dance with the Georgian Ballet.
Performed Roadblock:  Ashley, Zach, Kurt, Dana, Sheri, Scott, Korey
Order of Finish
Zach & Rachel
Burnie & Ashley
Brodie & Kurt
Dana & Matt
Sheri & Cole
Tyler & Korey
Scott & Blair