Season 28: Episode 8 - I Have a Wedgie and a Half
Posted on Apr 15, 2016 08:00pm

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Brodie & Kurt aced a camel-racing Detour and earned a comfortable lead.  But after Brodie struggled at the Roadblock, they were forced to use their Express Pass to stay in first place.  Sheri & Cole spent most of the leg lost in the desert, and arrived at the mat last – but were saved by non-elimination.
In Tbilisi, Georgia, teams waited at the Pit Stop to see who survived the leg.  Tyler & Korey arrived, and as they greeted and hugged the teams, Korey told Frisbee champ Brodie, “I won’t give you what Blair told me to give you.”  Brodie said he wished Blair could’ve stayed around longer, but they planned to see each other after the Race.  The beauty guru finally arrived at the Pit Stop with her father, and she and Brodie shared a goodbye hug.
Married couple Zach & Rachel ripped the clue first at 10:39 p.m., and it told them to fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  They then had to travel to a Bedouin camp outside the city, and pick up a Travelocity Roaming Gnome.  They ran for a taxi, followed by Burnie & Ashley, and Brodie & Kurt.  As Dana & Matt, Sheri & Cole, and Tyler & Kory got taxis as well, Brodie explained that with only six teams left, every remaining leg would be super difficult.  At the airport, all teams took off on the same flight.
In the affluent city of Dubai, which blossomed like an oasis in the middle of the desert, everyone ran for marked cars.  They prepared for a self-drive, but fortunately the clue contained written directions.  Matt, however, was immediately confused when Dana told him where to go.  She chided him for not listening, but added, “No panicking this leg.”  As Burnie & Ashley merged onto the correct highway, Sheri & Cole passed by it.  Tyler & Korey noticed the mistake, Tyler saying, “Lord knows [Sheri & Cole] are a little confused on the highway right now.”  Korey added, “They have one highway in their hometown.”  Sheri seemed discouraged, but Cole reminded her it was still early in the leg.
As teams continued out into the desert, Korey said they were getting ready to do a traditional blessing.  Behind them, Burnie & Ashley and Zach & Rachel came upon a herd of wild camels walking along the road.  Rachel marveled, “Are they literally like, roaming free?”  The three teams then spotted red and yellow flags, parked their cars, and scrambled over the sand dunes to the Bedouin camp.  There, inside a three-sided tent, sat a group of Bedouins in white robes.  They greeted Tyler & Korey by shaking their hands and touching noses.  The vloggers then ripped the clue and found a Detour: Races or Oasis.  In Races, teams had to ride bicycles and race two camels (that could reach speeds of forty miles per hour.)  If both team members beat both camels, they’d receive their next clue.  If they lost, they’d get a head start on their next attempt.  In Oasis, teams had to lead four camels one mile across the desert to another Bedouin camp.  Tyler & Korey chose Races.  Despite Rachel saying she wasn’t good at riding bikes, Zach chose Races, as did Burnie & Ashley.
As the teams headed off, they spotted Brodie & Kurt and Dana & Matt arriving.  They didn’t see Sheri & Cole, however, and figured the mother and son were still lost.  Back in the city, Sheri & Cole finally merged onto the correct highway.  At the Bedouin camp, Brodie & Kurt chose Races, while Dana & Matt chose Oasis.  But the Frisbee boys then found their car stuck in the sand.  Brodie got out and pushed with no luck, and then placed his backpack under the wheel for traction.  But that only resulted in the pack getting pulled under the car.  The boys finally got on their hands and knees and began digging out the tires, Brodie grumbling, “Today is pretty much the worst day possible.”
Out on the road, Tyler held the Travelocity Gnome, punning, “We’re going to spend a lot of time today getting to gnome.  Know ‘im.”  Over in their car, Zach asked Rachel how she felt about racing camels.  She said, “I like riding bikes, I just don’t feel confident on them when I have to go fast.”  Zach edged ahead of Tyler & Korey as they approached the camel racetrack… but then passed the entrance.  Tyler & Korey pulled in, followed by Burnie & Ashley.  Burnie noted that Zach & Rachel had made a big mistake, since it would take several kilometers to loop back around.  Zach said, “We just lost our first position.” 
At the racetrack, the first two teams jumped into trucks and headed to the starting line.  Back at the Bedouin camp, Brodie & Kurt finally freed their car from the sand.  They headed off, believing they were in last place, but confident in the fact that they had the Express Pass.  Brodie said, “Our goal was to not have to use it this leg, but I do not want to go home today.”  Dana & Matt then arrived at Oasis, where a herd of camels awaited them.  They hitched the Gnome onto the back of one, and began leading four camels along a marked course across the desert.  The camels were in no hurry though, causing Matt to ask, “Do you guys know what a race is?”  He added, “The only thing I know to do is talk to it like a dog, and that doesn’t seem to be working.”
Back at the racetrack, Brodie & Kurt arrived, followed by Zach & Rachel.  At the starting line, Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley sat on their bikes, while on a parallel dirt track, the camels waited behind a gate.  A buzzer then sounded, the gate lifted, and the camels took off running.  Beside them, the racers struggled to get moving as the camels whizzed past.  Jumping out of the car, Brodie said, “Oh, the camels are smoking them!”  As the race continued, Burnie began making up ground on the tiring animals, but said, “An all-out sprint for two kilometers – that’s serious business.”  As they neared the finish line, Burnie, Tyler & Korey had all passed the second camel, but couldn’t catch the leader.  Ashley rolled across the finish line last, struggling to breathe.  She and Burnie decided to switch Detours, but Tyler & Korey seemed confident they’d get it on the next try.  Ashley wobbled back to the car, saying she didn’t think the head start would save her.
Heading to the track, Rachel reiterated to Zach that she didn’t like going fast on bikes.  “I realistically don’t think I can do this.”  Nevertheless, Zach said they were going to try it.  “Not every challenge is going to be an easy one.”  Over in their car, Ashley said, “Those racing camels are no joke.”  She then proceeded to cough and gag, and Burnie offered to pull over so she could throw up.  She insisted she was fine, but still looked sick.  Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole finally reached the Bedouin camp, and picked up the clue and the gnome.  At Oasis, Dana & Matt continued to drag their camels across the sand.  Dana complained that she couldn’t breathe, while Matt joked, “If you see a lake off in the distance, it’s a mirage and we need to take a break.”  Dana said, “Babe, stop acting like you’re not struggling.  You’re just annoying….  You’re wearing a freaking flannel in the desert!” 
At Races, Brodie & Kurt and Zach & Rachel lined up next to the camels.  The gate went up and everyone took off.  Brodie & Kurt got off to a good start, soon passing both camels.  Behind them, Zach said, “They’re beating them – we can do it, too!”  But Rachel was nowhere near fast enough, and insisted she couldn’t.  Zach then accused her of giving up.  Up ahead, Brodie & Kurt looked to be in trouble as well, as the camels began making up ground.  The boys fought mightily to stay ahead – and ultimately won by less than a second.  They sprawled out on the ground, unable to stand on their burning legs.  Back on the track, Rachel said once again that she was afraid of going fast on bikes.  Zach asked why she never said anything, and she told him she did.  She said she wanted to switch Detours, adding, “My biggest fear came true – I let you down, and I probably cost us the Race.”
Brodie & Kurt got the clue, which told them to drive to the hotel of Atlantis, The Palm, and find the Aquaventure water park (where, in Season 15, dating couple Mika & Canaan were eliminated after Mika refused to go down a water slide.)  The boys returned to their car, Brodie saying the camel race the hardest thing he’d ever done in his life.  Over at Oasis, Dana struggled to walk through the sand, saying she was going to pass out.  Matt explained that the sand was really deep, so every step was like walking through mud.  At Races, Tyler & Korey began their second heat, this time with a head start.  Burnie & Ashley then arrived at Oasis and began walking their camels.  Ashley said, “This is so much better than racing them.”  Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey crossed the finish line, still with a hefty lead.  They high-fived, and got the clue in second place.
Dana & Matt then arrived at the Bedouin camp with their herd.  They received refreshments of traditional regag bread and camel’s milk (which they found surprisingly good,) and got the clue in third place.  Sheri & Cole then rolled up to the starting line at Races.  The camels got off to a quick start, but Cole turned on the gas and got out ahead.  Even Sheri was keeping pace… but the finish line was nowhere in sight, and the camels soon caught back up.  Cole said, “These camels just got endurance like… racing camels.”  The animals won, but Sheri & Cole were confident they could beat them next time with a head start.
Brodie & Kurt arrived at the sprawling water park of Aquaventure, and ripped the clue.  It was a Roadblock, in which teams had to don scuba equipment and retrieve a puzzle from the bottom of a shark tank.  They then had to return to the surface and solve it.  Brodie opted for the task, and he and Kurt changed into the required clothing – short, tight, gold swim trunks.   Brodie said, “There’s a little too much show here, so I was very quick to get in the water to hide myself.”  He put on the scuba equipment and lowered himself into the shark tank.  He then walked across the bottom to the puzzles, which were actually gel-filled cylinders containing boards that resembled Amazing Race clues.  He deposited his cylinder in a nearby basket – right next to two sharks.  He said, “If these sharks swim right at me, I’m going to freak out.”  He climbed the ladder and pulled up his puzzle.  Kurt called from the sidelines, “No matter what happens, you look good in that gold… whatever that thing is.”  Inside the cylinder were four metal letters – R, A, C and E, that had to be worked into their respective indentions on the board.  Brodie began turning the cylinder this way and that, trying to slide them in.
Back at Oasis, Burnie & Ashley continued walking their camels across the sand, Burnie saying, “I feel like I’m in a Star Wars movie.”  They delivered their herd to the Bedouin camp, enjoyed their bread and milk, and got the clue in fourth place.  Back on the course, Zach & Rachel managed to jog with their camels, and soon delivered them as well.  Downtown, Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt were all having trouble finding the Atlantis.  At the Roadblock, Brodie continued to struggle with the puzzle, yelling at the letters, “Get in your home!”  He said he couldn’t figure out any technique.  Meanwhile, Zach & Rachel enjoyed their refreshments and got the clue in fifth place.
At Races, Sheri & Cole began their second attempt with a head start.  Cole shrieked at Sheri to keep going, and she managed to stay ahead of both camels.  They got the clue in last place.  As they headed back to the car, Sheri worried that she wouldn’t be able to walk the next day.  Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey, Burnie & Ashley and Dana & Matt all arrived at the Atlantis.  Brodie was having no more luck with the puzzle, and suggested bringing out the Express Pass.  Kurt didn’t like the idea of using it so soon, and told Brodie to chill.  After getting dressed, Burnie joked about scaring the fish with his tiny swimsuit, and said, “This is the exact same swimsuit that I have at home.  This one is a little bit roomy.”  Dana added about her bikini, “I really am sorry, Mom, about that bathing suit.  I think everyone got more than they bargained for at Aquaventure today.”
Brodie still hadn’t gotten a single letter in, and Kurt began to think it was a good idea to use the Express Pass before another team arrived, so nobody would know they’d used it.  Brodie agreed, and they turned over the pass.  They then received the next clue, which told them to make their way to the Poseidon’s Revenge waterslide.  The boys took off just as the other teams ran in.  Meanwhile, out on the road, Sheri & Cole were once again lost.  Burnie then donned scuba gear and descended into the shark tank.  “Whoever put us in those swimsuits and then immediately dropped us in ice-cold water… thank you for that.”  He retrieved the clue while Dana got suited up.  Meanwhile, Korey pointed to a nearby waterslide and said, “I want to go down that!”  Tyler said it was the slide from Season 15, and in flashback the Globetrotters passed Mika & Canaan after Mika refused to go down it.  Matt said, “I can’t believe they got out because of that slide.”
Dana retrieved the clue underwater, followed by Korey.  Zach & Rachel then arrived, and Tyler pointed out that they were still missing Sheri & Cole.  Out on an empty road, the mother and son continued driving aimlessly, and couldn’t find anywhere to stop for directions.  Cole said, “I don’t even know if we’re in Dubai anymore.”  At Poseidon’s Revenge, Brodie was shut into in a clear plastic compartment, and then the floor dropped out, sending him shooting down an almost vertical tube.  He eventually slid out the bottom in a massive spray of water.  Kurt followed, and they got the clue in first place.  It said to cross Dubai Creek in a water taxi, and find Phil on the other side at the Old Souq Station.  The boys ran for their car.
Meanwhile, the other teams worked on their puzzles.  Burnie and Korey wondered whether to try to get the pieces in from the front or the back, while Dana quipped that it’d be easier to break the whole thing open on the ground first.  As Zach retrieved his puzzle from the shark tank, Burnie got two letters in.  He soon finished, and got the clue in second place.  Korey and Dana both asked him what the trick was, but he ignored them as he ran out.  In the middle of nowhere, Sheri & Cole finally stumbled upon a store.  Cole said, “We’re not at the Palm Atlantis, but we’re at Happy Grocery.”  They got directions and started off again, Cole adding that they suck at navigation.
At the Roadblock, Zach was already up to two letters.  He said, “This is starting to get fun.”  Dana, on the other hand, griped, “I hate this stuff.”  Korey then got his last letter, and got the clue third.  As Sheri & Cole finally approached the hotel, Ashley shot down the water slide.  Tyler & Korey arrived at the top just in time to see Burnie in the compartment, his hands crossed over his chest.  Tyler said, “We see Burnie in a coffin.”  Burnie started to talk to them, but then the floor dropped out and he disappeared, mid-sentence.  At the bottom, Ashley asked, “Are your pieces still in one piece?”  Adjusting his swimsuit, Burnie said, “I think I have pieces where there’s not supposed to be pieces.”  They got the clue in second place.  Zach then completed the puzzle, and got the clue fourth.  That left Dana working alone, with only one letter in.  She said, “I really hate to lose to boys,” and feared she might start melting down.  Tyler & Korey then shot down the water slide, and got the clue third.
En route to the Pit Stop, Brodie said he felt like an idiot having to use the Express Pass.  “But I’m going to feel like a way bigger idiot if we used it and we don’t get first.”  But they were stuck in traffic, and going the wrong way.  Back at the Roadblock, Dana struggled to get her last letter in.  Sheri & Cole then arrived, and Cole prepared to go into the shark tank.  Dana finally finished and got the clue fifth.  Meanwhile, Zach & Rachel shot down the water slide and left in fourth place.  Sheri watched as Cole retrieved the clue amongst sharks and stingrays, and said, “He’s a cute boy – he doesn’t need to have any missing body parts.” 
Brodie & Kurt and Burnie & Ashley arrived simultaneously on the shores of Dubai Creek (which resembled a river far more than a creek.)  Both teams jumped in boats and started across the water.  Brodie & Kurt were out in front, but everyone knew it’d be a foot race.  The boats docked, and after a sprint through the streets the Frisbee boys arrived at the mat, the gamers close on their heels.  Phil awarded Brodie & Kurt with a trip to Helsinki, Finland.  Brodie said using the Express Pass was the right move, but the Race was only getting harder.  Meanwhile, Dana & Matt went down the water slide, Dana saying, “I have a wedgie and a half.”  They got the clue in fifth place.  At the Roadblock, Cole worked at the puzzle, and soon had all the pieces in.
Tyler & Korey arrived on the mat in third place.  They talked about the nose-touching Bedouin greeting, and Tyler offered to do it with Phil.  En route to the Pit Stop, Dana feared they were in last place, and had zero patience when Matt got confused with her directions.  He asked her to tell him where to go, and she shrieked, “I don’t know!  I can’t tell you – why don’t you understand me?”  She was close to tears, but Matt stayed calm, saying they just needed to ask somebody.  Dana said, “I really think something is mentally wrong with you.”  She added in interview that she didn’t like him questioning her because she didn’t like to feel challenged.  In the car she said, “We’re going to forfeit, because I’m not running with you like this ever again.”  When Matt told her to calm down, she accused him of being out of control, adding, “I’m seriously done with you.  I’m honestly just like, so disappointed in you.”  When Matt finally snapped, “I’m disappointed in you, too,” Dana added, “You’re psychotic!”
Back at the water slide, Sheri & Cole went down, and got the clue in last place.  Meanwhile, Dana told Matt that if they lost, he could take the hit for it.  She said in interview that she’s a yeller, and she knew she should stop, but couldn’t.  Matt asked her to help him get directions, but she refused, thinking he wouldn’t listen to her.  She said, “Sometimes you just need to know when to tap out.  I’m going to quit because you and I aren’t getting along.”  She then refused to get back in the car.  Matt tried repeatedly to get her to cooperate, but it was only after some time that they finally got moving again.  Matt said, “I know that Dana loves me, so anything that she says, I know it’s only about the stress.  It’s a heated moment, and then it passes.”  In the car, Dana muttered, “I just want this day to be over.”
Zach & Rachel arrived on the mat in fourth place, but the sun went down before Dana & Matt arrived in fifth.  Phil said he could sense a wall between them.  Dana said they handle stress differently and couldn’t find a way to meet in the middle.  “So we really ripped each other’s head’s off.”  But she added in interview that she loved Matt and didn’t want to treat him badly.  “There’s really no excuse for it, no matter how stressed out you are.”  Finally Sheri & Cole arrived.  Sheri was resigned to being in last, and said there comes a point when you just accept what things are.  But Phil then said it was a non-elimination leg, and they were still in the Race.  Cole said, “The other teams are going to hate us, because you don’t get saved twice in a game like this.”  Phil warned that there’d be a Speed Bump on the next leg, and Sheri said, “Just don’t let me drive anywhere – I need a taxi!”
Detour:  Races or Oasis.  In Races, teams had to race two camels by riding bicycles.  If both team members beat both camels, they’d receive their next clue.  If not, they’d get a head start on their next attemptAnchor.  In Oasis, teams had to lead four camels approximately one mile across the desert to a Bedouin camp.
Races:  Brodie/Kurt, Tyler/Korey, Sheri/Cole
Oasis:  Dana/Matt, Burnie/Ashley, Zach/Rachel
Roadblock:  Teams had to don scuba gear and retrieve a puzzle from the bottom of a shark tank.  They then had to return to the surface and solve the puzzle.
Performed Roadblock:  Brodie (used Express Pass), Burnie, Korey, Zach, Dana, Cole
Order of Finish:
Brodie & Kurt
Burnie & Ashley
Tyler & Korey
Zach & Rachel
Dana & Matt
Sheri & Cole (non-elimination)