Season 28: Episode 9 - Salt that Sand!
Posted on Apr 22, 2016 08:00pm

Teams raced through the heat and humidity of Indonesia.  After Rachel fell behind in an extremely physical first Roadblock, Zach tried to rally at a second one.  But the couple ultimately couldn’t catch Brodie & Kurt in an outrigger race to the Pit Stop, and were eliminated.
In Dubai, Brodie & Kurt ripped the clue first at 12:28 a.m.  It told them to fly to Bali, Indonesia, and find their next clue at the temple of Tanah Lot.  They jumped in a taxi to the airport, Brodie saying it was their fourth first-place finish.  He added that they wanted to keep their Express Pass, but there was no way he could’ve finished the puzzle challenge last leg.  Gamers Burnie & Ashley left next, saying they were getting used to second place – although Burnie admitted this one wasn’t so bad, since the Frisbee boys had to burn their Express Pass.  He added that he and Ashley were the only team that knew the pass had been used, since they were on the mat when Brodie & Kurt discussed it.  Ashley said there was comfort in knowing they didn’t have the pass any longer.  “You never know – they may need it.”
Leaving in third place, vloggers Tyler & Korey believed the Express Pass was still in play.  “But if Brodie & Kurt made a mistake and got eliminated this leg – we wouldn’t mind seeing that happen at all.”  Married couple Zach & Rachel left in fourth place, saying they wanted to adopt internationally, and winning the money would help with that.  Dancers Dana & Matt then left in fifth.  At the airport, Brodie & Kurt booked the earliest flight to Bali, landing at 10:00 p.m.  But they were disappointed to learn that there were plenty of seats, so all the teams would be flying together.  Meanwhile, mother/son Sheri & Cole left the mat in last place.  But despite facing a Speed Bump, they were confident they’d do well.  Everyone then took off for Indonesia.
In the lush tropics of Bali, teams landed and ran for taxis.  Heading into the chaotic traffic, Brodie observed, “There’s a car lane and a motorcycle lane, and the motorcycle lane is pretty much wherever they want to go.”  Sheri & Cole were happy to get out second, since with a Speed Bump ahead, “We’ve got to perform everything perfectly.”  Sheri added, “Thank goodness I’m not driving!”  In third place, Burnie & Ashley said they were even on the Roadblocks, whereas Kurt had done a lot more for him and Brodie.  Ashley added, “And Kurt seems to be the stronger Roadblock participant on that team.  That could be trouble for them.”
Brodie & Kurt arrived at the temple of Tanah Lot, and found departure times for the next morning.  They grabbed the first of two at 6:15 a.m., followed by Sheri & Cole.  They then ripped the clue, which said to search for their next clue in the morning with a traditional Balinese offering.  The two teams high-fived upon realizing they had a fifteen-minute lead and thirty-minute lead on the next two groups.  Sheri said, “That’ll help us so much.”  Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey then arrived and pulled the two 6:30 departures, followed by Zach & Rachel and Dana & Matt, who got 6:45.  Dana muttered, “That’s killer.  We’re dead.”  The sun came up, and Brodie & Kurt and Sheri & Cole ran for the clue, which sat nearby atop some towering fruit baskets.  It said they had to deliver two offerings: one to the monks at the Pura Enjung Galuh Temple, and another to their brethren at the Snake Temple at Tanah Lot.  They realized the fruit baskets were the first offering, and that they had to carry them on their heads.  The two teams started off, but immediately headed towards the Snake Temple.  Brodie & Kurt arrived first, but the monk told them no.  They realized they were at the wrong place, but had no idea where the Pura Enjung Galuh Temple was.
Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole caught up, and the four racers spotted a group of monks on the beach, sitting in a circle and chanting.  Sheri & Cole walked into the middle of the circle with their fruit baskets – while Brodie & Kurt got correct directions to the temple.  As the boys started back, Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey were released.  But they missed the clue completely, heading straight to the monks on the beach.  They ran into Sheri & Cole, who told them to go back to where they started for the clue.  Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt found Pura Enjung Galuh – which was only twenty yards from where they’d started.  Kurt said, “Oh man, we totally screwed that one up.”  They delivered their fruit baskets, and then discovered that the next offering was two massive snakes.  The monks placed the reptiles around the boys’ shoulders, and they headed off to the second temple.  Brodie walked without even touching his snake, which held on of its own accord.  He said, “I’ve got the hugest snake just chilling right now.”
Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey then collected their fruit baskets, and quickly spotted the drop-off point.  As Brodie & Kurt continued with their snakes, the second group delivered their baskets, along with Sheri & Cole.  Sheri insisted she was fine as she accepted her snake, but Korey didn’t seem as sure, saying,  “We’re putting a big old snake on us, and I don’t like it.”  Sheri added that Cole was “lucky” when he was given a “beautiful” yellow snake.  As they walked, Tyler complained that his snake’s head was in his armpit, and then gasped and went wide-eyed as it began moving towards his face.  He said, “I’m serving ‘I’m a Slave For You’ realness, giving you Britney Spears meets Bali.”  Then flashed a picture of the pop star during her famous VMA performance with a similar snake.
Brodie & Kurt then arrived at the Snake Temple, and handed over their offering.  They ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to search for their next clue
half a kilometer past the Bat Temple on Pantai Banjar Belatung Kusamba.  The next three teams then descended on the temple and happily delivered their snakes, Korey shuddering as his was removed from his neck.  They then caught up to Brodie & Kurt as the latter asked directions to the Bat Temple.  In their taxi, Brodie said, “We had a fifteen-minute head start, and again we just didn’t read the clue.  And so we pretty much just lost our whole entire lead.”  Back at the Pura Enjung Galuh Temple, Zach & Rachel and Dana & Matt delivered their fruit baskets.  But when the snakes were revealed, Zach & Rachel gasped and recoiled.  Zach said, “I hate snakes so much!”  They continued to shriek and cringe as the reptiles were placed on their shoulders – but their fear became motivation, and they took off running.  Dana & Matt came up from behind, and although the two teams could barely keep hold of their snakes, they managed to deliver them and get the clue.
The first four teams arrived at the Bat Temple, knowing they then had to go another half-kilometer.  They all jumped out of their taxis and continued on foot.  Brodie & Kurt reached the clue box first, and discovered a Roadblock.  Teams had to contribute to the salt harvesting industry by collecting seawater in baskets and pouring it over beds of volcanic sand to evaporate.  They then had to scrape crystalized salt brine out of two troughs, and fill up four small plastic bags.  Kurt opted for the task, followed by Burnie and Tyler.  Sheri & Cole then arrived and discovered their Speed Bump.  They’d have to return to the Bat Temple and prepare ten bowls of noodle soup, and then sell them for 10,000 Rupiah each.  After eating a bowl themselves, they could continue racing. 
On the beach, teams found marked plots of sand, and poles with baskets attached to both ends.  Kurt and Tyler headed out to collet water, but couldn’t carry nearly as much as the man doing the demonstration (whom Brodie called “a freaking champ and a half.”)  As Burnie collected his water, Kurt and Tyler began wetting their sand.  Back at the Bat Temple, Sheri & Cole located the food cart.  They watched as the vendor prepared a bowl of soup with greens, chili sauce, meatballs and broth.  Cole said it looked more like dinner than breakfast, and Sheri cringed, saying, “These meatballs – I don’t know what they were.”  But they quickly made and sold their first two bowls.
At the Roadblock, teams struggled to bring in water without spilling it.  Brodie admitted that Kurt had been carrying their team in the Roadblocks, and said he’s also a strong competitor in real life.  Kurt explained that at age twenty-two, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and had to undergo six months of chemotherapy.  He added that he’s been a cancer survivor for seven years.  Brodie said, “He’s only gotten stronger and better ever since, so it’s definitely something that shows his tenacity, shows his toughness.”  But he and Korey both knew the Roadblock would be a long and tiring task, and figured Matt and Zach would do it.  But when Zach & Rachel ripped the clue, Rachel opted for it.  Teams were shocked when she started, Brodie saying, “That’s going to be brutal.”  When Ashley explained to Zach what the task entailed, he said, “I feel so bad for Rachel.  Looks like I should’ve done this one.”
At the Speed Bump, Sheri & Cole served up their last bowls, and then sat down to eat their own.  Cole immediately struggled with the spiciness, yelping and fanning his mouth.  “Don’t let my future girlfriend see this episode!”  He added, “I’m afraid of what kind of meat this is.  Is it goat testicle?”  They finally finished and hurried back to the Roadblock, Sheri saying, “I don’t ever want to know what we just ate.”  On the beach Rachel struggled, and Zach noticed she was carrying about a quarter of the water that the guys were.  Burnie then finished wetting his sand, and hurried to the brine troughs to begin scraping out salt.  Kurt soon followed.  Back on the beach, Korey and Zach hoped that Sheri and Dana would do the task.  But when Sheri & Cole arrived, Cole opted for it, as did Matt when he and Dana finally got there.
Tyler then finished and headed to the troughs.  Sheri cheered on not only Cole, but Rachel as well, since she was the only girl working.  Tyler began scraping salt, which Korey told him to imagine was margarita salt.  Tyler said, “I’d kill for a margarita!”  Kurt then finished harvesting his salt, and began shoveling it into the small plastic bags.  Burnie began just after him, realizing that they had to note how the bags were tied and copy the technique.  Meanwhile, as Cole brought massive amounts of water onto the beach and quickly wetted his sand, Rachel continued to flounder, losing much of her water on the walk from the ocean.  Tyler then finished harvesting his salt and began bagging it.  Burnie brought his bags to the judge, but she said he needed to fill them more.  Cole then finished watering his sand, followed by Matt.  But Rachel was making little headway, her baskets nearly empty by the time she got to her lot.  Zach muttered, “This is freaking ridiculous.”
Rachel powered on, although she admitted that when she saw all the guys finish, she fought not to cry.  At the troughs, Burnie brought his bags to the judge again, and was approved.  He and Ashley ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to search for their next clue at the beach area of Pantai Mertasari.  They took off for a taxi.  Meanwhile, Cole quickly collected the sand from the troughs, explaining that he used to work at Milky Moo’s ice cream shop, so he knew how to scoop.  Kurt presented his bags to the judge, but they weren’t full enough.  He then dropped a bag on the ground, spilling salt everywhere.  Brodie muttered, “What are you doing, boy?”  Tyler was then approved in second place, and he and Korey took off.
Back on the beach Rachel continued to struggle, and Zach said it was probably the most physically difficult thing she’d ever done.  But she finally finished and hurried to the salt troughs – as Kurt was once again rejected for one of his bags having come untied.  Burnie & Ashley then arrived at the clue box at Pantai Mertasari, ready for a Detour – but instead found a second Roadblock.  Teams would have to build a massive kite with a team of kite enthusiasts.  If they could get it to fly, they’d receive their next clue.  It also stated that the other team member must perform this Roadblock.  As Ashley chose a kite team, Burnie was confident they could win the leg.  “This could be our first first.  Fingers crossed.”
Tyler & Korey then arrived, and Korey got started.  As Ashley got her kite pieces in order, Burnie called out, “Love you, Boo!”  Tyler then repeated, “Come on, Kor.  Love you, BAnchoroo!”  Looking at the example, Ashley said it was going to be complicated.  Back at the salt troughs, Kurt, Matt and Cole struggled to knot the small bags.  Matt said, “We got man hands over here, is the problem.”  When Zach asked Brodie why they didn’t use the Express Pass, he had no answer.  But when Kurt got judged yet again, he was approved, and the Frisbee boys left in third place.  Rachel then finished harvesting her salt, and moved onto bagging it.  Zach said it was her chance to catch up, and Cole said, “I’ve never gone to a mental hospital for being crazy.  But if it were, it’d be for tying salt bags.”
At the kites Ashley began inserting long, wooden poles into the framework.  Korey noticed that the poles had letters that matched the holes, and began inserting them as well.  Cole then presented his salt bags, and was approved in fourth place, followed by Matt.  That left Rachel in last, still trying to tie hers.  At the kites, Ashley said, “I’m never going to be satisfied with normal kites now.”  On the sidelines, Burnie and Tyler discussed the fact that Brodie had to do every Roadblock now, and Tyler wondered if the Frisbee boys would use the Express Pass.  But as that wasn’t an option, Brodie got started – albeit confusedly, first trying to work on the example before the locals set him straight.  He complained that nobody would tell him what the first step was, causing Ashley to mutter, “Nope.”
Back at the salt, Rachel was approved, and she and Zach left in last place.  Meanwhile, Ashley ran to check the example kite, but Brodie looked at hers instead.  She commented in interview that Brodie was frequently consulting on her kite as the example, adding, “Brodie was probably missing that Express Pass big time.”  Brodie then rather cluelessly tried to assemble his kite, to the amusement of his team.  He finally got the first piece in, saying, “Well, that was just awkward.”  Sheri & Cole then arrived, and Sheri headed for the kites as Burnie commented on how much time the mother and son had made up that day.  As Dana & Matt arrived, Korey and Ashley began putting large, golden dragon’s heads onto their kites.  Sheri and Dana got started, while Brodie finally noticed the lettering of the wooden poles.
Korey joked that the dragon looked like one of Tyler’s ex-boyfriends.  Everyone on the sidelines thought Zach & Rachel might be in trouble, but Burnie added, “Zach is really, really good at these kinds of Roadblocks.”  The couple then arrived, and Zach got started.  Meanwhile, Korey and Ashley attached their tails, Korey saying, “It looks like a parachute.”  While Brodie continued to struggle and Dana said she was just going to wing it, Zach worked confidently after only looking at the example a few times.  He said, “We’re literally flying here.”  Korey and Ashley were both nearly done – but Korey finished first.  He was given the okay to fly, causing Burnie to mutter, “Damn it.”  Korey ran out onto the beach, unwinding a kite string behind him.  As Ashley was also given the okay to fly, Korey sprinted down the beach with his team, pulling the line.  His kite launched into the air, the striped tail rippling in the wind for hundreds of feet behind it.  Everyone marveled at the sight, Tyler saying, “That was incredible.”
The vloggers ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to Semawang Beach and paddle an outrigger to the next Pit Stop – a traditional Indonesian sailing boat.  The boys ran for a taxi as Ashley took off down the beach with her kite.  Tyler was surprised that Brodie hadn’t used the Express Pass, adding, “Part of me thinks they already used it.”  Back at the Roadblock, the remaining teams began attaching their dragon’s heads, but Brodie continued to look confused at every step.  Of the front teams, he said, “I can’t believe they did that so fast.”  At Semawang Beach, Tyler & Korey arrived and found the outriggers.  They pushed one into the water with the help of an instructor, and began paddling out to the Pit Stop as Burnie & Ashley arrived in their taxi.
Tyler & Korey rowed in unison as Burnie & Ashley chose an outrigger.  Korey said, “We don’t want to see them.  Bye, friends!”  At the Roadblock, teams were tying on their tails.  But once again, knots were getting the best of people with large fingers, which meant that Brodie continued to struggle.  Sheri then finished and was approved, causing Kurt to mutter, “This is unbelievable.”  Dana was then approved as well.  As Zach began tying on his tail, Sheri started down the beach with her kite, which successfully flew.  She and Cole ripped the clue in third place, while Dana flew her kite.  As the dancers left in fourth, Brodie asked to be judged, but was rejected for having incorrectly-tied knots.  Zach recognized it as a chance to make up ground.  Kurt speculated that Brodie had just tried to go too fast, but all he and Rachel could do was wait as their partners finished constructing their kites.
Out in the ocean, Phil spotted Tyler & Korey from the boat, and shouted that they were team number one.  They jumped into the water and began swimming, as Phil added, “We’re making you work for this first place.”  Back in his outrigger, Burnie grumbled, “Our fourth second place in a row.”  He and Ashley then began swimming as well.  Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey ran to the mat onboard, Korey saying, “We’re a couple of pirates here for your booty, Phil!”  Phil replied, “Right now you’re like drunken sailors, the way we’re rocking back and forth.”  He awarded them each five thousand dollars, and the boys celebrated being back in first.  Tyler added, “Going to stay at number one.”  Burnie & Ashley then arrived on the mat for yet another second place.
On the water, it was a neck-in-neck race between Sheri & Cole and the dancers for third, while at the Roadblock, Brodie and Zach both got approved and began wheeling out their lines.  Brodie took off with his team first, and his kite flew.  Zach went next, as the Frisbee boys ripped the clue in fifth place.  Both teams then headed in taxis to the outriggers, Kurt saying, “We’re fighting to not get eliminated right now.  The Kings are right behind us – it’s going to be really close.”  For their part, Zach & Rachel believed anything could happen.  But Brodie & Kurt got into an outrigger first, and were already on the water by the time Zach & Rachel arrived at the beach.  At the Pit Stop, Sheri & Cole edged out the dancers for third place.
In their outrigger, Brodie & Kurt began bickering about their paddling method, Kurt accusing Brodie of not doing anything.  Behind them, Zach & Rachel struggled to catch up.  Phil pointed out the two teams from the boat, while Brodie shrieked at Kurt to give it everything he had.  The Frisbee boys jumped into the water, and were soon wobbling across the deck to the mat in fifth place.  Zach & Rachel then arrived, and Phil told them they were eliminated.  Zach said, “We ran hard, and I couldn’t have had a better Race with my best friend.”  They then “walked the plank” by jumping off the side of the ship into the water.
Roadblock 1:  Teams had to collect seawater in baskets, and wet down a patch of volcanic sand.  They then had to harvest salt from two troughs, and fill and knot four plastic bags.
Performed Roadblock:  Burnie, Tyler, Kurt, Cole, Matt, Rachel
Roadblock 2:  Teams had to properly assemble a massive Indonesian kite, and then fly it on the beach.
Performed Roadblock:  Korey, Ashley, Sheri, Dana, Brodie, Zach
Speed Bump:  Sheri & Cole had to prepare and sell ten bowls of Indonesian soup, and then eat a bowl themselves.
Order of Finish:
Tyler & Korey
Burnie & Ashley
Sheri & Cole
Dana & Matt
Brodie & Kurt
Zach & Rachel