Season 28: Episode 10 - Monkey Dance!
Posted on Apr 29, 2016 08:00pm

The Race continued in Bali, Indonesia with a U-Turn ahead.  All five teams found themselves at the first Detour together, but after starting the leg in last place, Brodie & Kurt were an obvious target.  After being U-Turned by Tyler & Korey, they couldn’t recover, and were eliminated.
After a restful sleep at the Pit Stop – a boat in the middle of the ocean – Tyler & Korey ripped the clue first at 7:45 a.m.  It told them to make their way to Gamat Bay, and search for their next clue in one of three underwater clue boxes.  It also warned of a U-Turn ahead.  As the boys boarded a smaller boat, Tyler said that Brodie & Kurt being in last place was “kind of overwhelming,” adding that they were “U-turnable.”  Burnie & Ashley ripped the clue next, explaining that it was their fourth second-place in a row.  Burnie said they were used to playing games, and U-Turns were a huge part of the game of the Amazing Race.  Sheri & Cole left third, crediting their success to positive thinking.  Cole said, “We got third last leg, so no doubt we’re getting second this leg – and by second, I mean first.  Dana & Matt then headed out, knowing they had to get out of the back of the pack.  Finally, Brodie & Kurt left, not happy to be in last place with a target on their backs.  Brodie said, “We’re in this position, and we’re just going to try to fight out of it.”
Tyler & Korey arrived in Gamat Bay wearing snorkeling gear.  They spotted a marked buoy, and knew the clue was on the ocean floor nearby.  They jumped into the water, where hundreds of brightly colored fish swam amongst rocks and coral.  They quickly found one of the clue boxes and grabbed a clue, which was a yellow metal cylinder.  Tyler said there was an advantage to being in first, since each box only held two clues, and later teams might discover empty boxes.  As the boys re-boarded their boat, Burnie & Ashley arrived and spotted the buoy.  Tyler & Korey opened the clue, which told them to make their way to the Pura Puseh Stairway, and find the dancing monkey.  They took off as Burnie & Ashley jumped into the water.  The gamers soon came upon a clue box, Burnie saying the cylinders looked unlike any other clue they’d seen so far.
Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole arrived and jumped in the water.  Sheri said she hadn’t snorkeled in over twenty years, and Cole added, “And I haven’t real snorkeled ever.”  They found the first clue box, but it was empty.  They then opened a second box, but since they thought they were looking for laminated clues, they didn’t think anything was there, either.  As Dana & Matt arrived, Sheri & Cole found the third box – and despite thinking the cylinders were just weights, Cole finally grabbed one.  He and Sheri swam back to their boat as Brodie & Kurt arrived.  The boys soon found a clue box, but didn’t recognize the cylinder as a clue, and kept going.
Matt also grabbed a clue right away, but didn’t know whether it was right.  He asked Kurt, who then realized he’d already seen one.  He and Brodie swam back to the first box, grabbed the cylinder, and jetted to their boat.  The Dancers realized that the boys had found a clue – but didn’t know that they themselves had one as well.  Dana said, “Falling into the back on a U-Turn leg is not good.”  Brodie & Kurt took off in fourth place, Brodie saying they had to pay attention to who was behind them so they’d know whom to U-Turn if necessary.  Tyler & Korey then arrived on shore and jumped in a marked taxi truck.  Burnie & Ashley were close on their heels, happy to have made up time on the frontrunners.  Back in Gamat Bay, Dana thought the cylinder might be the clue, but Matt couldn’t get it open.  They were worried, knowing they’d be the next target if Brodie & Kurt U-Turned someone.  But Matt finally got the cylinder open.
Sheri & Cole docked and jumped in a taxi truck, followed by Brodie & Kurt.  At the Pura Puseh Stairway, Tyler & Korey arrived and met traditionally dressed women, who tied pink sarongs around their waists.  Tyler said, “They were not sarong, they were definitely….”  Korey finished, “Sa-right?”  As Burnie & Ashley arrived, Tyler & Korey began running up the steep dirt steps.  At the top stood dozens of dancers, musicians, and people dressed as a dragon.  There was also the dancing monkey, which was actually a person in costume.  The “monkey” teased the boys by running and pulling the clue away, before finally handing it over.  It was a Detour: Haul or Harvest.  In Harvest, teams had to propel a traditional canoe along a marked course, and then collect enough seaweed to cover a tarp.  They’d then get some seaweed-based face cream along with their next clue.  In Haul, teams had to carry fifty coconuts and four chickens across a rickety, congested suspension bridge.  Tyler & Korey chose Haul, along with Burnie & Ashley a minute later. 
Back on the beach, Dana & Matt arrived in their boat, and jumped into a taxi truck.  Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley then arrived at the suspension bridge, across which people walked and rode mopeds.  The goods were on the other side, so everyone took off running, Korey saying, “There was a U-Turn coming, so we needed to stay as far ahead of those other teams as we could.”  On the far side sat a truck filled with green coconuts, and a pen full of chickens.  Tyler began collecting coconuts while Korey and Ashley went after the “beautiful chickens.”  Korey figured it was once again an advantage being in the lead, because there were a lot of chickens in the pen, and “it was very easy to figure out which ones were just very relaxed and easy to pick up.”  He grabbed two chickens and ran after Tyler, who carried four coconuts.  Tyler shrieked when he saw Korey with a chicken under each arm, while Korey said, “I hope it doesn’t cock-a-doodle-doo-doo on me!”
Ashley also had two chickens.  Burnie, however, carried six coconuts, which proved to be too much.  He began dropping them, and finally settled on five, knowing he at least had one more than Tyler.  At the Pura Puseh Stairway, Sheri & Cole and Brodie & Kurt both arrived and chose Haul.  At the bridge, Tyler & Korey delivered their first load, placing the chickens in a basket. Burnie & Ashley did the same, Burnie saying, “We’re going to be doing this for a while.”  Back at Pura Puseh, Matt commented on the monkey’s dance moves before he and Dana became the fifth team to choose Haul.  Sheri & Cole then arrived at the bridge, and as Burnie & Ashley collected their second load, Brodie & Kurt arrived as well.  Meanwhile, Sheri was in the chicken pen.  She said, “I just like all animals.  I think I put out this aura that I mean them no harm.”  She picked up two chickens and hurried over the bridge after Cole, who carried an armload of coconuts.
Brodie & Kurt each grabbed two chickens in order to complete the birds on their first trip.  Kurt said, “There was a U-Turn and we had a target on our backs, and we knew we were going to have to make up some ground.”  Tyler & Korey then delivered another load, and were up to eighteen coconuts.  Sheri & Cole delivered their first load of five coconuts and two chickens, along with Brodie & Kurt and their four chickens.  En route to Haul, Dana said she didn’t think she’d be able to carry two chickens at a time.  “I’m from New York – I only know how to hold chicken after it’s cooked.”  They reached the task, noting, “The gang’s all here.”  But when Dana got into the chicken coop, she chased the birds as they flapped away from her.  She finally caught one, but when Matt told her to get another, she told him to shut up.  “I needed both hands to grab them, so there was no chance of me holding two chickens at once.”  While Matt waited with a massive armload of coconuts, Dana used her free hand to pick up… one coconut.
On the bridge, Brodie & Kurt began dropping their coconuts.  Brodie said that because they were sweating, the coconuts were slipping off their skin.  As Sheri & Cole jogged by, he added that other teams were bouncing the bridge.  Sheri & Cole made their delivery, and were up to four chickens and ten coconuts.  As Matt began dropping his coconuts as well, Tyler & Korey delivered ten more, and were up to thirty-seven total.  The dancers then delivered nine coconuts and one chicken, while Burnie & Ashley were up to twenty-seven coconuts.  Back in the chicken coop, Dana began the laborious process of catching another chicken, complaining, “Only the mean chickens are left.”  She finally lunged and grabbed one.  As the bird flapped maniacally, Dana cooed, “Look how nice I am.”  But when Matt tried to hurry her, she immediately snapped, “Shut up, Matt.  Seriously, shut up.”  Tyler & Korey then delivered their final load, and got the clue in first place.  It told them to make their way to the roadside restaurant of Warung Sunrise, where they’d find the U-Turn.  The boys jumped into their truck, happy to be in first place.  Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt were up to thirty coconuts.
Tyler & Korey found the U-Turn board and discovered it was a Double U-Turn.  They decided to use it on Brodie & Kurt.  They put up the Frisbee boys’ picture, saying, “If we want a chance in the finals, they’re the biggest threat.”  They then ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to Pande Curly Shop Stand Up Paddleboards on the beach in Mushroom Bay.  Back at Haul, Burnie & Ashley delivered the last of their coconuts, and ripped the clue in second place.  They headed to the U-Turn, comfortable in their knowledge of where everyone was.  En route to the beach, however, Tyler & Korey began having second thoughts.  Korey said that if somebody else U-Turned Sheri & Cole or the dancers, Brodie & Kurt could stay alive.  He added that the boys would know who U-Turned them, since their picture was hanging there.  But after a moment, they realized that Burnie & Ashley could U-Turn them, Tyler & Korey, and fill up the board.  Tyler said, “That’d be smart for every team.”
Burnie & Ashley then arrived at the U-Turn, and were indeed smart about it, putting up Tyler & Korey’s picture.  Ashley said, “So that way, no more U-Turns.”  They ripped the clue and started for the paddleboard shop.  Burnie said that historically Brodie & Kurt could get through Detours really quickly, so they might still survive the leg.  “But if they do, they won’t be mad at us.”  Back at Haul, the Frisbee boys delivered the last of their coconuts and got the clue in third place.  Cole asked how they got fifty coconuts so fast, and Sheri said, “Because they have longer arms, baby!”  Brodie & Kurt headed to the U-Turn, praying it hadn’t been used on them.  Brodie was confident that Burnie & Ashley would never U-Turn them, “But Tyler & Korey are kind of a mystery.”
Tyler & Korey arrived on the beach and found the paddleboard shop.  They ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who’s feeling Blue?”  Teams would have to make a four-story cliff jump from Jump Rock into Blue Lagoon (and Tyler had to do it, since Korey had already filled his Roadblock quota.)  They re-boarded the boat they’d ridden earlier, and started for Blue Lagoon.  Brodie & Kurt then arrived at the U-Turn board, saw the pictures, and realized that the first two teams had made it so they couldn’t U-Turn anyone.  Brodie said, “They did the move to get us eliminated.”  They headed to Harvest, Kurt adding, “Oh, if we come out of this….”  Sheri & Cole then delivered their fortieth coconut, while Dana & Matt were up to thirty-three coconuts and three chickens.
Brodie & Kurt arrived at Harvest, where local workers sat in flat-bottomed canoes in the shallow water.  The boys chose a boat, and began punting it along the marked course out to the seaweed.  Kurt said they wanted to knock out the Detour, adding, “We knew we just had to continue to race hard if we wanted to stay in it….  We can make up that time.”  Brodie said they should get a bunch of seaweed so they could get it done in one try.  They then got into the water, and began untying strings of seaweed.  Once they had the strings in the boat, they quickly plucked off the green tufts.  Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole delivered their last coconuts, and got the clue in fourth place.  Heading off, Sheri laughed, “I wish it was haul fifty chickens and four coconuts.”  Dana & Matt were up to forty-three coconuts and three chickens, Dana saying, “I’m out of gas a little bit.”
Sheri & Cole arrived at the U-Turn board, and despite being completely confused about who’d U-Turned whom, knew they were safe.  Over at Harvest, Brodie & Kurt had accumulated a large pile of seaweed in their boat.  Brodie said, “Some of the lines had more seaweed than others, so I think we were doing a good job starting to pick the ones that had like, meatier seaweed, if you will.”  They started back to shore – but soon had trouble maneuvering the boat.  They bickered about who should steer in which direction, and finally realized that punting backwards was much easier.  They reached shore and piled half of their seaweed into baskets.  They then carried their load across the beach, and began laying it out on the tarp.
Back at Haul, after dropping a few more coconuts, Dana & Matt finally delivered their last load.  They got the clue and headed off in their truck.  Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt had covered about half of the tarp, and returned to the boat for the rest of their seaweed.  The dancers arrived at the filled U-Turn board, Dana saying of Burnie & Ashley, “Wow, they burned the U-Turn.  That was nice of them.”  They headed off, relieved that they’d been spared.  At the paddleboard shop, Sheri & Cole ripped the clue.  Cole opted for the Roadblock – but then read what he had to do.  Sheri said, “Oh baby, I’m so sorry!”  Cole said, “I’m like, panicking, because my biggest fear is heights.”  In their boat, Sheri explained that before the Race started, she’d planned on doing anything jump-related.  She told Cole not to think about it, and just do it.
En route to the Roadblock, Tyler explained that Cole is terrified of heights.  “We did not use the U-Turn for Cole to not jump off a cliff.  I was just going to freak out if either Brodie or Kurt pass him and stay in the Race.”  They arrived at Jump Rock, which rose forty feet above the waves of Blue Lagoon – but Tyler & Korey were eyeing the Adonis-like instructor waiting at the top.  Tyler then lay down on a small raft attached to a jet ski, and got towed to the cliff.  There hung a ladder, and he pulled himself onto it and began climbing.  Burnie & Ashley then arrived, with Ashley ready to jump.  Korey shouted out to Burnie, “Did you U-Turn us?”  Burnie confirmed that he had, and Korey shouted, “Thank you!  We were hoping you would!”
Tyler arrived at the top of the cliff, where the buff instructor had him lie on the ground, and then guided him through leg stretches.  Tyler said, “This guy had body-ody-ody.  Body for days!”  Back at Harvest, Brodie & Kurt carted over the last of their seaweed, and finished covering the tarp.  They were approved, and the judge presented them with seaweed-based face cream.  Brodie rubbed some into his skin, but Kurt treated it like a facemask, coating himself from hairline to chin in a layer of green.  They then got the clue and headed back to their truck.  Meanwhile, Dana & Matt ripped the clue at the paddleboard shop, and Matt opted for the Roadblock.  En route to the U-Turn board, Kurt said he put all the face cream on because they were in last, and needed some good luck.  Brodie quipped, “Because green slime everyone knows is a good luck charm.”  They got the clue directing them to the paddleboard shop, and headed off again.  Brodie said, “With Tyler & Korey, no hard feelings, but at the same time, kind of was a sucky move to do.”
At the Roadblock, Tyler finished his stretches and walked to the edge of the cliff.  He saw Ashley arriving down below, and knew he just had to jump.  He counted down, three, two, one… and jumped.  He hit the water, and admitted that the landing was a little rough.  Burnie agreed that it looked like “a butt hit.”  Tyler jumped back behind the jet ski and returned to his boat.  Ashley then reached the top of the cliff to begin her stretches.  Watching from below, Burnie joked, “They gave the ugly safety instructor the day off, I guess?”  Back on the boat, Tyler said, “My butt has never hurt that much.”  He and Korey ripped the clue, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, the Bajra Sandhi Monument in Bali.  They took off, Tyler talking once again about the hot safety instructor, saying, “He stretched me OUT!”
Back on the beach, the Frisbee boys ripped the clue, and it was Brodie’s turn for the Roadblock.  They boarded their boat, Brodie saying, “We’ve just got to hope and pray something crazy happens.”  Ashley then made her jump.  She and Burnie ripped the clue in second place, and headed for shore.  But they worried that Cole might stand atop the cliff for hours, working up the courage to jump.  Ashley added, “If this plan falls apart because Cole won’t jump, we’ll kill him!”  Sheri & Cole approached the Roadblock, Cole reiterating that he’s terrified of heights.  In a flashback to Leg Five, he stood on the edge of a cliff in Chamonix, France, whimpering and crying.  They arrived at the lagoon, and Cole took off for the cliff.  As he climbed the ladder, Sheri admitted that she was nervous he’d have second thoughts.
Dana & Matt then arrived, and Matt started for the cliff as Cole reached the top.  By the time Matt started to climb, Cole was on the edge of Jump Rock.  En route to the Pit Stop, Burnie & Ashley had caught up to Tyler & Korey in their boat.  Korey said, “They’re hungry for a first place.”  Tyler added, “They’ve had four number twos in a row – let’s make it five.”  Back on the cliff, Cole said he had a split second of panic, but he knew there were teams behind them, and he just had to do it.  He jumped, hitting the water and reemerging with a thumbs-up.  Back on the boat, he said, “I’m pretty sure water shot up my butt.”  He and Sheri ripped the clue in third place.  Matt quickly made his jump as well – although added that he hit his butt so hard it felt like hitting asphalt.  He and Dana left in fourth.
On shore, Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley jumped off their boats and sprinted for taxis.  The gamers found one first, and by the time the boys did so, Burnie & Ashley were gone.  Back at the Roadblock, Brodie made his jump.  Heading to shore, Kurt said, “We just had to continue to race hard.  We can make up time.”  In a race to the Pit Stop, Burnie said it could be their first first place.  But the gamers soon found themselves stuck behind a cement truck.  They and Tyler & Korey arrived at the temple and ran through the lush grounds, looking for Phil.  But Tyler & Korey once again arrived first, Burnie & Ashley running up a moment later.  Phil awarded the boys with an Alaskan cruise, and then told the gamers they were team number two.  Burnie said, “This is our fifth second place in a row.  It’s tough.”  Phil said that U-Turning Brodie & Kurt could be a good move, and Tyler replied, “If anybody has a chance to win it, the Frisbee boys can’t be in the finals.”
Back on the beach, Dana & Matt and Sheri & Cole arrived at the same time, and ran for taxis.  The dancers found one first and took off.  Meanwhile, Brodie & Kurt arrived in their boat.  Sheri & Cole finally found a taxi, Sheri saying you just never know about Brodie & Kurt.  The boys brought up the rear in their cab, shouting “Teleportation!”  Dana & Matt then arrived at the Pit Stop third, thanking the other teams for the U-Turn.  They were followed by Sheri & Cole.  Burnie said all four teams now had a one-in-four shot at a million dollars.  But Ashley just wanted to get away before Brodie & Kurt arrived.  Korey agreed, “Tyler and I definitely want to get out of here before the Frisbee guys show up.”  Tyler said, “Heading into the eleventh leg, it really does feel like it’s anybody’s fAnchorinale to take.”
Brodie & Kurt then arrived in last place, and Phil told them they were eliminated.  Brodie said they knew they’d be U-Turned, but admitted that the gamers threw them for a loop, making it so they couldn’t U-Turn anyone else.  But he said they’d learn from their loss, and hopefully become better people from it.  He added that he planned to hang out in Los Angeles, since he and Blair had plans to go on a date.  “I’m looking forward to it.”  Kurt grinned, adding, “Me, too.”
Detour:  Haul or Harvest.  In Haul, teams had to carry fifty coconuts and four chickens across a rickety, congested suspension bridge.  In Harvest, they had to punt a traditional canoe along a marked course, and then harvest enough seaweed to cover a tarp.
Haul:  Tyler/Korey, Burnie/Ashley, Brodie/Kurt, Sheri/Cole, Dana/Matt
Harvest:  Brodie/Kurt
Double U-Turn: 
Tyler & Korey U-Turned Brodie & Kurt
Burnie & Ashley U-Turned Tyler & Korey (who’d already passed the board)
Roadblock:  Teams had to make a four-story cliff jump into Blue Lagoon.
Performed Roadblock:  Tyler, Ashley, Cole, Matt, Brodie
Order of Finish
Tyler & Korey
Burnie & Ashley
Dana & Matt
Sheri & Cole
Brodie & Kurt