Season 28: Episode 11 - That's Money, Honey
Posted on May 6, 2016 08:50pm

In Shenzhen, Burnie & Ashley gained a lead after a world facts-driven Roadblock.  But they were unable to master electric unicycles at one side of the Detour, and were forced to switch.  It was a race to the mat between them and Sheri & Cole, but the mother and son nabbed the last spot in the finals, sending the gamers home.
In the lush tropics of Bali, Indonesia, Tyler & Korey ripped the clue at 7:34 a.m.  It told them to fly to Shenzhen, China, and find their next clue in the departure hall of the Shenzhen airport.  They headed for a travel agency, followed a minute later by Burnie & Ashley.  In their taxi, Tyler explained that he had no regrets about U-Turning – and eliminating – Frisbee boys Brodie & Kurt last leg.  He said that without them, everybody has a chance to win the Race.  Meanwhile, dancers Dana & Matt headed out third, followed by Sheri & Cole.  Tyler said, “I’ve seen a new life in Sheri & Cole’s eyes.”  Korey added that Burnie & Ashley are a good team, but they’ve been getting a lot of second places.  “If they want to come to the final three and get second place there as well, we’re happy to let them do that.”
Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley arrived at the travel agency together, and discovered there were plenty of tickets to Shenzhen.  Burnie joked that they should tell the other teams they were connecting through Kuwait.  Korey said, “ And you think we’re the villains!”  The back two teams then arrived.  Cole said that he and his mom weren’t up to par with the other teams, adding, “I’ve never been to China….  I’ve been to Chinatown in Alabama.”  Sheri said that they’ve actually been trying to win, Cole adding, “It’s not like we purposely want second-to-last every time.”  All teams then headed out on the same flight.
In the booming metropolis of Shenzhen, the plane landed, and everyone sprinted through the airport to the departure hall.  Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt found the clue first, and it said to travel by bus and train to the Eiffel Tower at the Window of the World theme park.  The two teams decided to hide their clues, in case they ran into anyone else.  While Sheri & Cole stopped to exchange currency, Burnie & Ashley found the clue.  Meanwhile, Tyler & Korey got in line behind Sheri & Cole at the currency exchange, but said they didn’t have the clue yet.  They then gave exaggerated winks to camera.  Burnie & Ashley arrived and got in line, and Korey asked them if, after exchanging money, they wanted to search for the clue again.  Burnie held up his clue, and asked Sheri & Cole if they’d gotten it.  Sheri said no, and Burnie looked surprised, saying there weren’t many left in the box.  Tyler griped in interview, “Dude, you like, blew our cover.”  He added that it was frustrating because, “There we were, caught not telling Sheri & Cole, when we didn’t have to tell them anything in the first place.”
Finally, Sheri & Cole got the last clue, and realized that the vloggers had indeed lied to them.  Outside, Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt got on the first bus, which pulled out before anyone else made it on.  Tyler & Korey complained to the dancers about Burnie, adding, “I love Sheri & Cole, but – ” and Matt finished, “Somebody has to go this leg.”  Sheri & Cole and Burnie & Ashley then boarded a second bus.  Cole confirmed that he and his mom were the last ones to get the clue.  “So [Tyler & Korey] just told us that they didn’t get it, but they had it.”  Burnie said the boys had intentionally misdirected them, and were only sharing information with the dancers.  Cole added, “You can’t trust anybody.”
At the train station, the first two teams bought tickets, jumped on a train, and took off.  The second two teams then arrived, but while Burnie & Ashley quickly boarded, Sheri & Cole had trouble with the ticket machine, and missed the train.  At Window of the World, small-size replicas of global landmarks sprawled over acres of land.  Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt arrived, and ran to the one-third scale Eiffel Tower.  They climbed the stairs to the first level and found the clue, which was a Roadblock.  They had to solve riddles about six landmarks, and then find those places in the park and put a sticker from each one into a passport book.  When all six were approved and stamped by an immigration officer, they’d receive their next clue. 
Tyler and Dana opted for the task, agreeing to work together.  Korey also predicted that Burnie would be good at it, adding that the gamers were a threat.  Tyler agreed, saying, “When it comes to thinking about who’s going to the finals, that’s not a team I want to go up against.”  As Burnie & Ashley headed up the Eiffel Tower, Tyler and Dana began looking at a map of the park.   Tyler went on to say that he and Korey liked the dancers, and they wanted to work with people they liked.  Burnie & Ashley then ripped the clue, and Burnie opted for the task.  Tyler and Dana got their passport books containing the riddles, and were able to figure out a few off the bat, such as “The Sphinx is guardian of these ancient structures of Giza.”  They headed for those landmarks first.
Burnie got started by himself, confident about some of the riddles, but confused by others (“You could watch reenactments of famous battles here.”)  Meanwhile, Tyler and Dana reached the Merlion of Singapore, along with the accompanying box of stickers.  But after placing the stickers in their passport books, they returned the trash to the box.  Sheri & Cole then arrived at the task, saying, “I don’t know how we got so far behind so fast.”  They ripped the clue, and Sheri began.  But as Burnie collected a sticker for the Taj Mahal, Sheri looked over the riddles and the map, and became confused.  She eventually figured out the Pyramids, however, and headed towards them.  On the way she passed Tyler and Dana, and figured she was in trouble upon realizing they were working together.
Tyler and Dana collected the stickers at Notre Dame Cathedral, as Burnie spotted it in the distance.  The pair then did the same at the Pyramids.  When Burnie arrived there, he discovered the sticker backings that the first two left in the box.  “They’re being stupid, actually.  So I’m going to take the backings so other teams can’t figure it out.  It gives me an advantage – I get to work off of what they’re doing.”  Sheri then got the Pyramids sticker, and headed off to Notre Dame.  Meanwhile, Tyler and Dana stumbled upon the Coliseum, and read on its plaque that reenactments of famous battles took place there.  They collected the stickers (their fourth of six) and went off to find the Vatican.  Burnie then arrived at the Vatican, and collected his fourth of six stickers.  Sheri found the sticker at the Coliseum, proud of herself for figuring it out alone.  But she then read the next riddle: “This palace is actually a mausoleum framed by for minarets,” and said, “I don’t know what a minuet is.”
Meanwhile, Tyler and Dana stood at the replica of Angkor Wat and collected the stickers, believing it to be the answer to the minaret riddle.  Burnie then ran by, sniping, “Are you still looking for your clue from the airport?”  Tyler said it seemed like Burnie knew what he was doing.  Dana said, “If he does, he has the most useless knowledge out of everyone.”  For his part, Burnie said, “A couple of jackasses working together, and they can’t beat a couple of people working by themselves.”  While Sheri got her third sticker at Notre Dame, Tyler and Dana got their last stickers at the Vatican, and hurried back.  As the immigration official began stamping their correct stickers, Tyler complained that he had to pee.  Dana said, “I swear, just pee yourself.  We didn’t come here to lose.”  Five of their six stickers were approved, but Angkor Wat was incorrect.
While Sheri searched for Vatican City, Tyler and Dana again crossed paths with Burnie.  Burnie asked them about the battle reenactments riddle, and Tyler was once again evasive, saying it might be something Native American.  Meanwhile, Sheri found Vatican City, while Burnie spotted the Coliseum on the map and ran for it.  Tyler and Dana then decided to give the Taj Mahal a shot.  Burnie got the sticker at the Coliseum, which was his last.  He headed back for the starting point, complaining that Tyler had lied to him yet again.  “Good thing I didn’t fall for it.”  Tyler and Dana then found the Taj Mahal, and got their last stickers as well.  Dana said, “Show them who’s a jackass now.”
Burnie arrived back, and got all six of his stickers stamped and approved.  He and Ashley ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way by subway to Lychee Park, and find their next clue near the Moon Bridge.  Tyler and Dana then got their last sticker approved.  The two teams ran off, hoping to catch the gamers’ train… and they ultimately did, sliding in just behind Burnie & Ashley.  Tyler said, “It’s anybody’s race for first.”  Back at the Roadblock, Sheri struggled over the riddle regarding the head of a lion and the body of a fish.  She finally asked someone, and was directed to the Singapore Merlion.
At Lychee Park, the other three teams ran for Moon Bridge.  Burnie & Ashley ripped the clue first, and discovered a Detour: Commuter Cycle or Master of Arts.  In Commuter Cycle, teams had to ride an electric unicycle alongside local commuters, while carrying a briefcase and a coffee cup.  In Master of Arts, they had to collect a set of paintings from the Dafen Oil Painting Village.  They then had to take them to a local gallery, and then hang them on the wall to the exact specifications of the art dealer.  Burnie & Ashley chose commuter cycle, while Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt chose Master of Arts.  The gamers then got back on the subway, while the other teams got into taxis.  At the Roadblock, Sheri finally found her last sticker, the Taj Mahal.  She got the clue and ran off with Cole, apologizing for taking so long.
At the Dafen Oil Painting Village, dozens of easels stood in the street, where artists worked on replications of famous paintings.  Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt arrived and picked up their stacks of paintings, and then headed off to find their respective galleries.  On the subway, Burnie explained that unicycling might be harder, but it could also be faster.  He added that if they struggled with it, they would just switch Detours.  Sheri & Cole then arrived at the Moon Bridge, ripped the clue, and chose Commuter Cycle.  Tyler & Korey found their art gallery, and discovered hammers and nails, and a series of horizontal wooden beams on the wall.  They laid their paintings out on the floor, and tried to figure out how they fit together.  Once they had them roughly resembling a unified picture, they began hanging them.  Korey joked, “Just a couple of jocks hanging paintings.”  Tyler added, “Just a couple of carpenter jocks.”  They hammered nails into the wooden beams, and then used a level to make sure the paintings hung straight.  (Korey also slipped tools into the pocket of his apron, causing Tyler to comment on how cute it looked.) 
Dana & Matt then found their gallery, and laid out the paintings on the floor.  But because they didn’t match up exactly, Dana said, “This is a mess – this is not a picture.”  Matt said the directions didn’t specify that the paintings all had to be flush, and Dana incorrectly replied, “That’s exactly what it says, actually.”  She added, “And just use your head.  Everything has to fit.”  When Matt stressed that there were probably supposed to be gaps between the paintings, Dana snapped, “I don’t want to talk anymore.  I just want to hang these damn things.”  Over at Commuter Cycle, Burnie & Ashley arrived to find suit-clad locals doing tricks on their electric unicycles.  The gamers changed into suits themselves, and then attempted to mount the machines.  Neither one could get their balance, but Burnie said he felt good about it.  Ashley didn’t, however, saying, “I thought I was good at balancing, but these [local] guys are showing me up big time.”  She worried that she wouldn’t get the knack of it in time.
At Master of Arts, Tyler & Korey had hung about half of their paintings, and had noticed that, when hung, there were supposed to be gaps between them.  Over in the dancers’ gallery, Matt said he used to flip houses, so he had a little experience with carpentry.  He hammered in a few more nails, and he and Dana hung their last painting.  Tyler & Korey also finished, and asked to be judged.  But the art dealer held up a level, the width of which was the correct spacing between the paintings… and some of the boys’ paintings were too close together.  Dana & Matt had the same problem.  As he began pulling out nails, Korey grumbled that he wanted to go unicycle, but Tyler said they were ten nails away from being right.  Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole were en route to Commuter Cycle, confident they’d do well.  Burnie & Ashley, however, feared they weren’t picking up the skill fast enough, and decided to switch Detours.  They hurried away, knowing they’d just lost their lead over Sheri & Cole.
The mother and son then arrived at Commuter Cycle, and changed into business suits.  Meanwhile, Burnie & Ashley stumbled across Tyler & Korey’s art gallery while looking for the painting village.  As they left, Burnie said the unicycles were impossible, and Tyler sniped, “Okay, whatever.”  For his part, Burnie said, “We can’t ask them, because they won’t tell us the truth.”  Sheri & Cole then came out in their suits, ready to unicycle.  Cole said, “I’m pretty athletic – I can skateboard and skimboard….  Mom, I know it might be tough for you, but I’ll help you through it.”  But Cole staggered on his board and quickly fell off – while Sheri got the hang of it almost immediately, coasting across the pavement, only lightly supported by a local.  Cole said, “My mom is riding it… a good bit better than I am.”  He continued working with locals supporting both arms, and joked that his future girlfriend will think he’s so cool.
Back at Master of Arts, Burnie & Ashley arrived at the village to collect their paintings.  Tyler & Korey adjusted the last of their nails “a smidgen” and asked to be judged again.  They were approved, and got the clue in first place.  It was a picture of an enormous, wave-shaped roofline, underneath of which was written, “Shenzhen Library Terrace,” the next Pit Stop.  Dana & Matt also asked to be judged, and were approved in second place.  Meanwhile, Burnie & Ashley walked through the streets with their paintings, but were having trouble finding their art gallery.  Over at Commuter Cycle, Sheri & Cole continued to work at the unicycles.  They figured since they were the only team there, it’d make no sense to switch Detours, since everyone else would be so far ahead at the paintings.
Tyler & Korey ran down the street, Korey saying, “Let’s go be in the final three!”  They spotted the gamers with their paintings, and Burnie & Ashley realized the boys had finished.  Burnie said, “We’re not fighting for first anymore, sweetie pie.”  Ashley agreed.  “Nope, we’re fighting to stay in it.”  They finally found their art gallery.  While Sheri & Cole continued making shaky progress at Commuter Cycle, Tyler & Korey were in a taxi en route to the Pit Stop.  Tyler hoped Burnie & Ashley would get tripped up on the paintings, so Sheri & Cole could survive the leg.  Dana & Matt also rode to the Pit Stop, Matt saying, “I just want to see Phil, and hear any number less than four.”
Burnie & Ashley were surprisingly slow to figure out how their paintings fit together, and actually began hanging them on the wall before learning what went where.  Meanwhile, it had started raining, which made it difficult for Sheri & Cole to stay on their unicycles.  But Sheri finally got on one by herself, and rode it successfully.  Cole admitted, “My mom was better at it than me.”  But Sheri then had to carry a briefcase, adding, “The rain has not made it any easier.”  Nevertheless, they still didn’t think they should switch Detours.  Meanwhile, near the Shenzhen Library Terrace, Tyler & Korey and Dana & Matt arrived in their taxis.  Both teams ran around in the rain looking for Phil – but Tyler & Korey found him first.  Phil told them they were team number one, and that they were one of the teams that’d be racing back to the United States for one million dollars.  Tyler said, “I didn’t foresee any other outcome than us winning.  We can taste it.”  Dana & Matt then arrived in second place.
Back at Master of Arts, Burnie & Ashley hung their last painting, and were approved in third place.  Over at Commuter Cycle, Sheri & Cole got in position with their briefcases and coffee cups, ready to ride through the crowd.  Sheri said, “These people need to be moving out of the way!”  Cole added, “They better maneuver away from us, or I’m plowing into them.”  They began riding, Sheri clarifying that they didn’t have to stay up the whole time, but they had to stay together.  Cole rode for a sizeable stretch before losing his balance.  When he apologized for falling, Sheri said, “Baby, you’ve waited on me many a time.”  She then fell as well.  She shouted at people to watch out as her unicycle kept rolling and finally crashed into the curb.
En route to the Pit Stop, Burnie & Ashley were nervous about not knowing where the other teams were, and knew they’d wasted a lot of time on the unicycles.  Meanwhile, Sheri & Cole continued on their cycling route.  After squeezing between a few cars, they reached the end.  The locals told them a number sequence, which they put into the combination on one of their briefcases.  The case opened, revealing their next clue.  As Burnie & Ashley approached the Pit Stop in their taxi, they believed they were in second or third place.  Cole said they chose the more fun Detour, and every time they’ve done that, they’ve stayed in the Race.  “I think somehow, we’re in it.”  Meanwhile, Burnie & Ashley were caught in standstill traffic, so they exited their taxi and continued on foot.  Cole said he was certain they’d had more fun than everyone who did the paintings.  Sheri added, “Except for the fact that one of them are going to win the million dollars.”
Burnie & Ashley arrived in the vicinity of the Pit Stop, but like the earlier teams, couldn’t find Phil.  Sheri & Cole then arrived in their taxi, and began looking as well.  On the mat, the first two teams waited anxiously to see who’d come around the corner.  Tyler predicted, “I think it’s going to be [team] yellow.”  But Cole in his red shirt was the first person to appear.  The other teams lost it, screaming and cheering as Sheri & Cole ran up the steps.  The mother and son were shocked to learn they were third, Cole shouting, “We were riding those unicycles for like, three years!”  Finally Burnie & Ashley arrived.  When Burnie saw everyone on the mat, he muttered, “Damn.”  Phil then told them that only three teams would be racing to the Finish Line.  Burnie said it was enormously disappointing to not make it to the final leg.  “We just had a classic bad day on the Race, and you can’t do that this late in the game.”
Roadblock:  Teams had to solve a series of riddles to identify six world landmarks at the Window of the World theme park.  After running to each landmark and collecting the corresponding stickers in their passport books, they’d receive their next clue.
Performed Roadblock:  Burnie, Tyler, Dana, Sheri
Detour:  Commuter Cycle or Master of Arts.  In Commuter Cycle, teams had to ride electric unicycles while carrying briefcases and coffee cups.  When they completed a trip down the road with local commuters, they’d receive their next clue.  In Master of Arts, they had to collect paintings and deliver them to a nearby art gallery.  They then had to hang them on the wall to the exact specifications of the art dealer.
Commuter Cycle:  Sheri & Cole
Master of Arts:  Tyler & Korey, Dana & Matt, Burnie & Ashley
Order of Finish:Tyler & KoreyDana & MattSheri & ColeBurnie & Ashley