Season 29: Episode 2 - Scared Spitless
Posted on Apr 6, 2017 11:00pm

Teams arrived on a myriad of flights in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While he rappelled down the side of a building, Shamir’s harness began hurting, causing him to flip out and break a window. But it was Jessie & Francesca, who arrived on the last flight, that were ultimately eliminated.
In Panama City, teams revealed how they were getting along. Rock-climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd, aka “Team Fun” said they’d love to go down in history as the Race’s happiest team. Becca said, “We’re just geeking every second, and then feeding off of the geeked energy.” But Wall Street analyst/real estate agent Vanck & Ashton felt differently. Vanck said, “I’m research-driven, mathematically-oriented. Ashton is very people-oriented. If we can figure out how to work with each other, we can be a very effective team.” Criminal attorney Brooke said of recruiting manager Scott, “You’re with someone who doesn’t necessarily know your limits, and can get easily frustrated.” Auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael, who’d be starting in a distant last place, said they were putting the first leg behind them. Army drill instructor Francesca said she couldn’t have picked any partner but K-9 police officer Jessie. “I look back at it now, and I’m actually really glad I didn’t have to choose!”
Seth & Olive ripped the clue first at 11:16 p.m., and it told them to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil. All teams then ran to a nearby travel agency that opened at 5:00 a.m. Professional snowboarder/former Navy Corpsman Matt & Redmond booked the earliest flight, which landed at 12:45 a.m. the following day. Vanck & Ashton also booked it. But then Wall Street banker/real estate agent Shamir & Sara learned the flight was full. Shamir flared up, walked away from the counter, and began griping about their travel agent’s typing, saying, “Granny is slow as hell.” Sara admitted that she now had some concerns about Shamir’s reaction to certain situations. Shamir described himself as an alpha male who works for one of the largest investment banking firms in the country. “I’m very aggressive at times. If you’re not, you’re going to get chewed up and spit out.”
All the teams then took off on six different flights to Brazil. The first flight held Matt & Redmond and Vanck & Ashton. The second had Shamir & Sara, Brooke & Scott, and police officer/firefighter Seth & Olive. Liz & Michael managed to get on the third flight despite their late departure from the mat, and were followed by artist/surgical consultant London & Logan on the fourth flight. Becca & Floyd and Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey were together on the fifth flight, while Jessie & Francesca brought up the rear on the last one. When teams landed in Sao Paulo, they’d head to a helipad and sign up for a helicopter ride over the city. After landing atop a skyscraper, they’d travel to Praça da Sé, where they’d find their next clue.
As the first plane landed, Ashton explained that she and Vanck had made an agreement with Matt & Redmond to flip a coin when they got to the helipark to see who’d be in first place. “That way we weren’t trying to kill each other to get there.” But in their taxi, the boys were having second thoughts. Matt said, “If they’re smart, they’re debating honoring the coin flip.” Redmond agreed: “Nobody would be smart to just wait for another team.” The boys arrived first, and went ahead and signed up for the first helicopter. When Vanck & Ashton showed up, they realized the boys hadn’t kept their word. They confronted them, but Matt & Redmond just shrugged the situation off. Ashton gave an insincere, “Okay, whatever.” But in interview she said, “This was a slap in the face and a stab in the back.” Vanck said, “There’s no point to really raise hell just yet.” Ashton added, “That’ll come later on.”
Shamir & Sara, Seth & Olive, Brooke & Scott, Liz & Michael, London & Logan, Becca & Floyd, and Tara & Joey then arrived, and signed up for their helicopters. As the sun came up, Matt & Redmond took off, soaring over the sprawling city. Matt explained that he chose Redmond as a partner because as a professional snowboarder he’s been injured a lot himself, and understands what it’s like to come back from that. Vanck & Ashton then followed in second. As Shamir & Sara took off in the third helicopter, Matt & Redmond landed and headed to Praça da Sé. Seth & Olive then took their ride, while down on the ground Jessie & Francesca were stuck in traffic. They remained positive however, saying that being a police officer and in the military meant that they were used to stressful situations. Jessie said, “We’re getting along amazing! We haven’t had any problems since day one, when we didn’t know each other.”
Brooke & Scott headed off in the fifth helicopter, followed by Liz & Michael and London & Logan. Meanwhile, Matt & Redmond arrived at Praça da Sé, a large plaza dominated by a cathedral. They ripped the clue in first place, and found a Detour: Keep the Beat or Work Your Feet. In Keep the Beat, teams had to learn to play a drum called the Surdo, and a shaken percussion instrument called the Chocalho. When they’d properly performed with a Samba band, they’d receive their next clue. In Work Your Feet, they had to build a makeshift workout station for a boxer using a refrigerator, a truck tire, and spare auto parts. Matt & Redmond chose Work Your Feet, Redmond joking, “Because I’ve only got one.” Shamir & Sara arrived second and chose Keep the Beat, while Vanck & Ashton chose Work Your Feet.
Matt & Redmond arrived at the “gym,” which was actually a space under a highway overpass where boxers worked out. They hauled over a refrigerator from a pile of equipment, and hoisted it into the air on a cable. They then began assembling weights from tin cans, milk jugs and tire rims. Meanwhile, Shamir & Sara arrived at Keep the Beat, and grabbed a Surdo and a Chocalho. Shamir practiced the beat on the drum, while Sara learned the rhythm of shaking the Chocalho. Back at Praça da Sé, Seth & Olive ripped the clue in fourth place, and chose Work Your Feet. As Becca & Floyd flew over the city in the eighth helicopter, Liz & Michael chose Keep the Beat.
At Work Your Feet, Matt & Redmond continued screwing together the makeshift weights, Redmond comparing the gym to one he used in Afghanistan. Brooke & Scott then chose Work Your Feet, while London & Logan chose Keep the Beat. As Tara & Joey traveled in the ninth helicopter, Vanck & Ashton arrived at Work Your Feet and began setting up their station. Matt & Redmond then asked to be judged, but were rejected. Over at Keep the Beat, Liz & Michael arrived to find Shamir & Sara still practicing. Liz explained that she was in band from middle school through high school. Michael added, “We’re going to put our band geek mafia skills to the test.” As London & Logan arrived, Shamir & Sara began performing. But Sara didn’t stop in time with the music, and they were rejected.
En route to Work Your Feet, Brooke & Scott got stuck in traffic, and decided to continue on foot. At the gym, Matt & Redmond discovered that there should be several inches of water in the bottom of their metal barrel. They filled a bucket of water and dumped it in, all the while trying to keep it hidden from Vanck & Ashton. As Seth & Olive arrived, Matt & Redmond were approved. They ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to Avenida Paulista, and find the marked bicycle. Jessie & Francesca then finally got moving on the last helicopter, while Brooke & Scott struggled to find the gym. Jogging down the sidewalk, Brooke tripped, landing badly on her arm. She walked off, saying, “I seriously bruised my elbow.” But she powered on, adding, “Pain is temporary – elimination is forever.”
At Work Your Feet, Seth stopped to grab his work gloves. Olive wasn’t having it, snapping, “Seth, you’re really worried about the cleanliness of your hands at a moment like this? Seriously?” Over at Keep the Beat, Shamir & Sara gave their second performance, but this time it was Shamir who didn’t stop on the beat. At Praça da Sé, Becca & Floyd chose Keep the Beat, while Tara & Joey chose Work Your Feet. At the gym, after dumping water in their barrel, Vanck & Ashton were approved in second place, followed by Seth & Olive. Heading off in their taxi, Vanck & Ashton celebrated learning that they had one thing in common – being detail-oriented. Vanck joked, “Leg two… maybe by leg five we’ll find three more.”
Brooke & Scott then arrived at the gym, but because of Brooke’s injury, Scott had to drag over the refrigerator by himself. Brooke was, however, able to use her good arm to lift it with the cable hoist. At Keep the Beat, Liz & Michael and London & Logan joined the performance group, while Shamir complained because he’d cut his hand on the drum. The music started, and all three teams tried to keep the beat. London & Logan and Liz & Michael were rejected, but Shamir & Sara were approved. They ripped the clue in fourth place. In the taxi, Shamir continued to gripe about the small cuts on his hand. “It hurts – pretty sore, bleeding. Luckily I’m not left-handed. It’s not broken or anything, I think it’s just bruised.” Sara seemed a bit baffled by his self-pity.
As Jessie & Francesca landed in the last helicopter, Liz & Michael and London & Logan gave their second performance with the Samba band. London & Logan were again rejected, but Liz & Michael were approved in fifth place. Michael said, “Being a band geek pays off. Stay in the marching band, be a nerd, man!” Over at Work Your Feet, Brooke & Scott began assembling their weights, Brooke whimpering and moaning as she carried heavy materials with her bad arm. As Tara & Joey arrived at the gym, Becca & Floyd arrived at Keep the Beat, Becca saying, “The Fun Meter is in the red zone, people!” Running to the practice area with the Surdo, Floyd said, “The definition of being a drum major is keeping the beat, so if I can keep the beat for the band, I can probably keep the beat for this Detour.”
Elsewhere in the city, Matt & Redmond wandered around lost, their taxi having let them off in the wrong location. They began following a bike path, and just hoped to beat Vanck & Ashton. At Avenida Paulista, a wide street lined with high rises, the latter arrived in first place. They spotted a woman riding a red and yellow marked bicycle, and she gave them the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who likes things squeaky clean?” Teams would have to rappel down the side of a building, and wash a marked window. Ashton opted for it.
Back at Keep the Beat, London & Logan were approved on their third attempt. Becca & Floyd then began, Floyd saying, “It was so amazing to be able to put my skills to use, and just have a task that’s perfectly catered to what I do.” When the music stopped, he and Becca got the clue in sixth place. Over at Work Your Feet, Brooke & Scott were approved as well, Brooke complimenting Scott for taking over since she was injured. At the Roadblock, Ashton put on coveralls and a harness, and nervously prepared to go over the edge of the building. Down below, Liz & Michael ripped the clue in second place, and Liz opted for it. Meanwhile, Ashton lowered herself down the building, saying she’d get the window clean. “My mama would be proud. Well, actually she’d be terrified.”
Back at Praça da Sé, Jessie & Francesca finally arrived and chose Keep the Beat. Atop the high rise, Liz prepared to go over the edge, saying, “I’m scared spitless.” She lowered herself down next to Ashton, who explained that the windows were covered in a chalky, waxy reside that you had to scrub and squeegee off. Down below, Matt & Redmond and Seth & Olive ripped the clue, with Redmond and Seth opting for it. Tara & Joey were approved in ninth place at Work Your Feet, while back at the Roadblock, Shamir & Sara and Brooke & Scott ripped the clue. Shamir opted for it, along with Scott – but as soon as the latter agreed to it, he and Brooke realized it was a heights challenge. Scott headed up the elevator, but was already teary. He explained that he had a fear of heights, but Brooke couldn’t do the challenge because she was injured. “I’m really scared about it.”
As Ashton and Liz continued working on their windows, Scott said the only thing he never did as an Eagle Scout was rappel. “It’s just my number one fear.” And he fought not to break down crying. He finally began lowering himself down the side of the building, inch by inch, as Brooke cheered him on. Scott said, “I’ve always said I wanted to conquer this fear – I’ll go as slow as I wish.” Meanwhile, Jessie & Francesca arrived at Keep the Beat and began practicing. Back at the Roadblock, Shamir began lowering himself down the building, saying “I like this a lot better than playing the drum.”
Becca & Floyd ripped the Roadblock clue in seventh place, and Becca opted for it. Seth then asked to be judged, but was rejected. He explained that he missed a spot at the top of the window, but because you couldn’t lift yourself up, the only thing to do was to go down to the ground and rappel again. Liz then asked to be judged… and got the clue in first place. As she lowered herself to the ground, Ashton was approved in second. Liz & Michael ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Trianon Park off of Avenida Paulista. They jumped in a taxi, while Vanck & Ashton headed off on foot.
As Jessie & Francesca practiced at Keep the Beat, Tara & Joey ripped the Roadblock clue in eighth place. Tara opted for it, explaining that not only is she a mother of four, but she’s been a paratrooper in the Army for twenty years. “I’ve definitely had some life experiences that the younger contestants could never even dream of.” As Scott talked himself through the task, rock-climbing instructor Becca rappelled effortlessly down the side of the building. London & Logan then ripped the clue in ninth place, and Logan opted for it. Meanwhile, both Liz & Michael and Vanck & Ashton descended on Trianon Park – but the former arrived first. Phil said, “You arrived on the third flight, you went past five teams, and you’re team number one!” He then awarded them with a trip to Barbados. Michael said, “We just had a horseshoe right up our behinds man, we crushed it.” Vanck & Ashton then arrived, and Ashton was happy to have beaten Matt & Redmond. She said that she and Vanck were working through their interpersonal dynamics, and she was happy with him as a teammate. Vanck agreed, “one hundred and twenty percent – although that’s mathematically impossible.”
Back at the Roadblock, Redmond got the clue in third place. At Keep the Beat, Jessie & Francesca finally began performing. They were approved, and got the clue in last. Tara then began lowering herself down the side of the building, while Scott, Becca and Seth continued working. Matt & Redmond arrived at the mat in third place. Redmond joked that he’d wanted to hear “You’ve won leg two,” so he could trade it for his prosthetic leg. Meanwhile, Shamir finished his window – but was rejected, having missed a spot at the top. As he lowered to the ground, he said, “That’s the most painful thing in the world – this harness is riding up parts it shouldn’t be.” Atop the building, he griped about his testicles feeling swollen, and the instructor began adjusting his harness.
Seth then got the clue in fourth place. Hanging next to Scott, Tara said she thought he was afraid of heights. Scott said, “I am – I cried the first twenty minutes of this challenge.” As Seth & Olive arrived at the Pit Stop, Shamir began his second attempt at the Roadblock. But he suddenly started shouting that his testicles were about to rupture, and that he had to get down. He then took his fury out on the building, punching and actually breaking a window. Once on the ground, he went into an ambulance. On the side of the building, Logan was also hurting, but was taking it more in stride. “Let’s go with that clue – I’ve got to get the blood flow back to my junk.” He added in interview, “Shamir got a little testy – no pun intended... Every male that got into a harness, it was going to hurt.” In the ambulance, Shamir asked, “Can I keep going? Is it dangerous?”
Meanwhile, Jessie & Francesca arrived in the vicinity of the Roadblock, but couldn’t find the marked bicyclist. Scott then joyously finished the task in fifth place, followed in rapid succession by Becca, Logan and Tara. As the four teams headed off to the Pit Stop, Shamir finally stepped out of the ambulance and headed back inside. Sara was frustrated, saying it didn’t seem serious. “For a non-injury, he probably spent too much time in the ambulance. If a million dollars were on the line and I had some discomfort, I’d probably suck it up and keep going.” Jessie & Francesca then arrived at the building – but completely missed the bicyclist, even as she rode right past them. Sara pointedly suggested they search down the street – just as the cyclist rode past them again. Still oblivious, Jessie & Francesca thanked Sara and ran off. Sara felt bad for misleading them, but said, “I don’t know how they didn’t see the girl – she literally just rode past us three times!”
Becca & Floyd then arrived at the Pit Stop in fifth place, followed closely by Brooke & Scott, Tara & Joey and London & Logan. Back at the Roadblock, Shamir was rejected yet again. He lowered himself to the ground, but once there, he decided to take a break. Jessie & Francesca then arrived back and found the bicyclist. Sara shouted at Shamir to hurry back up, but he replied, “My balls hurt – what do you want me to do?” As Francesca ran up to begin the challenge, Shamir finally followed. Sara griped, “This is so frustrating.” Francesca then began rappelling, Jessie cheering, “That’s my paratrooper!” Shamir began again, and the two worked side by side… but Francesca was rejected, while Shamir was finally approved.
Arriving at the Pit Stop, Shamir threw his bag on the ground, and Phil noted that he was angry. Shamir snapped, “Very angry. I was stuck by my balls, hanging – real funny!” Phil explained that even experienced rappellers have pain from their harnesses sometimes. He then asked Sara to talk about something positive. She began to describe the wonderful time she had with the Samba band – but suddenly stopped, looking like she might cry. Shamir told her not to be upset, and she said, “I not – I’m not upset. I think this entire experience is a blessing.” She added in interview, “I think I’ve learned a lot about him, and I’m going to try to figure out how to handle things from here on out.” Jessie & Francesca then arrived, and Phil told them they were eliminated. Jessie said she had no regrets about being partners with Francesca. “We had a blast! Being on the Amazing Race just for even two legs taught us a lot about ourselves... Now we can go be bodybuilders together!”
DETOUR: Keep the Beat or Work Your Feet. In Keep the Beat, teams had to learn to play the Surdo and the Chocalho, and then perform with a Samba band. In Work Your Feet, they had to assemble a makeshift gym using recycled items and spare auto parts.
Keep the Beat: Shamir/Sara, Liz/Michael, London/Logan, Becca/Floyd, Jessie/Francesca
Work Your Feet: Matt/Redmond, Vanck/Ashton, Seth/Olive, Brooke/Scott, Tara/Joey
Roadblock: Teams had to rappel down the side of a high rise, and wash a marked window.
Performed Roadblock: Liz, Ashton, Redmond, Seth, Scott, Becca, Logan, Tara, Shamir, Francesca
Order of Finish:Liz & MichaelVanck & AshtonMatt & RedmondSeth & OliveBecca & FloydBrooke & ScottTara & JoeyLondon & LoganShamir & SaraJessie & Francesca