Season 29: Episode 3 - Bucket List Type Stuff
Posted on Apr 13, 2017 11:00pm

In Tanzania, a Double U-Turn caused both Seth & Olive and Matt & Redmond to do both Detours. Matt & Redmond powered through, however, and finished only minutes behind Vanck & Ashton – the team that U-Turned them. But Seth & Olive weren’t able to overcome the delay, and were eliminated.

At the end of Leg Two in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wall Street banker/real estate agent Shamir & Sara joined the other teams at the Pit Stop. Sara believed she was being tested, having Shamir as a partner. As she hugged the other racers, she said in interview, “We were welcomed by this huge group of incredible individuals. And then [Shamir] goes in the corner and starts talking about his junk again.” Shamir, indeed, was still griping about the pain his rappelling harness had caused him during the Roadblock. Artist/surgical consultant London & Logan said there was a lot of drama going on with other teams, but they weren’t getting caught up in it. Army officer Tara was happy with her partner, police sergeant Joey, but criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott admitted that they were still learning to handle one another’s personalities.
Auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael ripped the clue first at 8:47 a.m. It told them to fly to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and travel to the Askari Monument. They’d find their next clue printed inside a newspaper at a nearby newsstand. There was also a blind Double U-Turn ahead. They ran off, followed a minute later by Wall Street analyst/real estate agent Vanck & Ashton. Professional snowboarder/former Navy Corpsman Matt & Redmond left third, Redmond saying, “There’s no drama with this team, because we’re Team Man.” Liz & Michael considered U-Turning police officer/firefighter Seth & Olive. Leaving the mat in fourth place, the latter figured they’d get U-Turned, since they were a strong team. But Ashton said she wanted to U-Turn Matt & Redmond as payback for not honoring their handshake agreement at the helipark on the previous leg. For his part, Matt said Vanck & Ashton were the only team he was worried about. Ashton added, “I just don’t like it when people screw me over.”

Rock-climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd left the mat fifth, followed by Brooke & Scott. In their taxi, Floyd said he wasn’t worried about the U-Turn because they’re Team Fun. Becca said their communication is amazing, and they complement each other so well. “It’s actually absurd.” In the seventh taxi, Tara said she and Joey would have no problem U-Turning. “I’m not here to make best friends, I’m here to win a million dollars for my family.” London & Logan left the Pit Stop in eighth, followed by Shamir & Sara. Shamir said that last leg he was injured and frustrated, but he was ready to get back to the top. All teams then boarded and took off on the same flight to Dar es Salaam.
The plane landed, and everyone ran for taxis to the Askari Monument. Sitting in traffic, they took in the sights of Dar es Salaam, such as people perched in the backs of pickup tricks, and walking with baskets balanced on their heads. Logan said, “This is bucket-list type stuff right here.” The sun set, and teams arrived at the Askari Monument. They found the newsstand, and began searching for the clue in the papers. Shamir found it first, and it said to travel by ferry to Zanzibar for your next clue. Everyone else soon found the clue, and piled into line for tickets at the ferry terminal. But Matt & Redmond got to the window first, having cut in front of everyone else. As people began to complain, Joey said, “It’s all going to be the seven o’clock ferry. If not, we’ll throw them overboard.” Ashton added, “Now it really is a matter of principle. This is mark number two against them.” Matt admitted, “We just kept our mouths shut. This is the wrong time to get in an argument with a team – we’ve got that U-Turn coming up.”

At seven o’clock, teams boarded the ferry and began heading past the city’s crowded beaches to the island of Zanzibar. The ferry docked, and everyone ran for taxis to the Mkokotoni Market, knowing the Double U-Turn was directly ahead. Mike said, “It’s unlimited U-Turns this season, so… let’s use it. Let’s be the bad guys.” Tara & Joey discussed U-Turning Seth & Olive. “They’re so strong – this is where we make our move.” Teams arrived and ran for the U-Turn board. Tara & Joey got there first, and U-Turned Seth & Olive. “They’re in a league of their own, and we wanted to give them a taste of what it’s like to be back in the pack.” Vanck & Ashton then arrived, and predictably U-Turned Matt & Redmond.
Tara & Joey ripped the clue in first place, and found a Detour: Build It or Weave It. In Build It, teams had to assemble wooden desks for schoolchildren, and then deliver them to a nearby schoolhouse and learn a few Swahili phrases from the teacher. In Weave It, they had to weave two baskets from coconut leaves. For both Detours, they’d have to travel across the bay in a traditional boat called a Dhow. Tara & Joey, Vanck & Ashton, Liz & Michael, Brooke & Scott and Becca & Floyd all chose Build It. Matt & Redmond then discovered their picture on the U-Turn board, and immediately knew that Vanck & Ashton were the culprits. London & Logan arrived and chose Weave It, London saying, “I can weave it like no other!”

Teams ran for the beach and the Dhows. Redmond shouted, “Hey, Vanck and Ashton, where are you? We’ll get you!” Seth & Olive then arrived, and realized that they were U-Turned. Seth said, “We’ve just got to deal with it and move on.” But Redmond wasn’t done with Vanck & Ashton, as he chased them down the beach. “We’re going to get you guys, you know that, right?” Ashton countered, “Maybe you should’ve been nice to begin with. Kept your word.” Redmond continued, “Look at me, Vanck – I hope you’re scared…. You only U-Turn if you’re weak.” Teams waded into the water and climbed into the Dhows, everyone commenting on how Redmond was yelling at his rivals. Redmond continued to gripe, “They’re just so afraid of us because we’re so much stronger than they are. And they’re really just a weak, pathetic team.” Ashton said he was being hateful and aggressive, and was trying to get into their heads.
Meanwhile, Seth & Olive and Matt & Redmond realized they’d be racing each other through both Detours. Matt asked Tara & Joey if they U-Turned Seth & Olive, but Joey straight-up lied, saying they didn’t. Matt & Redmond weren’t buying it. When the boats docked, everyone waded ashore and ran to the Detours. Matt & Redmond headed to Weave It, but Seth & Olive went to Build It, not wanting to light a fire under the boys to make them work faster. “We’re only racing Matt & Redmond right now.” Teams arrived at Build It, where they found wooden desk sets that had to be assembled. But with no example, they had to figure it out on their own. Shamir grumbled, “I’m horrible at building things. My sister builds all my Ikea stuff.” Michael, however, said, “I come from a long line of carpenters, so I better be good at this.”

Over at Weave It, a man armed with nothing but a rope tied around his ankles began scaling a towering palm tree. When he reached the very top, he began cutting and tossing down palm fronds. As Matt & Redmond checked out the example, London & Logan arrived and began weaving. London explained that she’s an artist and crocheter who makes content for large brands all over the country – so when she saw the weaving challenge she was super confident. Logan said, “London is about to weave circles around these fools.” Back at Build It, Seth explained that the desk parts had to go together in an exact order. Some teams got the hang of it, but Vanck & Ashton, Brooke & Scott and Shamir & Sara struggled – Shamir in particular, when he got a splinter.
Back at Weave It, London pulled her palm fronds apart to start over, saying, “I thought I’d be good at this.” She noticed that Matt & Redmond already had a basket half done, and worried that another team might show up. So she and Logan decided to switch to Build It. London said, “This is kind of embarrassing, but I got nervous and we don’t want to waste any more time.” At Build It, Brooke complained that their construction wasn’t going to work, saying, “This is designed to fail.” Becca noted, “Brooke is very negative. I’m glad that we’ve got a positive team.”

Liz & Michael finished first, but the judge rejected them for missing a wooden peg. Seth & Olive then finished, and were approved. They began carrying their desk to the schoolhouse, while Liz & Michael added their peg, and were approved next. At Weave It, Matt & Redmond had moved onto their second basket. Seth & Olive ran along the road with their desk, but Liz & Michael struggled as Michael tried to carry the desk one-handed, and piece of it fell to the ground. Brooke & Scott were then rejected for a missing peg. As Tara & Joey got approved, Shamir said, “We’re drowning right now. Everybody is ahead of us.” Seth & Olive then arrived at the schoolhouse, where a room full of students awaited them. They carried in the desk, and then had to sit before the class and repeat four Swahili phrases. When they finished, they sprinted for Weave It.
Matt & Redmond were still working when Seth & Olive arrived. Redmond said that Seth & Olive were a strong team, but joked that Seth might try to shoot or arrest the basket. Back at Build It, Liz & Michael and Tara & Joey delivered their desks to the schoolhouse. After a slight struggle to pronounce the words, Liz & Michael got the clue in first place. It said to travel by taxi to Darajani Market, and search for their next clue by the front entrance. Matt & Redmond then got their baskets judged, and were approved. They ran for Build It, while Tara & Joey recited the Swahili phrases and got the clue in second place. Matt & Redmond then arrived, and were surprised to find five teams still assembling the desks. Redmond said, “That was such a confidence-booster.” Matt added, “If we could beat a team, that’d be amazing right now.” While Brooke & Scott struggled to carry their desk to the schoolhouse, Vanck & Ashton, Becca & Floyd and London & Logan were all approved. But Shamir & Sara continued to struggle, Shamir repeatedly and aggressively asking Sara, “You see my point? You see my point?” Brooke & Scott then got the clue in third place.

At Darajani Market, Tara & Joey arrived and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s ready to do some market research?” Teams were given a list of eighteen local items that they had to use their leg money to purchase. Joey opted for the task. Liz & Michael ripped the clue next, and Michael chose it. Being a butcher and chef, he already knew what most of the items were. Joey, however, was at a loss. “I have never in my life seen or heard of anything like this. I’m really worried about the language issue here.” Back at Weave It, Seth & Olive continued with their baskets, while over at Build It, Vanck & Ashton learned the Swahili phrases. They got the clue in fourth place as Becca & Floyd brought in their desk. Team Fun then got the clue fifth. In the building area, Shamir & Sara continued to assemble their desk – but Matt & Redmond, who’d gotten there long afterwards, were already calling for the judge. And they were approved. As the boys hurried off, Shamir snapped, “We have to get some traction – we’re not moving right now.”
Over at Weave It, Seth & Olive struggled, Olive saying, “I’m getting wicked stressed.” But Shamir & Sara felt worse, knowing they could be in last place. Shamir harangued Sara to go faster, and she shouted, “You realize I haven’t stopped, right?!” Shamir said, “We’re in last – if somebody finishes that weave, we’re out!” At the crowded Darajani Market, Michael walked among the open-air food stalls, purchasing his ingredients. Liz said, “This is all food – Mike knows everything about it.” Michael said, “I love it here. Dude, I’m at home!” Joey, however, had more difficulty as he looked for a live chicken. “I don’t usually do the shopping for my family – this is insane.” Vanck & Ashton then arrived and ripped the clue in third place. Vanck opted for it, but immediately had trouble locating red bananas.

Heading to the Roadblock, Matt & Redmond were thrilled to be ahead of Shamir & Sara, and thought they might even be ahead of Seth & Olive. Shamir & Sara finally finished building their desk, but then argued about how to carry it. Back at the Roadblock, Becca & Floyd ripped the clue in fourth place, and Floyd started shopping, followed by London and Brooke. The three of them decided to work together. Meanwhile, Vanck had found some locals to help him shop. “It looks like I may have hit the jackpot. I’m telling a couple of guys what I need, and they’re grabbing everything for me.” Meanwhile, Michael headed to the chicken market for a live chicken. Joey also picked up a live chicken, but was told it was halal. Floyd, London and Brooke had developed a questionable system of one person paying for three of one ingredient, while someone else paid for the next one. Costs racked up, however, and Joey began arguing about prices, while Vanck asked for some money back.
Matt & Redmond arrived, and ripped the clue in seventh place. Matt then started the task, while London and Brooke argued about who’d paid more for what. Matt was confident that he and Redmond were still in the game. Joey then delivered his ingredients to the judges – but was rejected because his chicken wasn’t halal. Back in the market, Michael got his live chicken, and asked for it to be halal. The vendor drew his finger across his throat, and Michael confirmed that was what he wanted. He explained, “Halal is the method of slaughtering. A lot of people get freaked out, but where do you think it came from when you get it in the grocery store? It was alive one day. At least this is honest about it.” He then collected his dead chicken.

Back at Build It, Shamir & Sara delivered their desk, and got the clue in eighth place. Heading to the market, they figured the only team that could still be behind them was Seth & Olive. The latter then got their baskets approved, and got the clue in last place. At the Roadblock, Michael got his ingredients judged… and was approved. He and Liz ripped the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, the rooftop of a hotel called Emerson on Hurumzi. They headed off, followed closely by Tara & Joey in second place. Inside the market, Vanck’s last ingredient was the halal chicken. “I actually know what it is, because in New York City there’s halal chicken.” As Matt quickly gathered his ingredients, Floyd, London and Brooke continued to discuss money. London said, “I’ve been paying American dollars, and I think I’ve been getting screwed.”
Shamir & Sara then arrived at the market, but were unable to negotiate fifty dollars off their cab fare. Sara then began the task, already believing she’d run out of money. Meanwhile, Liz & Michael arrived at Emerson on Hurumzi, and ran to the rooftop. There, Phil told them they were team number one, and awarded them with a trip to Amsterdam. He also said they were the best-performing team on the Race. Michael said, “Not bad for as terrible as we were on the first leg, huh?” Vanck & Ashton then got the clue in third place. The remaining teams continued to struggle… except for Matt, who surprisingly finished fourth. The other teams watched in shock and he and Redmond headed for the Pit Stop. Scott said, “Two Detours and a Roadblock, before all of us did one of each.”

Tara & Joey arrived on the mat in second place. Back at the Roadblock, Becca & Floyd got the clue fifth, followed by London & Logan and Brooke & Scott. As Seth & Olive finally arrived at the market, Sara ran out of money. She realized she’d have to return to some vendors she’d already purchased from, and try to get some money back. Olive also only had twenty dollars, so Seth told her to pay with Brazilian currency. Sara then confronted her previous vendors, telling them they’d overcharged her. Meanwhile, Olive quickly gathered her ingredients with help from locals. Sara was then able to get a little money back. On the sidelines, Shamir informed Seth that Matt & Redmond were already done with the task, and that they were the last two teams.
As Vanck & Ashton ran for the Pit Stop, Becca & Floyd said goodbye to their taxi driver, who gave them his business card. Matt & Redmond also headed to the mat. Vanck & Ashton arrived in third place, and confirmed that they’d U-Turned the boys. Ashton said, “There was some bad blood between us and them from earlier in the Race. I don’t see why they’re so surprised by it.” Matt & Redmond then arrived on the mat… right next to the team that U-Turned them. Redmond said, “This weak team next to us is two minutes ahead of us, and we did both Detours. So next time, I don’t feel good for them.” Ashton said, “You made the most sense because you lied to our faces.” Redmond said, “I didn’t think I was going to have any drama. Everybody likes us except her.” Becca & Floyd then arrived in fifth place.

Back at the Roadblock, Olive continued buying her items, but having run out of American dollars, tried to pay in Brazilian real. The vendor wasn’t satisfied, however, saying he didn’t recognize the currency. As Sara bought the last of her items and ran for the judge, London & Logan and Brooke & Scott arrived at the Pit Stop in sixth and seventh place. Sara was then approved, getting the clue in eighth. She and Shamir found their taxi driver, who agreed to drive them for free since they were out of money. But back in the market, Olive was held up, the vendor still not wanting to accept the real. Seth said they were three minutes behind Shamir & Sara, and they were going to try running to the Pit Stop rather than taking a taxi. Olive then came out, the vendors finally having agreed to exchange the money. She and Seth took off in last place.
At the Pit Stop, Phil informed Becca & Floyd that when they arrived at the mat they didn’t have one of their passports, and he couldn’t check them in without it. Team Fun hurried out to the street, figuring they’d left it in their taxi. Becca lost her temper at Floyd, yelling, “You are an absolute idiot! Zip your fanny pack, are you kidding me?” She then mimed hitting him in the face before they hurried to call their driver. Sara & Shamir jumped out of their taxi and began running through the streets, along with Seth & Olive. Becca & Floyd asked for their passport at the hotel’s front desk, but it hadn’t been turned in. As the other teams descended on the Pit Stop, Becca said, “I’m going to have a heart attack.” But then, just outside the hotel, they found their driver. And he held out Floyd’s passport.
Shamir & Sara arrived at the mat in seventh place. Phil then announced that another team was arriving… and Becca & Floyd stepped on the mat, officially in eighth. Phil said it was the first time he hadn’t seen a huge smile on Becca’s face. She said the Fun Meter wasn’t high, and she’d lost trust in Floyd. Phil said, “You lose that passport, your race is over.” Becca added, “And he has a broken nose.” Seth & Olive finally arrived, and Phil told them they were eliminated. Olive said, “At the end of the day it’s a competition, and people are going to U-Turn you to benefit themselves.” Seth added that it had been a great experience. “I never had a moment where I regretted picking her as a partner.”
DETOUR: Build It or Weave It. In Build It, teams had to assemble wooden desks for schoolchildren, and then deliver them to the schoolhouse and learn four Swahili phrases. In Weave It, they had to weave two baskets out of coconut leaves.
Build It: Seth/Olive, Liz/Michael, Tara/Joey, Brooke/Scott, Vanck/Ashton, Becca/Floyd, London/Logan, Matt/Redmond, Shamir/Sara

Weave It: Matt/Redmond, Seth/Olive

Roadblock: Teams had to shop for a list of items in a local food market, using their leg money to pay.

Performed Roadblock: Michael, Joey, Vanck, Matt, Floyd, London, Brooke, Sara, Olive
Tara & Joey U-Turned Seth & Olive
Vanck & Ashton U-Turned Matt & Redmond
Order of Finish:Liz & MichaelTara & JoeyVanck & AshtonMatt & RedmondLondon & LoganBrooke & ScottShamir & SaraBecca & FloydSeth & Olive