Season 29: Episode 4 - Another One Bites the Dust
Posted on Apr 20, 2017 11:00pm

Continuing through Tanzania, teams had to locate ornate doors and hidden keys. After floundering for hours on one side of the Detour, Shamir & Sara decided to switch – while every other team headed on a ferry back to Dar es Salaam. Brooke struggled mightily at the metalworking Roadblock. But after other teams stepped in to help, she and Scott remained safe, and Shamir & Sara went home.
At the end of the previous leg, professional snowboarder/former Navy corpsman Matt & Redmond confronted Wall Street analyst/real estate agent Vanck & Ashton, who’d U-Turned them. Ashton said that they did so because “You were the only team that did anything directly to us.” Matt noted that it was personal, and although Ashton claimed to be over it, Redmond figured she and Vanck would certainly U-Turn them again.
Auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael ripped the clue in first place at 8:17 a.m. It told them to make their way to the home of Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town, “or another one bites the dust.” What they didn’t know was that Farrokh Bulsara was the original name of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. Liz & Michael set off, asking locals where the house was. Liz said, “I didn’t have this expectation that we’d do this well. I didn’t think, back to back, we’d come first place.” They were directed to a house, but the man inside said that Farrokh Bulsara’s home was demolished many years ago. Michael read “another one bites the dust” and asked, “Where was it demolished?” The man gave them a name of a nearby street, and they headed off.
Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey left the mat second. Meanwhile, Liz & Michael arrived at what they believed to be Farrokh Bulsara’s house – but found only rubble on the ground. There were also a number of bags filled with dirt, and Michael said, “This is all dust here.” One of the bags happened to have Race colors, so they poured it out. Tara & Joey then arrived at the correct house, ran inside, and got the clue. It was a Detour: Lock or Knock. In Lock, teams would have to look through dozens Zanzibar chests, which each held a secret compartment. Once they found a key in one of those compartments, they’d have to open a corresponding locked chest to receive their next clue. In Knock, they’d have to navigate the streets of Stone Town until they found three royal doors, identified by a carving of a lion, a serpent and a falcon. They’d then have to collect a wooden carving from each of the residences, and deliver them to a shop for their next clue.
Tara & Joey chose Knock. Walking down the street, Tara said, “Royal doors – it could be anything. Just knock on them all.” She added in interview, “We really didn’t think it through, what the word ‘royal’ implied.” Eventually they stumbled across one of the doors, and received a carving. Tara then said, “Knock on every freaking fancy door there is.” Vanck & Ashton left the Pit Start third, followed by Matt & Redmond. Both teams soon learned that Farrokh Bulsara was actually Freddie Mercury. Meanwhile, Liz & Michael continued to dig through the dirt at the wrong location. They finally went to a tourist agency, where there just happened to be a picture of Freddie Mercury on the wall. The man there told them the Mercury House was down the street. Artist/surgical consultant London & Logan then left the mat in fifth place, with criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott right behind them. Liz & Michael then arrived at the Freddie Mercury house and ripped the Detour clue in second place. They chose Lock.
Meanwhile, Tara & Joey continued to run through the streets and knock on random doors. They then happened upon the entrance to Lock, and decided to switch Detours. Inside, they found rooms filled with Zanzibar chests. They began taking them down and opening the drawers, looking for a key. At the Mercury House, Vanck & Ashton chose Knock, while Matt & Redmond chose Lock. As Tara & Joey continued looking through chests, Liz & Michael showed up. They went to a different room and began searching. At the Mercury House, both London & Logan and Brooke & Scott chose Lock. As Matt & Redmond arrived at Lock, Michael pulled out two ordinary drawers, and discovered the secret drawer behind them. He explained that the visible drawers were much shorter than the width of the chest. “I have a hard time understanding how people wouldn’t find that.” Nobody else did, however, and they all continued to struggle.
Out in the streets, Vanck & Ashton were lost. They got approximate directions at a hotel, but Vanck then wanted to Google the royal doors, while Ashton just wanted to run. But Vanck stood his ground, insisting upon looking up the location. Ashton stalked off, saying she wasn’t doing it. “Whenever we come in not first, this is why.” They finally headed off, Ashton adding, “If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly admit that I’m wrong.” Wall Street banker/real estate agent Shamir & Sara left the Pit Start in seventh place, and got directions to the Freddie Mercury House. Rock climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd left last, right on Shamir & Sara’s heels. They got directions as well, and the two teams hurried off. Sara explained that she and Shamir put so much pressure on themselves to be number one that they get worked up, and tensions start flying. “So if we took a deep breath and stopped yelling at each other, I think we’d do a lot better.”
At Lock, Tara & Joey had gone through nearly every box in their room, but hadn’t found a key. In the next room, however, Liz found a key with a drawing of a fish attached to it. She and Michael located a chest with a fish lock – but it didn’t open. Liz thought there might be more than one possible lock. As Tara & Joey debated what to do, London & Logan and Brooke & Scott arrived. Liz & Michael then managed to open a different fish lock, and inside the chest was the clue. They ripped it in first place, and it told them to take the ferry back to Dar es Salaam, and find a metal shop in the Small Industries Co-Op. Liz & Michael ran for a taxi, while Tara worried that all the other teams would find a key first. She and Joey decided to switch back to Knock, Joey grumbling, “What a waste of time that was.” Tara countered, “I can run faster than throw boxes around all damn day.”
Vanck & Ashton continued to wander the streets, Ashton saying, “Have I been wrong yet?” They ended up in a food market, and Vanck said, “Royals do not really live near food markets. They usually smell pretty badly.” When the next man they asked didn’t know about the royal doors, Vanck wanted to switch Detours. But Ashton refused, saying, “Everyone else knew what we were talking about.” Vanck retorted, “No one knew what we were talking about…. You told me you’d gladly admit when you were wrong.” Ashton replied simply, “I don’t think that I’m wrong.” Another local finally told them that they’d find one door at the House of Wonders, the second on Soko Muhogo Street, and the third near the Arab fort. Vanck & Ashton ran off, Ashton snapping, “If we would’ve listened to you, we would’ve switched. And that would’ve been stupid.”
Becca & Floyd and Shamir & Sara then arrived at the Mercury House. The former chose Lock, while the latter chose Knock. As Shamir & Sara headed for Soko Muhogo, Becca & Floyd arrived at Lock, where Matt & Redmond, London & Logan and Brooke & Scott were still searching. Brooke said, “Hi, welcome to hell.” Tara & Joey then found a man on the street who told them the royal doors all had gold on them. Vanck & Ashton and Shamir & Sara both found the first of the three doors. But back at Lock, nobody was having any luck. Brooke looked into an empty chest and said, “I’m just going to climb in here and die.” Finally, however, she discovered the secret drawers in the back. London noticed Brooke whispering something to Scott, and said, “We must be missing something.” Matt & Redmond then began checking the secret drawers, while Scott found a key with a scorpion. Matt then found a key with a fish. But while he and Redmond quickly popped open a fish lock, Brooke & Scott couldn’t get their first scorpion lock open. When a second one failed as well, they began looking for another key.
Matt & Redmond ripped the clue in second place, and headed for the ferry terminal. Liz & Michael then arrived there, and sought out the ticket booth. Meanwhile, Vanck & Ashton finally found their third royal door, and headed to the shop to deliver their carvings. Shamir & Sara then found their second door. Tara & Joey were also still running – and Joey was still complaining. Tara told him to shut it. Joey said in interview that he doesn’t have a filter, and he just says it how it is. “And what’s awesome about [Tara] is she can take that.” Running to the next door, Tara snapped, “Get a new partner, man.” She added that after being in the Army for twenty years, she’s not easily intimidated. They then got their second carving.
Back at Lock, Brooke & Scott found a second scorpion key, which opened a lock. Becca, who was still searching, asked Scott if she could have his first key – and he gave it to her. He told Brooke what he’d done, and she was horrified. “You did not!” Scott argued that the key didn’t work, and said Becca & Floyd could help them on the next challenge. Becca, however, soon got a lock open, and she and Floyd ripped the clue in fourth place. She said, “We owe Brooke & Scott big time.” That left London & Logan alone at the task. London said, “I just don’t want to go home because we can’t find a stupid key.” Meanwhile, Shamir & Sara continued to wander the streets, looking for doors. Sara said that at the start of the leg she decided to take control, because of how Shamir nearly gave up at the Roadblock in Sao Paulo. Shamir snapped, “I’m down for whatever you want. I’ll go in a million more circles.”
Vanck & Ashton then turned over their three carvings, and got the clue in fifth place. At the ferry terminal, Brooke & Scott ran into Becca & Floyd, who thanked them for the key. Brooke asked them to remember to help if she and Scott were in trouble in the future. Becca said, “We owe you big time.” Tara & Joey then turned over their carvings and got the clue in sixth place. But Shamir & Sara continued to wander in circles. Back at Lock, London & Logan were at a loss, and finally decided to switch Detours. London said, “I feel so defeated.” But they got an immediate stroke of luck when they found a woman who knew where all three of the royal doors were. At the ferry terminal, the rest of the teams waited to see who’d be joining them on the boat.
London & Logan then blew through Knock, finding all three of the doors before Shamir & Sara could find their very last one. Shamir asked Sara if she wanted to switch, but she argued that they only had one more. Shamir said, “We’ve had one more for an hour and a half.” The rest of the teams then boarded the ferry, knowing that Shamir & Sara and London & Logan were still missing. But the latter then arrived. The other teams greeted them with applause, Brooke saying, “And then there was one team missing.” Vanck said, “Let’s not count our chickens. Or eggs.” But Shamir & Sara finally decided to switch Detours – and the ferry left without them. Logan said, “They’re screwed right now.”
When they arrived at Lock, Sara was horrified to see how many chests they had to go through. Shamir snapped, “At least try, what the hell? I’ve followed you all damn day in a goose chase, asking hundreds of people for nothing. So we can’t spend ten minutes?” Sara said, “This is the worst decision we could make.” Nevertheless, they began looking through the chests. In Dar es Salaam, the first ferry docked, and teams jumped in taxis to the Co-Op. There, local workers pounded metal in open-air stalls. Becca & Floyd ran to the main office, where they received the clue in first place. It was a Roadblock, in which teams had to make a metal ladle strainer by cutting out the metal, punching the holes, and pounding it into shape. Becca opted for the task. After Vanck & Ashton both vied for it, Ashton told Vanck to do it – and then complained, “Vanck basically told me that I was not going to do the Roadblock, so… let’s hope that he’s faster on this one than the last one.” Becca sat down in a stall, along with Joey, who called the Co-Op “a flea market of skills.” When Brooke & Scott ripped the clue, Scott pressed Brooke to do it – but when she discovered she’d have to manufacture something, she freaked. “I don’t think I’m going to have the strength for this!”
Teams watched as the locals demonstrated measuring and cutting out the metal. Joey wished for his own tools, complaining that his snips were incredibly dull. “This is like trying to cut with two spoons.” Vanck struggled as well, but Redmond and Becca had an easier time of it. Michael said that people take metalworking for granted in the U.S., having advanced tools. “But when you’ve got a hammer and a couple of awls, and you’re making those [ladles] look like that dude did, that’s insane. The talent there is amazing.” Sorely lacking in talent was Brooke, who struggled to make a single cut in her metal. As Joey hammered his ladle into the correct shape, Vanck worked to get his holes punched properly. “I don’t work with tools often, so this is definitely something new.”
Brooke fought off tears as she continued trying to cut her metal. “I’m not strong enough for this, and my jackass partner nominated me to do it.” Back at Lock, Shamir said they hadn’t seen a team in over two hours. He finally discovered the secret drawers, and shortly thereafter they found a fish key. They opened the corresponding lock, and got the clue in last place. At the Roadblock, Redmond and Michael had begun hammering out their handles. Michael said, “I feel like mine looks a lot worse than [the local’s], but I wouldn’t expect him to cut meat like me, so hopefully we’re going to get a passing grade.” But Brooke continued to struggle and whine, and finally walked over to Scott and asked for some positive reinforcement. Everyone told her she could do it, but she didn’t seem to believe them as she headed back to her workstation. Scott said, “Use the relationships.”
Brooke found Becca (who was hammering out her handle and having a great time) and said she couldn’t even cut the circle. Becca offered to help, and repay the favor from the Detour. Brooke said, “With this we’re even, I promise.” As Vanck hammered out his handle and Joey attached his to the ladle, Becca cut out Brooke’s metal circle. She then hurried back to her own station, saying, “Good, we’re no longer in debt.” Meanwhile, Shamir & Sara boarded the ferry back to Dar es Salaam, hoping to catch some other teams. At the Roadblock, Joey finished his ladle and asked to be judged – but was rejected for having rough edges. He returned to his workstation to smooth them out. Michael, Becca and Redmond were also finishing up, but Brook had made no progress; now she wasn’t strong enough to hammer in the holes. Redmond stopped to help, instructing her on how to hold the hammer. He explained in interview that he told her to calm down, and Matt interrupted, “I heard she doesn’t like being told to calm down.” Redmond said, “That’s why I kept saying it. She needs to learn that people are saying it for a reason.”
As Joey and Becca finished up their ladles, Redmond was rejected for his holes not being good enough, and for his edges being too rough. Joey then got judged a second time, and was approved. The judge demonstrated how the ladle strained pasta, and Tara & Joey ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Coco Beach. As they jumped in a taxi, Becca got the clue in second place. Logan, Vanck and Redmond worked towards completion, Redmond saying, “One good thing about being in the military, you learn to just say, ‘Yes, sir, I’ll do that again.’ Because if you complain, it’s just going to get worse.” Brooke never got the memo, however, because she repeatedly said she couldn’t do it. “If I needed to have a ladle for dinner, my family would starve.” On the ferry, Shamir & Sara said they weren’t giving up.
Tara & Joey arrived at the Pit Stop in first place, and Phil awarded them each with $5,000. Becca & Floyd then joined them on the mat. Back at the Roadblock, Michael’s ladle was approved, and he got the clue third. Liz then sent him back to give Brooke a pep talk, and he ended up showing her how to hammer out her handle. Brooke said, “I’ll owe you,” and Michael replied, “No U-Turns.” Brooke agreed. Logan was then approved in fourth place, followed by Redmond in fifth. Brooke finally emerged with her ladle, saying, “This is the worst thing I’ve ever done. We’re going to have to take a penalty – it looks like a one-year-old made it.” She was, indeed, rejected for bad holes and rough edges, while Vanck was approved in sixth place.
At the Pit Stop, Liz & Michael arrived in third, just ahead of Matt & Redmond and London & Logan. The second ferry finally docked, and Shamir & Sara ran for a taxi. Sara said, “I’ll poop myself if we see somebody there.” Meanwhile, Brooke finished fixing her ladle. As Shamir & Sara arrived at the Roadblock, Brooke handed over her ladle to the judge. “Please let it be good – I have no strength left!” It was, in fact, good enough, and she was approved in seventh place. Vanck & Ashton then arrived on the mat in sixth. Ashton said, “I want to enjoy this experience, but it’s really hard. There’s nothing I can do at this point… I’m stuck with him.” As Shamir worked through the Roadblock, Sara just hoped he wouldn’t cut himself.
Brooke & Scott then arrived at the Pit Stop. Brooke said that without the other teams’ help she wouldn’t have finished. “I’m just really grateful, and I hope they all know it.” Back at the Roadblock, the Co-Op was closing, and Sara sat with Shamir at his workstation. They still hoped to have a chance – but Phil then arrived and told them they were eliminated. Shamir said he was proud of the race they ran, but he was also sad because he pictured himself winning the whole thing. Sara added that although they weren’t a match made in heaven, she’d never forget the incredible experiences they had.
DETOUR: Lock or Knock. In Lock, teams had to search through dozens of Zanzibar chests, and locate a key hidden in a secret compartment. They then had to unlock a corresponding chest for their next clue. In Knock, they had to collect a carving at each of the three royal doors in Stone Town. After delivering the carvings to a shop, they’d receive their next clue.
Lock: Liz/Michael, Matt/Redmond, Brooke/Scott, Becca/Floyd, Shamir/Sara
Knock: Vanck/Ashton, Tara/Joey, London/Logan
ROADBLOCK: Teams had to construct ladle strainers out of sheet metal.
Performed Roadblock: Joey, Becca, Michael, Logan, Redmond, Vanck, Brooke, Shamir (did not complete)
Order of Finish:Tara & JoeyBecca & FloydLiz & MichaelMatt & RedmondLondon & LoganVanck & AshtonBrooke & ScottShamir & Sara