Season 29: Episode 5 - Have Faith in Me, Broski
Posted on Apr 20, 2017 11:00pm

In Alesund, Norway, Becca & Floyd were thrilled to claim the Fast Forward, so they’d never have to reveal that they had – and lied about – the Express Pass. Tara & Joey and Matt & Redmond powered through the leg, however, ultimately pushing Team Fun into third place. Liz & Michael bickered throughout the day, and fell to last before Phil informed them that it was a continuation leg.
On the previous leg, auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael said they were getting along great. Michael added that he wouldn’t choose another partner. That made Liz tear up and say, “You big teddy bear.” Michael added, “A big, smelly teddy bear.” Liz called him her “Twenty-one-day husband,” and Michael replied, “Road wife.”
In Dar es Salaam, Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey ripped the clue in first place. It told them to fly to Alesund, Norway, and then travel to Hogsteinen Fyr Lighthouse and sample rakfish, a local dish. Tara & Joey jumped in a taxi to the airport, saying they had no idea who had the Express Pass. In the second taxi, rock climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd, who in fact had the Express Pass, explained that it had to be used before the end of the leg, and said they were definitely using it because they wanted first place. In the third taxi, Liz said the Race was getting “cutthroat-ish,” adding, “It’s getting down to where Liz isn’t going to be so nice.” Michael joked, “You haven’t even seen me angry yet.”
In the fourth taxi sat professional snowboarder/former Navy corpsman Matt & Redmond. Redmond said that Wall Street analyst/real estate agent Vanck & Ashton weren’t getting along, and added that he didn’t like drama, which was a benefit of being on an all-male team. In the fifth taxi, artist/surgical consultant London & Logan agreed, Logan saying, “Negativity is a real buzz-kill on something like this.” In sixth place, Vanck said that he and Ashton were going to work together on navigation. Ashton sniped, “Well, I can’t just stop in the middle of the intersection.” Vanck said that she shouldn’t make any random turns, and Ashton retorted, “Well that’s common sense.” She then put on a sarcastic smile and gave a thumbs-up. “But I got it! We can do that!” In the final taxi, attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott joked about having the Express Pass, although Brooke said she would’ve used it last leg in a heartbeat.
At a nearby travel agency, Tara & Joey discovered that the earliest flight to Alesund didn’t leave until after 11:00 p.m., which meant that everybody would be traveling together. The plane then departed with all teams aboard. After landing in Norway, everyone commented on the beautiful fjords and green mountains as they began self-driving to the lighthouse. Redmond said, “I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale right now.” Becca & Floyd arrived first, followed by Brooke & Scott. At the end of a rocky jetty, they found a local fisherman slicing up some fermented rockfish. They were each given a plateful, which they had to finish to receive their next clue. Floyd thoroughly enjoyed the fish, but Brooke thought differently, insisting that she couldn’t eat it. As Team Fun got the clue in first place, Brooke said she couldn’t breathe. She then sat down and lifted her arms over her head. Scott said, “Are you kidding me with this?”
Becca & Floyd ripped the clue, which told them to drive themselves to the village of Slinningen and search for the Slinningsbålet. There was also a Fast Forward: “Take a helicopter ride into the great unknown.” The helicopter sat in an adjacent field, and Team Fun decided to go for it. Back at the lighthouse, Brooke continued to whine about the fish, while Scott complained that everyone else was catching up. Vanck & Ashton got the clue in second place, but noted that Becca & Floyd had already claimed the Fast Forward. As Team Fun ran for the helicopter, Phil announced that they’d have to skydive from ten thousand feet. Brooke & Scott then ripped the clue in third place, as Matt & Redmond and London & Logan arrived at the lighthouse.
Becca & Floyd climbed into the helicopter. London & Logan then got the clue fourth, followed by Matt & Redmond and Tara & Joey. As Liz & Michael finally approached the lighthouse, the helicopter took off. Becca said, “We’re the luckiest people in the world.” Meanwhile, Brooke & Scott jumped in their car behind Vanck & Ashton, saying they needed to follow them. But they immediately began arguing, Brooke wanting Scott to speed up, while he insisted upon going the speed limit. He added, “Maybe you should jump on my back, so we could run faster. So if you want to do sparring right now, we can do sparring right now.” He added, “It’s frustrating because the partnership is two, and I need help.” Brooke said, “I’m not like this sad, elderly, pathetic, broken woman. I’ve done everything that’s been put in front of me.”
Back at the lighthouse, Michael was thoroughly enjoying the fermented fish, saying it had a “salty, fatty, popcorn-y flavor to it.” He and Liz got the clue in last place and ran off, Liz saying, “I hate raw fish.” Meanwhile, as Becca & Floyd soared over the fjords in their helicopter, they celebrated never having to reveal that they’d lied about having the Express Pass. They then flew under a brilliant rainbow. Matt & Redmond and Tara & Joey then arrived at the Slinningsbålet, a thirteen-story stack of wooden pallets. They ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who wants to help break a world record?” Phil explained that every year, Norwegians try to break their own world record for the tallest hand-stacked bonfire, made with about 31,000 wooden pallets. Teams had to climb to the top of the stack, and nail down a pallet.
Matt and Joey began getting harnessed up, Matt explaining that he climbed at home a lot. Vanck & Ashton arrived next, and Ashton opted for the task. Matt then began scaling up the side of the tower. Redmond shouted, “Look at that speed! He’s not even stopping.” Joey then started up, but with more trepidation. As Matt reached the top, Brooke & Scott ripped the clue in fourth place, and Scott opted for it. Brooke asked if he was okay with heights, and in flashback Scott fought back tears before rappelling down a high-rise in Sao Paulo. But now he said, “I did heights before, I’ll do heights again.” London then opted for the task in fifth place, followed by Liz.
Atop the tower, Matt hammered in his wooden pallet and started back down, just as Joey reached the top. Redmond said, “Matt just beasted through this thing like he’s not even human.” As Ashton started up, Matt & Redmond ripped the clue in first place. It was a Detour: Trolls or Troll. In Trolls, teams had to search for mythical trolls in specific buildings around Alesund. They had to recite a spell at each door, after which the troll would emerge and hand them a giant firework. When they collected and delivered six fireworks, they’d get their next clue. In Troll, they had to kayak through the canals of the city, and locate a fishing lure in the water with the name of the next Pit Stop. They boys chose Troll. Heading back to the car, Matt said, “Becca is going to be bummed she missed out.”
Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd landed in the helicopter, and met two instructors, who told them they were going skydiving. Back at the Roadblock, Joey started down the tower. Brooke shouted at Scott to beat Ashton, who replied, “I heard that!” She then reached the top as Scott and London started up – but London was faster. Brooke grumbled, “How is she passing him? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Joey was more supportive, giving Scott encouragement as he passed him on the way down. As Liz began the task, Michael said, “You’re going to scamper up there like a rat up a sewer pipe.” He added, “Joey did it, and he’s like, 110!” Tara & Joey then ripped the clue in second place and chose Troll. Ashton started down just as London reached the top. Scott finally reached the top as well, and said, “I’m conquering my fear of heights right now!” In interview, Brooke said that Scott was mad when she “volun-told” him to do the high-rise challenge in Brazil, but now he was enjoying all the heights challenges. “So maybe I did him a favor…. You’re welcome.”
Ashton made her way to the ground, and she and Vanck ripped the clue in third place. They chose Trolls. They then ran off – but left their fanny pack behind. London reached the ground, and she and Logan chose Trolls, followed by Brooke & Scott. The two teams decided to work together. At the car, Vanck realized he’d forgotten the fanny pack. He and Ashton began running back for it, Ashton saying, “Oh my goodness, Vanck!” As Liz & Michael ripped the clue in last place, Ashton grabbed the pack and ran off again. Liz & Michael then chose Trolls. Jumping back in the car, Ashton snapped at Vanck, “I need you to get it together.” Driving off, Michael said, “I wish we could stick around and watch [the tower] burn.” Then came footage from a week later of the spectacular, thirteen-story bonfire.
In town, Matt & Redmond arrived at the kayaks and started off through the canals, looking for fishing lures. They found one and lifted it from the water, but there was nothing on it. Over at the Fast Forward, Becca & Floyd got back into the helicopter, now rigged up in skydiving gear. They took off, Becca saying, “Fun Meter is off the chain today!” Back at Troll, Tara & Joey arrived at the kayaks, while Matt & Redmond studied another fishing lure, trying to determine exactly what color it was. They figured it was orange, and was no good. Tara & Joey then found three lures all in a row. The first one had nothing, but the second had red and yellow stripes and the word “Aksla” on the back. Tara checked the third one, and found “Aksla” there as well. She then began second-guessing, wondering if the previous lure was wrong.
Matt & Redmond then found another blank lure. For some reason Tara didn’t understand why there’d be more than one lure with Race colors, but she and Joey continued kayaking away with two clues. Joey knew they were right, but didn’t know what to do with their second clue. Over at Trolls, Vanck & Ashton arrived at a stage where a woman handed them a map of the city, and a printout of the magic spell they had to recite. Brooke & Scott, London & Logan and Liz & Michael then arrived there as well. Vanck & Ashton headed out and found the first location. They recited the spell, and the door cracked open. A woman dressed as a troll emerged, and handed them their first of the six fireworks. Vanck struggled to shoulder the massive spear, saying, “This is much more physical than I thought.” They found the second troll around the corner of the same building, and then ran with the two fireworks back to the stage, while Brooke & Scott and London & Logan were still figuring out the map. Brooke asked, “How did they do that so fast?” Liz & Michael also struggled to orient themselves, Michael grumbling, “This is the *&@#% I’m the worst at.” Brooke & Scott and London & Logan then found their first two fireworks.
Realizing the next location on the map was farther away, Vanck & Ashton decided to drive. Meanwhile, Liz wanted to simply follow the map, while Michael wanted to use his compass. Liz seemed to think that upwards on the map meant north, but Michael snapped, “Do you have any idea how a compass works?” Liz insisted that she was looking north, and Michael was incredulous. “Okay, so this paper is magic, and it knows which way is north? That paper is not a compass!” Liz pointed out a building that should have a troll, and Michael said, “You just show me, because you’ve got the magic paper.” Liz, however, ended up being correct. Michael said, “When I’m convinced that I’m right about something, it’s tough to steer me in the right direction, so that could drive somebody a little nuts.” Liz added, “I caught the butt end of it.” They collected their first firework, and Michael apologized.
Meanwhile, Brooke & Scott and London & Logan delivered their first two fireworks to the stage. At another building, Vanck & Ashton arrived, but couldn’t find the troll symbol over the door that matched their map. They didn’t notice that it was inside. Then Brooke & Scott and London & Logan arrived. Brooke saw Ashton and said, “What’s-her-face is right here – she’s horrible.” She added in interview that Vanck & Ashton were very irritating. Scott added, “I know for a fact that in an upcoming U-turn, they’ll certainly be the targets.” As Vanck & Ashton recited the spell at the wrong door, the foursome stepped inside to the correct door, and got their fireworks. Vanck & Ashton did the same, but when Brooke noticed them loading their firework into the car, she wondered why they drove.
At ten thousand feet, Becca & Floyd soared in their helicopter, ready to jump. The instructors then opened the hatch, and Floyd’s instructor poised with him on the edge. Then they jumped, and began plummeting through the air. Becca followed. Soon their parachutes opened, and they began floating above the lighthouse and the field they first took off from. Floyd landed, and shouted up, “We’re going to the Pit Stop, Becca!” Becca landed as well, and they got the clue, which told them to make their way to the top of Mount Aksla.
Meanwhile at Troll, neither Tara & Joey nor Matt & Redmond seemed sure of what to do. Joey revealed that their lure said “Aksla,” and the boys immediately realized that that was the location. Joey said there was another lure hanging nearby, and the boys said they’d ask in the street what “Aksla” meant. Tara grumbled, “Why did you just tell them?” Joey replied, “They kind of just helped us, too.” Over at Trolls, Vanck & Ashton collected their fourth firework, followed by Brooke & Scott and London & Logan. Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd leisurely asked for directions to Mount Aksla, Becca saying, “We’re about to win first place.” She added, “Unless people freaking zoomed through that leg, but I don’t think that’s possible.” Tara & Joey and Matt & Redmond then discovered that there were four hundred stairs up the side of Mount Aksla. They ran towards the mountain, Redmond saying, “Steps are my enemy.” Becca & Floyd also approached the mountain in their car, and began driving up. The three teams descended on the Pit Stop, Floyd saying they had the Express Pass, but got first place without having to use it. Becca added, “It’s too good to be true.”
It was, indeed, too good to be true, because Tara & Joey took first place. They celebrated their second win in a row, and the fact that they beat the team that used the Fast Forward. Matt & Redmond arrived second, and only then did Becca & Floyd show up, Floyd saying, “Team Fun is number one!” They stood before Phil, giddy and giggling. Phil said, “You had the Express Pass in your pocket, and you had the Fast Forward… however, you’re actually team number three.” Becca & Floyd’s giddiness turned to shock, and they had trouble believing it. They soon accepted the fact, however, saying they wouldn’t trade the experience they just had.
The remaining teams all hurried to collect the rest of their fireworks at Trolls. Vanck & Ashton got their last one, and returned to their car. Brooke & Scott and London & Logan were right behind them, and as Liz & Michael recited the spell for their fifth firework, Vanck & Ashton struggled to fit their fireworks into the trunk. Brooke & Scott and London & Logan ran through the streets with four fireworks per team – but while London & Logan each carried two, Brooke could only carry one, which left Scott with the remaining three. Yet Brooke still complained about her shoulder hurting. Liz & Michael then collected their last firework. On the road, Vanck & Ashton gloated as they sped past the other teams, Vanck shouting, “What’s up, guys? How’s it going?” But they then had trouble parallel parking, which allowed Brooke & Scott and London & Logan to run right back past them. Brooke scoffed about the driving, “Whose dumb idea was that?”
London & Logan delivered their fireworks and got the clue in fourth place, followed by Brooke & Scott. The two teams then met up in the street and began running together to Mount Aksla. Vanck & Ashton followed in their car. Liz & Michael learned that they could walk or drive, and decided to drive. But the second Michael pulled out he rear-ended another car. Not only was the car dented, its bumper was actually split. But the owner said the split was old damage, and the fresh dent was “not too bad compared to the rest, so I think it’s okay.” Liz shook the man’s hand and assured him, “I’m driving from now on.”
Vanck & Ashton continued to drive up the mountain, while Brooke & Scott and London & Logan ran, confident that they’d beat Liz & Michael. The latter found a parking structure labeled “Aksla,” and figured there’d be an elevator inside. Vanck & Ashton then arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place. Meanwhile, Brooke & Scott and London & Logan continued on foot, Brooke telling Scott he’d have to slow down for her. He told London & Logan to go on ahead, saying, “We’ll meet you there.” Brooke didn’t like that, and shouted, “I’m trying my hardest! I don’t need my teammate to make me feel like crap every day!” Meanwhile, in the parking garage, Liz & Michael found an elevator. But London & Logan beat then them to the Pit Stop, arriving in fifth place. Then Brooke & Scott arrived in sixth, Brooke sniping about Scott, “He’s a pleasure.”
In the elevator, Liz & Michael realized they couldn’t get to the top of the mountain. They began bickering, Michael saying, “What do you want to do? You know everything, you tell me.” Liz told him not to get pissy, and that they’d park and walk up the hill. Michael didn’t like the idea, believing they could drive all the way up. But he griped, “Forget it – you know everything, I don’t. Let’s go.” They started hiking, Michael struggling all the while. But they finally made it to the top. Phil told them they were the last team to arrive – but then handed them another clue and said they were still racing. They weren’t happy, however, Liz saying there was “a lot of negativity.” Phil asked Michael if that was his doing, and he said, “It goes both ways.” Liz told him to listen to her, and he said, “I listened to every word she said, and that’s why we’re hiking up all these stairs.” He added, “Forget it, we’re done. I don’t know how to keep going.” Liz agreed, “This is it – done. It’s over.”
FAST FORWARD: Becca & Floyd had to skydive from ten thousand feet.
ROADBLOCK: Teams had to scale the side of a thirteen-story stack of wooden pallets, and then nail a pallet onto the top, contributing to what would be the world’s tallest hand-stacked bonfire.
Performed Roadblock: Matt, Joey, Ashton, London, Scott, Liz
DETOUR: Trolls or Troll. In Trolls, teams had to locate six buildings where, according to legend, trolls are supposed to live. They then had to recite a spell and collect a large firework at each building. After delivering the fireworks, they’d receive their next clue. In Troll, teams had to kayak through the canals of the city until they found a fishing lure with the name of their next Pit Stop.
Trolls: London/Logan, Brooke/Scott, Vanck/Ashton, Liz/Michael
Troll: Tara/Joey, Matt/Redmond
Order of Finish:Tara & JoeyMatt & RedmondBecca & FloydVanck & AshtonLondon & LoganBrooke & ScottLiz & Michael