The Amazing Race
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Season 29: Episode 6 - Double U-Turn Ahead
Posted on Apr 27, 2017 11:00pm

In Milan, everyone plotted to U-Turn Vanck & Ashton. After leaving the overnight hold in fifth place (and then getting lost,) the latter didn’t stand a chance, and found themselves as the only victims on a blocked U-Turn board. While the other six teams cruised to the Pit Stop, Vanck & Ashton labored through both Detours, and were eliminated.
At the end of the last leg, Phil informed Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey that they were team number one – and that they were still racing. They ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to Milan, Italy. Once there, they had to travel to Piazza Fontana, and search for their next clue. There was also a Double U-Turn ahead. Phil then gave them a smart phone to book their flights with the Travelocity mobile app. Tara explained that she’d not only been stationed in Italy with the Army, but she met her husband there. Just behind them, professional snowboarder/former Navy corpsman Matt & Redmond ripped the clue in second place. The two teams booked the same flight to Milan, landing at 11:30 the following night.
Rock climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd booked that flight, followed by Wall Street analyst/real estate agent Vanck & Ashton, artist/surgical consultant London & Logan, and criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott. Back on the mat, auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael stood in last place, snapping at each other about their communication. They headed down the mountain, Michael saying, “I don’t know how to [keep going] if somebody won’t even meet me halfway.” Liz barked that she was trying to meet him halfway, but he was acting like a jackass. She then offered up an insincere apology: “I said I’m sorry! What do you want me to do – rent a plane and skywrite it?” Michael argued, “We’re in this together – it’s not Liz and the guy who follows her around.” Liz finally said she was done fighting, and they hugged it out. Michael added in interview that he shouldn’t have gotten as nasty as he did. “I’m quite frankly embarrassed at the way I behaved.” As they booked their tickets, he said that he wouldn’t take anybody else as a partner. Liz added, “I wouldn’t change him either, you big lug.”
Teams then drove to the train station, from which they’d head to the airport. Scott said that he and Brooke needed to make sure they weren’t U-Turn targets – and that the easiest targets were, in fact, Vanck & Ashton. “There’d be no bad blood on our hands, because every other team on this Race wants them out.” At the train station, everyone immediately began plotting to U-Turn Vanck & Ashton. Becca explained, “They’re not really socially as close with everyone. They’ve definitely rubbed people the wrong way, so all the other teams put a target on them.” As everyone boarded the train, Scott added that they planned to block out the second side of the U-Turn, so Vanck & Ashton couldn’t U-Turn anyone else. The plane then took off for Italy.
In Milan, everyone jumped into taxis to Piazza Fontana. Tara & Joey arrived first, and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s hungry for their next clue?” Teams had to travel in a restaurant tram through the city, and spot three marked Italian words out the window. They’d also have to finish two plates of food before the end of the ride. Tara opted for the task. Liz & Michael ripped the clue second, and Michael boarded the tram as well. He and Tara sat at small tables, and a waiter poured them wine. As they tram headed off, they decided to work together. They stared out the window, watching for words, and soon received eggplant appetizers.
Vanck, Floyd, Scott and Redmond then jumped on the second tram. London & Logan then arrived, and Logan attempted to join everyone. But the waiter told him the tram was full. The door closed in his face, and the tram rolled away. London griped, “How are we always *&$*^ last? Always?” On the first tram, Michael and Tara spotted the first word, Cernobbio, with a red and yellow Race flag beneath it. They were also served plates of gnocchi.
On the second tram, the four guys started on their eggplant. Scott joked with Redmond, “We’re finally sharing a dinner together – is this our first date?” Floyd then spotted the word Cevelli. Everyone then spotted Cernobbio as well. Michael and Tara identified the second word, Concordia, along with everyone on the next tram. Redmond said he didn’t want to have to do the challenge multiple times, since it was a long train ride. Scott wrote down the word Nuxe, and then cockily held up his list of three words, saying, “Now I can relax.” But on the first tram, Michael and Tara spotted the real third word: Lago.
The first tram returned to the station, and Tara read off Cernobbio, Concordia and Lago to the judge. She was correct, and she and Joey ripped the clue in first place. It said to make their way to the town of Cernobbio on Lake Como, where they’d spend the night on a steamship. Michael got the three words correct as well. The clue added that they’d take a cruise across Lake Como to the village of Varenna. Logan then boarded the empty tram, and headed off. On the second tram, Floyd said, “It’s hard because red and yellow is a very popular color combination around the world.” The tram then returned, and Vanck approached the judge first. But he had only Cernobbio and Concordia. Scott then recited Cernobbio, Concordia and Nuxe. Floyd said Cevelli, Cernobbio and Concordia, while Redmond said Corbellio instead of Lago. All four were rejected.
On the third tram, Logan spotted Lago. He explained that he had Concordia and Lago, but wasn’t sure whether the first word was Cernobbio or Cevelli. Waiting on the platform, Scott and Floyd compared notes. But when Vanck tried to join them, Scott said, “Go away, Vanck! I don’t know you!” Vanck didn’t seem fazed at the slight, joking, “Don’t know me?” Logan then arrived back, but listed Cevelli as one of his three words, rather than Cernobbio. The judge shook his head, causing Becca to comment from the sidelines, “That’s a deathly shake of the head. No one wants to see a head shake like that – long and slow.” Comparing notes with Logan on the platform, Scott saw Lago. He, Vanck, Floyd and Redmond then boarded the tram and headed off again.
Tara & Joey arrived at Lake Como, and ran to the Concordia steamship. There they found departure times for the next morning, each five minutes apart. They pulled the earliest one at 7:00. Inside, they found a magnificent spread of food and wine. Back at the Roadblock, Logan headed off again. On the other tram, the four boys received second helpings of gnocchi. They then passed Lago. Scott spotted it and gave a “duh” look to camera. The tram arrived back and Vanck, Floyd, Scott and Redmond all got the clue. Liz & Michael then arrived at the Concordia, and pulled the second release time at 7:05 a.m. Meanwhile, Logan passed the Cernobbio sign, and crossed Cevelli off his list. He returned to the judge and got the clue in last place. Getting into a taxi, he grumbled, “I wrote an extra word down, and we could’ve passed all four of those teams.”
At Lake Como, teams sprinted for the Concordia. Becca & Floyd grabbed the next release time at 7:10 a.m., followed by Matt & Redmond at 7:15, Vanck & Ashton at 7:20, and Brooke & Scott at 7:25. Inside, everyone poured wine together, Vanck & Ashton included. Matt said, “Everybody was just hanging out as normal friends, basically like we weren’t involved in some scheme. But in the morning, it’s game on.” London & Logan then arrived in last place, taking the 7:30 departure.
The sun rose, and the boat sailed across Lake Como to Varenna. Becca said, “I thought Norway was as beautiful as it could get, and Italy is a close match.” At 7:00, Tara & Joey ran off the boat and ripped the clue. It gave the address of their next clue, and warned, “Double U-Turn directly ahead.” They learned that their location was three minutes away on foot, and began running along a lakeside path. Liz & Michael then ripped the clue in second place. Descending on the U-Turn mat, Tara & Joey debated what to do. They explained that they’d U-Turned Seth & Olive back in leg three, and didn’t want to be the bad guys the entire race. They spotted the clue box atop a flight of stairs, along with the U-Turn board. But they decided leave the U-Turning to Liz & Michael. Tara said, “Joey and I… don’t have to U-Turn anybody to still come in strong.”
They ripped the clue and discovered a Detour – Make a Mold or Grab a Hold. At Make a Mold, one team member had to don a wire mesh frame, while their partner covered them in Plaster of Paris to create a mold of a ghost. In Grab a Hold, one team member had to scale a ninety-foot rock face and retrieve the clue, while their partner belayed from below. Tara & Joey chose Make a Mold. Running for a taxi, they came across Liz & Michael, and told them where the U-Turn board was. Liz & Michael arrived at the board, and U-Turned Vanck & Ashton. They then chose Grab a Hold, and hurried off – in the wrong direction – to find a marked Riva boat to take them there. Becca & Floyd left the steamship in third place. They soon ran into Liz & Michael, who told them where the U-Turn was, and that they’d used it on Vanck & Ashton. Liz said, “U-Turn us and burn it.”
As Liz & Michael continued searching for the Riva boats, Becca & Floyd U-Turned them, Floyd explaining, “We’re essentially turning a Double U-Turn into a single U-Turn… guaranteeing that Ashton and Vanck are going to be the only ones U-Turned today.” They then chose Grab a Hold. Matt & Redmond arrived fourth, and chose Grab a Hold as well. Back at the steamship, Vanck & Ashton read that the U-Turn was ahead, and Vanck groaned, “Fudge!” Meanwhile, Liz & Michael realized they were going the wrong direction, and began heading towards the dock. There, Becca & Floyd arrived to find a small fleet of Riva boats. They jumped into one, and began jetting across the lake. Becca demonstrated the belaying process to Floyd, and explained in interview that as a rock-climbing instructor, she climbs at least five days a week. “This could not be a more perfect challenge for me.”
At Castello di Vezio, Tara & Joey arrived to find a spooky castle overlooking Lake Como, populated with even spookier ghost figures placed around the grounds. They found a wire mesh frame, and headed off to get started. On the lake, Matt & Redmond took off in their boat, while Vanck & Ashton ran up to the dock, still looking for the U-Turn board. They saw the boats, but figured they needed a clue first. Ashton said, “How did we miss it?” Brooke & Scott then left the steamship in sixth place. At Make a Mold, Tara & Joey donned full-body plastic suits. Joey joked, “I feel like I just escaped an insane asylum.” They watched as a woman wrapped plaster-soaked cloths over a man wearing a mesh frame. Joey then mixed up the Plaster of Paris, dipped in his cloth, and began covering Tara.
On the far side of the lake, Becca & Floyd exited their boat and asked for directions to Lungolago, where Grab a Hold was located. A local directed them inland. Matt & Redmond then arrived, but when they learned that “lago” meant “lake,” they decided to run along the lakeside. Becca & Floyd then hit a dead end, and figured they should follow the water as well. Back in Varenna, Vanck & Ashton continued to search for the U-Turn board. Liz & Michael found the Riva boats and climbed aboard, Liz saying, “I want to get the flock out of here before Vanck & Ashton come over here and drill us.”
Back at the clue box, Brooke & Scott chose Grab a Hold. As London & Logan left the steamship in last place, Brooke & Scott headed across the lake, celebrating that “Vanck & Ashton are the only team that has to do both Detours, which gives us a fighting shot to stay in this game.” Over at Make a Mold, Joey continued covering Tara in cloth, while at the clue box, London & Logan chose that same task. On the far side of the lake, Brooke & Scott spotted Liz & Michael exiting their boat. Liz asked about the results of the U-Turn, and Scott said, “You got U-Turned by [Team] Fun, so it’s locked out!” Brooke then noted that Liz & Michael weren’t strong runners, and she and Scott caught up to them on foot.
At Make a Mold, Joey turned the dryer on Tara. Meanwhile, Matt & Redmond arrived at the rock face, Matt saying he rock-climbed at home. He began harnessing up as Becca & Floyd arrived, adding, “We’re going to try to beat the climber. We know Becca is a badass.” The instructors showed Redmond and Floyd how to belay, while Becca laughed giddily. “I knew there was climbing out here!” Matt then started up. Redmond said, “Matt is like Spider-Man, basically running up the mountain.” Becca began as well, saying, “Heck yeah, I love touching rock – it feels so good!”
On the other side of the lake, Vanck & Ashton finally found the U-Turn board. They realized they’d be the only ones doing both Detours, but knew they had to power through it. At Grab a Hold, Matt and Becca neared the top of the rock face. Matt grabbed a clue, followed by Becca a moment later, and their partners began lowering them down. The boys then ripped the clue, and it said to make your way to the next Pit Stop, the town of Tremezzo, and search for Phil along the shoreline. The two teams hurried off just as Brooke & Scott arrived. Scott saw the boys leaving and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me! Why do you do everything? Superman!” They also thanked Becca & Floyd for the U-Turn.
Back at the dock, Vanck & Ashton got into a boat and headed to Grab a Hold. Ashton said, “It wasn’t going to matter when we got there – we were going to get U-Turned regardless.” But they agreed that they weren’t out until Phil said so. Liz & Michael then arrived at Grab a Hold. Liz warned Michael, “If you drop me, I’ll haunt you forever.” Brooke harnessed up, but immediately began doubting herself, saying, “I’m not the strongest…. I’m not scared of the heights, I’m scared I can’t do it.” Matt & Redmond and Becca & Floyd then headed off in their Riva boats to the Pit Stop. The boys had a slight lead, and Becca said, “We’re so close to first right now, it hurts!”
Brooke began climbing, but her feet kept sliding down the rock. She said, “How am I supposed to get all the way up there?” Liz & Michael realized they had a chance to get ahead, and Liz got off to a fast start. Over at Make a Mold, London & Logan arrived to find Tara still drying. They selected a wire frame and got started. Back at Grab a Hold, Liz was making up serious time on Brooke. Brooke slipped again, and shouted to Scott, “Please have me, I’m terrified right now!” Scott assured her, “If you fall off, you’ve got this two-hundred-pound monster holding you up there.” But Brooke failed to find handholds in the rocks, and began freaking out even more. “I don’t know which way to go – I’m very concerned!” She slipped yet again, and shrieked, “Scott, I really don’t think you have me!”
In a race to the Pit Stop, Matt & Redmond and Becca & Floyd watched for Phil on the shoreline. Both teams then spotted him, pointing him out and calling his name. The boys were a hundred yards ahead as they jetted to shore – but their boat began floundering just a few feet from the dock as their driver struggled to park. Becca & Floyd zoomed closer… and then pulled up smoothly, jumped out, and sprinted away. Stuck in the boat, Matt grumbled, “That sucks!” Team Fun reached the mat in first place, with Matt & Redmond arriving a minute later. Matt quipped, “Our guy needs some parking lessons.” After Phil awarded Becca & Floyd with a trip to Argentina, Redmond said, “I really want that first place.” Matt added, “We were inches away today. We’ve just got to tighten up our game a little bit.”
At Make a Mold, London & Logan mixed their plaster and began dipping their cloth. Joey then lifted the dry mold over Tara’s head, and placed it on a mannequin. They were approved in third place. Back at Grab a Hold, Brooke shrieked that she didn’t know what to do. Scott couldn’t see any handholds from the ground, and she shouted, “Well, I need you to use your eyes!” Liz, meanwhile, was faring better, with Michael half pulling her up the rock. She grabbed the clue in fourth place, and rappelled back to the ground. Michael asked, “How much do you love me?” and she replied, “A lot.” Brooke finally found a handhold, and continued climbing. After grabbing the clue, she started back down – but continued to shriek, “Slowly, slowly!” In interview she laughed, “I didn’t even realize I was being so vocal today,” while Scott stared at her in disbelief.
On the road, Vanck & Ashton came upon Liz & Michael running the opposite direction. Ashton snapped, “Thanks, guys. Appreciate you.” Michael replied breezily, “Any time.” As London continued covering Logan in plaster, Ashton began climbing the rock. At the Pit Stop, Tara & Joey spotted Phil from their boat, and ran to the mat. As they arrived in third place, Liz & Michael zoomed by on the water, followed by Brooke & Scott. Back at Grab a Hold, Ashton continued climbing, saying, “We’re not going down without a fight!” She grabbed the clue, and she and Vanck hurried off to Make a Mold. At that task, London lifted the dry mold off of Logan, and they got the clue in sixth place.
At the Pit Stop, Brooke said, “You have your favorite people that you want to sit down and have dinner with.” Michael cut in, “And Vanck isn’t one of them.” Brooke referred to Vanck & Ashton as “The B-list of invitees,” and added, “You want to keep your favorites around.” She added, “We did it – so proud!” as Scott and Michael high-fived. London & Logan then arrived at the Pit Stop in sixth place. Over at Make a Mold, Ashton began covering Vanck with plaster. She said, “I’m proud of us. Everyone thought we were doomed from the get-go because we’re so different.” They seemed to have made their peace, Ashton telling Vanck, “All I can tell you is you’re a beautiful ghost.” Vanck replied, “I always wanted to be a beautiful something.” Ashton added, “I think we proved that people with… completely different personalities can work together and be successful.”
When they arrived at the Pit Stop, Phil told them they were eliminated. He said that for whatever reason, the other teams decided to get rid of them. Vanck said, “We’re obviously two very different people, from different backgrounds, different careers. And we were able to start to work things out.” Ashton added, “The fact that we did as well as we did, with how different we were – I’m proud of us for being able to work through that.”
ROADBLOCK: Teams had to travel through Milan on a dining tram, and spot three marked Italian words out the window. They also had to complete two courses of food during the ride.
Performed Roadblock: Tara, Michael, Vanck, Floyd, Scott, Redmond, Logan
DETOUR: Make a Mold or Grab a Hold. In Make a Mold, one person had to wear a wire mesh frame, while the other covered them with plaster-soaked cloth to make a ghost mold. In Grab a Hold, one person had to retrieve the clue from atop a ninety-foot rock wall, while their partner belayed from below.
Make a Mold: Tara/Joey, London/Logan, Vanck/Ashton
Grab a Hold: Matt/Redmond, Becca/Floyd, Liz/Michael, Brooke/Scott, Vanck/Ashton
Liz & Michael U-Turned Vanck & Ashton
Becca & Floyd U-Turned Liz & Michael (who’d already passed)
Order of Finish:Becca & FloydMatt & RedmondTara & JoeyLiz & MichaelBrooke & ScottLondon & LoganVanck & Ashton