Season 29: Episode 7 - Have Fun And Get It Done
Posted on May 4, 2017 11:00pm

It was a tight race in the narrow streets of the Floating City. Matt & Redmond got out to a quick lead with a suitcase-hauling Detour, and took their first win. But despite her love of painting, Liz failed to follow directions the Roadblock, and fell to the back of the pack. She and Michael arrived at the mast last, but were spared by non-elimination.
At the beginning of the previous leg, Michael was depressed because he’d gone so long without talking to his daughter. “Everything I do is for my daughter. She’s my favorite person in the world.” Liz tried to boost his spirits, saying that tomorrow was a whole new day.
In Tremezzo, Italy, rock-climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd ripped the clue in first place at 3:07 a.m. It told them to travel to Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy, where a Spazzino (or street-sweeper) would hand them their next clue. They ran to a nearby bus stand, where one bus would arrive at 4:15 a.m., and a second at 4:30. Professional snowboarder/former Navy corpsman Matt & Redmond ripped the clue a minute later, and headed off. The two teams met up, and Floyd joked, “We could just hug each other for an hour.” They wanted to beat Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey, who arrived at the stand third.
Liz & Michael left the mat next, followed by criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott. The first bus then arrived, and Becca & Floyd, Matt & Redmond and Tara & Joey departed. Artist/surgical consultant London & Logan left the mat last, and found the two remaining teams at the bus stand. The second bus arrived, and Brooke complained, “Back of the pack, again.” Scott said it was “exponentially harder” to run the Race with a partner who had a glass-half-empty attitude, and his reactions caused her to tailspin into more negativity. “So I just remain mute.”
In Venice, the first bus arrived and Becca & Floyd, Matt & Redmond, and Tara & Joey jumped into water taxis. Redmond said it was frustrating that he and Matt were consistently in the lead, but then made navigational errors that pushed them back. Tara & Joey’s boat then jetted ahead. The boys followed suit, passing up Becca & Floyd. Tara explained that a Spazzino was a street sweeper, and Joey said it was awesome that she knew so many languages. But he griped that the other teams benefitted from it as well, because people liked to follow them.
As the second group arrived and found water taxis, the first group approached the city proper, and began sailing through the canals. Tara & Joey docked first, and ran for Piazza San Marco. They found the Spazzino, and ripped the clue in first place. It was a Detour: Sing It or Bring It. In Sing It, teams had to learn an Italian song, and perform it for a couple in a gondola. In Bring It, they had to load suitcases onto a cart, and transport them through the streets to a hotel. As Tara & Joey contemplated what to do, Matt & Redmond walked right by them, cluelessly looking for the Spazzino. Becca & Floyd then arrived, and as Tara & Joey chose Bring It, Team Fun learned who the Spazzino was. Matt & Redmond followed them, and both teams got the clue. Becca & Floyd chose Sing It, while Matt & Redmond chose Bring It. As Tara & Joey headed off on foot, the other two teams headed back to the water taxis.
London & Logan, Brooke & Scott, and Liz & Michael then arrived, and ran for the Piazza. London & Logan found the Spazzino first. They chose Bring It, and then hurried off, not wanting anybody to see them. Liz & Michael spotted them and called out, but they pretended not to hear. Michael was ticked, snapping, “So glad we’ve helped them before.” Brooke & Scott then ran into London & Logan, and asked if they’d seen the Spazzino. London blatantly lied, saying no. Liz & Michael finally found the man, and chose Sing It. London felt bad about misleading Brooke & Scott but said, “We’re back of the pack – we need to get moving.” However, she added, “We did a bad, bad thing.”
Brooke & Scott came across Liz & Michael, who directed them back to the Piazza. They ripped the clue in last place, and chose Sing It. Running to a water taxi, they suspected that London & Logan had lied about finding the Spazzino. Liz & Michael felt the same, Michael grumbling, “We asked them for help and they weren’t willing to provide it, so that’s kind of messed up, since we’ve helped them every single chance we’ve gotten.” Scott said, “There’s something shady about Lolo right now.” Michael added, “I’ve got nothing for Lolo now.”
As Tara & Joey and London & Logan struggled to find Bring It on foot, Matt & Redmond pulled up in a water taxi. They donned porters’ vests, and began loading their luggage onto a cart. Over at Sing It, Becca & Floyd changed into red and white striped gondolier’s shirts. Floyd said he was confident in his singing ability. “I’m no Michael Jackson or anything near it, but I’m confident.” Matt & Redmond finished loading their luggage and started off – and immediately struggled to maneuver the cart. Becca & Floyd chose an instructor, who began teaching them the song. As they worked at the pronunciation, Matt & Redmond got directions to the hotel. But they had trouble getting the luggage through the streets. Matt said that each suitcase was probably 150 pounds, and they repeatedly fell off the cart. Redmond joked, “It was probably easily thirty thousand pounds. Maybe fifty.” They eventually lifted the cart up and down the steps, rather than trying to roll it – but still lost multiple suitcases in the process.
Tara & Joey debated taking a water taxi to Bring It, but didn’t know when one would arrive. They decided to continue on foot. As Becca & Floyd’s instructor showed them how to move with the music, Tara & Joey and London & Logan arrived at Bring It. They then began carting their luggage through the streets, and struggling to get it up the steps. As Becca & Floyd finished practicing, Liz & Michael and Brooke & Scott arrived at Sing It. Team Fun then started off in their gondola. They began singing, but were off-key and rather unpleasant to listen to. They finished, and the judge said, “Another one, and more together.” Meanwhile, Liz & Michael and Brooke & Scott practiced.
At Bring It, Tara & Joey and London & Logan continued hauling their luggage up and down the steps, the latter losing the majority of their suitcases. Matt & Redmond then arrived at the hotel, and delivered their luggage. They got the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way by water taxi to Ca’ Zenobio, and search for their next clue. They ran to the canal and whistled for a water taxi – and were shocked when one actually pulled up. They laughed, Redmond saying, “I didn’t think it was going to work!” At Sing It, Liz & Michael headed to their gondola. But Scott wanted to keep practicing, saying he didn’t want to rush it. Out in the canals, Becca & Floyd sang with gusto, whereas Liz & Michael sounded more tepid and off-key. Team Fun finished strong, but while the couple in the boat applauded their effort, the judge said they had to sing together more. Becca said, “I don’t know this language!”
At Bring It, Tara & Joey and London & Logan were making faster progress than before. Tara & Joey then found the hotel and unloaded their suitcases. Joey referenced his debacle with choosing the wrong suitcase at the beginning of the Race by grumbling, “What is it with me and luggage?” They got the clue in second place, and asked the desk clerk to call them a water taxi. Matt & Redmond then arrived at Ca’ Zenobio, and ripped the clue. It was a Roadblock: “Who has masked intentions?” Teams had to create a copy of an intricately painted mask worn by a Commedia dell’arte actor. Redmond opted for it. He entered an ornate room, where there awaited a troupe of masked actors in Renaissance costume. He chose an actor and a blank mask. Then he watched the demonstration, where a woman put two coats of paint on the mask, then wiped off some of the topcoat, so the base one showed through.
Back at Sing It, Becca & Floyd were approved in third place, and they headed off to find a water taxi. In another gondola, Liz & Michael were told to perform with “more theater.” Brooke & Scott were also rejected. At the hotel, London & Logan delivered their luggage, and got the clue fourth. Tara & Joey then got into a water taxi, but Becca & Floyd couldn’t find one. Becca asked, “Can we swim?” London & Logan had trouble finding one as well. At the Roadblock, Redmond wiped off some of his second layer of paint while laughing at the goofy antics of the actors.
At Sing It, Liz & Michael were improving, but the judge said they needed better pronunciation. Brooke & Scott then finished, and were approved in fifth place – just as they sailed right past Becca & Floyd on the dock. Liz & Michael were then approved as well. Brooke & Scott began running for a water taxi, along with Liz & Michael. Becca & Floyd then found one, and jumped aboard. Liz & Michel found one soon after. But London & Logan and Brooke & Scott continued to search. Brooke said, “I don’t want to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.” Scott spotted the “main water” up ahead, and Brooke snapped, “Where do you see ‘main water?’” Scott shouted, “A main thoroughfare! What do you want me to say to you?” Brooke retorted, “Oh, you’re a pleasure! I love hanging out with you!” London & Logan joined a family of tourists on their water taxi, but Brooke & Scott hit another dead end. Brooke had had it, saying, “This is like, unbelievable! I’m about to jump in the water!” They finally spotted a water taxi a block away, and headed off to board it. But Brooke was still pessimistic that it’d work out.
Over at the Roadblock, Redmond finished painting his mask, and showed it to the judge. But he was rejected because it wasn’t shiny enough. He discovered some varnish at his station, and began applying it. Outside, Tara & Joey arrived and spotted what Joey accidentally called the “tool box.” He muttered, “Tool box – I’m a tool box.” They ripped the clue in second place, and Tara opted for it. As she entered the room, Redmond presented his mask again, and was approved. He and Matt ripped the clue in first place. It said to travel to the plaza of Campo San Vio, and search for Phil at the next Pit Stop. They took off running.
Inside, Tara had begun painting her mask, but said she didn’t like painting, and only ever did it with her kids. And she was only looking at the completed mask her actor was wearing, not at the ongoing demonstration, which showed the step-by-step painting process. Becca & Floyd then arrived, and Floyd opted for the task. He chose an actor, and immediately watched the demonstration. As he picked up on the idea of wiping away the second coat of paint, Tara griped, “If only I had time to take a painting class. Instead I’m busy freakin’ changing diapers and grocery shopping, aside from being in the Army.” As she griped, Floyd noted that she wasn’t following directions.
Out on the street, Brooke & Scott finally found a water taxi. Meanwhile, Liz & Michael arrived at the Roadblock in fourth place, and Liz opted for it. Inside, she chose an actor and got to work, saying that the mask she chose was the exact style of a cow skull she’d recently painted at home. “So this is like, a no-brainer for me.” But she, too, began working without watching the demonstration. Outside, Michael complained to Joey and Becca about how London & Logan had blown him off. Joey joked, “Throw a chair, Mikey.” Inside, Floyd hurriedly wiped at his topcoat before it dried. Meanwhile, Tara and Liz continued working on their unblended masks.
London & Logan arrived in fifth place, and London chose the task. Logan joined those waiting in the courtyard – and Michael pointedly ignored him. At the Pit Stop, Matt & Redmond arrived in first place. Phil awarded them with a trip to Grenada, and asked if it was their best leg so far. Redmond pulled off his prosthetic leg and said that that was the best leg. “But we wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for this little guy.” Back at the Roadblock, Liz and London seemed especially confident in their painting abilities. Brooke & Scott then arrived, and ripped the clue in last place. Brooke said, “I don’t feel good about any of this, but I guess I’ll do it.” Inside, Tara presented her mask, but the judge said it wasn’t blended. Tara was clueless, asking, “What do you mean it’s not blended?” She got a new mask and began from scratch. Brooke then entered the room, just as Floyd was finishing up. He presented his mask, and was approved. When he told Tara that he brushed off the second coat, she said, “What second coat?” He explained the process, and Tara finally seemed to understand. Unaware of the conversation was Liz, who continued simply painting her mask.
Becca & Floyd ripped the clue in second place, and took off for the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, the judge was halfway through the ongoing demonstration, so Brooke didn’t know how to begin. She went around to the other racers, trying to figure out what to do. Liz muttered, “Sometimes you’ve got to put your big girl panties on and just do it yourself without having to rely on everybody.” Brooke asked Liz if she put something underneath her first color, and Liz said, “I don’t know – I’m just winging it.” Tara checked her work against the demonstration, and Brooke finally seemed to figure out the process as well. Liz, however, just kept painting. London noticed, saying in interview, “Liz was doing… not very well. I was going to say she was doing okay, but no.” When Liz asked if it looked right, however, London said yes, knowing she needed a buffer.
Tara was then approved in third place. Liz said she was really starting to feel the pressure. At the Pit Stop, Becca & Floyd arrived second, praising each other as partners. Back at the Roadblock, Liz finally presented her mask, but was rejected for it not being blended. Meanwhile, Brooke and London seemed pleased with their progress. Liz started over from the beginning, saying, “I’m so stressed right now, I just want to cry. I really just want to cry.” Brooke and London had both moved onto painting their finer details, while Liz finished her base coat. As Tara & Joey arrived at the Pit Stop in third place, London finished up “the glossing step” while Liz was still applying her topcoat. Brooke then presented her mask, and was approved in fourth place. She was in shock, saying, “Stop it!” She and Scott then started for the Pit Stop.
London was then approved fifth and ran out, leaving Liz there alone. Liz muttered, “I’m never painting again after this.” As London & Logan ran off, Michael said, “It’s been fun – we’re done.” London & Logan caught up to Brooke & Scott on the street, and the four headed for the Pit Stop. Liz then started on the detail of her mask, but Michael was glum. “We got here fourth, and we’re leaving last. And I don’t know when Liz is going to be down, so I don’t like our chances too much today.” His only hope was that somebody got lost. Liz was finally approved, and got the clue in last place. She and Michael hurried off in the same direction as the other teams, Liz saying, “I’ll swim if I have to.”
It was a three-way race to the Pit Stop through the narrow streets of Venice. London & Logan and Brooke & Scott realized they’d gone the wrong way, and had to backtrack over a bridge. Liz & Michael continued running, Michael saying, “It’s so easy to get lost in this city.” But the foursome arrived first. Liz & Michael ran up shortly thereafter, and Phil informed them that they were the last team to arrive – but that it was a non-elimination leg, and they were still in the Race. Everyone cheered and hugged them. Liz was in tears, saying, “I’ve never been through that much stress in my entire life,” but added that thinking of Michael and his daughter, Pearl, had helped her get through it. Phil told them they’d have a Speed Bump on the next leg. Michael said, “We were as low as low could be after Leg One, and we won two in a row after that. So we’re not going home any time soon. They’re going to have to do more than a Speed Bump to get us out of here.”
DETOUR: Sing It or Bring It. In Sing It, teams had to serenade a couple in a gondola with a traditional Italian song. In Bring It, they had to load suitcases onto a cart, and then transport them through the streets to a hotel.
Sing It: Becca/Floyd, Brooke/Scott, Liz/Michael
Bring It: Matt/Redmond, Tara/Joey, London/Logan
ROADBLOCK: Teams had to properly paint a Commedia dell’arte mask.
Performed Roadblock: Redmond, Floyd, Tara, Brooke, London, Liz
Order of Finish:
1. Matt & Redmond
2. Becca & Floyd
3. Tara & Joey
4. Brooke & Scott
5. London & Logan
6. Liz & Michael (non-elimination)