Season 29: Episode 9 - I Thought We Were Playing It Nice
Posted on May 18, 2017 11:00pm

After performing a bungee jump in Greece, everyone flew to Hanoi, Vietnam. Tempers flared as teams jockeyed for limited ladders at one Detour, but it was after misreading the clue at the second that Tara & Joey fell behind. They arrived at the mat last, but were spared by non-elimination.
In Athens, Greece, Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey ripped the clue first at 2:40 p.m. It told them to travel to the Old Bridge spanning the Corinth Canal. Jumping in a taxi, Joey said that after their third win in a row, they were confident they could win the Race. “But we’re not going to be schemers, we’re not going to be back-stabbers like Scott & Brooke.” He added that he was pissed that the criminal attorney and recruiting manager had U-Turned auctioneer/butcher Liz & Michael last leg, since the latter already had a Speed Bump. “That’s not really being competitive in my book. It’s just a lack of heart.”
Professional snowboarder/former Navy Corpsman Matt & Redmond left the mat second, followed by Brooke & Scott, and artist/surgical consultant London & Logan. Bringing up the rear were rock climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd, aka Team Fun. In their taxi, they said that because they survived the U-Turn, they were now “Team Funstoppable.” At the Corinth Canal, Tara & Joey ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who’s ready for the long stretch?” Teams would have to bungee jump 240 off the bridge, into the canal. Joey opted for the task, but said, “I hate my life.” He got harnessed up and walked to the middle of the bridge while Tara stood back, saying she felt sick and didn’t like heights. Joey perched on the edge of a platform as the instructor counted down from five. When he hit one, Joey jumped, plummeting into the canal and swinging by his legs. He then returned to the top, asking, “Is my hair still good?” He got the clue, which said to fly to Hanoi, Vietnam, and search for the next clue at Tuong Ly Thai To.
Approaching the canal were Brooke & Scott. Scott explained that by Leg Nine, each teammate had to do an equal number of Roadblocks, so he had to do this one. He said he was nervous about the canal, adding, “Please don’t be bungee jumping. That’s the only thing I don’t want to do.” At the bridge, Matt walked casually to the jumping point. He laughed, saying, “I want to be here when Scott does this.” He added that things like bungee jumping are mentally difficult, but “I live for that adrenaline, pit-of-your-stomach feeling.” The instructor counted down, and he jumped without hesitation. After being reeled up, he and Redmond got the clue in second place. As they headed off in their taxi, Redmond said, “[Scott] is going to cry so hard.”
Brooke & Scott then ripped the clue in third place, Scott pleading for it not to be bungee jumping. He then read the clue, and said, “Are you kidding me with this? The one thing I did not want to do!” He said he had a fear of heights and falling, and bungee jumping was “the number one fear of that fear.” He continued to freak out as he tried to make his way across the bridge. He shouted, “Why am I getting all the heights ones? You get four Roadblocks, and three of mine are heights!” The instructors eventually got him to the jump-off point, but he wouldn’t let go of the bridge. Brooke tried to be encouraging, saying he didn’t think he could scale the high rise in Sao Paulo, or climb the tower in Norway, either. She added, “It’s a million-dollar step!” They counted down… and Scott finally jumped, shrieking the entire time. He got turned upright, but was clearly no convert. “That was horrible. I will never do that again in my life. Ever.”
London & Logan arrived, and ripped the clue in fourth place. They passed Brooke & Scott leaving, and London told Scott she was proud of him. Logan then jumped effortlessly. Last up was Becca, who said, “This is absurd – why do people do this?” She jumped, squealing and laughing. Team Fun then made their way to the airport, and everyone departed on the same flight to Hanoi. In Vietnam, the plane landed, and everyone ran for taxis. Driving through the crowded streets, Matt said, “It’s like the Tour de Hot and Humid.” Teams veered through scores of mopeds, and finally found Tuong Ly Thai To, where perhaps a hundred women danced with red fans. Becca & Floyd arrived first, and began searching for their clue. As Brooke & Scott arrived, Floyd spotted a woman with a yellow stick on her fan. She handed over a clue, and Team Fun ripped it in first place. It told them to make their way to the Quan Su Buddhist Temple.
Brooke & Scott then found a clue, and ran out just as London & Logan arrived. London asked where the clue box was, and Brooke told them the clue was on a person. As London & Logan found a woman in third place, Brooke said, “I’ll always help them.” Matt & Redmond then arrived and found a clue fourth, followed by Tara & Joey. At the Buddhist temple, Becca & Floyd arrived in first place and ripped the clue. It was a Detour: Bamboo Climb or Window Design. In bamboo climb, teams had to pick up one of three marked bamboo ladders, and carry it through the streets to a nearby apartment building. There, they had to squeeze it up a narrow stairway, and retrieve a birdcage from the roof. When they returned both the ladder and birdcage to where they started, they’d receive their next clue. In Window Design, they had to carry three mannequins to a marked shop, and use a photo as reference to create a window display. Becca & Floyd chose Bamboo Climb.
Brooke & Scott then arrived, and chose Bamboo Climb as well, followed by Matt & Redmond, London & Logan, and Tara & Joey. Becca & Floyd arrived on a corner, where there stood dozens of bamboo ladders. They found one with Race markings, and headed off down the street. Matt & Redmond ran past Brooke & Scott en route to the ladders, and Brooke shouted out the name of the street when she saw it – but Scott told her not to yell. Both teams ran up to the ladders, but just as Scott reached for one, Matt grabbed it. Scott snapped, “Damn it, guys, damn it!” He looked around, but didn’t see the third one, which was hanging horizontally up under the roof. London & Logan then arrived, and London immediately spotted the third ladder. She began climbing another ladder to reach it. Brooke saw it as well, and began racing her, shouting at Scott to hold her wobbly ladder. London seemed peeved that her ally was challenging her, saying, “I thought we were playing it nice!” London reached the marked ladder first, and Brooke & Scott were forced to give up. London grumbled, “What was that?”
As Matt & Redmond headed down the street with their ladder, Scott said, “You’re kidding me with the boys!” He then blamed Brooke for yelling out the name of the street. London & Logan then headed off with their ladder, London snapping, “Not cool, y’all!” Brooke was shocked. “Not cool, us?” Scott said they had to switch Detours, since there were no more ladders. London said in interview that their alliance with Brooke & Scott was fantastic. “But when we’re at a Detour, we need to get things done. We aren’t there to be friends.” Logan added that it was the end of the Race, and it was gloves-off. Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd were “traversing through mayhem in the streets.” Becca added, “It’s a fifteen-foot ladder – confidence kills.” Matt & Redmond also had trouble. Matt ran with the ladder over his shoulders and his head through a gap, quipping, “Decapitated by a ladder.” And Logan warned London, “If you slow down, let me know because I’m going to stab you in the butt if you do.”
En route to Window Design, Brooke & Scott continued to bicker about Brooke yelling out the street name, and Scott not holding her ladder. Tara & Joey then ran past them in the opposite direction, heading to Bamboo Climb. Becca & Floyd arrived at the apartment building with their ladder, and headed down a narrow hallway. Once in the stairwell, they began maneuvering the ladder up. But they got stuck in a tight turn, and couldn’t get the ladder past the wall. Tara & Joey then arrived at the ladders, but didn’t see any with Race markings. They finally figured that Brooke & Scott had been there, but hadn’t been able to get one, either. They headed to Window Design, Joey complaining, “Yeah, they’re such good friends. They knew exactly where we were going and they didn’t stop us.”
Brooke & Scott then arrived at the mannequin shop, and began collecting a male, female, and child mannequin. Brooke immediately began whining about how heavy they looked. They struggled to even get out the door, and as a mannequin’s lower half broke off and fell to the ground, Brooke said, “I wish we were climbing a damn building right now.” They headed into the street, Brooke shouting, “I’m going to get hit by a car! I’m going to get murdered!” Tara & Joey then arrived at the mannequin shop, but only believed they had to take two. They started off, carrying a woman and a child. Joey soon dropped his, and it broke into several pieces. He joked, “I broke up with her… and she took it kind of hard.”
Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd finally got their ladder freed from the stairwell, and they emerged on the roof, where three birdcages hung fifteen feet in the air. Floyd held the ladder while Becca climbed up, retrieved the birdcage, and returned to the ground. Matt & Redmond then arrived, and crossed paths with Becca & Floyd in the tight stairwell. But Team Fun’s ladder was caught on a wire hanging from the ceiling. As Becca tried to free it, Matt stepped in to help, since they were blocking the way. Becca & Floyd got out and headed off – while Matt & Redmond struggled to work their ladder through the tight space. They finally managed it, and Matt retrieved the birdcage. They then tried to hurry out of the building before another team arrived, but ended up colliding with London & Logan. After the two teams squeezed past each other, London & Logan got their ladder up most of the stairwell. But just as Logan commented on how easy it was, they got stuck in the tight spot. They tried turning the ladder horizontally, but it did no good.
Out on the road, Brooke & Scott struggled to carry their three mannequins. But pieces fell off, and they had to stop and regroup. Brooke said they were in last, and they didn’t know where Tara & Joey were. She then said to her child mannequin: “Come on, you little brat.” Tara & Joey also tried to carry their “absolutely terrible” mannequins, which were slippery and falling apart. Tara said, “I just hit that lady in the butt with the freaking feet and she gave me the death stare. This is so embarrassing!” Joey added, “We look like lunatics.” As Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond hurried back to the ladder stand with their birdcages, London & Logan were still stuck in the stairwell. Their ladder was now completely horizontal, and wedged between the walls. London took a few cleansing breaths, but Logan grumbled, “You’re not helping.”
Out on the street, Brooke continued to shriek and whine as her mannequin fell apart. Scott said they were almost there, but she retorted, “You don’t know that we’re almost there – you don’t know where we’re going!” She said her back hurt, and when a woman said they were three blocks away, Brooke whined that everyone was telling them something different. “I don’t want to be doing this! We had the other one, and I’m pissed off!” Scott tried to remedy the situation by having Brooke hold her pieces a different way, but she wouldn’t stop shouting about their mistake at the ladders. Scott snapped, “I swear to God, you are the worst!” Becca & Floyd then arrived back at the ladder stand, followed closely by Matt & Redmond. Team Fun turned over their ladder and birdcage, and the vendor placed a bird in the cage. They got the clue in first place, and it told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Thong Nhat Park. As Becca & Floyd ran for a taxi, Matt & Redmond handed over their items. Matt said, “Getting ourselves a little furry friend…. A little feathery friend. Oh, I’m hot.” The boys then ripped the clue in second place and hopped in a taxi, saying what a rough run it had been.
Tara & Joey arrived at a marked shop with their mannequins, but Tara immediately realized they didn’t have a male. Joey said, “We don’t need a man – we need two, you said.” Using a picture for reference, they set up their mannequins and began dressing them in swimsuits. Back on the street, Brooke was still complaining about carrying the mannequins, and the fact that Scott didn’t hold her ladder. Scott shouted, “You didn’t even grab the ladder, so shut up about the damn ladder! It’s your fault we didn’t get the ladder!” He then reminded her that she virtually told Matt & Redmond where the street was. Brooke said, “You’re so abusive, it’s disgusting.” Scott said, “I’m abusive because I’m telling you reality. And quit pissing away our chance at a million!”
London & Logan were still stuck in the stairwell, but they stayed calm, and finally freed their ladder. They then retrieved a birdcage, and started back down. Meanwhile, Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond headed to the Pit Stop in taxis. They arrived at the park and began running around on foot, looking for Phil. But Becca & Floyd found him first. As Becca hopped around doing a “winning dance,” Phil told them they were team number one. He awarded them with a trip to the Galapagos Islands, and they again called themselves “Team Funstoppable.” Matt & Redmond then joined them on the mat, and Phil said they were pretty unstoppable as well. Becca said, “Un-boy-lievable.”
Back at Window Design, Brooke & Scott arrived on the street where Tara & Joey were dressing their mannequins. The two teams saw each other, and Scott couldn’t believe that Tara & Joey had beaten them there. As Brooke & Scott found another marked shop and got started, Tara & Joey hurried to finish. They finally did, and asked to be judged – but were rejected. They didn’t understand why, still not knowing they needed three mannequins. They finally reread the clue, and realized they were missing one. They headed out to the street, and saw that Brooke & Scott had all of them. Scott then noticed that Tara & Joey only had two, and clapped his hands in excitement. Running back to the mannequin shop, Tara said, “I didn’t read it right. I’m sorry, Joey – we’re done.”
London & Logan delivered their birdcage to the ladder vendor, and got the clue in third place. Tara & Joey then arrived at the mannequin shop, grabbed a male, and headed back to the store, believing they could still beat Brooke & Scott. But the latter then got judged, and were approved in fourth place. They jumped in a taxi to the Pit Stop, Scott saying, “I’m so sad that they only had two.” Brooke scoffed, “You’re so sad? You’re thrilled.” She added, “We might kick them out today.” As Tara & Joey continued running through the streets, London & Logan arrived at the Pit Stop in third place. In their taxi, Brooke was now freaking out that Tara & Joey always managed to get to places before them. They passed the mannequin shop and didn’t see anybody, and figured Tara & Joey had already collected their last one. Brooke continued to stress out as Tara & Joey arrived at the clothing shop, and began setting up their third mannequin.
As Tara & Joey asked to get judged, Brooke & Scott arrived at a park – but weren’t sure if it was the correct one. Tara & Joey were then approved, and got the clue in last place. In a taxi to the Pit Stop, they were still bitter at Brooke & Scott for not telling them that all the ladders were taken. Joey griped, “Brooke has been in it for herself since she got off the plane in L.A. My first gut instinct was not to trust her.” Brooke & Scott’s taxi driver was now out of the car, asking for directions. He got squared away, and jumped back in. Meanwhile, Tara & Joey were glum, Tara saying that they’d had fun racing together. But Joey added, “Nothing’s over yet.”
Brooke & Scott arrived at the Pit Stop, thrilled to be in fourth place. Tara & Joey then arrived, but Joey was so tired he could barely walk. As they stepped on the mat, he fell to his knees from heat exhaustion. Phil called for water, and Brooke asked if they were all right. Tara snapped, “Now you care?” She added, “They knew there were no more ladders and they didn’t say anything. And now she wants to know if I’m okay?” Brooke said that finding a Detour had nothing to do with anyone’s physical health – “Are you kidding?” But Scott had a different outlook, saying in interview, “It’s called a game, and it’s also for one million dollars…. So if I have to play a little dirty to do that, I’m going to do that.” Phil informed Tara & Joey that they were the last team to arrive – but it was a non-elimination leg, and they were still in the Race. As Tara & Joey hugged with relief, Brooke reiterated that she hadn’t been trying to mislead anybody. Tara said, “It doesn’t matter – we’re still here. I don’t like to look back; I want to look forward.” Joey said that Brooke & Scott had been devious the whole Race, but he and Tara were going to crush the Speed Bump and keep moving on.

Roadblock: Teams had to bungee jump 240 feet off a bridge into the Corinth Canal.
Performed Roadblock: Joey, Matt, Scott, Logan, Becca
Detour: Bamboo Climb or Window Design. In Bamboo Climb, teams had to transport a fifteen-foot ladder through the busy streets to an apartment building, and get it up a narrow staircase. On the roof, they had to use the ladder to retrieve a birdcage, and then return both the cage and the ladder to the starting point. In Window Design, they had to carry three mannequins through the streets to a clothing shop, and dress and arrange them in the window, using a photo for reference.
Bamboo Climb: Becca/Floyd, Matt/Redmond, London/Logan
Window Design: Brooke/Scott, Tara/Joey
Order of Finish:Becca & FloydMatt & RedmondLondon & LoganBrooke & ScottTara & Joey (non-elimination)