Season 29: Episode 10 - Riding A Bike Is Like Riding A Bike
Posted on May 18, 2017 11:00pm

In the sweltering heat of rural Vietnam, teams endured the most physical leg of the Race so far. Tara & Joey’s Speed Bump quickly dropped them to last place – but they managed to catch back up after Floyd failed repeatedly at the biking Roadblock. Floyd ultimately succumbed to heat exhaustion, and he and Becca bowed out of the Race.
In Hanoi, rock-climbing instructor/college drum major Becca & Floyd ripped the clue first at 7:59 a.m. It told them to travel by bus to the mountainous town of Ninh Binh, Vietnam. They jumped in a taxi, hoping there’d be multiple buses so they could keep their lead. Professional snowboarder/former Navy Corpsman Matt & Redmond left the mat second, hoping it’d be cooler in Ninh Binh. Matt said, “This hot and humid just isn’t for me.” Artist/surgical consultant London & Logan left third. They were disappointed that the previous leg was the first time Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey came in last, and it happened to be a non-elimination leg. But they were comforted by the fact that at least Tara & Joey had a Speed Bump ahead.
Criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott left fourth. Scott said they were going to the bus station, and hopefully everyone would catch up. Brooke said, “I hope not, let’s go. I hope we catch up.” Scott said that being paired with Brooke has taught him that he has more patience than he thought. When Brooke complained that they weren’t moving fast enough, Scott said the other option was to walk. Brooke wasn’t hearing it. “We’re not going to legitimately walk six kilometers, so I don’t know why we’re having this conversation.”
Becca & Floyd arrived at the bus station. They learned that the next bus to Ninh Binh was at 9:00 a.m., and were thrilled to realize that at least one team wouldn’t make it. Tara & Joey then left the mat in last place. They were confident, however, Joey saying of their Speed Bump: “We’re going to crush it like it wasn’t even there. It’s going to be like the comeback of the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees, ALCS 2004.” Matt & Redmond got tickets for the first bus, and joined Becca & Floyd. The bus then departed for Ninh Binh. Back at the counter, London & Logan bought tickets for the next bus, leaving at 9:30. They figured there was a chance Tara & Joey wouldn’t make it. London said, “If they’re not on this bus... oh, baby. Oh, baby!”
Outside, Brooke & Scott pulled up, knowing that Tara & Joey had left twelve minutes behind them. But when they exited their taxi, Tara & Joey were right there. The two teams sprinted for the counter, but Brooke & Scott got there first. It was 9:25, and they began buying tickets for the 9:30 bus. Waiting on the bus, London & Logan figured no other teams would make it. Brooke & Scott got their tickets and ran outside. Tara & Joey then stepped up to the counter, Joey grumbling, “Bet you a million dollars they don’t hold it – they tell them to go.” Indeed, both Brooke & Scott and London & Logan urged the driver to take off – even offering to pay him. But Tara & Joey got their tickets and ran onto the bus just in time. As the other teams stewed in their disappointment, Joey said it’d be a race to the clue box when they got to the mountains.
In the town of Ninh Binh, where farmers worked the fields and livestock waded through canals, the first bus arrived. Becca & Floyd and Matt & Redmond spotted a nearby group of bicycles, and their next clue. It told them to bike to Bich Dong Temple, where they’d meet up with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, who’d join them for the rest of the leg. The two teams started out together. Matt complained again about the heat, and commented on the mountains in the distance, which came “out of nowhere.” They then arrived at Bich Dong Temple. Becca & Floyd found the gnome first, along with the clue box and Tara & Joey’s Speed Bump. They ripped the clue, which told them to bike to Thon Hai Nham and search for their next clue. They headed off with their gnome, followed by Matt & Redmond.
As the second bus sat in unmoving traffic, the first two teams arrived in the open field of Thon Hai Nham. They ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who’s feeling trapped?” In a throwback (way back) to Season Three, teams had to load up a bicycle with cumbersome shrimp traps, and deliver them down the road to a fisherman. Matt and Floyd opted for it, and chose bikes with wooden frameworks on the back. They tied their gnomes to the front, and counted the number of traps on the finished example. They then began gathering traps from a huge pile and hanging them on the bike frames. Becca hoped that later London & Logan and Brooke & Scott would work together to stay ahead of Tara & Joey. “I want Mom and Dad out because they’re a strong team. They U-Turned us, and they’re tricksters. I don’t trust them one bit!”
The second bus then arrived. The back three teams jumped on bicycles, London saying, “Good thing riding a bike is like riding a bike.” Back at the Roadblock under the pounding sun, Matt said, “I’ve never sweated so much in my entire life.” But he and Floyd powered through the loading of their bikes. Floyd said, “I’m so confident right now, I’m not even worried. I’m going to make Becca so proud.” They then finished, each with fifteen bunches of large traps, and seventeen bunches of small ones. Matt headed off, and despite some wobbles, managed to stay upright. Floyd, on the other hand, underestimated the weight of the traps, saying the cargo was really light. He then almost tipped over. As he struggled to get moving, Becca noticed that two bunches had already fallen off – but since it was a Roadblock, she couldn’t say anything. Matt swerved out onto the road, but then began moving faster. Floyd followed, but had to walk. He also kept dropping traps. He finally tried pedaling again, and actually got up to speed… and then tipped over completely. He attempted to upright the bike, but only succeeded in dropping more traps. Up the road, Matt pedaled along, saying if you kept your speed up, it wasn’t so bad.
Meanwhile, the back three teams headed to Bich Dong Temple. Tara & Joey and London & Logan powered along, but in last place, Brooke started up her usual shrieking and whining. Ahead of her, Scott grumbled, “Oh my God, you’re not giving birth!” Tara & Joey reached the temple first – and found their Speed Bump. They had to collect six-dozen duck eggs from a nearby pond, and deliver them to a farmer before they could continue racing. London & Logan then ripped the clue, and headed off with their gnome on the front of their bike, Logan joking, “E.T. gnome home.”
Back at the Roadblock, Matt pulled into a marked driveway – nearly crashing as he did so. He recovered, and the judge counted his traps. He was then approved, and got the clue. As he began unloading his traps, he said, “I don’t know where Floyd is at.” Back on the road, Floyd continued walking his bike, leaving numerous traps on the ground behind him. He said, “I know I’m missing some, but it’s okay because I can go back and get the rest.” He then tipped over again. Matt started back on his empty bike, and soon ran into Floyd. After helping him straighten up, Matt continued riding past the traps Floyd had left on the ground. “Oh, man – not good.”
Brooke & Scott finally arrived at Bich Dong Temple, but Brooke was feeling the heat. She lagged behind as they ran, causing Scott to snap, “I swear – we’re on the Amazing Race!” He headed up the steps, grabbed the gnome, and ripped the clue while Brooke struggled to keep up. Scott then jetted off again, leaving Brooke standing there, gasping for breath. Matt then met back up with Redmond, and they ripped the clue in first place. It said to bicycle to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh, and search for your next clue. They headed off, while Becca said, “We’re still in second, so that’s nice.”
Over at the pond, Tara & Joey grabbed their baskets to collect eggs. A flock of ducks retreated into the water as they began searching through the thorny grasses on the bank. London & Logan then arrived at the Roadblock, and London opted for it, believing the traps would be light. Becca grumbled, “Floyd has been gone a long time.” Floyd then arrived at the judge, and said he knew he was missing some traps. But when he asked to unload the ones he’d just brought, the judge waved him away – and he realized he had to go all the way back with the entire load. He called it “a critical error in judgment.” Meanwhile, under the broiling sun, Joey staggered back to Tara with what he thought was the last egg. But she told him she needed two more, and he shouted, “Come on!” loud enough to scare the ducks. He finally found the rest, and they delivered six-dozen eggs to the farmer. They then returned to the temple, ripped the clue in last place, and headed for the Roadblock.
Matt & Redmond then arrived at Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh, a stretch of river winding between towering mountains. They ripped the clue, and it said to row a boat the way the locals do – by using your feet instead of your hands. Phil explained that either team member could row, and they had to deliver an offering upriver to a ceremonial dragon boat. The boys found a table containing red napkins, flowers, candles and money. After assembling the offering on a plate, they boarded their boat, and watched the local demonstrate rowing the oars with her feet. Matt quipped, “I guess I’m doing this.” Redmond added, “Matt has two legs. I think I don’t complain at all; I never say the leg holds me back. But just being real, there are certain things I’m going to be worse at.” Matt still struggled, however, and explained that the hard part was turning the oar in the water so that it actually propelled the boat. He got better with practice, but figured the other teams would struggle.
Back at the Roadblock, Brooke & Scott arrived as London was still loading her bike. As Scott opted for the task and started loading his, Becca said she had a sick feeling that Floyd was lost somewhere. He then arrived back – and Becca was dismayed to see that he still had his entire load. Scott then started out on his full bike. Becca shouted to Floyd, “This is when we can get Joey and Tara out!” On the road, Tara & Joey asked for directions to Thon Hai Nham – and learned that they’d overshot the turn by two kilometers.
At the rowing, Matt & Redmond approached the dragon boats upriver, which consisted of long dragon replicas stretched over strings of rowboats. The boys handed over their offering and started back, with a green dragon boat following them. At the Roadblock, Scott arrived at the judge, and was approved in second place. Matt & Redmond then arrived back on shore and got the clue. It told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop, Hang Mua peak. They headed off on their bikes. Scott then met up with Brooke, and they ripped the clue. Scott shouted, “Second place for final four, let’s go!” London then started off with her loaded bike, with Floyd just behind her. But she lost her balance, and fought to stay upright. She shouted to Floyd for help, but he was struggling himself. He finally reached her, and helped pull her bike up. But her mass of traps bumped into his, sending his bike tipping the other direction. She pulled his bike up – and it knocked into hers again. A local finally helped them both straighten up, and they started off again, creeping down the road.
Tara & Joey then arrived at the Roadblock. Joey opted for it, and began loading up his bike. Meanwhile, Matt & Redmond hopped in a taxi to the Pit Stop. Redmond said, “I’m not going to jinx it, but we’re ahead.” Back at the Roadblock, London looked ready to pass out as she and Floyd continued walking. Floyd struggled as well... and neither of them noticed when he dropped yet another bunch. Brooke & Scott arrived at the dragon boats, and put together the offering. Scott then fought to row against the current, and he and Brooke began bickering when he got frustrated. Meanwhile, Matt & Redmond approached Hang Mua in their taxi, and spotted a towering stone staircase ascending the side of the mountain. Matt estimated that it was a thousand-foot climb. They exited the taxi and began walking up.
Back at the Roadblock, Joey started off on his loaded bicycle. Floyd and London then arrived at the judge... but Floyd was rejected again. London gasped, “No!” and figured her count was wrong, too. But she was approved. Sitting down with a bottle of water, Floyd said, “I honestly don’t know if I can do that again, but I don’t want to give up.” Joey then barreled down the road, arrived at the judge… and was approved. London, who’d been unloading her bike, gave Floyd a hug. She then started back, telling Floyd he’d better get going. Floyd said, “I knew we were still racing, and I just could not give up. But I was honestly incredibly exhausted, and feeling a little bit lightheaded.” He lay back with his arm draped over his face.
As Matt & Redmond struggled up the side of Hang Mua, halfway back to the start of the Roadblock, London complained that her bike was broken. She got off and began jogging with it, adding that something snapped on the bike when she started riding back. “It was really the icing on top, after such a hard challenge, to have to run in that heat.” Joey then came up from behind and passed her. Back at the starting point, Becca spotted Joey approaching. “There’s Joey with it empty – are you kidding me?” As Tara jumped for joy, Becca grumbled, “I have no idea what’s going on.” Tara & Joey ripped the clue in third place and took off. London then arrived as well, saying that Floyd had to do it again. Becca said, “First ones here, last ones to leave.”
As Matt & Redmond finally neared the top of Hang Mua, Phil shouted down that they were team number one. They continued to the mat, where he awarded them with a trip to Costa Rica. He asked about the leg, and Redmond looked down, joking, “It’s made out of carbon fiber.” They added that the end of the Race was getting close, and they were looking towards the finish line. Back at the Roadblock, Floyd spotted the traps that he’d dropped a short ways down the road. Meanwhile, Becca griped that every other team got it on their first try. As Floyd picked up his missing bunch, Becca walked over to the Fun Meter on her backpack, and turned the dial as far into the negative zone as possible. Floyd returned to the judge, saying, “This is definitely one of the worst points of my life. I just feel bad for Becca.” He was finally approved, and got the clue in last place.
At the rowing, Brooke & Scott approached the dragon boats. They handed over their offering and started back. Meanwhile, Floyd arrived back at the Roadblock start point. He and Becca headed off to the rowing, Becca shouting, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, people! Team Funstoppable is coming for ya!” But Floyd suddenly swerved off the road, crashing his bike and falling to the ground. Becca took his backpack, and explained in interview, “He looked very fatigued, and I just kept trying to give him as much positive encouragement as I could.” Back at the dragon boats, Brooke & Scott neared the shore, and spotted Tara & Joey, who’d just begun. Tara was rowing, and joked, “My big feet – maybe they’ll come in handy. This is harder than giving birth.” London & Logan had also arrived, and Brooke asked, “Where the hell are Becca & Floyd?” She and Scott arrived back on shore and ripped the clue in second place. On the water, Logan asked, “Am I too big for this? I can’t even bend my hips that much.” He added that he couldn’t get the seat back any further. Brooke & Scott then headed for the Pit Stop, Brooke saying, “Let’s do the best finish we’ve ever had.”
On the river, Joey ordered Tara around and criticized her rowing until she told him to shut up. Back on the road, Becca shouted encouragement to Floyd as they continued biking. But Floyd had trouble making a turn, and had to put his feet down. He got progressively dizzier, and finally got off his bike completely. A medic stepped in, and had Floyd sit on the ground while he poured water over his neck. Back at the boats, Joey continued to harangue Tara, causing her to say, “Can you keep your mouth shut, Boston, just for a few seconds? Why don’t you try to stay positive and tell me that I’m doing all right?” Logan also struggled, complaining that the oars kept getting caught under the seat. He said that he had the motion down, but he was too tall for it.
On the road into town, Brooke was back to shrieking as she biked. Scott stopped, saying to camera, “Giving birth again, hold on. It’s twins this time.” They finally jumped in a taxi to the Pit Stop. Brooke said, “If [Phil] says team number two, I’m going to damn near pee my pants.” Scott said, “You’re going to pee your pants, because we are team number two.” He then began chanting, “Team number two, team number two,” much to Brooke’s annoyance. At the rowing, Tara & Joey delivered their offering and started back, with a dragon boat following them. But London & Logan, who had little control over where they were going, drifted between the rowboats that made up the dragon boat, London apologizing profusely. Tara asked about Floyd, and London say he’d had to redo the Roadblock.
Brooke & Scott then arrived at the base of Hang Mua – and Brooke looked positively horrified when she saw how far they had to climb. She said, “That can’t be right... It’s torture!” Scott snapped, “Please help me get second place.” As Tara & Joey finished rowing and ripped the clue in third place, London & Logan delivered their offering to the dragon boat. They then left fourth. Atop the mountain, Brooke & Scott finally arrived at the mat. Phil confirmed that they were team number two, and Brooke said, “We nailed it today! I’m so proud of us!” Scott wondered if his positivity had rubbed off on her, and Phil agreed: “It’s like she’s Scott, and you’re –” But Scott cut him off, saying, “No, no – she’s Scott!” Back on the side of the road, the medic had Floyd stand up – but he was still dizzy. He then lay down on the ground. Becca said, “I can’t believe that this is what’s happening right now.” She added tearily, “I’ve never seen anyone in this state before, and it’s definitely scary. And I don’t really know what happens at this point.”
Tara & Joey then arrived at Hang Mua, and began climbing up. London & Logan arrived as well, Logan grumbling, “This leg sucks, and we’re happy to be almost done.” At the top, Tara & Joey arrived in third place. Tara referred to Joey as their “redemption” at the Roadblock. “My colleagues back home are thinking, ‘She’s got a really good battle buddy.’” London & Logan then arrived fourth. Back on the side of the road, Floyd told Becca he didn’t think he could keep going. Becca agreed, saying, “Don’t hurt yourself,” and giving him a hug. She added, “It’s a pretty tough pill to swallow... I feel sad that we’ve made it this far, and this is the way things have panned out.”
Phil finally arrived at where they waited. He sat down, and informed them that the other teams had all checked in... and they were eliminated from the Race. Becca said that Floyd was the best teammate. “And his undying positivity sort of ran him into the ground – quite literally.” Floyd said, “I really was ready to win the Amazing Race, but at the same time, at least I went out really fighting hard.” Becca said, “Once upon a time, Floyd and Becca were total strangers. And now, Floyd and Becca are great friends.” They finished with a freestyle rap, which ended: “Becca & Floyd are lovin’ this Race. We’ll see you at the finish line, taking first place.” Floyd added, “Or just waving and being like... yeah.”
Roadblock: Teams had to load a bicycle with the correct number of shrimp traps, and deliver them to a farmer down the road.
Performed Roadblock: Matt, Scott, Joey, London, Floyd
Speed Bump: Tara & Joey had to collect six-dozen duck eggs from around a pond.
Order of Finish:Matt & RedmondBrooke & ScottTara & JoeyLondon & LoganBecca & Floyd