Season 29: Episode 11 - As Easy As Stacking Cups
Posted on May 25, 2017 11:00pm

The final four teams continued racing to South Korea. Former frontrunners Matt & Redmond took the subway instead of a taxi, and were then stuck with a lost cabbie, putting them in a distant last place. When Tara struggled mightily at a video game Roadblock, Matt had a fighting chance to catch up. But there wasn’t time enough, and the boys were sent packing.
In Ninh Binh, Vietnam, professional snowboarder/former Navy Corpsman Matt & Redmond ripped the clue first at 11:57 p.m. It told them to fly to Seoul, South Korea. Once there, they’d receive their next clue from a K-Pop group in the Gangnam District. In a taxi to the airport, Redmond said this leg would determine who made the finals. “We believe there’s one more team that’s going to get eliminated. And it’s not going to be us.” He added that Army officer/police sergeant Tara & Joey were the only team that’s beaten them, so he and Matt would prefer if they got eliminated. He joked, “Hopefully we can… have a leg up on this leg.”
In second place, criminal attorney/recruiting manager Brooke & Scott said they were underdogs, because they were one of the two teams left who hadn’t won a leg. Scott added, “And you know what? A lot of winners have never won a leg. Watch out.” Tara & Joey left third, Joey saying the previous leg had been the toughest one so far. In last place, artist/surgical consultant London & Logan said it would be a change of pace going to Korea, while London did a move from the Gangnam Style dance. All teams then departed on the same flight for Seoul. Once there, they ran for taxis – everybody but Matt & Redmond, that is. The boys had learned from locals that the subway was faster, so they bought tickets and headed underground. The other three teams got into taxis, unsure of who’d made the right decision. But Matt & Redmond seemed confident when they spotted rush hour traffic out the window.
As the taxis crawled along, Matt & Redmond reached their transfer station. They ran to the next platform, but missed the train by seconds. The sun set, and Tara & Joey arrived first in the Gangnam District. They spotted a stage labeled “Gangnam Style,” where four women danced. They ran up, and one of the women handed them the next clue. It said to make your way by taxi to Hanyang University Olympic Gym, and search for your next clue. As they looked for a taxi, Brooke & Scott arrived and got the clue, followed by London & Logan. Back on the subway, Matt & Redmond still had two stops to go.
At Hanyang University Olympic Gym, Tara & Joey and Brooke & Scott arrived and headed inside. Tara wondered if they’d be playing basketball, while Joey predicted volleyball. But instead, they found kids at tables, cup stacking – setting up plastic cups in three pyramids, and then breaking them down again at lightening speed. Tara & Joey ripped the clue and discovered a Roadblock: “Who stacks up?” Teams had to stack and disassemble the cups, as the kids were doing, in under seven seconds. Joey opted for it. Brooke & Scott then ripped the clue, and Brooke enthusiastically said she could do it. She added that she had a cousin who stacked cups at family dinners. She watched the demonstration as Joey struggled with his cups. Regarding the kids, Joey said, “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Tara added, “These kids are amazing.” Brooke then got started, and explained that she built the pyramids slowly at first, to get the hang of it. She finished in eight seconds.
Matt & Redmond finally arrived at the Gangnam dancers, and got the clue in last place. They got a taxi, and asked to go to the Olympic Gym at Hanyang University. Their driver repeated, “Olympic gym.” Matt said he had a bad feeling, because only one of the four girls on stage had a clue. Back at the Roadblock, Joey finished in nine seconds, while Brooke finished in 7.6. Tara suspected that Joey’s big hands might be causing him trouble. Brooke then finished in 7.044. London & Logan arrived, and Logan began the task, grumbling, “So uncoordinated!” Brooke then finished in exactly seven seconds, and she and Scott ripped the clue in first place. It said to make your way by taxi to the Mugyewon Arts & Cultural Center, and search for your next clue. They ran out, Brooke screaming, “I did it!”
Joey finished in 7.076, while Logan continued to fumble with his cups. Joey then finished in 6.962, and got the clue in second place. Logan rather clumsily stacked his cups – but took them down very quickly, finishing in 6.69 seconds. He and London ran out in third place, and didn’t think Matt & Redmond had even arrived yet. Out on the road, Matt repeated Hanyang University to their driver – but the man seemed confused. They then realized they weren’t going to the right place. The driver apologized, and said they were twenty minutes away. Redmond said, “I’m sick to my stomach right now.” Matt added, “No way, this guy just took us to the wrong place. This is the last way I wanted to lose.” He worried that with only four teams left, there wasn’t much room for mistakes. But Redmond said they just needed to rock the tasks. “We can totally come back.”
At the Mugyewon Arts & Cultural Center, women in traditional dress stood near tables of food. Brooke & Scott arrived and ripped the clue in first place. It told them to make six servings of kimchi, pack them into ceramic jars, and bury them to begin the fermentation process. They watched as a local woman combined garlic, ginger, sugar, salt, fish sauce, and curry powder, and then spread the mixture over each leaf of a cabbage. Tara & Joey then arrived in second place. Scott wanted to hurry and get started, but Brooke wanted to keep watching the demonstration. “There’s no harm in watching.” About Tara & Joey, she added, “Don’t say what we’re doing out loud – they don’t follow directions.” As Brooke & Scott began mixing their ingredients, London & Logan arrived and ripped the clue third. The local women began chuckling at Scott, and Brooke informed him, “They’re laughing at you, so you did it wrong.”
Both Tara & Joey and London & Logan missed the beginning of the demonstration, so they were stuck waiting for it to begin again. Meanwhile, Brooke & Scott argued over whether to keep the mixture they had, or dump it. London said Brooke & Scott were their own worst enemy. Logan added, “They’re just fun to watch.” Brooke & Scott decided to start over as the other teams watched the mixing and got started themselves. And everyone figured Matt & Redmond hadn’t been there yet. The boys finally arrived at the Roadblock, and Redmond opted for it. He joked that he’s stacked cups to impress the ladies. “But I’ve never done it in the Olympic setting.” As he struggled with his cups, Matt said, “You never know. This leg has just begun.”
At the kimchi, the rest of the teams smoothed the mixture onto their cabbage leaves. Tara & Joey finished first, and as they were getting judged, London & Logan finished as well. Brooke asked, “How did they all go faster than us?” The judge moved two of Tara & Joey’s six cabbages to the side, saying they were no good. As they began smoothing on more mixture, the judge pulled out one of London & Logan’s cabbages as well. Several leaves were practically bare, and Logan said, “Who the hell did that?” London looked a little sheepish. Brooke & Scott also had bare leaves on three of their cabbages. Tara & Joey then got judged again, and were approved. They stuffed their cabbages in a pot, which they then buried in a trough full of dirt. As London & Logan and Brooke & Scott got approved, Tara & Joey ripped the clue. It told them to travel by taxi to Seoul OGN E-Stadium. They jumped in a taxi and took off.
London & Logan and Brooke & Scott then buried their pots. Back at the Roadblock, Redmond fumbled with his cups, finishing in 8.3. His next attempt was at 7.258. He said he just thought of the cups as a puzzle, with a certain number of cups in each hand. He finally finished in 6.979, and got the clue in last place. After a three-way race to Seoul OGN E-Stadium, London & Logan, Brooke & Scott, and Tara & Joey descended on the clue box. It was a Roadblock: “Who’s ready to take control?” Teams had to win a round of the video game Street Fighter V against a professional gamer, with the professional being given a handicap every ten rounds. The clue added that whoever didn’t perform the previous Roadblock had to do this one.
In the arena, a crowd of people cheered on professional gamers, who played games displayed on giant screens. Scott, London and Tara jumped onstage and began learning the game. Scott said he played all the old Nintendo games as a kid, but phased out of them as a teenager. He chose a girl as his character, giving the three racers in the audience a laugh. London said she’d never played a video game in her life. Logan wished he could’ve done the task, while Brooke added, “I don’t think she’s the video game-playing type.” London confirmed that she and her sister grew up dancing and playing with flowers – not playing video games. Likewise, Tara said she hadn’t played a video game in twenty-five years. “Not my world at all.” Joey said, “She doesn’t know what she’s doing – this isn’t going to be pretty.”
Scott began his first round, and actually got in a few hits before the opposing character struck him down in a K.O. Scott said, “But it wasn’t a perfect K.O.” London also got knocked out, and Logan said of her opponent, “Damn, he opened a can of whoop-ass!” Tara was next, and Joey soon commented, “This guy just punched the soul out of Tara.” She soon fell, her opponent scoring a perfect K.O. He looked bashful, saying, “I’m so sorry.” She replied, “Show off.” As Scott got pummeled on his third attempt, he said, “You can’t back me into a corner, that’s rude! I’m a woman!” Logan then said that London was getting annihilated. “She looks like she’s lost her mind in there…. She’s not even hitting a button to attack somebody.” Tara then lost in another perfect K.O., but didn’t seem to realize it, asking, “Did I win?” Joey grumbled, “She got zero percent.”
When ten rounds were up, the professionals had to keep one hand behind their backs. Tara grumbled, “And he’s still going to kick my ass.” Scott played again and got close, but was still knocked out. London put up a good fight as well, but also lost. She was confident, however, chanting, “I will win!” Tara wasn’t improving, however, and could only wonder how her opponent was beating her so badly one-handed. She said, “I’m going to walk out of here hating video games more than I already hate them.” In a taxi to the Mugyewon Arts & Cultural Center, Matt & Redmond said they’ve never raced from behind before, and they just wanted to see some other teams. “We just want a chance – give us a chance.” But when they arrived, they realized that all the other teams had come and gone. They got started mixing the ingredients and spreading them over the cabbage.
Back at the video games, Scott lost yet again, followed by London. She said, “I’m sweating. Let’s go again!” This time her opponent was blindfolded. While Tara continued to struggle, London played frantically through another round – and won. As she ran around shrieking and hugging Logan, Scott won as well. The two teams ripped the clue, which told them to make their way to the next Pit Stop – the roof of Gavit Some on the islands of Sevit Some. As London & Logan and Brooke & Scott ran for taxis, Tara’s opponent was blindfolded… and Tara became bitter, grumbling, “Freakin’ worked all this time to lose to a gamer.” In the audience, Joey seemed to think Tara should be let off easy, saying, “I wish the kid would give her half a break…. A little egocentric bastard who wants to just beat up on a girl. Let her win, will ya?” He continued to gripe about the opponent, saying, “What a cool kid this kid is. What a nice guy.”
Meanwhile, Matt & Redmond finished spreading their mixture over the cabbage, and were approved. They potted and buried the kimchi, Redmond joking, “They were so disappointed with our kimchi that they wanted us to hide it from the world.” Matt added, “Proper burial.” They left in last place, trying to remain positive. Back at the video games, Tara got knocked out on her twenty-seventh round. She said, “This is my family depending on me right now.” She told her opponent, “I’m going to have nightmares about you for the rest of my life.” Matt & Redmond then arrived, and were thrilled to see Tara & Joey still there. Tara said, “It’s going to come down to a freakin’ video game? I’m too busy trying to freakin’ get rid of the bad guy in real life – I don’t have time to freakin’ play video games.” Matt got ready to play, and asked his opponent to take it easy on him. But the gamer shook his head, saying, “No ‘take it easy.’” Joey seemed to think different rules should apply to Tara as he griped, “This little bastard won’t let her win…. All he’s got to do is stop hitting her. Come on – give her a break!” Tara got knocked out yet again, as did Matt – but Matt seemed confident that he could get it quickly. He asked his instructor for tips, but his opponent said, “He’s good – no tip. No advice.”
Meanwhile, Brooke & Scott and London & Logan raced in their taxis to the Pit Stop. Scott said they might win the leg, but Brooke winced and shushed him, adding, “It’s a jinx to say these things.” She added, “I’m very positive – I just believe in the jinx.” The two teams arrived at Gavit Some and headed to the roof… and Brooke & Scott arrived first. Phil told them they were team number one, and that they were one of the three teams racing to the finish line. He added, “If ever there was a time to finish first, it was this leg.” Brooke said, “I don’t think anybody would’ve thought that we would’ve made it to the final three…. People underestimated us, and they were wrong!” London & Logan then arrived, and everyone squealed and hugged. Phil said, “The underdogs are now the top dogs.” Brooke added, “I’m excited to finish racing around the world with you guys!”
Back at the video games, Joey continued to gripe that Tara’s opponent wasn’t giving her a break. Matt felt more confident, now that his opponent was playing one-handed. Tara’s opponent was playing both one-handed and blindfolded. Joey whined, “What’s he proving, that he can beat up someone’s mom?” But Tara fought through the round, and finally won. As Matt got knocked out again, Tara & Joey ripped the clue in third place and headed out, Tara snapping, “Freakin’ punk.” Joey called the opponent a bastard, and said it wasn’t Tara’s fault that she’d taken so long. As Matt continued to play, Tara & Joey struggled to find a taxi. Matt then won his game, and as he and Redmond prepared to leave, Tara & Joey jumped in a cab. Matt & Redmond followed.
En route to the Pit Stop, Tara continued to complain, saying, “I absolutely despise gaming.” While Matt & Redmond cheered on their driver, Tara griped, “I didn’t come all the way around the world and work this hard to lose to a #$^@ video game.” Matt said that seeing Tara there gave him hope. “We’re still racing – it ain’t over yet.” The two teams descended on the Pit Stop… but Tara & Joey arrived first. Phil told them they were team number three, and they’d be racing to the finish line. Matt & Redmond then arrived, and Phil said they were eliminated. Redmond said, “We were both just super happy to be here…. We wanted to show the world that nothing can bring you down. No matter what your struggle is, you can succeed.” Matt told Redmond, “I’m stoked you were my partner. We had a good time.” Redmond replied, “Thanks for picking me.”
Roadblock 1: Teams had to stack cups in three pyramids, and then break them down again, in under seven seconds.
Performed Roadblock: Brooke, Joey, Logan, Redmond
Roadblock 2: Teams had to beat a professional gamer in a round of Street Fighter V.
Performed Roadblock: London, Scott, Tara, Matt
Order of Finish:Brooke & ScottLondon & LoganTara & JoeyMatt & Redmond