The Amazing Race
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Season 30: Episode 2 - You're The Best French Fry Ever
Posted on Jan 11, 2018 12:00am


In Antwerp, Belgium, teams tackled two meticulous Detours before facing the Amazing Race's first head-to-head competition. Cody beat out Cedric to snag first place for Team Big Brother. Henry & Evan, however, were disastrous, falling from third to eighth place. But it was the final race between Daniel and April that sent Team Goat Yoga home.


In Reykjavik, Iceland, extreme skier Kristi slouched on the ground, feeling sick from the Black Death she'd just had to drink. She said, "I don't care what your background is, this Race is not easy. But we're competitors through and through, and you need to be able to rise to the occasion." A few minutes later she rallied, and she and partner Jen headed off, happy to have won the first leg.

Kristi & Jen ripped the first clue. It told them to travel by plane and train to Antwerp, Belgium, and find a chocolate shop, where they'd receive a clue from one of the chocolatiers. Reserved plane tickets awaited them at a nearby travel agency, so they took off running. Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica ripped the clue next. Jessica explained that they hadn't been dating that long, but "three months in the Big Brother house is like three years in reality." Cody added that in the house you couldn't get away from people you hated, but on the Race he was running with somebody he liked. Jessica questioned his use of the word "like," and he corrected himself: "Love."

Third off the mat were Yale debaters Henry & Evan, who were proud of their performance in the first leg against some very physical competition. Teams then began arriving at the travel agency to collect their tickets, including professional violinists Trevor & Chris. They said that they usually just fly in and out of cities when they're touring, but on the Race they've been getting to integrate into different cultures. Everyone then headed to the airport and began boarding the plane. Goat yoga pioneers April & Sara said that last leg they had both navigational and communication issues. They added that they still worked well together, however, and were confident they could move up in the pack. NBA veterans Cedric & Shawn said that regardless of their penalty and difficulties in the last leg, they had to keep racing. As the plane took off, Shawn added, "You've got to take it to another gear in order to stay in front. You have to go all in – no holds barred, baby!"


In the majestic and Medieval-looking city of Antwerp the following morning, teams waited outside the chocolate shop. The doors opened at nine a.m., and everyone rushed in for clues. They discovered a Roadblock: "Who's ready to get high?" Teams would have to scale a ladder attached to a rising crane, and retrieve a clue from the top. The crane was on the nearby waterfront, so everyone started off on foot. Competitive eaters Joey & Tim got off to a rocky start, with Tim griping at Joey for not running fast enough. NBA veterans Cedric & Shawn arrived at the crane first and pulled number one, followed by professional violinists Trevor & Chris. As they continued to run Tim explained that this was the first time he and Joey have had to work as a team, and they were still learning how to do that. But Joey added that Tim's yelling didn't bother him. "I respond better to the mean stuff." Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica arrived third, followed by the competitive eaters, and Yale debaters Henry & Evan.

As other teams continued to wander the streets, Shawn, Chris, Jessica and Joey got harnessed to the crane. The machine started to rise, and everyone began climbing the rope ladders. Shawn struggled on his shaky ladder in the wind... and then his clue came detached and fell to the ground. He was unfazed though, and continued up to touch the top. On the ground, Cedric said, "I don't know how high that is, but I'm on the ground and I'm shaking." Chris grabbed his clue from the top, but Joey slipped and fell several rungs down the ladder. His clue then also came loose and fell, but he knew he had to power through. Jessica grabbed her clue, and the crane returned to the ground. Beefy Chris said, "My biceps have never burned more than this, literally ever."


Teams ripped the clue and found a Detour: Old Print or Diamond Glint. In Old Print, they'd have to correctly arrange blocks of typeface for an historic printing press, and then print out their next clue. In Diamond Glint, they'd have to appraise three diamonds, and add that amount to the price of an unfinished necklace to calculate the necklace's total value. Cedric & Shawn and Cody & Jessica chose Old Print, while Trevor & Chris and Joey & Tim chose Diamond Glint. Meanwhile, the five remaining teams continued to run frantically around the streets and the waterfront, looking for the Roadblock. IndyCar champions Alex & Conor finally hailed a taxi... and the driver told them the location was a hundred meters away. They got in anyway, still clueless about where to go.

Goat yoga pioneers April & Sarah arrived sixth, followed by ocean rescue lifeguards Lucas & Brittany, and extreme skiers Kristi & Jen. Alex & Conor then arrived and grabbed number nine, followed by twin firefighters Eric & Daniel. The second heat, consisting of Evan, Sarah, Lucas and Kristi, then began their climb. Kristi took a quick lead and snatched the clue first, followed by Lucas, Evan and Sarah. From the ground, April joked, "Just slide down." Kristi & Jen, Lucas & Brittany, and Henry & Evan then chose Old Print, while April & Sarah chose Diamond Glint.


Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica arrived at the Plantin-Moretus Printing Museum, and entered a room filled with wooden desks and cases of block typeface. As NBA veterans Cedric & Shawn arrived, Cody & Jessica discovered that the letters on the blocks were backwards, so they'd have to lay out their example in reverse. Back at the Roadblock, Eric and Alex started up. Alex said, "I was fighting for last with a firefighter, who you'd think would be pretty good at climbing ladders... which he was." Eric grabbed the clue, followed by Alex. Conor joked, "They having something in their mouths – I hope it's a clue." The crane descended, and the firefighters chose Old Print, while the IndyCar champs chose Diamond Glint.

On the road, ocean rescue lifeguard Brittany spotted a cab... but both she and Lucas simply stood there as it rolled by. Lucas then lashed out, saying Brittany didn't tell him yes or no about it. She responded with "Pineapple," and explained that that was their safe word, which warned the other one to calm down. She added, "It's the first real time we've had to use the word 'pineapple.'" Meanwhile, competitive eater Tim continued to bark at Joey about running, while extreme skier Kristi tackled some road construction by climbing straight over the truck. Yale debaters Henry & Evan arrived at Old Print third, followed by the skiers. The latter quickly realized that if they held their example page up to the light, they could see the reverse image, which was what they needed to create.


En route to Diamond Glint, goat yoga pioneer April said she knew a lot about diamonds because her husband was very picky when choosing her diamond ring. Surprisingly, eaters Joey & Tim arrived first. They entered a bright, high-ceilinged room, with rows of tables holding appraising instruments. They watched a professional measure and weigh a diamond, and study it for imperfections. They explained that they had to deduct from the value if any color or imperfections were found. As they got started, IndyCar champs Alex & Conor arrived. Joey was sweaty from his run, and Tim warned him not to drip on the diamonds. He added, "I've never seen a guy sweat so profusely. But hey man, that's another thing you do better than anybody else." As violinists Trevor & Chris arrived, Alex & Conor struggled to get going. Conor said, "I only used a microscope once in eighth grade, looking at... stuff."

Over at Old Print, Cedric explained to Shawn which direction the letters were supposed to go. Shawn retorted, "Do it then, professor." Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica then finished, and took their palate of typeface to the judge. But he said he couldn't print it because they'd placed their metal spacers underneath the blocks, rather than between the rows. They headed back, realizing they'd have to start from scratch. As twin firefighters Eric & Daniel arrived at Old Print, goat yoga pioneers April & Sarah arrived at Diamond Glint, saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Competitive eater Tim said they were looking for imperfections in the diamond – but didn't know what those imperfections were supposed to look like.


At Old Print, NBA veterans Cedric & Shawn headed to the judge. As he fitted their palate into the press, Cedric joked, "I was surprised they didn't have any emojis." The printer laboriously inked the blocks and printed out the clue, and Cedric added that he couldn't imagine printing an entire book that way. But he and Shawn ultimately had several blocks backwards, and were rejected. Ocean rescue lifeguards Lucas & Brittany then arrived and got started, while the NBA vets fixed their typeface. They returned to the judge, and this time they were approved in first place. They took their clue, which was in Flemish, and learned that they had to find a statue of Silvius Brabo.

Over at Diamond Glint, violinists Trevor & Chris marveled that one of their diamonds cost $42,000. Trevor added that that was the median income of an American family. They finished appraising, but didn't know if their assessments were correct. They were then rejected, along with competitive eaters Joey & Tim. Over at Old Print, extreme skiers Kristi & Jen were approved in second place. Getting the clue translated, they learned they'd be doing a frite – or French fry – race. Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica were then approved third.


At the Silvius Brabo statue in Grote Markt Square, NBA veterans Cedric & Shawn ripped the clue. It said they'd face the first ever head-to-head competition on the Amazing Race. Dressed as French fries, one member from each team would push a dolly carrying bags of fresh-cut potatoes around an obstacle course. The winner would check into the adjacent Pit Stop, while the loser would have to wait for the next team and race again. Since no other teams were there, Cedric & Shawn could only dress in their oversized frite costumes and wait. Back at Old Print, Yale debaters Henry & Evan finished fourth. Ocean rescue lifeguards Lucas & Brittany then got judged, but discovered that their setup was completely backwards. Lucas asked Brittany if she had a mirror, and she grabbed one out of her backpack. Twin firefighters Eric & Daniel then got judged, but their printing was a disaster. They headed back to their station, saying they chose the wrong Detour.

Meanwhile, extreme skiers Kristi & Jen searched for Grote Markt Square, Big Brother alumni Cody & Jessica arrived in second place, followed by Yale debaters Henry & Evan. Cedric and Cody then got on the line for the first head-to-head race. Cedric said, "Obviously Cody is about five-foot-four, five-foot-five, and his center of gravity is real, real low. So I figured it might be easier for him." The race began, and they started running, pushing their dollies of frites. But Cedric immediately dropped a bag and had to go back for it, which gave Cody a comfortable lead. Cody made his way through the serpentine course… just before Cedric spilled his entire load of frites. Cody made his way over a small bridge, and crossed the finish line far ahead of his rival.


Cody & Jessica ran to the Pit Stop in the middle of the obstacle course, where Phil was waiting. He told them they were team number one, and awarded them each $2,500. Jessica said, "This race is our redemption from Big Brother, and this is our opportunity. Now I think everyone knows we're the team to beat." Over on the sidelines, the NBA veterans were feeling their loss, and knew they'd have to wait for the next team. Cedric remained lighthearted, however, joking that he just needed some seasoning salt atop his fry costume. Over at the diamonds, violinists Trevor & Chris discovered that since they'd been handling the stones with their bare hands, they'd been providing their own imperfections. Trevor quipped, "We didn't realize my skin was getting on this piece of jewelry." They cleaned it off, calculated the correct numbers, and were approved in fifth place. At Old Print, ocean rescue lifeguards Lucas & Brittany worked with their mirror to better see what they were doing. They were rejected again, however, having their U's and N's flipped the wrong direction. Faring even worse were firefighters Eric & Daniel, who pressed their arms against the inked blocks to see what they were doing wrong. But they were still completely lost, and decided to switch Detours. They ran out, saying, "It may be our last decision on the Race, but that's what we're going to do."

As extreme skiers Kristi & Jen finally found Grote Markt Square, NBA vet Shawn lined up to race Yale debater Henry. Both struggled off the line, dropping bags of frites and inadvertently tripping one another. Henry's shoe nearly came off and he stopped to fix it, giving Shawn a lead. The latter got a bit disoriented through the course, but it didn't matter, since Henry kept repeatedly running into barriers. Shawn finally crossed the finish line, and he and Cedric arrived at the Pit Stop in second place. Cedric said, "Our last leg, we thought we were out of this thing. We recovered, the Race continues, and we're definitely going to be in it."


Next on the line were Henry's partner Evan, and skier Kristi. Evan immediately began swerving and crashing into barriers, but Kristi's athletic prowess kicked in, and she remained smooth and unwavering. Phil compared the obstacle course to slalom skiing, and as Evan dropped a bag of frites, Kristi crossed the finish line. She took a bow, and she and Jen became number three. As violinists Trevor & Chris arrived on site and ripped the clue, Kristi said fatigue factor was involved. "I feel like I could go again, but I wouldn't want to go three or four times. That would be very difficult."

But up for their third race were Henry & Evan, and this time it was Henry against Chris. Both veered wildly out of the gate before Chris cut straight in front of Henry, virtually running him off course. "Not intentional, I promise," Chris said as he hurried away. But the race was his, as Henry once again ran into the curb. Chris crossed the finish line, putting the violinists in fourth place. As twin firefighters Eric & Daniel navigated their way to Diamond Glint, the teams at that challenge continued to work. Goat yoga pioneer April dropped one of her pricey diamonds on the floor and sheepishly retrieved it, but IndyCar champions Alex & Conor were having more luck. They asked to be judged, and were approved in sixth place. They headed out, Conor laughing, "What the heck just happened?" Competitive eaters Joey & Tim were unhappy, however, now that a second team that arrived after them had finished. But they finally switched one of their values, calculated the correct number, and were approved seventh.


Over at Old Print, ocean rescue lifeguards Lucas & Brittany were also approved. Back at Diamond Glint, April & Sarah were alone, still struggling. They agreed to one final attempt before they'd switch Detours. But just then, Eric & Daniel arrived. The girls were overjoyed, saying, "We just got a renewed energy!" Also confident were the twins, who said it was a fixed process, and they just had to keep doing math. Back at the square, Conor stated that Indy 500 champ Alex was going to race for them. He added that car racing was more physically difficult than people assumed, given that there's no power steering or air conditioning, and drivers sweat out ten pounds per race. Alex added, "It's a relentless toll that your body takes," and hoped that that would be an asset to them. On the flip side, Evan noted that racing cars wasn't the same as pushing dollies, and said, "Hopefully the skills aren't directly transferable." As the ocean rescue lifeguards arrived on site, Alex and Evan lined up. But Alex got out fast, and never looked back. As Evan crashed into the curb, Conor shouted out racing lingo to Alex, like looking for "the late apex." He cackled with joy as Alex crossed the finish line, and the boys stepped on the mat in fifth place.

Next up was Henry against Lucas. They got out to an even start, until Henry dropped a bag of frites and began running into barricades. Lucas made it smoothly over the bridge, but Henry crashed, giving his rival a runaway victory. Lucas apologized to the debaters (although Evan told him not to) and added, "I feel so bad," as he and Brittany ran to the mat. Phil said that Henry & Evan had now lost five head-to-head races, and were only getting more tired.


Evan now had to race against competitive eater Tim. Tim got out to a wavering but fast start, and Evan never caught up. Phil stated that the debaters were the third team to arrive at the challenge, and were now losing the race for seventh place. The eaters stepped over to "Dr. Phil," and Joey informed him that he held the record for French fry eating – just over six pounds in eight minutes. Back at Diamond Glint, Team Goat Yoga and the firefighters were battling it out. April said she was sick of looking at the diamonds, but the firefighters felt more confident, saying they liked the challenge much better than the printing. But the girls were approved first, and headed out in ninth place. Only a short time later, however, the firefighters finished as well, and hurried after them.

April & Sarah arrived at the frite race, where Henry was preparing to run again. He explained that since the dollies were hard to turn, he wanted to stay in the middle of the course, rather than trying to take every inside turn. He and April got out to an even start, but Henry quickly cut her off to take the lead. He stayed ahead, and as Evan cheered frantically from the sidelines, Henry approached the finish line in first place… but then tripped and fell on his face only feet from the end. He scrambled up, however, and managed to stagger across the line before April. Evan ran him, saying, "You did exactly what you needed to do. Spectacular finish!" They checked in as team number eight, adding, "I don't think we've ever been so happy with eighth place in our entire lives."


Eric & Daniel then arrived, but Sarah thought it'd be best if April ran again, since she didn't fall or drop any bags the first time around. So April lined up against Daniel. Phil told them, "If you lose this race, you will be out of the Amazing Race." They set off, but Daniel immediately dropped a bag, giving April a slight lead. Halfway through the slalom, however, they collided. Daniel righted himself and hurried off, but April was facing backwards, and had to pause to turn around. By now Daniel had a large lead, which he kept until the end. He crossed the line, keeping himself and Eric in the Race. April then finished, and knelt to place her head on her frite bags, knowing she was out. Daniel felt bad having to beat her, and the two teams made their way as a group to Phil. He gave April props for racing a second time, but had to eliminate her and Sarah. Sarah said they gave it a shot, and they were ending on a really good note. "It's just another crazy April and Sarah thing we did. We tend to do that fairly often." April agreed, "Yes, we do."


Roadblock: Teams had to scale ladders attached to a crane, and retrieve clues from the very top.

Performed Roadblock: Shawn, Chris, Jessica, Joey, Kristi, Lucas, Evan, Sarah, Eric, Alex

Detour: Old Print or Diamond Glint. In Old Print, teams had to correctly arrange blocks of typeface in order to print out their next clue. In Diamond Glint, they had to appraise three diamonds, and add them to the value of an unfinished necklace to calculate the necklace's total value.

Old Print: Cedric/Shawn, Kristi/Jen, Cody/Jessica, Henry/Evan, Lucas/Brittany

Diamond Glint: Trevor/Chris, Alex/Conor, Joey/Tim, April/Sarah, Eric/Daniel

Order of Finish:
1. Cody & Jessica
2. Cedric & Shawn
3. Kristi & Jen
4. Trevor & Chris
5. Alex & Conor
6. Lucas & Brittany
7. Joey & Tim
8. Henry & Evan
9. Eric & Daniel
10. April & Sarah