Season 16: Episode 4 - We Are No Longer in the Bible Belt (Germany)
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am


Detectives Louie & Michael tore through Germany and catapulted into first place while a night of bad taxi drivers and heaping plates of sauerkraut helped spiral newly dating Jordan & Jeff into last place.


Departing the Pit Stop at 10:57pm, cowboys Jet & Cord ripped open their clue instructing them to fly over 8,000-miles to Frankfurt, Germany where they had to catch a train to Hamburg. Once there, they had to race on foot through the busy city in search of Jungfernstieg Street where they would find their next clue.

With eleven hours before the first flight out of Bariloche, teams all caught up to the cowboys at the airport and boarded a flight to Buenos Aires. From there, Jet & Cord and detectives Louie & Michael took a flight connecting through Paris, while dating couple Carol & Brandy and brothers Dan & Jordan opted for a direct flight to Frankfurt. Married couple Joe & Heidi, father and daughter Steve & Allie, newly dating Jordan & Jeff and dating models Brent & Caite all booked a flight through Sao Paulo.

Landing in Frankfurt, Germany, Jet & Cord and Louie & Michael jumped onto the 3:37pm train to Hamburg to grab an early lead. Just as the doors shut and the train pulled away, dating couple Carol & Brandy and brothers Dan & Jordan ran to the track, missing the departing train by mere seconds. Brandy broke down in tears, crying, "I'm over it." Now sharing the next train with the four teams on the flight through Sao Paulo, a frustrated Carol said, "We would've been ahead of them!"


Arriving in Hamburg, cowboys Jet & Cord ran to Jungfernstieg Street and spotted the cluebox along with an Intersection where teams had to agree to mutually join forces with another team to complete the next challenge. When the slower Louie & Michael arrived at the cluebox, the cowboys stood patiently waiting for their new partners in crime. The two teams opened up their clues together to find a Roadblock. For the first time ever, two people from different teams had to work together to complete a daring Roadblock. Newly joined partners made their way by train to Hamburg Harbor where they had to perform a 150-foot tandem bungee in the middle of the city.

Newly intersected Michael and Jet ran off to the train together, joking, "City and country's gonna work together today." Unfamiliar with train systems, Jet later commented, "It's a good thing I had Mike with me because the clue said "˜metro.' When we say "˜metro,' that means city, like the metropolitan area."

When the remaining six teams arrived at the Intersection, married couple Joe & Heidi immediately paired with father and daughter Steve & Allie. On their new partners, Heidi said, "They come from a good family. It's just good people sticking together." When brothers Dan & Jordan paired up with Carol & Brandy, Dan joked that Carol was "the lesbian aunt that I never had." Even though Brent & Caite and Jordan & Jeff were last to the Intersection and had no choice in the matter, they eagerly worked together. Jordan commented, "They're really cool. We all get along."


As Caite and Jordan promptly got on a train that was heading in the wrong direction, putting them further behind, Michael and Jet arrived at the harbor to find an imposing crane with a bungee cord attached. After gearing up and stepping into a metal basket that began to rise to over 150-feet overlooking the city, Jet declined when an instructor suggested he take off his cowboy hat. Jet insisted, "It'll stay on. We're good."

As the basket neared the jumping height, Michael and Jet became a little nervous at the prospect of a tandem bungee jump. Michael later commented, "What a view. That little cushion looks like a donut by the time you get up to the top." On the count of three, Jet and Michael jumped off and took the terrifying plunge, both screaming all the way down. Michael yelled in disbelief that Jet's hat stayed on throughout the wild ride, prompting Jet to quip, "A real cowboy's hat never comes off." When the duo returned to their partners at the Intersection box, the two teams opened their clue instructing them to find the Kaiser Wilhelm statue at Altonaer Rathaus.

Two other racers had problems at the bungee jump that they had to overcome. First, Joe's injured knee began to act up as he and Allie neared the harbor. After the big jump, Joe said, "My knee felt like it was coming out of the socket when the first jump happened, but it feels good. I should be okay." Meanwhile, Brandy's face registered pure terror at the thought of falling 150-feet through the air. Dan did his best to calm her as he and Brandy ascended to the jumping height and continued to reassure her throughout the jump. Afterward, Brandy remarked, "Dan could not have been more supportive. He was so chivalrous and such a sweet guy."


By taking a taxi instead of the Metro, like cowboys Jet & Cord, detectives Louie & Michael arrived at the Kaiser Wilhelm statue first to find a Detour with a choice between Soccer and Sauerkraut. In Soccer, teams had to travel to a 100-year old soccer stadium and kick accurately enough from the penalty mark to hit five targets suspended in the goal. In Sauerkraut, teams had to travel to a restaurant where they had to eat a bowl of sauerkraut before a band finished playing a sauerkraut polka.

Detectives Louie & Michael walked into the restaurant and sat down at a long table ready for the plate of sauerkraut that a server put before them. The band struck up a sauerkraut polka and the detectives eagerly dove in with their forks. Michael proved to be the eating champ as he shoveled in huge bite after bite. Louie later remarked, "I am so proud of Michael. He took on that challenge like it was nothing." Finishing the plate well before the song ended, the detectives opened their clue sending them to the Haifisch Bar to share a glass boot of beer.


Arriving at the soccer stadium together, Steve & Allie and Joe & Heidi donned uniforms and took to the field. While baseball coach Steve looked pretty natural, hitting two of the five targets quickly, Joe struggled to kick the ball because of his injured knee. By the time Steve hit the last two targets to earn a clue, Joe & Heidi still hadn't hit a single target of their own. Knowing when to cut their losses, the married couple decided to switch tasks, and headed to the restaurant, just as Jet & Cord arrived at the stadium.

Jet & Cord ran out onto the field in their uniforms and now familiar cowboy hats, having never played soccer before. The pair quickly figured out how to kick the ball and began hitting the targets with ease. Their final three kicks all hit targets prompting Jet to say, "How was that for two cowboys from Oklahoma?"


Newly dating Jordan & Jeff arrived at the Kaiser Wilhelm statue in fifth place ahead of Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan and Carol & Brandy. The duo decided to test their stomachs at sauerkraut and hopped into their taxi hoping to keep their lead. As the ride to the restaurant went on however, it became increasingly clear to Jeff that the driver didn't know where he was going. A frustrated Jeff said, "Dude, we are in the middle of nowhere." Eventually, the driver realized he typed the destination incorrectly into the GPS that he heavily relied on. Now in last place, a glum Jordan said, "We should've just done the soccer thing."  Jeff shot back, "What do you mean, this guy would've typed it in his GPS; we would've ended up in Switzerland."


Running into the Haifisch Bar, Louie & Michael pulled up a pair of barstools and grabbed the boot of beer waiting for them. After Michael took his first swig, he grimaced, saying, "That's nasty." Just as Michael picked up Louie's slack at the sauerkraut, Louie returned the favor and chugged the lion's share of the beer to keep the duo in first place. Later, Louie said about their great day, "We just worked off each other. It was perfect." Opening their next clue, Louie & Michael discovered they had to race to Beatles-Platz, a monument honoring the Beatles. From there, they had to run through Hamburg's famed red-light district searching for the Indra Club, a tiny bar that The Beatles first played in Hamburg and the Pit Stop.

Spotting Beatles-Platz from their taxi, detectives Louie & Michael grabbed their bags and ran through the red-light district until they saw the neon sign for the Indra Club. As a band played inside, the detectives ran to the mat and claimed first place. For their victory, Phil told the pair that they had each won a Discover gift card worth $5,000. Acknowledging their slow beginning in the race, they remarked, "We made bad decisions. We're not doing that anymore. We're in the game now."

After father and daughter Steve & Allie claimed second place due to Steve's beer drinking prowess, married couple Joe & Heidi, who shoveled down the sauerkraut, ran into the Haifisch Bar neck and neck with cowboys Jet & Cord. In a beer drinking showdown, Joe & Heidi came out on top as the cowboys struggled to choke down their boot of beer. After Joe emitted an odd and almost terrifying series of burps, he and Heidi finished the night in third place while Jet & Cord settled for fourth.


With dating couple Carol & Brandy and brothers Dan & Jordan taking fifth and sixth place respectively, friends and allies Brent & Caite and Jordan & Jeff now raced each other to stay out of last place. When Jordan & Jeff finally arrived at the restaurant, they quickly realized that eating the large plate of sauerkraut would be a tall order. The couple dug in as the music began playing, but Jordan clearly did not enjoy the experience, plugging her nose and covering her ears to tune out her surroundings. When the music stopped and a nearly full plate remained, Jeff stood up and said, "See you later sauerkraut." Now even further behind, Jeff joked, "Hopefully somebody fell off a bridge with cement shoes."

Arriving at the soccer stadium, dating models Brent & Caite took to the field optimistic about their chances because Caite has played soccer since the age of five. On her first kick, Caite hit a target while Brent's first kick missed left. On her next attempt though, Caite doubled over in pain and fell over, later saying, "A really quick pain just went right up through my thigh." Through tears and grimacing, Caite insisted on seeing the task to completion when Brent suggested switching to sauerkraut. Caite kicked her next ball much weaker than before but she refused to give up. Brent continued to miss shots, apologizing, "Soccer's not my thing." After Brent lined up a ball for Caite, she put her leg into it and hit the fifth and final target, having hit three of the five in total. Brent said, "I'm so proud of Caite and the way she's stayed strong through this whole situation."


As Jordan & Jeff began making penalty kicks, Brent & Caite arrived at the Haifisch Bar stunned at the unappealing prospect of drinking a boot of beer. Caite simply said, "I hate beer." The couple began choking down the beer one swig at a time. Feeling queasy, Brent even excused himself from the bar to vomit in the street before returning to help Caite polish off the boot. While the dating models had some problems finding the Indra Club, they ultimately claimed seventh place, shocked to still be in the race. A tearful Caite said, "I'm speechless right now."

Stepping onto the mat in last place, newly dating Jordan & Jeff expected to hear bad news from Phil. However, the host informed the couple that this was a non-elimination leg still giving them hope even though they now had to complete a Speed Bump in the next leg. Jeff commented, "When you're down and out"¦that's when your true personality comes out. I feel like we're going to rebound from this and it should make us a stronger team."  


Detour: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its pros and cons.  In this Detour, teams had to choose between Soccer and Sauerkraut. In Soccer, teams had to travel to a 100-year old soccer stadium and kick accurately enough from the penalty mark to hit five targets suspended in the goal. In Sauerkraut, teams traveled to a restaurant where they had to eat a bowl of sauerkraut before a band finished playing a sauerkraut polka.



Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform. For the first time ever, two people from different teams had to work together to complete a daring Roadblock. Newly joined partners made their way by train to Hamburg Harbor where they had to perform a 150-foot bungee in the middle of the city.


Order of Finish

1.    Louie & Michael
2.    Steve & Allie
3.    Joe & Heidi
4.    Jet & Cord
5.    Carol & Brandy
6.    Dan & Jordan
7.    Brent & Caite
8.    Jordan & Jeff