Season 16: Episode 8 - You're Like Jason Bourne, Right? (Malaysia)
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Cowboys Jet & Cord became the first team ever to start a leg in last place, complete a Speed Bump, and then finish in first place as they cruised through Penang, Malaysia while father and daughter Steve & Allie were eliminated.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 7:22pm, father and daughter Steve & Allie opened their clue instructing them to fly over 5,700 miles to the island city of Penang, Malaysia. When they landed they had to make their way to the Snake Temple that was built in 1850 and takes its name from the snakes that reside there. First, teams had to board a 2:00am ocean charter to the Seychelles Airport on the island of Mahe.

While waiting on the dock to board the ferry, detectives Louie & Michael made friendly conversation with dating models Brent & Caite. Over the course of the race the two teams developed a camaraderie and mutual respect for one another. Louie said, "They're good kids. They're kids you would be proud to call your own children." When the subject turned to dating couple Carol & Brandy, Louie said, "The serpent in this race so far is Carol." Michael later added, "We see Carol & Brandy as a threat." Michael asked for, and received, confirmation from Brent & Caite that the dating models would U-turn Carol & Brandy if they had the opportunity. Michael joked, "I've trained my wolf cubs."

After giving up their bags and possessions in the last leg to secure a first place finish, father and daughter Steve & Allie jumped on a computer and breathed a sigh of relief when they realized the warm weather would continue for them in Malaysia. After asking a hotel worker for a blue plastic bag, their new "backpack", Steve & Allie arrived on the dock where Louie & Michael offered up some extra clothes to the father and daughter. On his generosity, Michael said, "Steve, he's one of the guys you wouldn't mind seeing in the final four. How do you not help somebody like that?"

Landing in Penang, Malaysia, all six teams raced out of the airport and into taxis heading to the Snake Temple. Brothers Dan & Jordan started in fifth place but, with the help of their taxi driver who Jordan called "the best taxi driver in all of Malaysia", the brothers passed all four teams in front of them to arrive at the temple in first. Running into the temple just ahead of dating models Brent & Caite, Dan & Jordan stepped around many slithering snakes to find the cluebox and a Detour giving them a choice between Buddhist Tradition and Chinese Custom. In Buddhist Tradition teams had to make their way to a temple, choose a set of 12 giant incense sticks, and then lug them up a steep incline of 150 steps. At the top, teams had to place the sticks inside a giant burner and ignite the tips. In Chinese Custom teams traveled to an esplanade where they had to choose a pair of enormous flagpoles, known as chingay, that are customarily paraded to celebrate Chinese New Year. Balancing the 32-foot poles on their forehead teams had to walk 120 feet across the park without dropping the flag.

Taxis became a major issue for two teams at the Snake Temple. Thinking the Detour would be performed at the temple, Dan & Jordan let their great taxi driver go. Dan later said, "We made a mistake letting him go." While the brothers managed to find another taxi to take them to the next temple for incense carrying, cowboys Jet & Cord, already in last place and having to perform a Speed Bump, ran out of the Snake Temple to discover their taxi driver had vanished. With no other available taxis in the area, the frustrated cowboys ran on the street looking for one. An incredulous Jet said, "How did everybody else get a taxi but us?" Finally, with all five teams on their way to either side of the Detour, Jet & Cord found a man who called a taxi for them which would take another five minutes, putting the cowboys even further behind.

Arriving at the temple in first place, dating couple Carol & Brandy began to gather the massive incense sticks they would be trudging up the steep steeps of the temple. Lifting one of the six-foot sticks, Carol fretted, "These are going to be frickin' heavy." As Brent & Caite arrived, the two women started the grueling task with two sticks, Carol in the front, and Brandy in the back. With the blazing sun and multiple trips in store to deliver all 12 sticks, Carol suggested, "Let's just keep the pace. Why do we always pick these physical tasks?"

Once again taxis played an important role in the outcome of three teams stuck in traffic; Louie & Michael, Steve & Allie, and Dan & Jordan. Steve & Allie and Dan & Jordan both got information from their drivers that the temple was merely a four or five minute run from where their taxis stood still in the congested street. Both teams made the decision to leave their taxis and run there while Louie & Michael stayed in their taxi, saying, "I'm ready to sprint when it's time to sprint. In this race, one bad cab driver can cost you a million dollars."

Running into the esplanade cowboys Jet & Cord marveled at the size of the massive flags that stood waving in the wind, saying, "We might have screwed up today. Are we the only ones who came here?" Giving Jet the advice of "play the wind", Cord placed one of the flags on his forehead and began to walk quickly across the park. Cord later said, "Once you figured out and get it leaning the right way you can just trot with it." On his first try Cord completed the 120-foot walk, while Jet struggled to keep the flag balanced on his forehead. After a few tries and encouragement from Cord, Jet also ran across the field with the flag held high as the cowboys suddenly jumped into first place. Opening their clue, Jet & Cord discovered they had to travel to seaside village of Teluk Bahang.

With Carol and Brandy and Brent & Caite still hauling incense sticks, Louie & Michael, who wisely stayed in their taxi, passed by the running Dan & Jordan and Steve & Allie and found the temple. The hot sun and strenuous physical activity took its toll on the racers. Brandy & Carol needed to stop for a break in the shade while Louie coughed as he lumbered up the temple stairs prompting Michael to joke, "Cardio Man is back." Brent & Caite came out on top in incense carrying when they passed Carol & Brandy to become the first team to complete the task. With her competitive fire still burning, Caite said, "I can't believe we beat the lesbians."

Arriving at the temple in Teluk Bahang, Jet & Cord first had to deal with their Speed Bump before continuing on with the race. In this Speed Bump the cowboys had to travel to a nearby tropical spice garden and find the lady preparing spice teas. Then, using their sense of smell, they had to determine which tea was made from the bowl of crushed spice. Finally, they had to deliver the correct tea to a meditating guru.  

At the Spice Garden, Jet's stuffy nose from his sinuses didn't prevent the strong smells of spices from piercing through the stuffiness. The brothers agreed on a cup of tea and walked it up to the guru who turned them away after taking a sip. On their second attempt, Jet & Cord found the correct tea and the guru nodded with approval and a big smile.

Meanwhile, Steve & Allie and Dan & Jordan continued unsuccessfully to search for the temple on foot. As the two teams ran further up the hill, they both realized that getting out of their taxis was a major mistake. However, before exiting their taxi, Steve & Allie told their driver to meet them at the top. When their driver showed up, the father and daughter jumped back in their taxi leaving Dan & Jordan stranded alone on the road. Now in last place, the brothers managed to flag down a taxi as a frustrated Jordan said, "I'm just so stressed out right now."

While Steve & Allie had the jump on Dan & Jordan, the father and daughter soon learned that their driver still didn't know where the temple was located. Asking for help from a local, Steve & Allie instead got directions to the esplanade where they quickly arrived and struggled to even balance on the large flags on their head much less attempt to walk with them. Ditching the flags, Steve & Allie discovered that their taxi driver had ditched them. Running through the streets looking for another one, Allie exclaimed, "I'm so mad we came here."

Returning to the temple in Teluk Bahang, Jet & Cord, still in first place, opened their clue to find a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to take part in two Hindu good luck rituals. First, teams had to smash coconuts until they found one with a bright color inside. Then, using local materials and at least one piece of their colored coconut, teams had to build a miniature traditional offering known as a "float" and present it to the Gurukkal who would set it off to sea.

Jet ran over to the massive mound of coconuts and began to throw them on a concrete slab smashing them open. One after another revealed a normal white inside as Jet stood in the hot sun wearing his black hat and a dark colored shirt. Finally, after the concrete became littered with coconut shells, Jet smashed one that splattered bright pink milk.

Running over to the nearby table with a piece of the coconut, Jet got to work constructing a "float", saying, "This is my first time for arts and crafts." For a first timer, Jet assembled the flower petals and greenery like a pro and lit the incense before handing it off to the Gurukkal who stood waist deep in the water. Opening their next clue, the brothers learned that they had to make their way into the historic section of the island and search for the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Finally arriving at the temple in Penang brothers Dan & Jordan began to haul the giant incense sticks just as Louie & Michael finished lighting theirs. The brothers had a narrow lead on Steve & Allie when the father and daughter appeared after their long, unsolicited tour of Penang. Dan & Jordan continued to encourage each other knowing that only Steve & Allie were behind them at this point.

Pulling up to the Pinang Peranakan Mansion and running inside, cowboys Jet & Cord claimed their fourth victory of the race. This time they also set a race record by becoming the first team to start in last place and then complete a Speed Bump and win the leg. The cowboys won a trip for two from Travelocity to Maui. On their big comeback, Cord simply said, "Quitting's not for me."

Brent & Caite watched their hopes of a strong finish evaporate when their taxi driver couldn't find the temple in Teluk Bahang. When they arrived, the dating models were disappointed to find Louie & Michael and Carol & Brandy already there. As Caite smashed coconuts, Carol and Louie both sent their offerings out to sea to finish the leg in second and third place respectively. Stepping on the mat in fourth place, Brent & Caite appeared disappointed, but told Phil, "We'll take it."

After lighting the tips of their giant incense sticks, brothers Dan & Jordan left the temple determined to keep their lead on Steve & Allie. However, just as the father and daughter finished lighting their incense, the taxi driver of the brothers had to stop for gas. Knowing what was as stake for him and his brother, Jordan asked, "Is this completely necessary?" Dan still lamented their earlier mistake, noting, "We had the best taxi driver on this island and we let him go."

Pulling into the temple in Teluk Bahang, Jordan began to smash coconuts for his team as a tense Steve & Allie quickly approached in their taxi. After finding a colored coconut, Jordan took the piece out to the Gurukkal without building an offering, and the Gurukkal turned him away. Reading the clue again, Jordan realized what he had to do, and properly built his "float" while Steve & Allie neared the village.

Although Dan & Jordan got stuck in traffic on the way to the historic district of town, the brothers managed to hold off the surging Steve & Allie who finished the day stronger than they began it. However, when the father and daughter stepped onto the mat, they received the bad news from Phil that they had been eliminated from the race. On the experience, Allie said, "This whole thing has been so special. I've had the time of my life." Steve added, "I'll always remember this is our time. I got a World Series ring and I'm gonna have to tell you, but it jumped ahead of it."