Season 16: Episode 9 - Dumb Did Us In (Singapore)
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

Dating models Brent & Caite U-Turned Carol & Brandy, as promised, resulting in the dating couple's elimination from the race. Carol & Brandy made their exit with a grudge, spewing plenty of venom towards Caite on their way out.

Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 10:02am, cowboys Jet & Cord opened their clue instructing them to travel over 400 miles by bus and train to Singapore. When they arrived, they had to make their way to Victoria Concert Hall and Theater and search for Allan Wu, host of The Amazing Race Asia.

In their opening clue, teams read the warning that they would encounter a U-turn somewhere in the leg, and immediately the chatter about what to do began. While sharing a bus to Kuala Lumpur, Dan asked dating models Brent & Caite and detectives Louie & Michael who they would U-Turn. Both teams resoundingly identified dating couple Carol & Brandy, on a bus ahead of them, as the prime target. When Jordan argued that Carol & Brandy hadn't even won a leg, Michael retorted, "It does not matter. They're the most well traveled out of everybody." Caite confirmed that she would 100% U-Turn Carol & Brandy because the dating couple acted mean towards her, adding, "I don't mind being the only girl left."

At 9:30pm, all five teams boarded a train in Kuala Lumpur that would take them to Singapore. As the train pulled into the station in Singapore, teams began to ready themselves for the footrace to taxis that would shortly ensue by crowding close to the doors. Carol & Brandy wanted to make a move to another train car by cutting through the teams who blocked them which included Louie & Michael and Brent & Caite. However, the detectives and the dating models wouldn't allow Carol & Brandy to pass by them in the crowded car. Michael said, "They want to push their way through, try and bully their way through. Wrong crew to bully." Brent added, "Ladies get their way. Bitches don't."

Arriving at Tanjong Pagar Station in Sinagpore, Louie & Michael jumped into a taxi first followed by Carol & Brandy and brothers Dan & Jordan. Once at Victoria Concert Hall, the detectives instinctively ran inside on their search for Allan Wu as did Carol & Brandy while Dan & Jordan chose to look around the grounds outside and quickly spotted the Amazing Race Asia host sitting near a fountain. Opening the clue, Dan & Jordan found the only Fast Forward on the race that would allow them to skip all tasks and proceed to the Pit Stop. In this Fast Forward, teams had to travel to the Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world, and ride in it until their capsule was at the very top. Then, at the height of 541 feet, teams had to exit the capsule and walk along a metal beam to the adjacent capsule.

After searching through the theater inside, Louie & Michael ran outside and found Allan Wu just as cowboys Jet & Cord arrived. The two teams read the Detour options with a choice of Pounding the Drums or Pounding the Pavement. In Pounding the Drums, teams traveled to a park known as Speakers' Corner where they had to learn a complex routine on traditional drums. When their drum teacher thought they were ready, they could perform the routine with a drum troupe to receive their next clue. In Pounding the Pavement, teams traveled to a pedestrian mall where they had to pick up various supplies and ten boxes of ice cream. Then, working an ice cream uncle cart, teams had to sell 25 ice cream sandwiches that in the Singapore style are made of ice cream sandwiched between wafers or slices of bread.

With Dan & Jordan heading to the Singapore Flyer for the Fast Forward, the remaining four teams all arrived at Speakers' Corner to learn the drum routine. Cowboys Jet & Cord watched a pint-sized performer expertly play the routine that they had to memorize and quickly realized that this task may not play to their strengths. Meanwhile, Caite found her rhythm early as she quickly picked up the beat. The former beauty queen later commented, "I can't sing worth a crap, but I'm really good with rhythm." Dating couple Carol & Brandy instantly panicked when they ran into Speakers' Corner in last place and tried to catch up to the other teams already learning the routine, but one team found themselves in an even worse position. Detectives Louie & Michael knew almost instantly that they didn't have the skills to pull off the routine, saying, "I got no rhythm. I'm as white as white can be." The pair decided to take a chance by leaving Speakers' Corner and headed to the Fast Forward at the Singapore Flyer hoping that Dan & Jordan went to sell ice cream.

Brothers Dan & Jordan arrived at the Singapore Flyer, stepped into one of the capsules, and began to gear up for the frightening walk at a dizzying 541 feet above the ground. As the capsule slowly began to rise, giving the brothers a spectacular view of the city, a very nervous Jordan said, "So maybe now's a good time to tell you that I've just discovered I have an intense fear of heights." Dan tried to reassure his little brother, replying, "Listen, you're fine. You can't think about that." Those words didn't help Jordan who added, "It makes me sick. I'm not going to cry."

As the brothers' capsule reached its peak, Louie & Michael pulled up to the Singapore Flyer hoping that they made the right call. Taking a seemingly endless elevator ride to the capsule entrance, the detectives saw the dreaded sign: Fast Forward in Progress. Not missing a beat, Louie & Michael returned downstairs and ran to their taxi, but found that the driver had disappeared to the restroom. Knowing that every minute counted after their miscalculation, the pair stood there helplessly until their driver returned. Now with no choice but to try and sell ice cream sandwiches, Louie said, "We just gotta bang the ice cream out."

After getting a hug from his brother, Jordan exited through the roof of the capsule and climbed a narrow rope ladder down to the metal latticework that connected to the next capsule. As he got down on his hands and knees to crawl across the metal ladder, Jordan joked, "What am I doing?" Mustering up all the courage he had, Jordan inched along the massive structure, reminding himself over and over, "Million dollars. Million dollars." Shaking as he neared the second capsule, Jordan reached the ladder, climbed back up, and returned to safety inside. Sitting down, Jordan said, "That will forever be the scariest thing I've ever done in my life." Dan moved a lot faster than his brother, darting across the metal girders in lightening speed to rejoin Jordan in the capsule. Opening their clue, the brothers discovered that they could now skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop at Marina Barrage.

Taking a small boat to Marina Barrage, brothers Dan & Jordan ran up the massive structure to where Phil stood on the mat. For their victory, Dan & Jordan each won a motorbike.

While the other three teams still struggled to learn the drum routine, detectives Louie & Michael grabbed all the supplies they needed and opened up their ice cream sandwich cart for business. Michael decided that Louie should make the sandwiches while Michael rounded up customers. As Michael shouted and begged people to patronize their vending cart, Louie began to cut the ice cream blocks and wrap them in the bread. Their first customer appeared happy with her purchase, but few customers ensued as the detectives pleaded for business.

After the cowboys unsuccessfully took a shot at performing their routine on the stage, because Cord lost the beat, Brent & Caite felt confident enough in their mastery of drums to impress the judges. Taking to the stage, the dating models expertly pounded to the beat, as a frustrated Jet & Cord and Carol & Brandy looked on. Once they completed their performance, Brent & Caite ripped open their clue, a riddle that they had to solve which would send them to Istana Park, located at the intersection of Penang Road and Orchard Road. Jumping into their taxi, Brent & Caite had one thought on their mind: U-turning Carol & Brandy whom they had just left behind at Speakers' Corner.

Pulling up to the corner of Penang and Orchard Road, Brent & Caite ran into Istana Park to see an empty U-Turn board, prompting Caite to squeal, "Are you serious?" With no hesitation at all, Caite announced that she and Brent would be U-Turning Carol & Brandy. Later explaining her choice, Caite commented, "Carol & Brandy this whole race have just said negative comments to me. They're the ones who brought it upon themselves." Brent added, "I think we made the right choice."

As Brent & Caite sped off to their next clue at a shipyard, Louie & Michael still needed to sell ten more ice cream sandwiches. Even with the begging and cajoling from the detectives, locals kept walking past. Finally, Louie & Michael's cab driver walked up to the cart and bought the remaining ten sandwiches. An excited Michael said, "Our cab driver, he came through!" The detectives' good fortune soon disappeared however, when they couldn't find the U-turn cluebox. The ever observant detectives began to roam around the area completely missing the signs for the street corner of Orchard and Penang Road

After some bickering and pleading from Carol to ditch the drumming for ice cream sandwich making, Carol & Brandy finally mastered the drum routine to earn their clue. Jumping ahead of a wandering Louie & Michael, Carol & Brandy arrived at the U-Turn to see their faces plastered on the board courtesy of Brent & Caite. A furious Carol said, "They U-turned us because you're prettier than she is. She's an idiot and she's on YouTube to prove it." Brandy snidely added, "That shows their level of intelligence. We haven't won a leg. You eliminate the stronger teams. You don't keep the stronger teams in to wipe their asses up." Brandy went on to quote Forest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does. It's Brent and Caite Gump."

While a relieved Louie & Michael finally found the U-Turn, and thanked their "wolf cubs" for doing what they promised to, Brent & Caite arrived at the ASL Marine shipyard to encounter a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to enter the hardhat area and count all the links of a massive chain. If they could come up with the correct answer, 521, they would receive their next clue.

Brent donned a bright orange work jumpsuit, white hardhat, and safely goggles before walking out to the shipyard dock where the huge anchor chain was located. With all of the construction and clanging, along with announcements over the PA system to potentially break his concentration, Brent began to count the links in the chain. Brent used a system of writing down every 100 links he had counted so as not to lose focus and start all over again. Through all of the commotion, Brent kept his cool and added the links up to 521 to earn the next clue instructing him and Caite to travel to Mega Zip on Sentosa Island.

After many unsuccessful tries, cowboys Jet & Cord finally learned the drum routine and performed it well enough to earn their clue. Now ahead of only dating couple Carol & Brandy, who began making and selling ice cream sandwiches, the cowboys breathed a sigh of relief when they arrived at the U-Turn to see that the dating couple had been U-Turned. Cord said, "Poor Carol & Brandy saved us."

The stress of the day began to take its toll on Carol & Brandy as they began to argue while setting up their ice cream sandwich stand. Brandy insisted on shade out of the hot sun but Carol liked a sunnier spot because it had more foot traffic. Eventually, the couple got over their problems and began working together to quickly sell the sandwiches. Returning to the U-turn to pick up their clue sending them to ASL Marine, Brandy couldn't resist commenting on Brent & Caite's photo, calling her Cruella de Ville.

Brent & Caite arrived at Mega Zip on Sentosa Island where they opened their clue instructing them to launch themselves from a tower platform high atop the jungle canopy and soar 1,200-feet along one of Asia's longest and steepest ziplines. Excitedly climbing up to the tower, the dating models geared up and stepped off of the platform enjoying the view as they glided over the jungle treetops celebrating their successful day. After taking a taxi to Marina Barrage, Brent & Caite stepped on the mat in second place.

Just as Jet and Michael finished counting the links on the shipyard dock, last place Carol & Brandy arrived at ASL Marine. While Jet & Cord continued on to Mega Zip and a third place finish, Louie & Michael ran out of the shipyard to discover that their taxi had taken off without them. As Carol began counting, the detectives tried to coerce the dating couple's taxi driver to ditch the women and take them instead. Michael told the driver, "Please, they're very mean." When the driver insisted on waiting for Carol & Brandy, Louie & Michael ran to a taxi across the street and paid for a woman to give up the taxi to them just as Carol finished counting.

From Mega Zip all the way to the Pit Stop at Marina Barrage, the very nervous detectives Louie & Michael expected to see Carol & Brandy at every turn but they managed to stay one step ahead of the dating couple to finish in fourth place. When Carol & Brandy stepped onto the mat in last place, Phil told the dating couple that they had been eliminated from the race. Brandy simply said, "Dumb did us in." A slightly more reflective Carol added, "I think there will be a point in the not so distant future we can get over the stupidity of today and just enjoy the richness of the experience. I'll translate that into first grader language for Brent & Caite."