Season 19: Episode 9 - It's Speedo Time
Posted on Nov 21, 2011 10:55am


As teams raced through three countries ending in Brussels, Belgium, comeback kids Amani & Marcus steadily passed their competition to win the leg. But the married couple also got a big surprise from Phil. POETRY IN MOTION Departing the Pit Stop in first place at 9:01am, engaged couple Ernie & Candy ripped open their clue, sending them through the city of Copenhagen to the statue of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, who many scholars consider the most prolific fairy tale writer in history. Arriving at the statue, the engaged couple opened their clue to discover a Roadblock. In it, one team member had to memorize a poem by Hans Christian Andersen. Once they learned it by heart, they had to choose a bicycle and follow the map on the front wheel to the Teatermuseet. Then, after taking their trip, they had to rely on their memory to recite the poem verbatim to a period drama critic. When teams performed with enough dramatic flair, reciting the poem perfectly, they would receive their next clue. If not, they had to return to the statue and start all over. Cindy sat down in front of the statue and began to memorize the poem inscribed on the pedestal while a nearby Ernie remarked, "She has a good memory, but sometimes her short-term memory kind of lets her down a little." To add to Cindy's difficulties of concentrating and memorizing, a gaggle of tourists came off a bus and surrounded the statue to take pictures. In the process of their posing and picture taking, the tourists obscured the poem, delaying a frustrated Cindy. Once the crowd cleared, the focused Cindy drilled the poem into head before hopping onto her bicycle to ride to the theater. TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE Having no difficulties finding the Teatermuseet, Cindy walked onto the stage of the quaint theater where the period drama critic sat in anticipation in the front row. Taking a moment to compose herself, Cindy began reciting the poem using dramatic hand gestures as she walked across the stage, emoting, "To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live." When Cindy finished her performance, the drama critic burst into applause, exclaiming, "Bravo!" After receiving her clue, Cindy jumped on her bike, saying, "I felt like I was in the audition of my life." Once she returned to the statue, Cindy opened the clue with Ernie instructing the engaged couple to drive to Billund, Denmark, the birthplace of Legos, and find the original Legoland park. Once there, they needed to find the Pirate Carousel ride where they would get their next clue. MORE DRAMA PLEASE! As Ernie & Cindy began their drive to Legoland, Cathi and Tommy each took their turns standing at the Hans Christian Andersen statue, memorizing the poem with little difficulty. However, once they got on their bikes, both racers struggled to find the theater. While Tommy and Cathi separately rode around the city asking locals for help, fourth place Amani memorized the poem, found the theater, recited it perfectly, and returned to a cheering Marcus, vaulting them into second place. Once in the car, Marcus said, "We just took the opening kickoff and ran it for a touchdown. That is unreal." Finally reaching the theater, Cathi, a former English teacher, began her recitation, sprinkling in the movement and emotion to truly sell her performance. However, in the second to last line, Cathi misspoke, saying, ""¦lands untold" instead of ""¦lands remote." This costly mistake forced Cathi to ride all the way back to the statue where she quickly realized what she had done wrong. After returning to the theater for a second time, Cathi recited the poem perfectly to earn her clue from the drama critic while a nervous Tommy waited in the wings for his performance. Cathi gave Tommy one piece of advice, "You have to do drama." Taking the stage, Tommy exhaled deeply before jumping into the poem. While he was letter perfect in his recitation, Tommy delivered the words with a resounding thud, offering no emotion or dramatic flair. The drama critic winced as he listened to Tommy's stiff performance, afterwards telling the professional snowboarder, "More drama please! I need you to bring life to the words." Fuming as he rode his bike back, Tommy stood at the statue and read the poem aloud to make sure he remembered the words while a surprised Andy said, "He's mad. I don't think I've seen Tommy like this." On his second try, Tommy infused his performance with more movement and dramatic pauses to please the critic who handed him his clue keeping Tommy barely ahead of last place Sandy, who also needed a second performance to improve her feeble dramatic talents. ALL SPUN OUT Arriving at Legoland in Billund, first place Ernie & Cindy ran through the park until they reached the pirate themed area and spotted the Pirate Carousel. After picking up a box containing pieces of a Lego puzzle, Ernie & Cindy boarded the Pirate Carousel ride where they would be spun around into a dizzy state while they tried to put the puzzle together and reveal their next destination. However, the teams could only work on the puzzle while the ride was in motion. When the ride began spinning, Ernie & Cindy took the puzzle pieces out of the box trying to hold onto them all as the ride jostled them around. Ernie said, "This is not going to be easy at all." Almost immediately, the engaged couple recognized that the puzzle was a train station and slowly built the picture while trying not to get sick from the spinning. About halfway through, Cindy realized she and Ernie needed to travel to Hamburg train station in Germany, but they still needed to put the remaining pieces together to complete the puzzle. After a few more spins on the ride, the engaged couple combined their two halves to finish the puzzle and exit the Pirate Carousel. Departing Legoland for their drive across the border into Germany, Cindy said, "The puzzle was easy. It was just getting through it...little dizzy." HOLDING IT TOGETHER Arriving at Legoland in second place, a wary Amani & Marcus took their seats on the Pirate Carousel, not entirely enthused about the whirling ride that awaited them. Amani lamented, "I should've took that doggone motion pill." While Marcus tried to keep the pieces from flying everywhere, Amani focused to not getting sick. During a break in between cycles of the ride, Amani half joked, "I hate to throw up on any kids." As the number of turns on the ride increased, Marcus began to feel the effects of spinning, telling his wife that he may get sick too. In the end though, the married couple kept the contents of their stomachs in tact as they solved the puzzle and headed to the Hamburg train station. With Bill & Cathi lost driving through Denmark, Andy & Tommy arrived at Legoland in third place just ahead of fourth place Jeremy & Sandy. Both teams boarded the Pirate Carousel ride with extremely different outlooks on the task at hand. Bring professional snowboarders, Andy & Tommy delighted in being spun around at high speeds, shouting, "Spin to win!" Meanwhile, a reluctant Sandy told Jeremy, "I can't do this. I'm gonna throw up." Unable to help himself, Tommy joked to Sandy, "Don't throw up on the Legos." While Andy & Tommy easily finished their puzzle with sheer enjoyment, the situation worsened for Jeremy & Sandy when a piece of their puzzle flew out of the ride forcing them to start over with a new puzzle. With every turn, Sandy looked more and more pale as she continually cautioned that she was about to throw up. Though dry heaving, Sandy powered through the second puzzle with Jeremy until they finally finished. TICKETLESS Arriving at the Hamburg train station in first place, engaged couple Ernie & Cindy ripped open their clue instructing them to travel by train 305 miles through Cologne to their third country of the leg, Belgium. Once in Brussels, they had to make their way to the European Parliament Building to find their next clue. At the ticket window inside the station, Ernie & Cindy discovered that the next train left for Brussels at 12:30am, giving all the teams plenty of time to catch up. Disappointed at losing their lead, the engaged couple failed to notice they dropped one set of their tickets on the ground as they walked off. With the arrival of the other teams, including last place Bill & Cathi (who eventually found and completed their puzzle at Legoland), Ernie & Cindy finally realized they lost their set of train tickets from Cologne to Brussels. After searching through their bags and possessions with no luck, the engaged couple returned to the ticket office only to discover they could not afford to buy a new set of tickets. A stunned Cindy began to cry, saying, "We're so screwed. I can't really handle this right now." A GAME ENDER? Having no other choice, Ernie & Cindy boarded the train from Hamburg to Cologne with the other teams without their connecting tickets from Cologne to Brussels. The engaged couple asked the train conductor what they could do, but she could offer no help without a receipt. Cindy fretted, "We go from a four-hour lead to no tickets. It's insane. This could be a game ender." As the train approached Cologne, Cindy became even more downbeat, saying, "I'm very disappointed in myself." At the Cologne train station, the five teams ran along the platform to their connecting train that would take them to Brussels, Belgium. Sitting nervously in their seats, Ernie & Cindy waited for a conductor to come around and check for tickets - the tickets they lost in Hamburg. Cindy revealed her strategy planning to tell the conductor, "We lost [the tickets] in the run or I'll hide in the bathroom." However, all of Cindy's worrying amounted to nothing because a conductor never asked to see their tickets. With a sense of relief washing over Cindy, a smile returned to her face as she and Ernie returned their focus to running the race. FLEX YOUR MUSCLES Running off the train in Brussels, the five teams raced in a tight pack from the station to the European Parliament Building. Led by Bill & Cathi, the grandparents spotted the clue first and ripped it open discovering they would be participating in a bodybuilding pose down. After stripping down and putting on skimpy posing suits, teams had to prepare themselves with competition tanning oil. Then, working with a professional bodybuilder, teams would practice the poses they needed to flex in front of a panel of judges who would reward them with a score. If teams earned a score of 12 or more, they would receive their next clue. The five teams all had instant and strong reactions to the tiny posing suits they had to wear. Cathi said, "I'm going to be in clothes I wouldn't take a shower in. I don't know if I've ever worn bikini that small." Tommy added, "I was not comfortable at all being in that little speedo thing." Cindy summed it up concisely, saying, "This is awful." Amani's description was even shorter, simply, "Horrendous." The five teams then moved on to the task of applying competition tanning oil to their bodies to make their muscles appear more defined. Because each team could not get outside help with the application, this meant teammates would oil up one another. The four teams consisting of dating or married relationships had no issues doing this, but for friends Andy & Tommy, the task proved to be a little awkward. Rubbing the oil into Tommy's back Andy said, "Our friendship has hit a whole new level." Meanwhile after bronzing up Bill, Cathi told her husband, "Honey, your muscles are so rippled." POSING PROBLEMS After completing the tanning oil application, the five teams moved on to the practice rooms where they began learning the posing routine from a trained bodybuilder. Bill later commented, "The presentation required posturing that was not natural." When Andy had to bend his shoulders back, he told his instructor, "My shoulders"¦they have problems." Later, he clarified, "Some of those poses were very difficult with the snowboard injuries I've had." Taking control of her team, Amani did everything she could to help the self-proclaimed "clumsy and awkward" Marcus remember the complex routine of twelve poses, later adding, "I wanted to get it right the first time and I just knew I didn't want to do it again." Feeling confident they learned the routine correctly, Ernie & Cindy took to the competition stage where a cheering crowd and a panel of stern looking bodybuilding judges watched the engaged couple perform. Needing a score of 12 to pass, Ernie & Cindy only scored a 9. One judge critiqued Ernie, "When you do a lats spread don't put just your arm into your waist line. Try to work more on the detail." Taking the stage next, professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy instantly appeared uncomfortable having to perform in front of the crowd in their small posing suits. The judges responded to the poor performance by rewarding Andy & Tommy with a score of 4. All three judges told the snowboarders to work more on the routine with one adding, "Try to smile because we can see that you are thinking what you will do next." PERFECT PERFORMANCE Up next, a nervous Marcus, prodded by Amani, who insisted they were ready to perform, hit the stage. Once Marcus walked under the lights and in front of the cheering crowd, he felt at home, saying it felt like an arena. The married couple started their routine, hitting each pose and gaining confidence from the cheering crowd. Fueled by the clapping and whistling, Amani & Marcus grinned widely and entertained the audience as they flexed for the judges. Receiving a score of 12 for their performance, Amani & Marcus opened their next clue instructing them to find the Pit Stop at Parc Elisabeth. Coming down to the wire, Andy & Tommy returned to the stage and only managed a score of 5 as the judges chastised the professional snowboarders for showing no signs of improvement. Meanwhile, Ernie & Cindy took the criticism to heart from the first time and on their second try they scored a passing 12 to get their clue. Following close behind, dating couple Jeremy & Sandy nailed their routine, receiving a competition high of 13, including a perfect 5 from one judge. This left professional snowboarders Andy & Tommy and grandparents Bill & Cathi, who received a dismal 3 on their attempt to battle it out for last