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Elimination Interview: Gary and Will

Posted on Oct 23, 2012 | 12:20pm

We asked Gary and Will questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Read what they had to say about their time in the game and advice they have for anyone who wants to be on the Race!

Nikki S: Would you ever go back to a country/place/town to visit after the race? If so which one? And why?
Will: I loved Shanghai. I would love to go back. I thought the country was beautiful. The beautiful skyline, the people were very friendly, I felt safe and at home. It was clean. I would love to spend some time there.
Gary: I also loved Shanghai. It was a very cosmopolitan city. Standing on the bund and looking at the communist flags on the buildings was surreal. I would go back to Indonesia. The people there seemed so warm and friendly. I think it would be great to explore more.

Marilou S: Who do you think will reign champions this season?
Will: I loved the way the Rockers are playing the game. They aren't making alliances, they are running their own race. I think the Rockers will go far. I also think the Chippendales are used to the spotlight and they are great performers.
Gary: I echo Will's sentiment about the Rockers, but I also like the determination and tenacity of Ryan and Abbie.

Dawn E: What advice would you give to people wanting to be on the Amazing Race?
Gary: Get a backpack with 50 pounds in it and run, than run some more. Also, treat the locals with respect. Lastly, if you have to turn on someone during the Race to save your skin, do it. Don't worry about being a nice guy.

Joe C: Would you have done anything different if you could do it all over again?
Will: Yes - I would have helped Rob and Sheila out in the first leg, because in hindsight we could have eliminated the Chippendales who are a really strong team.
Gary: I second that. Eliminating the Chippendales would have changed the entire dynamic of the Race. Second, it maybe would have worked out a little better if I had done the balloon roadblock and Will the bondo challenge.

Anthony M: What was your biggest inspiration that never kept you from giving up? What previous famous TAR teams were your role models and what previous famous TAR teams could you compare yourselves with?
Will: I remember watching Mark and Bopper - they never gave up and always tried. I remember thinking if they can do it than we can. Also, Amy and Daniel. Amy is very inspirational. If she can do it I am not going to ever give up.
Gary: I have a number of teams that I patterned myself after -the bowling moms for their never give up attitude, Colin and Christy because Colin had such a competitive spirit, Charla and Mirna because they were goofballs like us.

David S: What country would you to have liked to visit if you were still in the race?
Will: I wanted to go to Kenya, Africa. They are amazing marathoners. I wanted to see how they train and run with them.
Gary: I would have like to go to Poland. While I was carrying for my parents and grandparents, hearing about the old country... I would have loved to experience my roots.