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Elimination Interview: Natalie and Nadiya

Posted on Dec 11, 2012 | 01:25pm

We asked Natalie and Nadiya questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Read what they had to say about their time in the game, and if they have any regrets.

Cody D: What was your favorite location on the Amazing Race?
Natalie and Nadyia: Bangladesh BABY! Both legs were amazing! The tasks were hard the people were friendly and it was some hard core racing! Thats what we loved about it! I still think of the little kid who cheered "Twinie"!

Ilana A.: Do you feel it is harder to make it to the final four & then be eliminated, than to be the first team out?
Natalie and Nadiya: YES it is harder but we would still rather be in our position that the first out team . Totally! We are so invested and are so fixated on making the final three it's like you can almost taste it but then it's taken away from you. But we would still rather be in this position than going out earlier in the race!

Paul G: What are the lessons you have learned from the whole race?
Natalie and Nadiya: I think we have learned so much - together we have such amazing potential but we need to be able to focus more if we want to harness it fully. We have also learned to not live in regret and to own up to mistakes during the course of the race while also celebrating and enjoying the kick ass moments!

Marlene C: What are your biggest regrets on the race?
Natalie and Nadiya: We don't have any regrets. We own everything we did and cant really come up with anything we regret! NO REGRETS!

Thaddeus B: What was the toughest moment of the race for you?
Natalie and Nadiya: The hardest thing was finding out we had driven half an hour in the wrong direction and realizing that we may have potentially just let the million dollars slip away from us. Was the most serious we had been the entire time racing.

Paul G: What are the lessons you have learned from the whole race?
Natalie and Nadiya: SO MANY! That we have an amazing gift to be able to have fun no matter what we are doing, even while loosing and that we are a way stronger team than even we realized.