Elimination Interview: Natalie and Nadiya

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 | 10:35am
Natalie and Nadiya were the first team eliminated from The Amazing Race All-Stars and they took YOUR questions! See if your question was answered below!

Jacob G: Did you guys think that getting on that #2 cart would have made a difference?
I think maybe we would have had a chance to take over Team Youtube, but only if Joey had totally messed up on the challenge of doing flips in the air, which he didn't. We were going to be behind them by enough time to allow them to check in first.

Charlotte B: Do you regret the constant bickering?
We fought the entire race on season 21, Nadiya and I fight, its not how friends fight, we are sisters and twins at that, we don't hold it against each other. Even with the fighting we made it all the way to 4th place before so no not really. We are explosive and have no boundaries with each other, its our twinnie relationship!

Lyn G: Why did you follow the other teams to look for the first clue instead of searching yourselves?
We decided to work with Leo and Jamal on a whim, going back we should have just split off as soon as we realized it was not working out! We ran solo most of season 21 and it worked well, should have stuck with that!

Michelle C: Do you think you will ever be able to do something competitive without arguing? It seems that's when you disagree the most.
We argue a lot! But usually it makes us push and try harder. When we in a competitive setting we yell and scream at each other and it usually makes us try harder and do better. For example when we are competing in a Crossfit competition or even just working out, I yell at Nadiya, she yells at me, really aggressively, it may make others uncomfortable but we don't care!

Marcy S: How does it feel to be the first eliminated due to your own bickering?
No I think it was because we didn't find the bloody clue! The order of finding the clue basically secured us in a last place finish. It was a very linear leg with little room to catch up or overtake teams. We fought Leg 1 in China our first season the entire time but came in fourth. Nad yelled at me and we fought the entire time I was playing ping pong. I think it was a combination of bad luck, bad timing and that unfamiliar feeling of racing in the back of the pack that was the reason we lost!

Kelly C: Do you find that most teams are genuine? Like their true selves on and off camera? If you were able to make an alliance with another team from this season, who would that be? Why?
I feel like most teams are genuine, some teams do things for the camera to get fans to like them more, some are fake to all racers so they can use them along the way. Nadiya and I have always been 100% ourselves, sometimes that gets us in hot water, makes people think we are too competitive or aggressive but that is who we are. I would never fake it! Mallory seemed like a girl that I would  loved to race with, we didn't get to, but her personality just radiates! I think Nadiya, Mallory and myself would have had an amaze time racing together!

Justin P: How long were you searching for one of the three wedding dress stores?
THREE BLOODY HOURS! It was the worst, hot, humid and caring 30 pound backpacks!!!

Scott M: Which team did you want to compete against (and beat) most?
We were looking forward to racing with the globes, they are a really physically strong team and seemed to be a lot of fun! We would have loved to be in a situation going head to head with them in an intense and demanding challenge. We thrive off competitive physical challenges! Rooting for them to win though! GO GLOBES!