Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 4: Interactive Recap "Smarter, Not Harder"
Posted on Mar 17, 2014 10:55am

Will teams keep their cool running through Malaysia? Read on as we breakdown the latest episode!

The fourth leg starts now! They have to make their way to Prince Phillip park. This Road Block requires teams to jump and grab the flag above their head. It looks like a lot of fun!

Connor gets it on his first try!

Teams must next fly to Kuala Lumpur-- there's three slots available on the first flight. Conner and Dave and the Afghanimals get on the first flight, while the Cowboys struggle on the Road Block.

What a sweet moment, the Harlem Globetrotters come across some children in Malaysia!

Margie and Luke are the first team on the second flight out. Meanwhile, Nate has no trouble getting the clue on his second try. Caroline struggled a bit to get in the rhythm with the jumping challenge, but she got it!

Jessica struggles a bit too-- and her feet get banged up from the bamboo challenge. Watch the highlight clip here:

Rachel got it after she took off her pantyhose!

In the meantime, the first three teams on the first flight are taking off. Switch-aroo! The second flight becomes the third flight when they have a delay.Detour- Mix Master or Master Mix! Kuala Lumpur is known for it's nightlife and teams get to be a part of it! Which of the two would you choose?

The Afghanimals decide to pour the seven drinks! How will this go?

The teams all stuggle a bit with master mix-- but Rachel thinks it was made for her!

The Afghanimals decide to switch!

Jet and Cord finish right after, and head over to the pit stop. The pit stop on this leg of the Race is a beautiful Hindu temple!

The first team to DJ was the Harlem Globetrotters, but they have to go back and practice more!

The Afghanimals get it on their first try and can head to the pit stop. Jet and Cord get to the mat first!
Watch this bonus clip of Jet's racing tips he gave to the Jennifer and Caroline:

"We're Like Butter..We're On A Roll" - The Cowboys

In the meantime, Brenchel and Margie and Luke struggle with mixing the drinks, while the Globetrotters and Jessica and John struggle on the DJ table. The country girls and the Globetrotters finally leave the detour and can head to the mat!

Luke gets very frustrated and makes a mess of the glasses, Margie says that he lets emotions take control of him. Watch the highlight clip:

In the meantime, Caroline and Jennifer and Jessica and John arrive as teams four and five. Luke was able to regain his composure after talking to Rachel, they finished the detour!Rachel and Brendon keep trying to keep the faith and finish up the Race the best they can.

This is a non-elimination leg! Brendon and Rachel have to complete a speed bump in the next leg of the Race. Watch their mat chat with Phil here: