Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 5: Interactive Recap "Can't Make Fish Bite"
Posted on Mar 24, 2014 10:35am

One team was spared last week, but who is going home this week? Read along as we recap the latest episode here!

Colombo, Sri Lanka is the next stop on the Race! Jet and Cord head out first since they won the last leg.

Almost everyone so far will be on the same flight to Sri Lanka, which leaves at 11pm - except for Brenchel and Margie and Luke! Brenchel takes a risk and chooses a connecting flight through Singapore.

Margie and Luke decide to go standby to try and get on the 11pm flight! Watch the highlight here:

The Harlem Globetrotters let the country singers know that Brenchel are still in the Race, and news spreads that the last leg was a non-elimination leg!

Brenchel makes the connection to Singapore! They are officially ahead of the other teams! However, Margie and Luke have to take the next flight in the morning.

All the teams meet up at the temple and have to wait until it opens! The teams all get a blessing from the temple and then continue on their Race.

Teams now have to go to the train station and head over to Galle to find their next clue! What a beautiful train ride.

Once teams arrived in Galle, they took little cars to transport throughout the city! It's detour time - Fishing Pole or Spin Control! Which one would you choose?Dave and Connor are first to catch two fish and make their way to the garment factory to find their next clue. The Harlem Globetrotters finish their detour on their first try while some of the other teams struggle! In the meantime, Margie and Luke finally make it over to the temple.

Jessica and John struggle catching fish, while Brendon and Rachel finish their detour! Jessica and John decide to switch Detours. Do you think that is a good decision?

Road block - A Stitch in Time Saves Nine. Teams have to stitch a shirt! They have to sew each part individually to get the shirt made.

See what Leo and Jamal said about the sewing road block here!

Brenchel must complete a speed bump, "Pass with Flying Colors" they have to print 15 tees with silk screen! Jenn works with Connor on the road block and decide they can help each other. All the teams seem to struggle with the road block! Will that give Margie and Luke a chance to catch up?

Connor is the first to finish his shirt, and can move on from the road block! The Colombo Rowing Club is the next pit stop!Jessica and Brendon try to work together to figure it out, while Jet finishes.

Dave and Connor are first to arrive, and Caroline and Jenn are team number two! Watch Dave and Connor's mat chat with Phil Keoghan here!

Flight Time entertains the workers in the factory, which gave Big Easy some more energy to keep trying. He is able to finish right after Brendon and Rachel!Margie and Luke are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated from the Race. Watch them talk about their time in the Race with Phil here!