Elimination Interview: Margie and Luke

Posted on Mar 24, 2014 | 04:25pm
Get the inside scoop from Margie and Luke on their time on the Race. Find out what they would have done differently in the last leg, and who they are rooting for to win!

Trish H: Which Road Block did you choose? It looks like you went fishing? How was that challenge for both of you? And they didn't show you doing the sewing challenge either, which is disappointing. I assume Margie did it? How long did it take you?
Margie: Sad to say we did not get a chance to participate in the tasks, we were so far behind the other teams they could not have all the people at the tasks hang around and wait for us. We were lucky enough to get to travel to each of the locations so we did get to see Sri Lanka.
Luke: Unfortunately we didn't get to do any tasks in Sri Lanka. We were pretty far behind but we got to travel around Sri Lanka so that was really nice.

Patricia O: Why did you take the risk of waiting for the standby seats on the direct flight when you could have had guaranteed seats in the flight to Singapore?
Margie: We tried to find the travel agency but the cab driver got so lost. We decided to go to the airport after driving around looking for the agency for 45 minutes. At the airport we could get tickets to Singapore but since the connection was so close (30 Minutes) they would not sell us the connection ticket. We could have gotten the tickets at the travel agency like Rachael but did but we made the mistake of not hanging in there and continuing to look for the travel agency. We had been told there was a pretty good possibility that we would get the stand by seats but as you saw it did not work out. In hind sight, we should have gone on to Singapore.
Luke: I don't know why we didn't go for it. We should have gambled it!

Jillian C: Out of all three Amazing Race seasons, who was your favorite team to race with and why?
Margie: My favorite team was Mike and Mel. They were so sweet and funny. We always laughed when they were around. We are still friends with them today. I also loved racing with Jaime and Cara. They made the most effort to communicate with Luke than any other team.
Luke: Definitely Jaime & Cara. They were so much fun to race with and they were our alliance so it's really nice to work with someone that we could really trust. I miss having them on this race!

Amy S: Now that you are out of the race, who do you want to see win?
Margie: I would be happy to see any of the teams win. Everyone was great to race with and all of the remaining teams have what it takes to win!
Luke: I'd love to see the country girls, Caroline & Jen, win. They're so sweet and made an effort to learn some sign language. Hopefully I'll get to visit them in Nashville this summer!

Debbie S: If you could do that leg of the race over again, what would you have done differently?
Margie: We would have continued looking for the travel agency and booked our tickets there. Hind sight is always 20/20.
Luke: Keep looking for the travel agency!!!

Thomas D: What has been the best experience on the race for the both of you?
Margie: The best experience of All Stars was getting to race with Jet and Cord and Flight Time and Big Easy again and getting to know a whole new group of racers. Everyone was great. The best experience of all 3 seasons was when Luke and I won the 1st leg of season 14 and Phil signed "You are team #1" that was so cool and I will always love Phil for making the effort to sign so Luke would get the happy news the same time I got it.
Luke: It was really awesome to do the water challenges in Borneo even though the rafting task was bit hard! It's a beautiful country, I'd love to go back for a vacation someday.

Judy F: Margie and Luke - I hope you had the most fabulous adventures with each other. Did you learn new things about each other while racing around the world?
Margie: I learned how fearless Luke is. He was ready, willing and able to attempt any task and his courage really came out on season 18 when he completed the Tea task. That task took over 4 hours and he ended up drinking gallons of tea. Despite feeling sick and throwing up he completed the tea task and went on to complete the leg when he knew we would be eliminated.
Luke: My mom is such an amazing woman. She's my role model. I'm lucky to have her as my mom. I'm really impressed with how amazing shape she is in. I hope to be like that when I'm 56!!