Amazing Race All-Stars: Interactive Recap Episode 11
Posted on May 12, 2014 11:35am

There's only four teams left and it's almost time to race to the finish line! Read on as we breakdown the episode here!

Teams now have to make their way to Liverpool, England! They will head over to Anfield stadium and must score two penalty kicks against a professional goalkeeper. How fun!

While driving themselves, some teams have trouble driving on the other side of the road and finding their way around! In this secret scene, Brendon & Rachel do everything they can to prevent other teams from following and copying them. Watch here:

The Afghanimals love being in the legendary soccer stadium! Can they score two goals each before the other teams show up?

The other teams are all trying to score goals while Leo and Jamal have finished up, and have to go pick up their next clue in a historic aqueduct! Dave and Connor are last, but finally get four goals.

This Road Block gives teams the opportunity to learn and perform Welsh poetry, but the Racers have trouble with some pronunciation. Brendon is the first to pronounce it correctly, with Caroline right after him! Connor and Jamal feel a lot of pressure to finish, but finish after a few more times.

After earning her Roadblock clue, Caroline takes the opportunity to chat with her very helpful instructor. in this bonus clip:

Detour: Boot it or Shoot It! Shoot it requires teams to shoot down clay pidgeons, and boot it requires teams to choose a pair of boots and toss them until they cross the finish line.Rachel and Brendon get a size 10 shoe-- but the clue says 9 or 11!

Dave and Connor and the Country Singers attempt the Shoot It Detour, while the Afghanimals are still searching for the location.

Peckforton Castle is the pitstop for this leg of the Race! It's a race for first between Jen and Caroline and Dave and Connor!

Oh no, Brendon and Rachel made a mistake with the shoe size, and have a small meltdown. Can Leo and Jamal catch up?

Dave and Connor arrive first and will race to the finish line for the $1 million along with Caroline and Jennifer, who were right behind them.Watch Connor and Dave's mat chat with Phil!

Leo and Jamal and Brenchel race each other for the third spot, and Brenchel claims it!

The Afghanimals are eliminated from the Race. In this secret scene, Leo & Jamal recall the memories they’ll walk away with after another heartbreaking elimination.