The Amazing Race All Stars: Interactive Recap Episode 12 (Finale)
Posted on May 19, 2014 05:00pm

After 22 cities, 9 countries and more than 23,000 miles, a winning team is crowned. Re-live the heart-pounding final hour of The Amazing Race season with our interactive recap.
The finale three teams -- Brendon and Rachel, Dave and Connor, and Jennifer and Caroline -- will race to the finish line for the $1 million prize.
The final destination is Las Vegas, Nevada. Which team will get lucky in Vegas?
Teams have to get out of their cars and dig in Vegas, but not without a verbal altercation while digging.
They have to deliver their box to David Copperfield, but they can't open the box. Brenchel opens it first and finds keys.
Road Block: Who believes in magic? The world's greatest illusionist David Copperfield is part of this complex challenge. They will be locked in a crate and have to figure out how to get out. They have multiple keys to choose from.
Connor gets the key first. He must pick the lock while the crate is burning. He then runs out to see his dad. At first, Dave isn't sure what happened to his son, and David Copperfield even suggests calling the fire department. But to Dave's relief, Connor soon appears behind him and they're off and running.
Teams must now make their way to the Neon Boneyard Museum, home of the some of the cities' most iconic signs. They have to get a lightbulb then head over to The Mirage.
Brendon and Rachel try to steal Caroline and Jennifer's cab since the other taxi was a slow driver, but to no avail.
Now teams will have to help light up The Mirage and count the correct number of light bulbs. They have to go 31 stories above ground to get this done.
Brendon and Rachel can't find the clue box. They find it eventually but are the last team to get there.
Dave and Connor finish first, but need to recount the number of bulbs. They get it on their second try. Jennifer and Caroline are right behind them.
Teams now have to head to Maverick helicopters in Henderson. It's a tight race!
This final road block requires teams to skydive in a futuristic jumpsuit. They have to land in the Las Vegas motor speedway.

All of the previously eliminated All Star teams anxiously await for the first racer to land. Dave lands first and rejoices with Connor while running as they realize they have won. They have also set a record, as Phil declares this is the first time a parent-child team has won The Amazing Race.

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