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Winner Interview: Dave & Connor

Posted on May 19, 2014 | 06:00pm

The winners of The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Dave & Connor, answer fan questions about their time on the Race.

Edwin S.: Why did you feel like Brenchel U-Turning you was such a big deal? It was a race. 

Dave: Edwin, you are right.  In hindsight we made too big a deal of it, but at the time, it seemed like if they wanted to win the race and not just the leg, they would have U-Turned the Cowboys, who were possibly the strongest team on The Race.

Connor: Hey Edwin! To be honest, we probably blew it out of proportion, we realize it was a race, but we just could not understand why they didnt U-Turn the Cowboys. From a strategic standpoint, the Cowboys still had an express pass, so it made the most sense for them to U-Turn them.

Cheryl Z.: What were your thoughts when you saw the box with your partner inside crash to the ground in flames in the roadblock with David Copperfield?

Connor: Yeah Dad, what did you think?

Dave: I was a little dazed. I had given Connor the keys, watched him fumble through them to unlock himself and then be hoisted into the air on fire.  When he dropped into the ball of flames, I was thinking what just happened and where is my son?  I hoped it was an illusion, and when he ran up dressed as a fire fighter I was really relieved.  

Alice J.: I have pulled for Dave and Connor from the first time I saw them (I also just had a grandchild named Connor David!). How has winning changed family life? 

Dave: Congratulations on your grandchild, and I love the name.  First of all, being on the race has been a family event for us and has included my wife, kids and grandkids as well as extended family.  It has been a blast to watch every episode and since the family did not know the outcome of the legs or the race, has been fun for all of us.  It has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or maybe twice) that we have loved sharing as a family. 

Connor: Alice, Thanks so much, that is so nice of you. We really appreciate all the people that have cheered for us throughout the two seasons we were on the race. It was an amazing experience. Winning hasn't changed family life too much, however, my family has loved sitting down every Sunday, turning on the race, and watching their brother and dad race around the world. It has been a blast for the family!

Curtis J.: Dave, when you jumped from the helicopter did you have any idea what place you were in?

Dave: I had a pretty good idea because we were circling the Motor Speedway and I did not see anyone else.  Just before jumping I knew we were in first and it was an unbelievable feeling. 

Leah L.: If you could have picked the other two teams for the last leg who would it have been?

Dave: We liked almost every team on The Race. We were so happy that Jen and Caroline were there in the final 3 and if we had not won, would have liked to see them or Leo and Jamal.  
Connor: If I could have picked the two other teams I would have picked the "Accidental Alliance," Leo and Jamal, and the Country Girls. Everyone on the race was great, but we really got along with those two teams really well.

Gina B.: What was your favorite challenge and your least favorite?

Dave: I loved the fishing Detour in Sri Lanka because it was such a unique experience in such a beautiful place.  Although in hindsight it was a blast, Running With the Ballz in Seville, was pretty intense getting pummeled by rugby players.  
Connor: My favorite challenge was definitely fishing in Sri Lanka. We had to redeem ourselves from our terrible fishing detour in season 22. It was amazing to be out in the Indian Ocean, fishing like the locals. My least favorite was the calligraphy. If you could see my hand writing, you would know that I struggle with penmanship. I cant even read my own writing, so that roadblock was rough.

Glenna H.: Did you think the final leg challenges were too easy? Did you miss the memory challenge?

Dave: Not sure I would call the final challenges easy, but certainly not as mentally challenging as they could have been.  We were prepared for what we thought could be a metal challenge and we were a little surprised that there wasn't one.  Given the choice between a mental/memorization challenge and seeing Connor have the chance to work with David Copperfield, I take David Copperfield every time.     

Connor: I thought it was an amazing final leg. It was extremely intense, and the challenges were unique. I really enjoyed it. I am not sad that there was no memory challenge, however, if there was, my dad and I would have been prepared. We took extremely detailed notes of every single leg.

Julie B.: Congratulations! What's next for both of you?

Dave: Thanks, we are still kind of in shock.  Certainly a different answer for me than for Connor, but we are looking forward to taking some of the incredible trips we won courtesy of Travelocity, so travel and in my case, more quality time with my 5 kids and 7 grandkids.

Connor: That is a great question! I wish I had a better answer, but to be honest, I am not even positive. I am just finishing up school at the University of Utah, and after school, who knows! Hope I can find something great for the next chapter of my life!