An Amazing Race, An Amazing Proposal: Matt and Ashley's Thailand engagement story
Posted on Mar 6, 2015 12:35pm

Last Friday, Amazing Race fans were treated to a surprise ending when Matt Cucolo got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend and Race partner Ashley Gordon. Find out what Matt & Ashley have to say about the exciting moment and their plans for the future.

Were you planning on proposing on the Race as soon as you knew you had been cast?
Matt: Yes. When I found I out, I thought I’m going to propose somewhere on the Race. I didn’t know where but I knew I was gonna go with my heart and my gut.

What was it that made you choose that particular leg of the race/moment?
M: When I found out we were going to be going to Thailand, I knew that’d be the place. Phuket is so beautiful and I figured they’d choose a beautiful place for the Pit Stop, so I knew I’d do it there.

Did any of the cast and crew know you had planned to propose?
M: I had the ring in my bag the whole time. I only told one person on the crew ahead of the time. The ring was in the fanny pack I left at the challenge so I was freaking out when Ashley asked where my fanny pack was and I realized I’d forgotten it.

Ashley: It was a good thing I realized because the Pit Stop was almost an hour drive! He is OCD so when he kept telling me not to touch his bag, I didn’t think twice because that’s just how he is, he likes his stuff the way he likes it.

Were you surprised he proposed during the Race?
A: I did not have any clue he would propose during the race. I even talked to my mom and my sister about it and they asked ‘do you think Matt will propose on the race?’ and I said ‘No, I don’t think that’s really his thing.’ Especially on that day in particular, I was shocked because we had been arguing all day.

M: It’s funny, what happened was we were racing to the Pit Stop and we had no clue who would be there and now suddenly everyone’s there and my nerves are freaking out. My heart was pounding. Phil was talking to the teams and asked if anyone wanted to say anything and I said I do.

A: Yeah, he kept grabbing my hand and I could feel his body shaking and I was like ‘will you relax?’ When he said he wanted to say something, I thought he was apologizing for arguing with me all day and I was really embarrassed.

M: Yeah and when I proposed, she was crying and goes, ‘I wanted to have a manicure before you did this!’

Has Matt kept the three promises (to kiss you goodnight every night, say I love you every morning and always tell you when you are right) the made you during his proposal?
A: Yes. He has kept all those promises even before we were engaged.

What lessons from the Race will you take into marriage with you?
A: Matt and I both need to be in control and on the Race we learned how to work together and trust one another and learned when to let go of being in control. When you’re at a detour and you can’t be in control, you just have to let the other person do it. We learned to have full trust and faith in one another. We’ve worked better together since the Race. I learned to ask for help and let go more.

Do you have a date or location set?
M: Yup. Date and location are already set. We’ll be getting married in Queens next February.

Will any of your Amazing Race castmates be invited to the wedding?
M: Yes, we’ll be inviting the teams. We created some lifelong friendships on the Race.

Would you travel back to Japan or Thailand on your honeymoon?
A: Yes, we actually plan to return to Thailand for our honeymoon.

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