Tyler And Laura Win The Amazing Race Season 26: What started as a blind date...
Posted on May 18, 2015 09:25am

After traveling the world together as blind daters on The Amazing Race Season 26, Tyler and Laura hit the final mat as the big winners! Then we asked them questions fans submitted on Facebook. Here's what they said, in their own words:

1. Julie L: I would like to thank The Amazing Race for bringing Tyler into my life every Friday night. Tyler, how the heck are you single?
Hahah Julie, I’m really glad I was able to make your Friday’s night fun! I’ve been a busy guy working too hard on trying to build my own company, need to get out more!

2. Rebecca B: Congrats Laura and Tyler on winning The Amazing Race!!! Absolutely loved watching you guys race together!! What were your favorite destinations that you got to visit on the race and why, and would you ever consider going back and visiting that destination??
Laura: Favorite place was by far Africa, it was incredible to be there and ride the bush plane. That is a destination that you can’t just jump on a plane and travel to. I feel so blessed to be able to go all over the world, but Africa really sticks out to me.
Tyler: The one location that I really want to return to is Peru! The diversity of landscape from the mountains to the beaches was absolutely incredible. I want to go back and get lost and dirty, oh and I definitely need to go paddle one of those boats!!

3. Nehcterg A: Yeah! Tyler and Laura: Do you think you would have had different experience (i.e., less fun?) or had different results if you were paired with another person?
I think Tyler and I worked great together. We are very similar and stay positive in stressful situations. I don’t think I would of done as well if I was paired with anyone else. I do wonder how Jelani and I would have done. He and I became really good friends, but I think we would probably laugh too much and that would of led to disaster lol!
Tyler: The race would have been a completely different experience with any other partner! I am really grateful that Laura and I got paired up, although Ashley and I could have been a pretty fierce duo too (hahah sorry Matt) ;)

4. Hartley V: Congrats SoCal! Who was your favorite team and who were you closest to?
We became very close to Matt and Ashley, and Jenny and Jelani. Matt and Ashley are two of the most caring people you will ever meet. Racing with them in Africa was a gift and I feel so blessed to have left the race with lasting friendships.
Tyler: Matt and Ashley were my favorite team! Their love and compassion for one another is really incredible; they will be lifelong friends of mine!

5. Chris S: What was the toughest leg for you two? And, which one was the most fun?
Laura: The toughest leg by far was Germany!! We lost our passports, the road block was very challenging for me, we got lost and went to the wrong destination at one point, and the detour was beyond difficult. After getting through all of that and the mistakes we made, I knew we had to start playing smarter not harder. The most fun by far was DALLAS!!! I loved every part of it. Driving the monster truck through the mud was insane, maybe that is what I will buy with my share of the million haha! Going down reunion tower was completely frightening, but it challenged me to do something I would never normally do. It was incredible!!
Tyler: The toughest leg for me was the second day in Peru. We were behind and knew we had to catch up or we may be eliminated. Bricks were absolutely brutal and carrying the boat almost a mile down the beach was a huge challenge. Even before we realized we were in first place, Dallas was by far the most fun leg! Getting to catch a touchdown pass in Cowboy stadium, galloping through the ranch and finally driving a MONSTER truck was an absolute dream come true!!

6. Joanna B: What about the trips you won during the race? Will you take those together?
We decided that we both would take one of the trips! Going to be amazing to keep traveling!
Tyler: Laura is going to take the trip to New Zealand and I am going to take the trip to South Korea. I am going to go next July for the festival of mud!!! I cannot wait!!

7. Ritz B: Tyler & Laura, do you think now that the race is over, there is there a chance for love? You guys would be a perfect couple!
We had so much fun on the race and formed a friendship that will last a lifetime. We shared something with each other that we could never have with someone else. However, we remain good friends!

8. Gaby H: What will you be doing with your winnings and what is in the future for you two individually?
I want to take my family on a trip and spoil them! I have the most amazing family! I am also working on my blog Hollywood and Hipster, so the money will help get that off the ground.
Tyler: I will be focusing on my most recent business venture 2Truths! This will give me some great runway to continue to explore my own business and travel adventures! Might go for another lap around the world soon too!

9. Heather L: What advice would you give to a future Amazing Race team?
The best piece of advice would be to stay CALM, POSTIVE and a little CONFIDENT, because the race is such a mental game. If you get hard on yourself or if you get out of a positive mindset, you are doomed!
Tyler: Travel with a smile!!

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