The Amazing Race Celebrates Father's Day

There's been many father/child teams to go on The Amazing Race. Check out photos here!

Dave and Connor

1. Dave and Connor

Dave and Connor raced twice (Seasons 20 and 24) and were the first parent/child team to win The Amazing Race!
Josh and Steve

2. Josh and Steve

Josh and Steve complete a detour in Cortina, Italy, on THE AMAZING RACE 4.
Jim and Marsha

3. Jim and Marsha

Father-daughter team Jim and Marsha competed on The Amazing Race 5.
Hera and Gus

4. Hera and Gus

Father and daughter Hera and Gus, originally from Maryland, run to complete a challenge on THE AMAZING RACE 6.
Duke and Lauren

5. Duke and Lauren

Teammates Duke and Lauren try to book their tickets in Seattle, WA as they prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime traveling over 40,000 miles in under 30 days on THE AMAZING RACE 10.
Ronald and Christina

6. Ronald and Christina

Father/Daughter Teammates Ronald and Christina meet Phil at the Finish Line at Girdwood Airport in Girdwood, Alaska on THE AMAZING RACE 12.
Mel and Mike

7. Mel and Mike

Father/son team Mel (left) and Mike at the start of The Amazing Race 14 at Los Alamitos Army Airfield in Los Angeles County.
Gary and Mallory

8. Gary and Mallory

In Detour A, Father/daughter team Gary and Mallory watch a traditional Tibetan performance then must place 15 dolls in the same order in which the performers appeared on stage in order to receive the next clue on THE AMAZING RACE. They competed in seasons 17 and 18.
Dennis and Andrew

9. Dennis and Andrew

Father/Son team Dennis and Andrew run up the hills of Mexico while racing on THE AMAZING RACE 3.
Laurence and Zac

10. Laurence and Zac

Father/son team Laurence (left) and Zac (center) meet host Phil Keoghan (right) at the Pit Stop at the Kraton Place in Indonesia on THE AMAZING RACE 19.
Hoskote and Naina

11. Hoskote and Naina

Father/Daughter team Hoskote (left) and Naina (right) are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop at the Teatro Municipal de Iquique in Chile on THE AMAZING RACE 23.