Escape to Thailand With the Amazing Race Cast In These Episode 3 Pics

Harley & Jonathan

1. Harley & Jonathan

When #TeamNewKid travels to Thailand in the third episode, they waste no time snapping selfies.
Kisses in Thailand

2. Kisses in Thailand

In the third episode, Aly and Steve of #SochiLove show us a little love in beautiful Thailand.
Sleep vs. Selfie

3. Sleep vs. Selfie

#TeamBlondeDate takes a nap on the airport floor to re-energize. Well, only one of them. 
Hello Vietnam

4. Hello Vietnam

#TeamSoCal points to Vietnam Airlines on the third episode and their smiles show their excitement. 
Jelani & Jenny

5. Jelani & Jenny

Together, Jelani and Jenny or #TheLegalTeam, get camera ready to take on any challenge in episode 3.
Ashley & Matt

6. Ashley & Matt

#TheHairstylists take a cute selfie against the beautiful Thailand backdrop. 
Eyeshadow & Lipstick

7. Eyeshadow & Lipstick

#RxForLove may look a little different to fans when they take their selfie to the next level with all that makeup. 
Mike & Rochelle

8. Mike & Rochelle

#TruckStopLove gets fancy with their bright faces. Looks like they're having the best time!
Jackie & Jeff

9. Jackie & Jeff

#TeamJJ appear happy while visiting Thailand in the third epsiode of The Amazing Race.
Aly has fun

10. Aly has fun

In Thailand, Aly has some fun in her hotel room. 
A breezy ride

11. A breezy ride

Aly feels the great outdoors while being driven around Thailand. 
Group shot

12. Group shot

These teams get cozy against their amazing backdrop.
Peace, Thailand!

13. Peace, Thailand!

Jenny gets groovy when she takes in the view. 
Aly and Steve

14. Aly and Steve

These two look happy in their Thailand haven. 
Happiness at its best

15. Happiness at its best

Tyler and Laura are pumped!
One big selfie smile

16. One big selfie smile

These guys can't get enough of the camera. 
Jackie & Jeff

17. Jackie & Jeff

These two get a little close on their trip. 
Mat time

18. Mat time

A selfie on a mat never looked so good.
Time to rehydrate

19. Time to rehydrate

Rochelle enjoys a beverage on her plane ride. 
Fast asleep

20. Fast asleep

Aly and Steve are snoozing away after a busy day. 
From way up top

21. From way up top

This selfie hit new levels while Mike and Rochelle traveled. 
This way

22. This way

Bergen and Kurt can't hide their excitement. 
Soon to be engaged

23. Soon to be engaged

Matt and Ashley are just the cutest in the backseat. 
Tyler takes over

24. Tyler takes over

Tyler gets a little crazy for this selfie snapshot. 
Tyler and Laura

25. Tyler and Laura

Ice cream? Sure, why not!
Jenny & Jelani

26. Jenny & Jelani

This awesome duo shows fans what the Thailand street life is all about. 
Blair & Hayley

27. Blair & Hayley

This blind date looks like a fun time. 
Hayley, Mike and Rochelle

28. Hayley, Mike and Rochelle

It's a Mike sandwich! 
Hey guys!

29. Hey guys!

These four take a silly snapshot from a new angle. 
Phil gets comfy

30. Phil gets comfy

Phil looks quite comfortable sitting on the mat.
Phil and the newly engaged couple

31. Phil and the newly engaged couple

After Matt's proposal, the happy couple pose with host Phil. 
Feet up

32. Feet up

Why not kick your feet up when you have a moment to relax?
Bergen & Kurt

33. Bergen & Kurt

These two take a "full face of makeup" to a new place!
They made it

34. They made it

Jonathan and Harley are happy they made it!