Looking Fly While Flying High on The Amazing Race

Just a little sleepy

1. Just a little sleepy

Hey, do you blame them? Aly and Steve show their sleepier side on episode 6 of The Amazing Race.
Looking good, guys!

2. Looking good, guys!

Most of the Season 26 cast gather together for a snazzy snapshot on the sixth episode. 
Cheers to you two!

3. Cheers to you two!

Jackie and Jeff smile with some red wine. Cheers!
From way up high

4. From way up high

Jelani and Jenny take a lovely helicopter ride on episode 6. Where are they off to?
Great heights

5. Great heights

Rochelle and Mike show us their having a great time as they're jetted off to a new destination. 
Jackie & Jeff say hi

6. Jackie & Jeff say hi

We're seeing lots of red from these two on their episode 6 helicopter ride.
Makeup and a wink

7. Makeup and a wink

Hayley gets her makeup done while Blair has a little fun. 
A sweet moment

8. A sweet moment

Laura and Tyler take sips of their wine while being pampered on episode 6.
Dressed up and exploring new heights

9. Dressed up and exploring new heights

Laura and Tyler take an exhilarating ride to a new destination on The Amazing Race.
Hayley and Blair smile big

10. Hayley and Blair smile big

These two clean up quite nicely, wouldn't you say? 
Ashley & Matt rocking a new style

11. Ashley & Matt rocking a new style

This couple show us what they look like all done up on episode 6.
Sky high

12. Sky high

Aly and Steve enjoy a smooth flight in episode 6. 
Steve's moment of luxury

13. Steve's moment of luxury

Aly takes a photo as Steve gets dressed up.
Just killing time

14. Just killing time

Mike and Rochelle take a quick break to prepare for the challenge.
Hayley and Jenny

15. Hayley and Jenny

It's girl time and snack time!
Silly times

16. Silly times

Jackie has a little fun with Jeff on their flight. 
Jenny and the wind

17. Jenny and the wind

Jenny fights the wind for a glamorous snapshot.
Sitting pretty

18. Sitting pretty

Ashley and Matt take a moment to enjoy the perks of the Race.
Phil and Ashley

19. Phil and Ashley

There's nothing cooler than posing for a photo with Phil on the mat. 
The guys

20. The guys

Looking good, guys!
The girls

21. The girls

Too pretty for words.