The Amazing Race Teams Show Their Wild Side in Namibia

Just a couple of smiling Olympians

1. Just a couple of smiling Olympians

Aly and Steve gear up for another Amazing Race challenge.
Bring on the heat

2. Bring on the heat

Aly keeps cool under the hot sun in episode 7.
Keeping it real as can be

3. Keeping it real as can be

Laura and Aly keep it real for us on episode 7.

4. Peace!

Jenny and Jelani show us peace signs and a pop of pink!
All that red

5. All that red

Rochelle and Mike get into the game and into their red clothing. 
Mike takes a selfie

6. Mike takes a selfie

On the latest episode, Mike takes a quick photo in the desert.
Tyler and Mike

7. Tyler and Mike

They're just being silly on the next episode. Gotta have a little fun!

8. Cheers!

Hayley and Blair share a drink on their flight.
Girl time

9. Girl time

Ashley and Laura enjoy their wine.
Hayley and Blair, and the open air

10. Hayley and Blair, and the open air

During the back-to-back episodes this week, these two enjoy the fresh, open air.
How cute!

11. How cute!

These two know how to pose against this gorgeous backdrop. 
Who is that?

12. Who is that?

Talk about a photobomb! This pair has found a new friend. 
Hey, friend!

13. Hey, friend!

Laura and Tyler are loving this rare photo. How cool!

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Flying high

14. Flying high

We can't get enough of these two. They keep us laughing!
Jenny & Jelani are excited

15. Jenny & Jelani are excited

While running around Namibia, this team stops to pose with a new friend.
Above and beyond

16. Above and beyond

Aly sneaks a peek of the desert land from her plane ride. 

17. Sunbathing

When you're in the desert, you know there will be some sun in the mix. 
Time to eat

18. Time to eat

Jenny's showing us what an Amazing Race meal break looks like. 
Pure joy or pure exhaustion?

19. Pure joy or pure exhaustion?

The teams are gearing up for the next leg of the race. Time to recharge! 
Phil shares a smile

20. Phil shares a smile

Phil shows us he's still stylin', even in the hot desert. 
Just hanging out

21. Just hanging out

Phil looks quite cozy on the finish mat! 
Team bonding

22. Team bonding

These teams are quite friendly, even though they competing against each other. 
Phil and Tyler in Namibia

23. Phil and Tyler in Namibia

These guys know how to have fun when the challenge is all said and done.
Sweet smooches

24. Sweet smooches

Matt and Ashley are as cute as can be.
Gather 'round

25. Gather 'round

They're proving to us that they're still enjoying every inch of The Amazing Race.
Posing with the speed bump

26. Posing with the speed bump

Looks like it's a speed bump for Aly and Steve.
Hellos from Matt and the crew

27. Hellos from Matt and the crew

The teams take every moment to document their adventures.
Amazing Race happiness

28. Amazing Race happiness

Matt, are you excited or what?
Blair & Hayley

29. Blair & Hayley

Posing after episode 8 feels so good.
Blair and his... friends

30. Blair and his... friends

Could this photo be any more amusing?