So. Many. Tears. All The Best Saltwater Moments From The Amazing Race Premiere

When the moment becomes too real....

1. When the moment becomes too real....

Given the opportunity to compete on The Amazing Race, you'd probably be overwhelmed by a million different emotions—and that's exactly what we imagine the newest crop of 11 teams were going through while standing on the other side of this season's starting line.

However, sometimes when the emotions are a bit too close to the surface, there's nothing left to do but, well, cry. 

Grab those tissues and prepare for the waterworks because these are the best saltwater moments from the season premiere of The Amazing Race
Tears #1: An emotional rush in Rio

2. Tears #1: An emotional rush in Rio

After Justin Scheman and his fiancĂ©, Diana Bishop, approached the Fast Forward hang gliding point, they were immediately told that the dangerous wind speeds would make it impossible to accomplish the challenge. Instead, they'd have to then turn around and try to catch up with the other teams at the Lagoa Helipad point.

With tears in his eyes, Justin said, “When you want something so bad, you waited so long, and you have the possibility of being the first team eliminated—it really just rips your heart out of your chest. We’re just fighting to stay alive.”

Hang in there, bud.
Tears #2: Flying high and feeling low

3. Tears #2: Flying high and feeling low

While in the helicopter ride over Rio's art deco statue, Christ the Redeemer, Justin said, sniffling, "I can’t fathom being the first team eliminated. Christ the Redeemer, please redeem us from our stupid mistakes, sir.” 

Tears #3: A fear of failure

4. Tears #3: A fear of failure

Tiffany Chantell Torres and Krista DeBono, who were running behind the other teams, decided to hit the sand and give footvolley against the pros a go. Unfortunately, when Tiffany realized her athleticism wasn't quite up to par, she was consumed by frustration and broke down. 

“We’re both five-foot-nothing,” Krista shouted, trying to show support to her babbling bestie. That's when the pair decided to pivot and try completing the giant geometric slide puzzle instead.
Tears #4: Puzzle problems

5. Tears #4: Puzzle problems

Sadly, #TheCheerleaders experienced even more frustration over the complexities of the tricky puzzle at hand. But, this time, it was Tiffany offering the moral support to her teammate.

"We can get this," she told Krista, fighting back tears. "We didn’t come all this way for this.”
Tears #5: Cry, no more

6. Tears #5: Cry, no more

It was quite the day for #TheGreenTeam, going from first to last, and then ending somewhere in between. 

While on the way to meet Phil at the pit stop, emotions flooded over Justin, who tried to turn off the faucet by telling himself, "No more crying." Great advice, if you choose to take it. 
Tears #6: All those happy tears

7. Tears #6: All those happy tears

After Tiffany and Krista put their heads together, they realized they could solve the maddening puzzle before them and, in the cab ride to the pit stop, they burst into tears. Thankfully, these waterworks were tears of joy.

“I’m so proud of you." Tiffany said to her teammate, Krista. "We did it."

Krista's response? "See... we’re smart," she replied in between sobs.
Tears #7: Puzzles and puddles

8. Tears #7: Puzzles and puddles

After almost four hours of trying to solve the puzzle and the sun nearly setting, Kelly Berning consoled her friend, Shevonne Sullivan, who broke down after learning their time in the Race was over. 

So long, #TeamTMZ. It's been real. 

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