The 25 Most Unforgettable Amazing Race Teams of All Time

America's favorite duos from America's favorite game. Watch the season premiere of The Amazing Race on Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Adam Dirks & Bethany Hamilton

1. Adam Dirks & Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is the surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack in 2003. She and her husband, Adam, showed just how strong they were as a team in Season 25, when they won three of the race’s 12 legs.

Team Soul Surfers rode the wave of popularity all the way to third place that season.

Watch the season premiere of The Amazing Race on Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

BJ Averell & Tyler MacNiven

2. BJ Averell & Tyler MacNiven

This lovable team of hippies might have enjoyed the race more than any duo in the show’s history.

BJ and Tyler were always equipped with a positive attitude, even if it meant eating an entire bucket of fried crickets. Yuck!

One of their more victorious moments happened during the final race of Season 9 when BJ and Tyler surprisingly bested the team to beat – Eric and Jeremy.


3. William "Bopper" Minton & Mark Jackson

The duo of BFFs Bopper and Mark are the reason we love The Amazing Race.

These lifelong friends were just two ordinary guys from Kentucky who won over America’s heart with their commitment, enthusiasm, and loyal friendship.

Bopper and Mark were so popular that during Season 20, host Phil Keoghan admitted that they were a "top three favorite team of all time."
Mirna Hindoyan & Charla Faddoul

4. Mirna Hindoyan & Charla Faddoul

The first team of cousins in Amazing Race history made a huge impact on the show. Charla showed her strength and competitive spirit, consistently outperforming other contestants in the race.

Charla and Mirna claim that they work so well together because, as they put it, they "fill each other’s gaps with strengths and weaknesses."

Chip Arndt & Reichen Lehmkuhl

5. Chip Arndt & Reichen Lehmkuhl

This married team was not only the first romantically-involved pair to win but also the first gay couple to be crowned champs of The Amazing Race.

The duo was also one of the best teams to ever play. They proved to be a perfect combination of communication, strategy and power.
Dave & Connor O'Leary

6. Dave & Connor O'Leary

It's easy to see why this team is one of the most popular in the show's history. What's not to like? They are cancer survivors who became the first father-son duo to win The Amazing Race.

In Season 22, Dave tore his Achilles tendon, but that didn’t slow this team down. While Dave was on crutches, the two went on to win the next two legs of the race, before finally withdrawing.

Dave and Connor triumphantly returned and won Season 24.

Dave & Rachel Brown

7. Dave & Rachel Brown

Season 20 was chock-full of dysfunctional teams. While married couple Dave and Rachel had their differences, the two somehow managed to stay away from the drama.

They ultimately developed into the most-winningest team in Amazing Race history, with eight legs won.

Dustin-Leigh Konzelman-Seltzer & Kandice Pelletier

8. Dustin-Leigh Konzelman-Seltzer & Kandice Pelletier

While many underestimated these beauty queens, Dustin and Kandice proved that they were a force to be reckoned with in their two appearances on The Amazing Race.

The duo routinely outperformed the seemingly stronger contestants they were up against, while finishing fourth and second in their two seasons, respectively.
Flight Time & Big Easy

9. Flight Time & Big Easy

As members of the Harlem Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy were born to entertain. And that’s exactly what they did in their three seasons on the show.

They got along well with (mostly) everybody and even made some critical strategic alliances. But unfortunately, the teammates’ strength, athleticism, and savvy could only take them so far.

Their best showing came during “Unfinished Business,” where the duo finished second.
Gary & Mallory Ervin

10. Gary & Mallory Ervin

The father-daughter team of Gary and Mallory were such a popular tandem that they showed up on The Amazing Race in back-to-back seasons.

What made this duo so fun was their equally spunky spirits. Mallory was the bubbly Miss Kentucky 2009 whose enthusiasm was matched by her dad, Gary.

Their best placement came in “Unfinished Business,” where they came in third place.
Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal

11. Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal

This team of former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders was incredibly close to being the first all-female duo to win The Amazing Race.

Alas, the well-liked Jaime and Cara finished Season 14 in second place, despite never winning a leg of the race. Impressive!
Jason Case & Amy Diaz

12. Jason Case & Amy Diaz

With six second place finishes in challenges, Jason and Amy struggled to get over the hump ... until it mattered.

The duo managed to win two of the final three legs en route to being crowned winners. In 2015, Jason and Amy got married in the Dominican Republic.

Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd

13. Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd

Sandwiched between their two Big Brother seasons, Season 16 of The Amazing Race featured popular couple Jeff and Jordan.

The Houseguests-turned-lovers were the first team of former Big Brother contestants to appear on The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, the popular duo was the sixth team eliminated.
Jet & Cord McCoy

14. Jet & Cord McCoy

While some teams disintegrate when the pressure is on, the tandem of Jet and Cord thrived.

These brothers from Oklahoma, who always don their signature cowboy hats, worked incredibly well together in their three seasons on The Amazing Race.

Their combination of determination and strength helped them finish as runners-up in Season 16.
Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge

15. Josh Kilmer-Purcell & Brent Ridge

The fabulous Beekman Boys shocked the world with their Season 21 victory.

The duo of New York goat farmers narrowly escaped elimination as the second-to-last team six (!) times, but Josh and Brent finished first when it mattered.

After taking home the grand prize of $1 million, the pair married in 2013.
Ken & Tina Greene

16. Ken & Tina Greene

Ken and Tina entered The Amazing Race in Season 13 not only for the money but also for the chance to strengthen their deteriorating relationship.

Despite finishing as the runner-up, the two reconciled their differences after Ken asked Tina to wear her wedding ring again as they approached the finish line.
Laura Pierson & Tyler Adams

17. Laura Pierson & Tyler Adams

It must’ve been hard to imagine that Laura and Tyler—strangers before the show even started—could win The Amazing Race.

But that’s exactly what Team SoCal did in Season 26. What’s more, they became the first team to win without having a preexisting relationship.
Margie O'Donnell & Luke Adams

18. Margie O'Donnell & Luke Adams

The mother-son team of Margie and Luke quickly became one of the most beloved teams in Amazing Race history. The two had incredible communication.

Margie and Luke even created their own short-hand sign language to help interact better. The pair have appeared in three seasons, with third place as their best finish.
Nat Strand & Kat Chang

19. Nat Strand & Kat Chang

Nat and Kat's Season 17 victory was the first all-female team to win the show’s grand prize. The duo of doctors also were one of the most determined tandems in Amazing Race history.

Nat suffered from type 1 diabetes, while Kat broke her 22-year vegetarian vow by eating a sheep’s head on the race.
Nick & Emily

20. Nick & Emily "Starr" Spangler

The Amazing Race will undoubtedly test a team’s strength, will, and communication. That kind of pressure couldn't derail the brother-sister pairing of Nick and Starr, though.

The siblings dominated like no other team had before, with wins in seven of the final 11 legs of the race. At 21, Starr became the youngest winner in the show's history.
Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich-Mariano

21. Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich-Mariano

The uber-popular team of former Survivor contestants also appeared on The Amazing Race twice in their reality-show careers.

After their romance blossomed on Survivor All-Stars, the couple of Rob and Amber used their newfound celebrity to help them in the race. All’s fair in love and Amazing Race, right?

The two were the first reality-show team to make it to the final leg in the show's history.
Uchenna & Joyce Agu

22. Uchenna & Joyce Agu

This thrill-seeking duo loved playing this game so much that after they won Season 7, the pair returned two years later for the All-Star season.

The turning point in the race, and the beginning of the couple’s immense popularity, came in the seventh season when Joyce agreed to shave her head to skip to the end of the leg.

She became the first woman to agree to that task in Amazing Race history.
Zev Glassenberg & Justin Kanew

23. Zev Glassenberg & Justin Kanew

These best friends brought a perfect mixture of humor and strength that helped this team become one of the most well-liked in the show’s history.

While Zev suffered from Asperger’s, his teammate, Justin, helped keep him cool, calm, and collected when any challenges arose.

They also had one of the most heartbreaking eliminations ever, after Zev lost his passport in a cab.
Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin

24. Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin

The tandem of Brook and Claire simply made The Amazing Race a lot more entertaining to watch.

The TV hosts kept a tally of all the kisses they gave out while on the race, with the final number of smooches around "11 to 13."

And, despite just missing out on the grand prize, the two always had a positive mindset. 
Tammy & Victor Jih

25. Tammy & Victor Jih

The brother-sister team of Tammy and Victor were quite the comeback kids.

The duo of self-proclaimed nerds were stuck in third place on the final leg of Season 14, but the resilient lawyers pulled off the surprising upset. And who doesn't love an underdog?  

Watch the season premiere of The Amazing Race on Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.