Season 20 Episode 7

Tears are shed as the claws come out in Tanzania and racers stand in amazement as they train alongside the Masai warriors.

1. "I Didn't Make Her Cry (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)"

Engaged couple Rachel (center) and Brendon (right) jump with the Masai warriors on THE AMAZING RACE.
Dave and Rachel

2. Dave and Rachel

In Detour A, Army couple Dave and Rachel must break moving clay targets with a traditional Masai hunting weapon in order to receive the next clue on THE AMAZING RACE.
Bopper and Mark

3. Bopper and Mark

Best friends Bopper (left) and Mark (right) with Masai warriors in Tanzania, Africa on THE AMAZING RACE.
In Route to a Destination

4. In Route to a Destination

Boarder Patrol Agents Art (far left) and JJ (far right) talk with Rachel (second from left) and Brendon (second from right) on THE AMAZING RACE.
Ralph and Vanessa

5. Ralph and Vanessa

Dating couple Ralph (left) and Vanessa (right) must travel via bicycle to the Masai village where they will have to choose between Detour A and Detour B on THE AMAZING RACE.