How To Ace Evaluation Day: The Lesson Plan
Posted on May 9, 2014 08:00am

Evaluation day can be stressful for even top-performing professionals. Knowing that your being observed and judged can leave even the coolest, calmest and most collected of teachers in a cold sweat, stumbling through a lesson they've taught countless times. So if you want to avoid falling prey to that dreaded day, follow these tips on how to ace your next evaluation!

1. Be confident. You got this!

2. Avoid execessive alcohol intake the night before the big day.

3. Don't skip breakfast. Food fuels the mind.

4. Don't worry about your competition.

5. Stick to your guns. Even if it means asking the tough questions.

6. Know your audience...and work them!

7. If you fall, pick yourself up and try again.
A graceful recovery goes a long way.

8. And most importantly, just're one Bad Teacher!