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    Beyond the Edge

    Wednesdays 9/8c

    S1 E1 This Is Not My Comfort Zone

    The nine celebrities set up a shelter in the Panama jungle, only to have host Mauro Ranallo divide them into two teams to embark on their first intense, muddy adventure challenge. When one celebrity finds herself in danger as she continues to sink into the mud bog, she must put her faith in a teammate to reach safety.

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Beyond The Edge
Wednesdays 9/8c
BEYOND THE EDGE features nine celebrities trading their worlds of luxury to live in the dangerous jungles of Panama, where they face off in epic adventures and endure the most brutal conditions, as they push themselves to go far beyond their comfort zone. From the producers of “Naked and Afraid” comes the most intense celebrity adventure ever attempted, where only teamwork, perseverance and finding the inner strength they never knew they possessed can get them through another day and raise money for their chosen charities. The show is hosted by SHOWTIME Sports announcer Mauro Ranallo.
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