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Houseguests, We Have A Twerk-Off On Big Brother: Over The Top

Watch as the BBOTT HGs lose control and let the rhythm take them over.
Posted on Oct 12, 2016 | 02:00pm
If you're up to date on Big Brother: Over the Top, then you know that the Houseguests have been going full throttle on protecting themselves and their alliances. But in their downtime, the HGs have another pastime: twerking.

As both sides of the house reach their boiling points, it's nice to see all the Houseguests put their gameplay aside and unite for a good old-fashioned twerk-off.


Monte also put his drumming skills to use by bringing a groovy rhythm to the backyard, which spurred the others to show off their moves—especially Jason!

Get down with your bad self, chick!

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