Season 6: Episode 4 - The Re-Entry Minimization
Posted on Oct 19, 2012 12:00am

Wolowitz returns from space but doesn’t receive the praise and glory he expected from his friends and family. It starts when he comes through baggage claim at LAX, where Bernadette is waiting for him. People around start screaming, “Howie! Howie!”, but they’re actually yelling for Howie Mandel, who was on his flight. Later, Wolowitz agrees to spend the night alone with Bernadette, but she comes down with a nasty cold, takes Benadryl, and passes out on him. He pays an early visit to his mother, who he finds in the midst of a tryst with his dentist, Dr. Schneider. After that, he visits Koothrappali and learns that Stuart has essentially taken his place as Koothrappali’s best friend. Meanwhile, Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, and Penny decide to have a group game night, which gets ultra-competitive when Sheldon starts losing at Pictionary. The foursome goes through a variety of games, including wrestling, Where’s Waldo, and more, before finishing with a pie eating contest. Wolowitz walks in just as the foursome are neck-deep in pie and competition is fiercest, and they yell, “Get out!” at him so they can focus on the contest. At the end of the episode, a very lonely and distraught Wolowitz goes to have a piece of cake at a diner by himself, but his mood improves drastically when the waitress recognizes him as an astronaut.