Season 6: Episode 21 - The Closure Alternative
Posted on Apr 26, 2013 12:00am

Sheldon is furious when he finds out that the SyFy series Alphas was cancelled after its cliffhanger second series finale, preventing him from getting much-needed closure. Amy brings up the idea of reconditioning his brain to not feel compelled to seek closure for everything with a variety of fun exercises. As they progress through the exercises, Sheldon gets more and more anxious, but eventually lies to Amy and says that he’s cured. After she leaves, he races to complete all of the tasks that she prevented him from completing earlier in the night. Meanwhile, Koothrappali discovers that his new girlfriend, Lucy, has a blog and that she’s written about him. Much to his dismay, she’s mentioned that he’s very feminine, which makes him worry about their relationship. When she comes over for date night, he overcompensates and tries to appear super masculine. Lucy eventually confronts him and he fesses up, and she swears that she likes his feminine traits.