Season 6: Episode 22 - The Proton Resurgence
Posted on May 3, 2013 12:00am

Sheldon gets excited when he learns that his favorite TV science personality, Professor Proton, is able to be booked for private parties. He decides to book Proton, who eventually comes to the apartment for a private show with Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny. While there, Proton tells them his tale of woe: how he hoped to be a real scientist, but he wound up going the public television route and lived a very sad and depressing life. Sheldon produces a signed photo from Proton that he kept from his childhood years as inspiration, hoping that he can return the favor by inspiring Proton to follow his real dream of becoming a true scientist. Meanwhile, Koothrappali is assigned to a project at work for the weekend, so he asks Wolowitz and Bernadette to watch his dog, Cinnamon. While they go for a pleasant stroll with the dog, Wolowitz and Bernadette discuss the idea of having kids, which they both seem to enjoy, but things quickly go south when they lose Cinnamon. They lie to Koothrappali as they try to find her, but he catches them in their lie after a good Samaritan finds the dog and returns her to Raj. He confronts them about lying to him, but Bernadette manages to turn the tables on him and prove, in Wolowitz’ mind, that she’ll be a great mother.