Season 7: Episode 5 - The Workplace Proximity
Posted on Oct 18, 2013 12:00am

When Amy is asked to work on an experiment at Caltech, she asks Sheldon if he has a problem if they work in proximity to each other. He tells her he does not take issue with it, but after he speaks to the guys about it, they convince him that working near her will be a recipe for trouble. Sheldon interrupts girls’ night at Penny’s to tell Amy that he has reconsidered and does not want her to accept the job, but Amy tells him it is too late to renege. After Amy shows up at Caltech, Sheldon realizes that he has overreacted and tries to make conversation with her colleagues, only to inadvertently embarrass her with his inappropriate comments. Working in proximity to each other thus becomes a problem for Amy rather than Sheldon. He ends up apologizing to Amy with a heartfelt speech about the difficulty of being in a relationship with someone who has trouble with everyday social situations. When she assures him that he isn’t a weirdo, Sheldon explains that he was referring to her as the socially awkward one in the relationship. Meanwhile, Bernadette is annoyed at Howard for warning Sheldon about the woes of working with a significant other and makes him stay at Koothrappali’s place. Howard and Koothrappali have fun living together like an old married couple. Bernadette and Amy both complain to Penny about their relationship problems and Penny assures them that she will have Leonard set the guys straight. Instead of working through their issues, the guys use lasers to shoot balloons out of the air.