Season 7: Episode 8 - The Itchy Brain Stimulation
Posted on Nov 15, 2013 12:00am

Sheldon discovers a DVD that Leonard was supposed to return to the video store seven years ago. Leonard tries to talk Sheldon down and tells him to not freak out, but Sheldon explains when things like this happen it’s like an itch in his brain he can’t scratch. As penance, Leonard agrees to wear an itchy sweater until he rectifies the situation, thinking it's an easy fix and he can prove Sheldon wrong. Unfortunately, the video store has long since closed and the owner has passed away, and the itching gets unbearable for Leonard. Sheldon finally confesses to Leonard that when he learned the DVD hadn’t been returned, he paid for it and waited for the day that he could use it as a "teaching moment” for Leonard. Meanwhile, Penny sees Lucy at the Cheesecake Factory and mentions to her that Raj was really upset when Lucy broke up with him. Raj gets angry with Penny for making him look bad, but when Lucy emails him and asks him out for coffee, he quickly changes his tune. Lucy tells him that she is seeing someone else now, so Penny offers to set him up with one of her work friends, but that date goes terribly.