Season 7: Episode 15 - The Locomotive Manipulation
Posted on Feb 7, 2014 12:00am

Amy convinces Sheldon to take a romantic trip to Napa for Valentine’s Day aboard a classic train, and Wolowitz and Bernadette go with them. It seems like a perfect plan until Sheldon meets another passenger on the train, Eric, who is an equally passionate train enthusiast, and focuses most of his attention there. Amy confronts him about ruining their romantic night, and Sheldon launches into a tirade about romantic gestures. Sheldon kisses Amy out of spite, but in the kiss, we see him soften and enjoy it. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny are home alone for Valentine’s Day, so they volunteer to watch Cinnamon for Koothrappali, who has booked some alone time up at the big telescope. Cinnamon manages to eat a box of chocolates while Leonard and Penny aren’t looking and they have to take her to the vet. Koothrappali rushes back to be with Cinnamon and winds up finding a little romantic connection with the vet, Yvette.